Tribe Twelve Season Two

The second season of Tribe Twelve ran from June 4, 2013 to 2020 and is comprised of the videos “DEUS EX MACHINA” through “Facade”. Noah Maxwell has at this point found a nebulous ally in his Collective alter ego Firebrand, but the Observer’s warning that insanity will rule his mind should he resist the Collective echoes throughout. Since the movement from Formspring to, Noah’s increasingly sporadic correspondence with viewers stands as a record of his descent into madness.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. This page links to sections of the side page whenever it is meant to be read.

Preface #1

Noah tweets:

For those wondering, I'm alive and well. Not much has happened since the live stream, but it's these quiet times that mess with me the most. #2

Noah tweets:

I'm still not convinced that this isn't all just one long fucked up super nightmare yet. This calm makes no sense, but then again what does?

It's been approximately 3 years since I opened this account. Things have gotten worse each year. The future is pitch black. #3

June 2013

  • DEUS EX MACHINA: “I belong, and yet I don’t. An abomination of existence. Trapped in this awful form.”
  • Firebrand informs Noah that he is free from the Administrator and granted invulnerability by his and Noah’s future obtainment of Sebastian Kraus’ journal. He attributes this freedom to “a loathsome entity with mutual interests”, identified by the imagery as Evan from Everyman HYBRID in his current state of possession by HABIT. Firebrand promises to guide Noah “for you. For us. For all of us” affected by the Collective. Noah will receive a briefcase with a combination lock from “a past soul send[ing] his regards from the present” –Mr. Scars, who has tally marks carved into his arm and holds a gun while sitting in a chair and weeping.
  • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2
    • Minutiae: Posted June 4, 2013. The slowed and reversed song in this video is “We’ve Been Had” by the Walkmen. Firebrand’s appearances again manifest eyes on his palms and fire surrounding him; other imagery includes Firebrand flipping off the Administrator, Cursor inside of a safe, waves lapping on a shoreline, Noah reeling backwards with a camera and knife, a series of numbers over a corrupted display of the “Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher” video, and a screaming mouth inside the briefcase as Firebrand opens it. The description reads:


Noah tweets:

I go shopping for one fucking hour and come back to THIS? Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, this is too much. I'm gonna need a drink.

Was that who I think it was at 0:58 in the video? Looks a hell of a lot like Evan from EMH, and he's gone insane. This is just dumbfounding.

Ok, looks like I could be getting a case w/ a 6 digit combo. Might be related to my 1st video somehow. Can anyone help find possible combos?

I'm just trying to think ahead here, you guys can help me think of combinations and I'll try them all out on the case if and when it comes.

Since the combo is likely a code, can you tell me why you think your combo is numerically significant? I don't want random numbers.

The more I watch the video, the more confusing it is. Fires? Evan? Gifts? I don't remember stabbing anyone, and there's nothing in my shoes.

Cursor could be Mary, considering Firebrand mentioned she had a safe I had to find. And Mr. Scars could be Milo, I think he did cut himself.

The guy in the chair is definitely from my dreams. Gotta be Mr. Scars. But why does he have a gun? And why is he sending me a briefcase? #4

August 2013 #5

Noah tweets:

dream. running in the woods. searching for something. see a dead body. turn around, im on an old bridge. someone comes up behind me. i wake.

Firebrand tweets:

in transit. ~ F


Noah tweets:

This letter came today. Nervous about opening it. I thought I was getting a briefcase, not more cryptic bullshit.


Dont wanna open this, but I have to. Dont want to do it alone, but I have no friends. Might record myself opening it so I don't feel alone. #6

Noah tweets:

Alright, I've decided. I'm opening the letter tomorrow and I'm going to film it. Is it weird that I feel safer with the camera on?

Opening the OBITUARY letter in a few mins. Filming and uploading the contents tonight if time permits. Not looking forward to this at all.

so much shit just went down, i am bewildered. rendering this video as fast as i can. computer's shit, might take a while. uploading tonight.

  • Obituary: “Mary runs no more after fleeing for so long/But now you must answer the door/DING DONG/DING DONG”
  • Noah summarizes his thoughts on “DEUS EX MACHINA” (most notably, his distrust of Evan/HABIT and reluctance to become Firebrand) and receives a call from his mother as he prepares to open the letter. She tells him that Mary was found in her submerged car, shot dead; Noah is frustrated with this loss of a potential lead but then remembers that Mr. Scars, whom he already suspects to be Milo, is “theonewhokillsmary”. Inside the envelope, Noah finds the newspaper recounting that “Mary was found in the passenger's seat with tape covering her eyes and a gunshot wound to the abdomen” –confirming her as Cursor. There are also four photographs of the scene and a note instructing Noah to answer the door; the bell immediately rings and Noah finds the briefcase outside.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    • Minutiae: Posted October 31, 2013. Noah describes the tape on the envelope as sticky and waterlogged, which implies that it was the same tape from Mary’s eyes. Right before the bell rings, Mr. Scars is silhouetted outside the door and presses his hand against it. The description reads:

I got a strange letter in the mail when I was expecting an even stranger briefcase to arrive. Turns out, I got a lot more than I expected.

September 2013

Noah tweets:

Having a staring contest with the case. Afraid to touch it. All that badassery I mustered up isn't working. Gotta at least try to open it.

The combo was 000 000 when I found the case. Now compiling a list of all the possible number combos that might open it with clues in mind.

Gonna start trying combos tonight. I'll be filming again, it just makes me feel safer at this point. Feeling a lot of emotions right now.

Going to try and open the briefcase now with the combos that you all helped me come up with. Wish me luck.

im speechless right now. completely bewildered again. not even sure if i should upload this video because of what i just found in this case.

Gonna upload the newspaper clipping and photos from the letter now. Still indecisive about uploading the briefcase video. Maybe Friday.

The article on Mary Asher's death from the "OBITUARY" letter.


Photo of Mary Asher's car in a retention pond from the "OBITUARY" letter.


Photo of Mary Asher's car being taken out of the pond from the "OBITUARY" letter.


Photo of police investigating Mary Asher's car from the "OBITUARY" letter.


Photo of Mary Asher's corpse from the "OBITUARY" letter.


Decided to upload this shit. There's no use in hiding anything at this point, it needs to be documented. Rendering now. It'll be up tonight.

  • Extraordinary Circumstances: “Dear Noah, may this case filled with my old belongings somehow aid you in fighting whatever is plaguing us. Unfortunately, by the time that you receive this, I’ll surely be dead. I am sorry that I cannot explain more because I think it may jeopardize my life under the recent extraordinary circumstances of my current existence, but I think you’ll be able to figure it out in the end. I trust you, old friend. Love, Milo Asher.”
  • Noah attempts to open the briefcase with a list of codes suggested by viewers, ultimately succeeding with “642010” (upload date of his first video). It contains the Sudoku Rubik’s Cube, a letter from Milo, Milo’s journal, a pair of shoes Noah once gave to Milo, a DV tape inside one of the shoes, and immense stacks of hundred dollar bills hidden at the bottom. Noah’s previous elation turns to disbelief. A future version of Noah appears, saying “it wasn’t easy, but you can thank me later.” Distortion shows Firebrand’s face over his own and he disappears before Noah can find him again.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted September 6, 2013. The other suggested codes were “111191” (Noah’s birthday), “111111” (recurring number), and “052810” (date of Milo’s death); distortion occurs upon their entry even though they are incorrect, just as it does more intensely at each pivotal moment of the video. The Collective symbol is present on Milo’s journal and the tape. The description reads:

I opened it. This is what was inside. I'm bewildered. I was tempted not to upload this, but there's no use in hiding anything at this point. It needs to be documented.

Noah tweets:

For those of you curious, I've counted it. It's just shy of $100,000. I don't even know how to react to this. I'm not spending anything.

Going through the contents of this case. Head is spinning. Gonna make an update on my findings, but I have no idea where to start.

At a crossroads. What would you do for a friend in need?

October 2013

Noah tweets:

I've investigated all I could. There's still a lot to consider and more possible tape to recover. Posting my findings soon.

November 2013

Noah tweets:

Halloween, uneventful. Stayed in my room trying to salvage footage from the tape. I'm grateful, because I just recovered some serious stuff. #7

Noah tweets:

My 22nd birthday is in 30 mins. I'm nervous, but not like last year. There haven't been any warnings signs. Firebrand must be protecting me.

