Windsor Pines

Patient Report by Dr. Stephen Way, Windsor Pines Psychiatric Hospital, February 1998


Patient #015296

Patient was admitted a week ago with complaints of a loud piercing scream. Claims it happens every night, starts as a low mutter and then builds to an ear-shattering scream. No one else seems to hear to this. Consulting medical history on what medication should be given.


Patient still complaining of screams but now they are accompanied by low laughter, a giggle, like from children. Around 2100 patient was heard fearfully yelling to be let out. He was sedated shortly after.


Other patients are now complaining of hearing the same scream. Security has been placed on hallway to assure nothing suspicious is going on. Patient is now claiming that one of the trees outside is coming to get him.


Patient has been clawing at the walls and carved “I NEVER MEANT TO LIE” into the walls with his fingernails. When asked about what lie the patient is referring to, he won’t answer.


Security now claiming to hear the scream. The patient now says that one of the trees is a man come to kill him. When asked to describe this man he said “He is very tall… and lanky. H-he wears a business suit, black with a white shirt and black tie. His skin is ash grey and his eyes, his terrible, TERRIBLE eyes.. th-they don’t exist. Horrifying white orbs. He also has tendrils coming from his back and he-he-he’s COMING TO GET ME OH GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” The patient was once again sedated shortly afterward.


Patient #137601 has gone missing, though there was no visible damage done to the room and the door remained locked. #015296 claims the “Slender Man” as he has come to call this mysterious being, took him away.


Patient has been quiet for about a week now, no major disturbances since #137601 went missing.



“The hallway has gone completely black with a few flickering lights and I am now hearing the same muttering the patient first complained about. Maybe he isn’t crazy. As I walk down the hallway I notice one of the guards slumped on the floor. Upon closer investigation… my god. H-his chest cavity has been ripped open displaying his organs. There’s a blood streak on the wall from where he must’ve slid down. I am now arriving at #015296’s room. The door is wide open and he’s not in here. I am now exiting his room and continuing down the hallway. Peering into the other patients room, they-”

*sound of vomiting is heard on the tape*

“Oh god… from what I can tell they’ve all been impaled on tree branches in the exact same spot with exposed chest cavities. Blood is covering the walls of the rooms and hallways. This… this is horrible. And now the muttering is getting louder and louder.”

*tape goes silent for a few minutes*

“I can hear whimpering coming from the down the hall way, it must be #015296.”

*silence except faint whimpering and footsteps*

“I’ve found the patient, huddled in the corner of the hallway and crying softly. He keeps muttering “I never meant to lie” over and over again. I am now hearing the piercing scream the patient initially complained about and… No. Nononono… it can’t be true.” “AAAHHHHHH”

“Th-the patient is being lifted into the air by what look to be tentacles and…”

*yells can be heard on the tape for several minutes and then silence*

Patient Report by Dr. Ken McCollough, Springhill Medical Hospital Psychiatric Ward, March 1998


Patient was admitted two days ago after being found in Windsor Pines Psychiatric Hospital surrounded by blood and corpses of patients and staff. Claims everyone was killed by a “Slender Man.” Further investigation is pending.

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