Tribe Twelve Season One, Part Two

The first season of Tribe Twelve ran from May 20, 2010 through December 25, 2012 and is comprised of the videos “Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher” through “The Livestream Incident”; this is the latter half of that season, starting at “Summer Update”. Here Noah Maxwell witnesses the Observer reveal himself as an otherworldly stalker able to intrude beyond the boundaries of his videos, home, and even dreams for the sake of manipulation that Noah must stubbornly resist for his own preservation. The viewers become his only confidants over a gradual period of isolation, but they demonstrate a clear inability to help that causes their active correspondence with him to resemble apathy just as often as it does dedication.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. Main channel videos are denoted in bold; all unbolded videos are optional. This page links to sections of the Formspring side page whenever it is meant to be read.

May 2011

Noah tweets:

Parents are coming home for a few weeks on vacation. They've decided to remodel some rooms. Hopefully nothing happens while they're here.

Parents arrived. So far, things are going pretty well. They're going to paint some rooms and replace the carpeted floors with wooden floors.

Well, that was a boring rapture. So much for biblical mathematics. But, you know, maybe it did happen. Maybe, we've been in Hell all along.

Tempted to talk with my parents about the old house fire again. I want to tape it, but I don't want them knowing. I'll have to be sneaky.

June 2011

Noah tweets:

Going to upload a video soon. An update on my situation. Planning to go through with the secret recording after all. We'll see what happens.

Talking to my parents tonight about the old house fire. Recording secretly. If they say anything relevant, I'll add it to the update video.

Update video will be posted within the week. Secret recording went fine, but the connections my parents made about the past are troubling.

Got a strange envelope in the mail. No return address. Opening now.

It's starting again. Fuck all. This is beyond mysterious. Getting a video out as soon as I can. This has to be documented.

  • Summer Update: “Unfortunately, I still can’t get in contact with Mary Asher or my grandpa Karl, or even John Fletcher anymore. Doesn’t answer my calls. So if anything interesting happens, or a lead pops up, or I find out something significant, I’ll make a video about it and I’ll post it.”
  • Noah shows how his parents have remodeled his house during their last visit, and he has little to report beyond occasional nightmares and how his accounts’ avatars always revert back to the Observer symbol whenever he tries to change them.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted June 17, 2011. Noah has taken safety precautions of covering his webcam and uninstalling his microphone drivers. The description reads:

This is the first of three videos I will be uploading today. Forgive me for not getting this one up here sooner.

  • Secret Parent Interview: “Since we were girls, she saw people that weren’t there. But now that I think of it, I remember her mentioning that character a lot. She always cried at night. She told me he watched her as she slept. Pointing at an empty doorway and asking why I couldn’t see him. Drawing creepy pictures of him. She had mental problems from a young age, Noah. And they never went away. I had to stop talking to her after she tried to kill your father. You stay away from her! Alright? Even if you get in contact. I don’t trust her!”
  • Noah has told his parents that the camera is not recording to ensure that they tell the full truth. They eventually say that during the fire, he was found unconscious in his room and his babysitter Katie sustained severe burns. They both remember a bald man in a suit at the scene but thought little of it. Noah’s mother, knowing nothing about Noah’s videos, doubts the connections that he attempts to make from this with Karl and Mary on account of their mental instabilities, but she does eventually recall that Mary had talked about “Mr. Slim” since childhood.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted June 17, 2011. Noah is irritable in this video and refuses to take any pills when his mother suggests it. His parents say that an “electrical fire” was also reported in the case of Liam, the child memorialized at Victor Park. Shortly after Noah’s father leaves the room, the Slender Man appears in the hallway. The description reads:

Here's the talk my parents and I had about the old house fire and some other things. I don't like the connections made or the random distortion in this.
And yes, I see him. It's fucking terrifying that I can't explain it.

  • Noah has received an envelope containing four items that he later scans and posts to Twitter. It resembles nothing the Observer has previously sent and even specifies that it was not from him, but instead “just an old connection”.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted June 17, 2011. Players quickly notice the resemblance of this correspondence to that associated with Everyman HYBRID, a channel documenting one friend group’s similar experiences of the Slender Man. By July 2011, its players will have found all four pieces of the “unrel- narra-” note, whose ultimate purpose is to reveal the Milo letter in full. The description reads:

This is the envelope I received in the mail. The contents are Milo related. I think it's starting again.
Here's the unburnt version of that letter: Tribe Twelve Envelope

Tribe Twelve tweets:

Uploading the contents of the envelope tomorrow as twitpics. Way too tired to now.

The envelope that the four items came in.


The photo/postcard. "We're all just creatures of" "NOT AN OBSERVER" "just an old connection" "yours,"


The crumpled up and burnt letter from 1995.


The old Polaroid picture. "Mary, Milo, Dr. C - 1995"


The incomplete piece of paper. "Unrel- Narra-"


@nostradamus___ Milo's dad's name was Robert.

Formspring #6

July 2011

Spent the 4th alone. Watched distant fireworks at night. Woke up several times, feeling afraid for no reason. Fear has many eyes.

I've spoken with the EverymanHYBRID crew, per your suggestions. Apparently, that Dr. C from the photo may be a doctor named James Corenthal.

Sleep is such a luxury, which I cant afford.

Formspring #7

August 2011

Noah tweets:

hes been in my fucking room. woke up from a nightmare and found something he hid. some damn device. how long has this shit been in my room?

hes really fucking with me again. posting a vid of what i got on film asap. i cant explain anything. no chance of sleeping tonight.