Firebrand tweets:

happy birthday noah. unsure how much longer i can keep you safe. the administrator doesn't like what I'm doing. answers are coming. ~ F

Noah tweets:

Uneventful birthday. Posting a video on my briefcase findings tonight. Still getting clips from the tape together, posting that on Friday.

  • Case Findings: “Be cautious while walking into darkness alone.”
  • Noah cannot be happy about the money while suspicious of its origins, but he has given $2,000 of it to Chris from Dark Harvest after he uploaded video proof that the Order forced him and Alex to go on the run by killing their families. A fortune sticking out of Milo’s journal reads “Find the key, learn the lesson”, so Noah will not cut it open. The soles of the shoes have holes in them; the left one contains the fortune quoted above, while the right one contains a key with the Collective symbol on it. It fits the journal’s lock perfectly but will not open it. A fortune inside the tape’s case reads “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.”
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted November 11, 2013. Noah says that he broke his Sudoku Rubik’s Cube years ago and gave it to Milo in 2008 after he expressed an interest in fixing it, which he has before returning it. He notes that the journal was one of several topics that Milo avoided discussing with him. The description reads:

This is what I was able to find out about the briefcase's contents. I'm compiling what I was able to recover from the tape now and posting it on friday, it's some heavy shit.

Noah tweets:

The video is still processing quality-wise, but it's up. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Milo’s Tape: “I read it all. I know what you did to Noah. What-what my entire life was really meant for! I know you killed Dad!”
  • This heavily distorted tape cuts between a speech Milo filmed April 30, 2010 to describe his affliction and a longer scene from 2013. He wakes up in Mary’s empty house, laboring to breathe and speak, and finds a demolition notice outside. The Observer has left a note in his pocket instructing him to kill Mary within 120 hours (or else the Collective will kill him). A future Noah leaves the briefcase, which contains the money and a gun once Milo has taken hours to open it. The Administrator pursues him through the darkened hallways. He calls Mary to the house via payphone and confronts her with how she meant to sacrifice him ever since he was born. She says it was necessary asks for his help in discovering Mr. Scars’ identity, so Milo confirms that he is (already) Mr. Scars and shoots her. His anger then turns to grief as he apologizes over her dying body.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted November 16, 2013. Three out-of-place scenes presumably taken prior to Milo’s death and return show him pointing the camera at Mary’s safe, cutting his arm, and drawing the symbol on his journal. The final frame confirms that his heavy breathing and guttural voice is caused by a slit throat. The description reads:

This is what I was able to recover from Milo's tape that I found in the briefcase. It's really fucked up, viewer discretion is advised. It hurts to watch. I don't even know what to say.

December 2013

Noah tweets:

Been having a lot of bizarre deja vu lately. This sounds nuts, but I think I'm getting premonitions from Firebrand. We're linked, after all.

@DarkHarvest00 uploaded our phone calls about the money:

Firebrand tweets:

you will soon be gifted valuable information from our mutual acquaintance as per our agreement. be wary, he's a dangerous one. ~ F

Noah tweets:

Just got a strange unmarked envelope in the mail, but it's obvious who it's from. I don't want to open it, but I have to.

im back. not sure what just happened to me or where ive been. the footage will explain. theres a lot. posting some tonight. passing out now.

Slept most of the day. Woke up thinking what happened was just a nightmare, but the footage was there. Uploading the first part of it now.

  • Severance: “Names come from trying to apply meaning to something, but this doesn’t need a name. This, in and of itself, is the meaning. It represents what it is, and what it is, is separation. This little symbol right here basically represents… severance. Cutting the puppet strings. Do you catch my drift?”
  • HABIT’s letter is a mocking offer to help Noah through a face-to-face meeting, which Noah promptly receives upon following notes (“KNOCK KNOCK”, “WHO’S THERE?”) that warp him to HABIT’s illicitly-gained house in New Jersey. Noah is on edge to see HABIT covered in blood, but HABIT has him sit down at his table and, after making characteristically flippant threats of violence and advising Noah to obtain Sebastian’s journal, has Noah draw the Collective symbol. He claims that it represents “severance”, and with “the correct intentions” can be used to take power away from something –indicating that Noah ought to draw it on a knife and stab the Administrator. Noah stands his ground as he perceives HABIT moving closer to him and watches him open the bathroom door to the sight of an unidentified man (apparently Michael Andersen) bleeding from the hip and coughing. HABIT kicks Noah out, leaving him in the darkened streets with no idea of where he is.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 25, 2013. HABIT is accompanied by heavy purple distortion and a low reverberation in his voice and mentions that “he” (the Administrator) cannot enter the house. His claim to have worked with the Nazis is consistent with this blog post and others implicating his possessive influence over many infamous historical figures. As HABIT notes, the symbol’s power of severance is consistent with its effects on Noah’s hacked accounts. The description reads:

I was sent a letter on December 24th. This is what happened after I opened it. Part 1 of 2.

January 2014 #8

Noah tweets:

The clips on my tape are in a strange order. Been piecing them together through the new year. Part 2 will include everything else on it.

Took this before opening the letter. Purple tape, Haunter, stylized bullshit. Compiling the footage for part 2 now.

tt073.jpg #9

February 2014

  • Bridge to Nowhere: “This place. There’s something about it. It just… it just doesn’t feel right. Feels…doesn’t feel natural.”
  • Noah learns from his phone that he has been displaced into September and learns from a stranger (apparently Lee from Whispered Faith) that he is in New Jersey. The streets around him experience alien geometries as Firebrand instructs him via text to “find the bridge/before they do/~F”. HABIT appears for split seconds every step of the way and, once at the bridge, Noah encounters Jeff. He cannot explain how he is “alive” but tells Noah that suicide is the only escape and runs off. HABIT appears at the end of the bridge and indicates that Noah has entered his realm. He expresses some genuine anger at Jeff’s suggestion that Noah kill himself to escape and says that Noah will eventually heed HABIT’s advice of his own volition. With a kick, HABIT sends Noah back home and into the present again.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted February 14, 2014. The slowed and reversed songs in this video are “Can’t Take my Eyes off You” by Frank Valli and “Haunted House” from Super Mario 64. Firebrand’s text comes at 11:11 PM from the number (11)-1111-11. Noah repeats manic phrases to himself throughout, including that he has to “keep documenting” a swarm of bugs. The description reads:

Here is the rest of the footage I took on December 24th, part 2 of 2. Nothing makes sense anymore, but then again, did it ever?

June 2014

Noah tweets:

been laying low. feels like theyll come for me anyday now. but they dont. i kinda miss them. i think theyve broken me

tt074.jpg #10

August 2014

On August 14, 2014, a TribeTwelve Vine account surfaces:


as above so below

  • ill be watching you: Vine video with a dizzying close-up of Milo’s journal. The slowed and reversed song is “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.

Noah tweets:

Woke up to a surprise vine account. I didnt make it. App isnt even on my phone. Tried downloading app, but I cant sign in via twitter. Shit.

im tired of staring at this book. im tired of waiting for me to wake up and do something. i feel lost inside myself. what is real. im tired.

September 2014 #11

Noah tweets:

i still want to die. but i dont want them to kill me. cant tell if ive lost my mind or if im lost in my mind or both. the journal mocks me.

October 2014

Noah tweets:

im not sure if im more afraid of the unknown, or of the known coming to an end. uncertainty is more unpleasant than unpleasant certainty.

i cant take it anymore. im sick of finding these fucking things hidden around my house.


theyve been popping up for months now. hidden in plain sight. didnt wanna post about it. thought itd stop eventually.


this is the amount ive found in the past week alone. why have this many appeared. getting worried. somethings coming.


November 2014

Noah tweets:

birthday. quiet. feels like defusing a bomb. think the bombs a dud. why do i keep thinking theyre predictable. theyre just watchin me squirm

you know youre losing it when you start believing fortune cookies. you know youve lost it when they start coming true


the fortunes are getting to me. you may think im paranoid. im really not. paranoids just think demons are coming for them. i have evidence. #12

Noah tweets:

im thankful for waking up every day after not killing myself.

December 2014

Noah tweets:

i recorded an update on my birthday. rewatching it, i hesitated posting. i didnt want people to see me like this. i got real bummed out.

but fuck it. if i dont get this vid out im going to hate myself even more. i may be pathetic but im no quitter anymore. its going up friday.

