War Accounts






HQ: Echo 1 come in.

Echo 1: Echo 1 reporting. Still no sign of convoy.

HQ: Any activity at all?

Echo 1: Negative, it is pitch black out here, nothing moving at all.

HQ: Stay alert. Insurgents may be in area.

Echo 1: Hold on… I see something. Johnson, give me a spot…

[massive static]

HQ: Come in Echo 1. What do you see?

Echo 1: It’s [static] the doors [static] blood [static]

HQ: Repeat, are there wounded?

Echo 1: N…[static] Wai…[static]… the fuck shot…. [gunfire then static]

HQ: Respond Echo 1. What’s going on?

Echo 1: [panicked tone] Oh god keep fir… [gunfire, static]

HQ: Echo 1… Echo 1 respond… Echo 1 respond!

REPORT: Another four man Army Ranger Team went out to the last location of Echo 1. What was found were several discarded M16 rifles, clips empty, the radio smashed, and the remains of several Humvees. Blood was found inside the Humvees but no bodies or any other signs of struggle were found. The night vision camera was found 300 feet away from the Humvees. The only image found was the one shown. It is unknown what the figure in the background is or if it was some kind of defect on the camera itself.

I decided to pop down to the town hall yesterday as they were having an archives open day (usually 90% of the archives are in storage).

I’m rather ashamed to say that i stole this photo because i really wanted to get a scan of it, now im trying to think of a way to put it back!

It was from Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, UK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bletchley_Park (also known as ‘Station X’ during the war)


The Slender Man, or something else? You decide…

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My brother managed to grab this off his dash cam before his seargent took it. I guess my brother almost ran into this guy in the middle of the street, he was just standing there, didn't even flinch when the car almost hit him. Just stood there, looking at him. He said he got a good look of ‘it’. I will never forget what my brother said, it was mostly how he said it, “It was like his skin stopped growing as a kid but his body never stopped. I could see all his flesh and shit around his eyes and his gums. It was stretched so tight… God…” After that he said he just threw it in reverse and never looked back.

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