  • Fortunes: “This damn book. Oh, what a character this motherfucker is! It mocks me. You know, it fucking mocks me. The key doesn’t work, but they want me to open it up by force. But I’m not gonna, uh-uh, ’cause that’s what they want me to do, and I’m not gonna do what they want me to do, uh-uh. Maybe it’s best to leave Pandora’s Box closed.”
  • Noah is at this point thoroughly drained and unkempt from paranoia, and he claims that the only activity from the Collective has been nightmares. He pegs Firebrand as the obvious source of the Vine account and fortune cookies around his house, and promises to re-upload the old livestreams he has recently found again. Throughout the video, Noah silences a whispering voice whose source turns out to be Milo’s journal. After getting angry at it, he is briefly warped to the boardwalk where the Administrator almost ambushes him. Noah ends the video apologizing to Milo and opening a final cookie whose fortune reads “run.”
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 281 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38 | 39 | 40 | 41 | 42 | 43 | 44 | 45 | 46 | 47 | 48 | 49 | 50 | 51 | 52 | 53
    • Minutiae: Posted December 12, 2014. A voice at the beginning, presumably Firebrand, addresses “happy birthday” to “me”, “you”, and “Noah”. Noah has experienced insomnia, future premonitions, and sleepwalking that he believes is possession by Firebrand. He lied to his parents about getting a job while actually spending money from the briefcase and taking up drinking again, also attending Mary’s funeral with suspicions about “who’s in the ground and who isn’t”. Trees on the boardwalk display tendrils like the Administrator, and Firebrand’s hand can be seen saving Noah as he is warped back. The description reads:

recorded this on my birthday. didnt wanna post it because i didnt want people to see me like this, but fuck it. havent posted in a while, wanted to lay low. i thought if i didnt provoke them long enough, maybe theyd go away. how naive of me. they hid frames in this video, theyve been leaving me fortune cookies, the journal whispers to me. in their absence, ive neglected the fact that theyve never left. some fortunes are best left unopened.

January 2015

Noah tweets:

life is but a dream. what happens when u wake up. how do u know if youre dreaming. questions fuel my insomnia. or am i still just dreaming. #13

Noah tweets:

hope is but the caged angel. slave to fear. there is no door. no lock. no key. but there are bars to tease. and she reaches out to no avail.

February 2015

March 2015

Noah tweets:

inside a cage is a mousetrap with cheese. a mouse smells it. he enters. the cage shuts. hes trapped. how long until he goes for the cheese.

June 2015

Noah tweets:

5 years. this is all a dream. you are all dreaming with me. i cant sleep but i cant wake up. i wake up asleep. nothing is real. where am i. #14

August 2015

The Observer tweets:

hellothere noahiswithusrightnow iwillanswersixquestionsonhisbehalf wherewhatwhowhywhenhow

LunaDude1996 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Where is Noah?

The Observer responds:

@LunaDude1996 wherethereisnolight whereheisstilllost ourfunhouse

falbo_benjamin on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve What have you done with him?

The Observer responds:

@falbo_benjamin weareplayingwithhim misleadinghim breakinghim

sdale821 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve who is this

The Observer responds:

@sdale821 hisnightmare hisparasite hisobserver

Holly96Rose on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Why did you take him?

The Observer responds:

@Holly96Rose firebrandtookhim heisteachinghim wedonotapprove

robekkaskyte on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve When will you let him go?

The Observer responds:

@robekkaskyte ifhecanfindhiswaythroughthelabyrinth anddoesnotsuccumbtomadness youwillknowwhenhereturns

axioman12 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve how did you take him?

The Observer responds:

@axioman12 hebroughthimselfhere firebrandisplayingwithhisdestiny sowehavetakenadvantageofit

The Observer tweets:

ihaveanswered nowyoumustwait untilherollsthedie andtakesthebait



September 2015

Noah tweets:

back. since sep 4. a week it says. but it was longer. a month. counted the days. saw things. dont even want to touch camera. i was in hell.

October 2015

The Observer tweets:




  • DEATHTRAPEXODUS: “The being, it gives us great power, yet deprives us of free will. We are cryptic creatures by nature, pacified by his dark force, puppets meant to manipulate your world through mortal vessels. But being outside the range of control severs my strings and loosens my tongue. The longer I am free, the more wisdom I am able to bestow.”
  • According to Firebrand, who again has only “a rare window” to act as the Administrator grows stronger, Noah’s experience of the Collective’s realm and its temporal elongation (and “the operating room”) taught him a lesson and he must now open Milo’s journal using his knowledge of Severance. Firebrand refers to “the dark times” and “flood”, the former of which “will bring Kevin” and follow Noah’s reading of Sebastian’s journal. Swain is shown holding Sebastian’s journal (and removing his comedy mask to reveal a tragedy mask underneath) and a vault door manifesting on its pages contains Deadhead. The Observer hijacks the video, more unstable than ever. He calls Milo’s journal “the wrong present” in a fit of rage but expresses gladness that Noah will read of his deeds in it. The Observer again demands that Noah receive the journal from Karl (“the Hermit”), threatening to break his resolve even further via the Collective’s realm (“Hell”) if he does not.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2
    • Minutiae: Posted October 31, 2015. The slowed and reversed song in the Firebrand portion of this video is “Too Much Information” by the Police and the one in the Observer portion is “Fire” by Arthur Brown. At the end, Noah says “Looking forward to it” in reverse. Firebrand’s text just before the Observer’s hijacking reads “The only way to free Kevin is to terminate his vessel.” Much of the imagery in Firebrand’s portion relates to imprisonment, and scene transitions involve water. It also depicts an eye opening from a line on Firebrand’s left palm, a black pen overwriting the Severance symbol on Milo’s journal, an eye and giant spider emerging from Noah’s roof, a blade, Noah bandaging his hand, a satchel labeled “826277”, Noah grinning maniacally, and reflections in the Observer’s glasses showing the boardwalk’s tower and Noah on the ground in pain. The description reads:


November 2015

Noah tweets:

saw vid. know what i have to do. reluctant. used to think jumanji cant hurt if you dont play. except the game is in session. i have to roll.

decided. gonna try it on my birthday. a gift to myself regifted by myself. but not all gifts are boons. this is fear wrapped in misfortune.

i did it. only took me 2 years. never been harder to turn a page. feels like dissecting a corpse. a solemn birthday.


February 2016

  • Crawlspace: “I can’t do it. I can’t do it, Milo. I can’t burn you. I can’t burn you. Not again. I can’t burn you again.”
  • In the months following “Fortunes”, Noah keeps the journal around at all times and it continues pressuring him to open it. At one point it identifies the area under Noah’s desk as the “crawlspace”, and the night vision briefly turns red with an otherworldly humming noise. This sounds again on a different night when the Observer follows behind Noah with a knife. Out of frustration, Noah attempts first to force the journal open and then to burn it. It claims that it is in pain and is Milo himself, which stops Noah both times. The hum and red hue return one night as the Observer stands by Noah’s bed and invites him to the boardwalk. The journal draws Noah’s attention to twigs and leaves under his desk, and examining them warps him to the boardwalk and spontaneously back again. He then does this deliberately and the camera turns towards him upon his return. The journal has him enter the crawlspace the next night, and it becomes apparent that the red hue and hum signify entrance into the Collective’s realm. It thanks Noah, then says “enjoy your stay.” He falls to his knees in a sort of trance. After coming to his senses and running, the Observer’s laughter follows Noah and he encounters the Administrator. It reaches towards him with its many arms, and the journal is gone when he warps back home. Noah drives back to the boardwalk, ranting at himself for not opening it; once there, day instantaneously phases into night, and night into the Collective’s realm. Noah is left to contemplate his next move.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted February 27, 2016. The slowed and reversed songs in this video are “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Steve Baker and Carmen Daye and “Heyr himna smiður” by Árstíðir . Noah remains desperate to convince himself that his trips to the boardwalk are hallucinations or dreams. He also spends these months trying to solve the Sudoku Rubik’s Cube, contemplating whether he should call Edward about his father’s name on the Order manifest if it means putting him in danger, and replaying his videos at such moments as Jeff telling him to kill himself. Also (between a fortune and a $100 bill), he eats paper now. The journal stands up on its own at one point. He finds fortunes reading “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than being able to decide”, “Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake”, and “Your problem just got bigger. Think about what you have done”. Noah has an EverymanHYBRID business card on his other desk. The description reads:

footage is from december 12 2014 - aug 28 2015
went through months of tape to put it together
theres still a lot to go through

March 2016

Firebrand tweets:

Ashes. Ashes.


April 2016

Noah tweets:

used to think this was a nightmare i couldnt wake up from. i was wrong. i wake up from nightmares into more nightmares. im living a lifemare

June 2016 #15

July 2016 #16

  • Pitfall: “This is the end! I’m fucking dead! I’m free!”
  • Noah ventures back into the Collective’s realm (“for you, Milo. For you”), and the shifting boardwalk keeps leading him back to the boardwalk’s own watchtower. The Observer, assuming Kevin’s visage and voice, appears at the top of it and lures Noah into climbing its endless stairs in either direction for hours. Milo’s journal, preceded by a fortune (“You are lost and insecure. Now is a lucky time for you – take a chance”), first tempts him to jump down for it and then warns him as the Observer appears again to push him. Noah plummets from the impossible height for almost half a minute before hitting the boardwalk. Kevin leads him, barely conscious, to a building called “Museum of Medical History”. Its automatic doors send Noah back to the boardwalk where he finds another fortune: “A drowning man will grab a snake”. He collapses.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted July 4, 2016. The slowed and reversed songs in this video are “Welcome to the Machine” by Pink Floyd, “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC, “Circles” by Soul Coughing, “Endless Stairs” from Super Mario 64, “Sweat (A La La Long)” by Inner Circle, “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty, “Parasite” by Nick Drake, “Disconscious” by Fountain Plaza and “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses. Noah witnesses an eyeball manifesting in the knothole of a tree. Insects gather as they had “Bridge to Nowhere” –first when Noah tries to warp back to the crawlspace and then when he lands on the boardwalk. The description reads:

i fell
it hurt

  • 13. Unsatisfied Customers: a video revealing that Stan Frederick, who became a paranormal investigator after gaining immunity to monsters, had met with Noah before. He receives a four-month-old voicemail from Noah that says, “How’ve you been. Whatever you say you’ve been doing is not helping me. In fact, things have been worse. Why are you peddling snake oil to me, Stan? I open up to you, and you squander my precious time? Consider this correspondence terminated.”

September 2016

The Twitter is hijacked:

The loop must be maintained. The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive. ~ Scriniarii

  • SCRINIARII: “This is for you. Not Noah. You. On the other side of the screen.”
  • Firebrand addresses the audience to say that we have somehow mistreated and failed to heed the advice of his “friend”, a Collective member called Scriniarii. Our new task in helping Noah is to “find the archive. Find the answers.”
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted September 26, 2016. The slowed and reversed song in this video is “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits. Players recall that from July 4, 2016 and onwards, a Reddit user called Scriniarii posted the message “I am scriniarii. You are sensum. You are required. The loop must be maintained. The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive.” onto /r/TribeTwelve with increasingly urgent post titles and responded to others’ posts with “Added to archive”; however, the user was dismissed as a gamejack and banned. He is shown with Sebastian’s journal. The description reads:

The loop must be maintained.
The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive.
~ Scriniarii

Scriniarii’s post titles from July 4, 2016 to September 26, 2016:


Please help, don't ignore.

He won't let me say more. Please. He's getting angry.

Hey you. He's mad at you now.

Scriniarii Node 11.1, 1.2

Scriniarii tweets:

A fragment has been exposed. Sensum has woken. The loop must be maintained. Now that I have your attention, what else did you miss? ~ S

Noah tweets:

ive become accustomed to waking up to cryptic bullshit posted without my permission. never heard of scriniarii. im going back to sleep now.

viewer emailed me this. said they figured out some puzzle from the new video. led to this 2nd manifest pic. henka visae. who is henka visae.


October 2016

Scriniarii Node 11.2

November 2016

Noah tweets:

a flesh token. a group of mad men. an unfortunate father. a relentless con man. a selfish woman. many a paradox. its taken a time to digest.

its my birthday today. the calendar says im now 25 years old but im actually older due to my time spent in their realm. i feel 80 years old.

as a gift to myself, a service to milo, and a digital resource to you, i will be archiving milo's journal here:

Journal of Milo AsherNoah Maxwell's Archive, whispers

Scriniarii posts “Learn the symbol”:

Protect the archive, protect the loop.

April 2017

Noah tweets:

been quiet for safety. posting makes hell writhe. inflames them. this tweet alone will trigger weeks of nightmares. but i must. need advice.

Scriniarii Node 22.1

  • 29. Neighbors: another video in which Stan Frederick interacts with other vloggers, which includes stopping by Noah’s door. Noah shouts at him to leave because “things are finally starting to get better for me around here… things have stopped happening; it’s been quiet-! You’re the last fucking person I want to talk to!”

Noah tweets:

cant believe stan drove to my damn house, filmed me at my door like a zoo animal & posted it. embarrassing. i know what karl feels like now.

Stan Frederick responds:

…text me, dickhead

Noah comments on “29. Neighbors”:

stay away from my damn house

Stan Frederick responds:


May 2017

Scriniarii Node 22.1, 2.2, 2.3

Firebrand tweets:







Noah tweets:

ok fam so this is whats up

its been quiet for me. not the comfortable quiet. the kind of quiet where you know someones in your home but you cant hear them. still quiet

been taking a cocktail of antipsychotics to help me not think of them. they come when you think about them. mention them. tweet. film. post.

my insurance coverage just got yanked. five pills of my cheapest drug now costs me $300. im livid.

i can no longer afford my meds

looks like the boys upstairs noticed this and decided to make a move on my mind. our healthcare system has double fucked me.

between that and stan throwing rocks at my window and the increase in nightmares and being haunted by what ive read from milos account

ive been slipping

my blinders are dissolving. im losing it again. my grasp on my ability to hold back from picking at the never healing wound

meds wear off in about a week or so going cold turkey, people online say. lets see how long this meatbag can hold out

today is my 1st day without meds. broke out in hives. drank too much. woke up in the tub. cant tell if the bath was on or if its all sweat

Stan Frederick responds:

Sorry about the rocks. If it makes you feel better, you won't be hearing anymore rocks from me ever again, so. Good luck, man. I do mean it.

Noah tweets:

couldnt keep down food today. kept seeing shadows. changing shadows. always out of the corner of my eye. always there. begging for attention

second day off the caps. woke up in vomit. shivers. weird because i dont remember eating. blood and bile. withdrawals hitting hard already.

dont have any cleaner. debating going to cvs or stealing from neighbors shed. saw
him for the first time in months. still tall.

swore the solicitor was bald. tend to have panic attacks around suits now. dont need your shit insurance im a walking liability. drank again

chucked the camera in the canal. fuck this. i don't need this anymore.

not using briefcase money for meds. not hemorrhaging milos cash to a fucking pharmacy. not risking arrest or monkey paw shit. its locked up.

anyone know if being targeted by a eldritch abomination is considered a pre-existing condition?

insomnia. the visions are returning. i feel the veil lifting from my perception. i can see again. see the truth. theyre still here. restless


no no no no no no no no no no no no


it was gone. why are they forcing this back to me. still works. goddamn it

…getting pressured into playing again. need to figure out what to do while i still have some control. think its time to charge my laptop

im done playing camera boomerang with time demons. really really need sleep. gonna try. ill figure shit out in the morning. fuck it all

Firebrand tweets:

wow littering is really bad for the environment dude what the fuck. ~ F

Noah tweets:

fuck you

3rd day. first time ive opened adobe premiere in months. camera needs a charge. i have to. relive it. reassure myself the dream was real.

7 years since my first tweet. 7 years since milo died. 7 years since the beginning of the end of my life.

red night vision makes it not look so bad. truth was it was pitch black. viewfinder was my only light source. only a tiny screen. for weeks

ill never forget when i saw him. i laughed and laughed and laughed. makes the goosebumps tighten. the blood. the pain. it stung like hornets

editing. cutting some. leaving some. a month is a lot to go through. especially with the director watching from outside. fuck corporate

didnt eat. didnt sleep. didnt even shit. spent every waking minute of today revisiting my trip to hell. im mortified

finally hungry. ate some crackers. having an issue rendering. must clear space on my drive. shes old but she still purrs. saw him again

i didnt mean to throw the hard drive across the room at him i promise

thought i lost all the footage in a rage. was relieved. then i realized solid state drives cant head crash. kill me

k. its done. thats all i can bring myself to edit. not proud. i wish it were only a dream. but dreams are no longer distinct from reality

  • And there's no reality beyond observation. ~F: Twitter video of Noah behind his computer uploading the next video, all in the Collective black-and-white. The slowed and reversed song in this video is “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell.
  • Sisyphus: “Noah, listen to me for once in your miserable fucking life! You make it like the whole world is out to eat you –like they’re out to get you because you looked too deep down the rabbit hole and you fell in. Like you’re rolling up that… that boulder up the hill, over and over, only for it to fall down… you gotta roll it up again, over and over, like your whole life’s a sick fucking joke. Meant for the entertainment of people watching on the internet behind… their screens, all safe. Well, you know what? I’ve got good news for you. You’re absolutely right! We stole fire from the gods and now we pay.”
  • After at least two days in the Collective’s realm, Noah finds another fortune (“A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it./You Have No Lucky Numbers”) and sees the boardwalk trapping him in a loop, eyes manifesting everywhere, and a screeching giant spider chasing him. After finding another fortune (“A familiar stranger will soon enter your life with wisdom to share./Lucky Numbers 666, 666, 666, 666, 666, 666”), Noah is stopped by a future version of himself. He has longer hair and demonic undertones to his voice –but is not Firebrand yet, he says. He knew that this meeting would happen while remembering few specifics, and gives distracting and morbidly humorous responses to Noah’s frustrated and panicked questions. He leads Noah up the tower and shows that his satchel (labeled “826277”) contains the “Nazi blade” and Sebastian’s journal, which Noah must “earn”. Noah yells that he cannot trust him, both up there and back down once he offers to show him “a gift”, so Future Noah apprehends him. Between the last two lines of the above quote, he slashes Noah’s left palm with the blade. He lets the wounded Noah run, trip over a box labeled “DIE”, and bandage his hand with a rag he left, all while laughing maniacally and reminding Noah that this is indeed what he becomes. The box contains a 100-sided die and fortune (“In the jungle you must wait until the dice roll 5 or 8./Lucky Numbers 5 or 8”). Noah almost rolls an “8”, but then the spider’s screeching returns.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted May 19, 2017. The slowed and reversed songs in this video are “Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters, “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, “Tarantula” by Pendulum, “Blackest Eyes” by Porcupine Tree, and “Jumanji Drums”. Before the encounter, Noah sees a spinning leaf become an eye, asks a swarm of ants for directions, briefly warps back to his hallway (where Future Noah walks by), spins in another vain attempt to return home, and finds a screaming mass of eyes in the trash that ejects the second fortune. Future Noah hangs up on a “naggy roommate” who calls him and also says that he lost track of the date from whence he came because “we’re kind of on house arrest right now” –and he attributes his lack of clarity to staying in the Collective’s realm for extended periods. At one point, he deliberately disgusts Noah by eating raw meat from a bag labeled “BIRD”. The scar is still visible on his left palm. The description reads:

im still healing

Scriniarii Node 22.4, The Living Account

August 2017

Noah tweets:

you know your life is shit when living in the land of westeros seems like a much better situation

September 2017

Noah tweets:

turned on tv for first time in weeks. cat 4 direct impact hours away. oh. been in my own hurricane for years. may the wind and water take me

slept through it. minor damage. storm eye was heading straight for my house, then made an abrupt turn east. very convenient. too convenient.

Firebrand tweets:

Noah. I know you are apprehensive about me. About us. About what we are. But how can you when you don't even know who you are. What you are.

You are not the social media accounts you own.
You are not the content you upload.
You are not the electronics you post from.

You are not the friends you have made.
You are not the family you have.
You are not the ancestors that came before you.

You are not the money in your bank account.
You are not the job you work at.
You are not the car you drive.

You are not the house you live in.
You are not the room you brood in.
You are not the bed you sleep in.

You are not the sleep that you rarely get.
You are not the dreams you experience.
You are not the nightmares that follow.

You are not the body you inhabit.
You are not the senses you perceive.
You are not the head you see out of.

You are not the brain you think with.
You are not the mind you control.
You are not the memories you recall.

You are not the fears you have.
You are not the emotions you feel.
You are not the thoughts that come to you.

You are not the ideas you think up.
You are not the decisions you've made.
You are not the information you categorize.

You are not your birth.
You are not your life.
You are not your death.

You are not the monster you think I am.
You are not the being you will become.
You are not even the atoms that surround you.

You are the nothingness in between, the indivisible empty space preceding everything, the pure consciousness observing it all.

What you truly are is being aware of it all. Taking it all in. Forever.

You are you, and nothing else. This is the only real truth.

And that is the one thing they can never take away from us. ~ F

Noah tweets:


November 2017

The twitter is hijacked:

Watch out for that FENCE RAIL kiddos! This here ain’t no keyword. That’s all I have 2 say ‘bout that.

Noah responds:

the fuck

get the hell off my account

The twitter is hijacked:

Like don’t mind me man Im just talking to the fans hahaha

You don't post much here anyway lol sup everyone hows it going fam

Noah responds:

go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away

The twitter is hijacked:

I'm afraid I can't do that, Noah 😏😜😘

Noah responds:

take your fucking emojis and leave me and my account alone you annoying shit

The twitter is hijacked:

ℹ️'〽 ⚡️⭕️®®🌱, ↩️🅾️📧💰 ✝️♓️ℹ️⚡️ Ⓑ🅾️✝️♓️📧® 🌱⭕️⛎ 🅰️✝️ 🅰️🕒🕒❓4

Noah responds:

i want to die

The twitter is hijacked:

✝️⭕️🅾️ Ⓑ🅰️↩️. 🕒⭕️🆗⚡️ 🕒ℹ️Ⓚ📧 ⭕️⛎'®📧 ⛽️⭕️📈📈🅰️ 🕒ℹ️♈️📧, Ⓑℹ️✝️©♓️. Ⓑ⛎©Ⓚ🕒📧 ✝️♓️📧 Ⓕ⛎©Ⓚ ⛎🅿️.5

Noah responds:

despite all of the terrible shit that has happened to me in the past seven years, having a twitter conversation on my own account with somebody speaking to me in emoji characters is by far the absolute worst thing that has happened

The twitter is hijacked:

Well you still have trails yet to complete so I guess we'll see about that 😭Until then, ♓️🅰️🅿️🅿️🌱 Ⓑℹ️®✝️♓️↩️🅰️🌱, 🌱🅾️⛎ ♍️ℹ️💰📧®🅰️Ⓑ🕒📧 ✝️®⭕️⛽️🕒🅾️↩️🌱✝️📧❗️ 😘😘😘🖕6

Noah responds:

current mood


Scriniarii Node 2November 11

  • TRIBETWELVE VETERANS DAY SPECIAL: Future Noah answers the sensum’s questions from a YouTube “livestream” –really a “prerecorded” video from the dark times, shortly after the boardwalk incident. He shows off Karl’s journal and a printed copy of their questions, having hijacked the Twitter and Scriniarii’s account against the latter’s rules. Due to his house arrest, Noah lacks power (besides some allotted by Firebrand) and hunts for food in the Collective realm by creating portals with Severance. He defines the loop as “the good timeline”, having some knowledge of failed ones, and calls the sensum important because they record events. Noah keeps his unstable and flippant demeanor throughout, despite resenting his current lot. He says that the recurrent beeping near the end signifies that someone has entered his home.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 11, 2017. Noah hints at future revelations about “the event” from 1944, how he got Sebastian’s journal, Mary’s selfishness, the satchel’s serial number, the blade, Noah’s roommate, how Noah learned to use Severance (to be shown in the next video), Edward, HABIT, the boat captain, and Robert. This Noah cares more about perseverance than his present self (“a slow, depressed, troglodyte idiot”) does, and looks forward to becoming Firebrand. Living things, like the ibis Noah caught, “get pulled through” the Collective realm rather than occurring there naturally. The giant spider (“Mongo”) is actually one of several forms the Administrator has taken throughout history to frighten humans. Swain is “fucking dead… decades ago! Why… you know this.” Noah has indeed attempted suicide by this future point. The description reads:


Scriniarii tweets:

For the archive. ~ Scriniarii

Noah tweets:




January 2018

Noah tweets:

the virtual funeral is about to commence. memorial services will be held on your browser of choice momentarily. please stand by for the unveiling.

we would greatly appreciate it if you could please silence your cell phones for the remainder of the ceremony.

Journal of Milo Asherunveiling

  • open casket: Twitter video of Milo’s journal in a scanner.

Journal of Milo Asherforeword, school, broken, birthday

Noah tweets:

my ancient scanner broke. havent used it in years but i cant tell if random events are actually supernatural or not at this point. anyway i ordered a new one. sometimes i lay at night and almost hear the pages whispering like they used to. i hope it didnt hurt him being in there.

February 2018

Noah tweets:

that was the fastest delivery ive ever received. it said 5 to 10 business days but it came the next day. still cant tell if it was supernatural or just amazon taking over. will be posting some journal entries tonight. more every day or so. feels like im performing an autopsy.

Journal of Milo Asherhate, virus, angel, glasses, grandpa, jumanji, lying, mouse, fly, tree

whatanest on Twitter writes:

Why Noah's father last name is Maxwell? As far as i know that Noah's mother last name is Maxwell that came from his father, Karl. Meaning Noah's father takes his wife's last name then? Hmmm…

Noah responds:

my dad took my mom's last name. it happens sometimes. i never thought much of it.

Journal of Milo Asherclub, wizards

BenjaminLearner on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Hey, why are you uploading the journal entries at 11:11 PM?

Noah responds:

i dunno. repeating ones seem like an important set of numbers to me. there's some deep significance in there somewhere. so why can't i take advantage of this sacred numerology too? why do they get to have all the fun? regardless, i'm mocking them and it feels good.

Journal of Milo Ashersickness, seance, safe

March 2018

Noah tweets7:

konnen sie erraten wer deutschunterrichten nimmt [German: can you guess who takes german courses]

DictatorAlert on Twitter writes:

Did Kevin teach you?

Noah responds:

ich unterrichte mich selbst [German: i teach myself]

PurplePhantomYT on Twitter writes:

Picked up a major in German huh?

Noah responds:

ich bereite vor, das tagebuch kommt [German: i prepare, the journal is coming]

alynniee on Twitter writes:

going to read a certain journal soon??👀

Noah responds:

wenn die zeit gekommen ist, werde ich bereit sein [German: when the time comes, i will be ready]

Noah tweets:

ich habe eine studienpause gemacht. weitere tagebucheinträge beginnen morgen. [German: i had a study break. more journal entries starting tomorrow.]

persönliche verantwortung. [German: personal responsibility.]

Journal of Milo Ashercontagious, boat

Noah tweets:

sechs jahre vergehen. [German: six years pass.]

Journal of Milo Asherfound

Noah tweets:

ich habe gerade eine harte prüfung bestanden. weitere tagebucheinträge werden morgen kommen. [German: i just passed a hard test. more journal entries will come tomorrow.]

sl33tpaws on Twitter writes:

What test my boy?

Noah responds:

deutsch sprachkurs [German: german language course]

Journal of Milo Asherscar

Noah tweets:

bist du wirklich in der lage zu unterscheiden wen du im spiegel siehst? [German: are you really able to distinguish who you see in the mirror?]

meine internetverbindung ist im augenblick schlecht. wird versuchen später heute abend zu posten. dies ist ein wichtiger eintrag. [German: my internet connection is bad right now. will try to post later tonight. this is an important entry.]

Journal of Milo Ashercapsize, dishonest, infect

April 2018

Noah tweets:

aprilscherz ist dumm. sie sollten jeden tag des jahres wachsam sein. [German: april fools' is stupid. they should be vigilant every day of the year.]

Journal of Milo Ashercapsule

Noah tweets:

die hure hat nicht alle tassen im schrank, aber kinder und betrunkene sagen immer die wahrheit. [German: the whore doesn't have all the cups in the closet, but children and drunks always say the truth.]

Journal of Milo Asherslipped, library, puppet

Noah tweets:

mehr einträge wird morgen gepostet. [German: more entries will be posted tomorrow.]

grippe [German: flu]

Journal of Milo Asherflu

Noah tweets:

hast du schon mal eine Woche geschlafen? deine trauer trifft härter als sonst. du verlassen nur das bett zu essen und scheiße. nichts ist erfüllend. die tage verwischen zusammen. du müssen sich selbst austricksen um weiterzumachen. es ist anstrengend jenseits ihres verständnisses [German: have you ever slept for a week? your grief hits harder than usual. you just leave the bed to eat and shit. nothing is fulfilling. the days blur together. you have to trick yourself to keep going. it's exhausting beyond your understanding]

verfluche dieses verschissen internet. mein eintrag veröffentlicht nicht. werde es später noch einmal versuchen heute abend. [German: curse this fucking Internet. my entry does not publish. going to try it again later tonight.]

Journal of Milo Ashercampfire, tendrils

May 2018

Noah tweets:

alles gute zum muttertag, mary asher. mögest du in der hölle brennen für das was du getan hast. [German: happy mother's day, mary asher. may you burn in hell for what you have done.]

Jaredsm70730270 on Twitter writes:

Will you say the same about john on fathers day?

Noah responds:

nein. john machte nur den fehler, sich in eine verfluchte hexe verliebt zu haben. [German: no. john just made the mistake of falling in love with a cursed witch.]

Journal of Milo Ashercamping

Noah tweets:

acht jahre. es gibt keine feiern mehr. ich müde. seit acht jahren bin ich müde. und jede sekunde ist eine ewigkeit mehr. [German: eight years. there are no more celebrations. i'm tired. i've been tired for eight years. and every second is an eternity more.]

NickGarrison16 on Twitter writes:

Why you speak German now

Noah responds:

üben. vorbereitung. [German: to practice. preparation.]

Journal of Milo Asherfox

Noah tweets:

der großdruck gibt, und das kleingedruckte nimmt weg. [German: the large print giveth, and the fine print taketh away.]

Megadk619 on Twitter writes:

You should really work on your grammar skills

Noah responds:

vielleicht sollten sie an ihren übersetzungsfähigkeiten arbeiten, anstatt sich auf microsoft zu verlassen. [German: perhaps you should work on your translation skills rather than relying on microsoft.]

Journal of Milo Asherpantry, camera, will

Noah tweets:

ich denke blogspot verändert die art und weise ihre urls arbeit über nacht und erzählte mir nicht. das datum ist nun in der webadresse nach dem titel des beitrags enthalten. danke für die verwechslung, arschlöcher. [German: i think blogspot changed the way their urls work overnight and did not tell me. the date is now included in the web address after the title of the post. thanks for the confusion, assholes.]

ich werde nach dem richtigen link formell bei 1:11, weil blogspot wird nicht berauben mich meiner spöttischen streifen von 1s. [German: i will post the correct link formally at 1:11 because blogspot will not deprive me of my mocking streak of 1s.]

Journal of Milo Ashersurveillance

June 2018

Noah retweets Ꭰeath Ꮹrips:


Noah tweets:

ihr seid alle schuldig, mein unglück zu genießen, über meinen schmerz zu scherzen, mein versagen zu verhöhnen, und auf meine leiden zu wetten. aber schadenfreude zu genießen wird dich nur so weit bringen. ihr quälen wird nicht unbemerkt gehen. ich wäre vorsichtig, wenn ich du. [German: you are all guilty of enjoying my misfortune, of joking about my pain, of mocking my failure, and of betting on my sufferings. but to enjoy the pleasure of harm will only bring you so far. your torment will not go unnoticed. i'd be careful if I were you.]

eines tages werde ich ein gott sein und ich möchte das schlimmste sein, was dir je passiert ist, weil du mich gefoltert hast. verstehst du? ich will der einzige albtraum sein, den du je hast. und ich werde über deine angst lachen, wie du mich ausgelacht hast. ich schaue zu. [German: someday i'll be a god and i want to be the worst thing that ever happened to you because you tortured me. do you understand? i want to be the only nightmare you've ever had. and i'll laugh at your fear as you laughed at me. i'm watching.]

Firebrand tweets:

oh quit being a fucking pissbaby and just upload the next video already, you sour kraut. youre lucky anyone even cares about your shit. milo didnt have anyone his whole life and he didnt gripe as much as you. he was a god among men. true gods dont whine. they get shit done. ~ F

Noah responds:

ich kam heraus um eine gute zeit haben und ich bin ehrlich das gefühl so angegriffen jetzt. [German: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked now.]

Xederam on Twitter writes:

eine gute zeit ZU haben, learn german better next time

Noah responds:

iss meinen arsch. [German: kiss my ass.]

Firebrand tweets:

its been exactly 8 years since you posted the first video and 382 days, 14 hours, and 9 minutes since you last uploaded any footage. even vinny just posted. wheres the rendezvous? youre already one minute late. 👁️ ~ F

Noah responds:

ich bin froh dass du noch zählen kannst. es ist ein riesiges video. die exportieren zeit ist sehr lang. ein gott kann warten. und fick dich sehr viel, du hast meinen zeitstempel streifen von aufeinanderfolgenden 1s gebrochen. 🖕 [German: i'm glad you can still count. it's a huge video. the export time is very long. a god can wait. and fuck you very much, you've broken my timestamp streak of consecutive 1s.]

Noah tweets:

ich vergaß zu verwendung ein codec wenn exportieren und verschwendete stunden nehmend ein 58 GB größe scheiße. man vergisst nie, wie man ein fahrrad fährt, aber man kann immer noch vom verdammten fahrrad fallen. [German: i forgot to use a codec when exporting and wasting hours taking a 58 GB size shit. you never forget how to ride a bike, but you can still fall off the damn bike.]

egal wer oder was ich in der zukunft werden, werde ich immer ich selbst sein. ich bin mein eigener bester freund, ob ich es mag oder nicht. #nationalbestfriendsday [German: no matter who or what i will be in the future, i will always be myself. i'm my own best friend, whether i like it or not.]

  • Rendezvous: “After the symbol is destroyed, you’re gonna have a window of just about a minute to get from the pier to the entrance before they can reseal that gateway. No matter what you hear, no matter what you see, what you think, you cannot turn around or look behind you until you get to that fucking parking lot, you understand? Any hesitation, and they will grab you and drag you back in. Fear is their ally. If you give into it, you die here.”
  • Noah jadedly faces further Administrator and Observer encounters within the first week, but gets cornered and runs up the boardwalk’s tower. He warps between chained-up segments of the nature trail tower, and the “Wonderland” fortune sends him to a room with a future Noah from earlier in the dark times than the “Sisyphus” one. This one returns Milo’s journal and sternly forces a conversation, refuting Noah’s vocal distrust of his future selves (especially Firebrand) and fate. He says that they communicate cryptically because Noah won’t learn otherwise, doing so blocks the Collective’s omnipotence, and Noah could still negate the loop with divergent choices. Future Noah opens Sebastian’s journal, which distorts on-camera and shocks his past self, to reveal its deeply-affecting power and why their fate is truly sealed. Noah must get it through some kind of “willing” transfer of ownership (not merely asking Karl), not heed “anything obvious” (the die and some fortunes were a Collective “ruse”)… and escape the boardwalk by moving opposite the landscape alterations, destroying a Severance symbol by the pier, and never looking back for the minute he has to exit. Noah returns to the boardwalk with Milo’s journal and low camera battery.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted June 8, 2018. The slowed and reversed songs in this video are “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden, “Revival” by Deerhunter, “You Don't Mess Around with Jim” by Jim Croce, “Follow Me Down” by The Pretty Reckless, “Stuck In The Middle With You” by Stealers Wheel, “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes, and “Olmec Guides You Through the Temple” from Legends of The Hidden Temple. Fortunes read “You will never find the journal”, “☺”, “Enjoy the small things you find on your path” (alongside a proper bandage), “You don’t need strength to let go of fear. What you really need is understanding”, and “Whatever we are, I still remember the way we were.” Noah tries in vain to roll the die and set off his car alarm, and eats leaves from the boardwalk. He spots a tendril-like plant stalk waving, other people walking out of reach, and flashes of moving cars and eyes filling his hallway. Future Noah says of his “Sisyphus” incarnation, “We’ve met a few times. It wasn’t pleasant.” He says to the journal, “I miss you, Milo” (“I miss you, too”, it says). He leaves Noah a bag “of supplies”. The description reads:

so yeah
that's how i got it back

Noah tweets:

nie vergessen. 💔 [German: never forget.]


der nächste abschnitt der hölle filmmaterial ist besonders traumatisch für mich. ich habe panikattacken von nur zu sehen, die datei thumbnails. ich habe gelernt, dass einige türen nicht geöffnet werden sollten. [German: the next section of hell footage is especially traumatic for me. i have panic attacks from just seeing the file thumbnails. i learned that some doors should not be opened.]

July 2018

Noah tweets:

ich bin wieder auf meinem scheiß. [German: i’m back on my shit.]

Journal of Milo Asherflash, snap, contact

August 2018

Journal of Milo Ashersummoning, boardwalk

September 2018

Journal of Milo Ashertrail

Noah tweets:

was für ein unterschied sieben jahre macht. [Link to “⊗LOG⊗ - Florida and Vermont”] [German: what a difference seven years makes.]

Kwite on Twitter writes:

just give me ur fortnite name already

Noah responds:

was zum teufel ist ein fortnite? ich sehe immer wieder diesen verdammten namen herum. meinen sie einen vierzehntägigen? verdammte kinder in diesen tagen und ihre rechtschreibfehler. [German: what the devil is a fortnite? i keep seeing this damn name around. do they mean a fortnight? damn kids these days and their righteously written mistakes.]

Journal of Milo Ashertapes

October 2018

Noah tweets:

hatte eine schlechte erfahrung. gab eine schlechte bewertung. empfehle nicht. [German: had a bad experience. giving a poor rating. don't recommend.]


November 2018

Noah responds to EverymanHYBRID:

da alle meine freunde um mich herum sterben, kann ich das gefühl der eifersucht nicht erschüttern. aber wir sind nur ein haufen hilfloser bastarde. es war eine ehre, den freundlichen seelen, die auch das große böse verstanden haben, vertraut zu sein. ruhe gut, meinen brüdern. [German: since all my friends die around me, i can't shake the feeling of jealousy. but we're just a bunch of helpless bastards. it was an honor to be familiar to the kind souls who also understood the great evil. rest well, my brothers.]

Noah tweets:

nichts zu feiern heute. [German: nothing to celebrate today.]

Journal of Milo Ashermockingbird

December 2018

Journal of Milo Asherinstitute

Noah responds to EverymanHYBRID:

verwirrt. aber fasziniert. [German: confused. but fascinated.]

January 2019

Noah retweets YTCreators:

Describe your YouTube channel in 3 words.

Noah responds:


[German: tall/thin/faceless]

February 2019

Noah tweets:

es gibt momente, in denen man sich körperlich altert fühlt. sekunde für sekunde. kognitive atrophie. jeder hat die fähigkeit, es wahrzunehmen. man muss nur tief genug niedergeschlagen werden, um die frequenz zu erkennen. [German: there are moments when you feel physically aged. second by second. cognitive atrophy. everyone has the ability to perceive it. you just have to be knocked down deep enough to see the frequency.]

March 2019

Noah tweets:

Ich habe 10000 tage gelebt und alles was ich bekommen habe war diese schreckliche existenz. [German: I lived 10000 days and all I got was this terrible existence.]

Firebrand responds:

**Jahre [German: years]
~ F

April 2019

Noah tweets:

wir sind nur die schatten einer höheren existenzebene. [German: we are only the shadows of a higher level of existence.]

LoganRandMusic on Twitter responds:

If we're only shadows, what happens when the lights go out

Noah responds:

du würdest einfach aufhören zu existieren. [German: you would just cease to exist.]

Firebrand tweets:

hey, deutsch dollar store plato, quit the mental masturbation and move your piece forward already. the board is getting dusty but the boogeyman has not yet blinked. when he does, you better make that move.
~ F

May 2019

Noah tweets:

neun umdrehungen um den stern
ich sehe mich verschlechtern [German: nine turns around the star i see myself decaying]

June 2019

Noah tweets:

herzschlägen endliche. atmung endliche. augenblinzeln endliche. alle sterblich uhren. die sterblichen uhren hören beim tod auf, aber wie sagt dann ein neugeborener gott die zeit bestimmen? was ist eine uhr für die ewig? was ist ein blinzeln für ein allwissendes auge? [German: heartbeat finite. breathing finite. blinking eyes finite. all mortal clocks. mortal clocks stop at death, but then how does a newborn god tell the time? what is a watch forever? what is a blink for an omniscient eye?]

August 2019

Noah tweets:

erinnerungen [German: memories]


möchten ihr mich in meinem leiden begleiten? klicken sie auf das blöd glockensymbol um benachrichtigt zu werden. [German: would you like to accompany me in my suffering? click on the stupid bell icon to be notified.]

[Link to “Facade” premiere]

  • Facade: “Fortunately for you, this whole distraction sequence is an essential part of the timeline in which you escape. Now listen to me very carefully: they keep it daytime here so it’s always bright out because they don’t want you to figure out that the camera’s night vision reveals the truth. I thought you would have figured it out by now but I had to intervene before you fucking starve on me. They’ve moved the door, so you need to find it again. Use the camera, find the door, unlock it, walk back through, it’s that easy. And remember: none of this is real, except for Kevin. Let him in, keep up appearances, keep playing along, it’ll buy you some time. But whatever you do, don’t take what he offers you. You’ll learn why in time after some reading. Then lock him the fuck out and continue onward. Don’t give in, you’ve got this. See you on the other side, trooper.”
  • Noah’s supplies are a boardwalk schematic, pencil and sharpener, water, protein bar, camera battery and tape, scotch tape, and compass (severed and going haywire –“it points to the lock”). He maps a path out, disregarding fortunes and eyes. But the spider forces Noah’s escape through a sudden door “home”. First elated at Firebrand’s apparent rescue, Noah jadedly discovers the facade: plumbing and food supplies are sealed, outer doors loop him inside, “the sun hasn’t set in 3 days”, the journal is muted (bringing him to tears), and the radio and TV are corrupted. A news report shows that Noah’s fall killed him, seemingly real (in this timeline) until it devolves into mockery. Future Noah’s instructional voicemail (quoted above) says the facade “compromises their clairvoyance”. Noah plays along with “Kevin” (really Observer on the boardwalk, the night vision shows) until he offers the black-and-white amnesiac capsule. Noah locks the Observer out and draws Severance over the door, reentering the boardwalk as it fades.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted August 23, 2019. The fortunes read “You will die alone and poorly dressed”, “Don’t eat the paper” (he does, alongside a crab), “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”, and “We can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk through it”. The journal (Milo) and Noah forgive each other –for Milo’s whispers (a result of Firebrand’s plan and his new form’s corruption) and Noah’s inaction about Milo’s muted “screaming”. TV imagery includes “INFERNUM”8. “RIP 12 News” reports Noah’s stomach contents as sticks, leaves, dirt, paper, leather, and hair; the names “Kasha Vine” and “Rob Veers” are anagrams for “Kevin Haas” and “Observer”. During Noah’s escape, the Observer talks backwards to viewers and reveals black eyes and an eye in his mouth after Noah punches off his glasses; Kevin, momentarily himself, says “kill me”. At the end frame, a voice says “Yes!” The description reads:

never take candy from strangers

Noah tweets:

denken sie daran, das wie-schaltfläche zu ZERSCHLAGEN und ABONNIEREN für mehr inhalte wie DIESE! [German: remember to SMASH the like button and SUBSCRIBE for more content like THIS!]
langen kater. nicht trinken für eine weile. [German: long hangover. not drinking for a while.]

Cracked_Egg_SC on Twitter writes:

A man returns from a cycle of woe,
Yet upon his return, he has nothing to show.

Noah responds:

fick dich schwanzlutscher [German: fuck you cocksucker]

November 2019

Noah tweets:

nichts zu sehen hier [German: nothing to see here]

January 2020

Noah retweets YouTube Creators:

Creators, what do you think your subscribers have learned from your channel?

Noah responds:

blickt der abgrund auch in dich hinein [German: the abyss gazes also into you]

February 2020

Noah tweets a poll:

📹 35.5%
📸 14.9%
📓 26.4%
🔫 23.3%

March 2020

Noah tweets:

ich bin des champion der sozialen distanzierung. ich leide an einer übernatürlichen lungenentzündung, aber die welt ist dank meiner selbstisolation vor meiner krankheit geschützt. meine vorbereitung auf die dunklen zeiten geht weiter. dieser neue erreger dient nur als gute praxis [German: i am the champion of social distancing. i suffer from supernatural pneumonia, but the world is protected from my disease thanks to my self-isolation. my preparation for the dark times continues. this new pathogen serves only as good practice]

Noah retweets his February poll:

ein viertel von euch kann scheiße essen. [German: a quarter of you can eat shit.]

April 2020

Noah tweets:

alles ist gut
april narren
du kannst nicht
der albtraum ist real [German: all is well/april fools/wake up/you cannot/the nightmare is real]

AgentRLSpeed on Twitter writes:


Noah responds:

du bist wirklich dorthin gegangen, huh [German: you really went there, huh]

Noah tweets:

ein fuß im grab, der andere auf einer bananenschale [German: one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel]

May 2020

Noah tweets:

severance [symbol]

Firebrand responds:

hmmm so the intention you applied here was to 'block the haters'? that's cute! weiter experimentieren. du wirst belohnt. [German: keep experimenting. you will be rewarded.]

Noah retweets his first tweet:

jahrzehnt [German: decade]

June 2020

Noah retweets his first video upload:

zehn verdammte jahre. früher dachte ich, dass das posten dieses videos mein leben ruiniert hat. ich weiß es jetzt besser. ich war immer verflucht, geboren in der hölle. ich habe das buch von Job gelebt, ich bin vom himmel gefallen, und eines tages werde ich satan werden. [German: ten damn years. i used to think that posting this video ruined my life. i know better now. i was always cursed, born in hell. i lived the book of job, i fell from heaven, and one day i will become satan.]

Noah tweets:

unsere fähigkeit, die entitäten wahrzunehmen, wird direkt durch unsere einheimische wahrnehmung derer beeinflusst, für die wir entworfen wurden. wenn sie nicht darauf trainiert sind, die tarnung zu bemerken, ist sie unsichtbar. der anzug entscheidet, dass sie blind sind. [German: our ability to perceive the entities is directly influenced by our indigenous perception of those for whom we were designed. if you are not trained to notice the camouflage, it is invisible. the suit decides that you are blind.]

steht es in meinem schrank, starrt es mich an? natürlich ist es, natürlich ist es. blinken, arshloch. [German: is it in my closet, is it staring at me? of course it is, of course it is. blink, asshole.]

Future Noah tweets:

▄▀▄▀▄▀ 👁️ ▀▄▀▄▀▄
✨ᕕ( ᵔ ل͜ ͡°)━🖕 🕴️‍♂️💢
【𝐹𝒶𝒸𝑒 𝓎♡𝓊𝓇 𝒻𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓈】
▀▄▀▄▀▄ Ⓕ ▄▀▄▀▄▀

Noah responds:


  • why do i listen to you: Twitter video of Noah approaching the boardwalk in the present, humoring the last tweet. The Observer appears on a stretch manifesting behind him, the Administrator in front, before he leaves.

July 2020

Tylersustream on Twitter writes:

That’s funny, I didn’t notice anything.

Noah responds:

Sie können nicht merken was Ihre augen nicht sehen dürfen. der anzug entschied, dass du blind für ihn sein solltest. Sie sollten für diesen Segen dankbar sein. Ich beneide das privileg. [German: you can't see what your eyes shouldn’t see. the suit decided that you should be blind to him. you should be grateful for this blessing. i envy the privilege.]

Noah tweets:

hoffnung ist nur eine illusion, aber es ist wirklich alles, was wir haben. [German: hope is just an illusion, but it really is all we have.]

es ist wichtig widrigkeiten schritt für schritt anzugehen. aber, Sie können sich an sehr schlechten Orten einen schritt nach dem anderen finden. wenn Sie sich durchsetzen möchten, Sie Ihre schritte besser sehr sorgfältig beobachten. äußerst sorgfältig. [German: it is important to tackle adversity step by step. but, you can find yourself step by step in very bad places. if you want to assert yourself, you'd better watch your steps very carefully. extremely carefully.]

August 2020

Noah tweets:

im dreck wird es gefunden warden [German: in filth it will be found]

ich würde lieber aus schrecklichen alpträumen aufwachen, als ständig von glücklichen lügen zu träumen [German: i'd rather wake up from terrible nightmares than keep dreaming of happy lies]

5 monate später. Sie haben sich im inneren in angst vor der großen schwer fassbaren bedrohung die überall sein könnte und jeden betreffen könnte geschützt. willkommen bei einem geschmack meines lebens, wie gefällt es dir? stellen Sie sich vor so zu leben für zehn verdammte jahre. [German: 5 months later. you have sheltered yourself inside in fear of the great elusive threat that could be anywhere and affect anyone. welcome to a taste of my life, how do you like it? imagine living like this for ten bloody years.]


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