  • The Device: “The park… the park, it was there. My dream… I just had a dream. It was dark, dusk, like real dark, and then there’s fucking someone standing at the far end and I ran. I fucking ran. I booked it towards them and I ran as fast as I fucking could. It didn’t feel like a dream. It felt like a fucking memory; like I was just there a minute ago. It was calling, it was… whatever it was, it was fucking calling my name. I don’t know. I don’t know why I ran, but I fucking ran, and I woke up just a minute ago and like… I think someone was with me; I really don’t remember. It was so real. It wasn’t like one of those dreams where you wake up and you realize, ‘hey, it was a dream.’ No, it felt like it fucking actually happened.”
  • This entirely night-vision video starts with Noah describing one of his nightmares and being interrupted by three rapid beeps. He thinks it’s coming from the smoke detector until he changes the battery and still hears it. Noah eventually finds the device responsible, which is wired to a solar panel that has an Observer symbol and “WE ARE LISTENING” written on the back. He enters his closet with a knife when he hears thumping from inside, but it stops once he opens the door and finds only a rubber eyeball marked with the Observer symbol and “TROUBLE SLEEPING?” He ends the video yelling curses at the Observer.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2
    • Minutiae: Posted August 2, 2011. Distortion is especially heavy in the pivotal moments of this video, and shouting can be heard amidst the thumping inside Noah’s closet. The description reads:

I found this device in my room at around 3:15am after waking up from a nightmare. I don't know what the hell it is, but I know he put it there.

Noah tweets:

Just called my tech buddy, Edward. He's in town visiting family. Hopefully, he can come over and evaluate this damn thing before he leaves.

Edward is coming over soon to look at the device. He's gonna be the first 'friend' I've had over at my house in a long time. Feels strange.

  • Device Analysis: “Yeah, my guess is that this thing records and transmits audio. I mean, whoever made this was no amateur. They knew what the hell they were doing.”
  • Edward tells Noah that the device is composed of a speaker, pager, 9-volt battery, computer fan, solar panel, and USB cable. Noah lies that he got it from a garage sale, but Edward is convinced that it is expertly designed “like a spy walkie-talkie”.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted August 3, 2011. The description reads:

This video was taken the morning after 'The Device' video. My tech friend Edward was visiting near my area, so I invited him to evaluate the device. He just confirmed my suspicions; this 'Observer' bastard has been monitoring me.

Noah tweets:

This is Edward's take on what he thinks the device is and what it does.

Thinking a lot about what Edward said. I may cut the USB data wires tonight and plug it into my computer to see what it does. I trust him.

I've cut the wires. Considering plugging this thing into my computer. Technically, nothing should happen to my hard drive. Should I do it?

Ok, I'm feeling really confident tonight. Plus curiosity is killing me. So, I'll plug it in my laptop to see if something activates. (1/3)

Since no data can be transferred, I feel safe enough. Also, I'll go to the library tomorrow to see if I can recover any data off it. (2/3)

I'll resolder the data wires and plug it into a public library computer. I'll film all of this, so if anything happens, you'll see it. (3/3)

Yeah. I can't believe that just happened. What I just heard come out of that fucking thing. Library tomorrow. I feel nauseous. Fuck it all.

Reconnected the wires and went to the library today. Found some files on the device. Disturbing files. Findings posted later tonight.

  • Device Findings: “That was the day that I got fucked up at the nature trail and blacked out for a week. And not only that, but it says that the SPECIALMESSAGE file was also created then too. If so, how the hell did he know that I was gonna cut the wires like he said in the message? How did the speaker even play the message if the wires were disconnected? How the shit did he get the thing into my house in the first place? And, to top all those fucking questions off, where the hell was this thing before my floor was redone? Because it had to have been somewhere, if it was… never fucking mind. In conclusion, I’ve been bugged since at least March.”
  • Noah plugs the device into his computer with the data wires cut, yielding a spoken message from the Observer from the speaker. His voice is muffled with a low undertone, and he already knew that Noah has cut the wires and curses at a certain point upon hearing the recording. After re-soldering the wires and disabling the speaker, Noah plugs the device into a library computer and finds a hidden folder on its flash drive that he prevents from deleting itself as it had before. The files all date back to his March 13 nature trail incident except for two 24-hour audio recordings of Noah’s room in August.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted August 7, 2011. The library computer screen is corrupted upon viewing some of the files. The description reads:

This video compiles what further information I've gathered about the device. I haven't found anything else like it yet hidden around my house, but I'm keeping very quiet as a precaution.
EDIT: Someone already sent me a transcript of the audio. Damn, you guys are fast:
Hello, my child. I see you've found my little toy. Took you long enough. About 4 months? *makes clicking sound with tongue* I was beginning to think you'd never find it. Good thing you're not as deaf as you are stupid. You shouldn't have cut those wires, there is more to be found. But I'm being unfair. Perhaps, you just need another little… ah… lesson, like the one you got at the Nature Trail. Would you like that? Shh… shh… *chuckle* But we will teach you so much. Who all those eyes belong to…. We shall teach you their names. About that forest… yes… that forest you were in. Under its branches the rain runs red. *another laugh* Would you like to know where you went? Would you like to know why? Perhaps you'd like to know why Milo committed suicide? Or rather, how I helped him do so. *clicks his tongue again* Language, Mr. Maxwell. The walls have such sensitive ears. *long sigh* We want only to remove those festering sutures from your eyes… are you so afraid of sight? A brief lesson, from your own world. You, and everyone you've ever known, are prisoners… bound in a cave and facing a blank wall on which you can only perceive shadows. A brain connected to eyes and nothing more. We have seen what casts those shadows, Noah Maxwell. Why won't you let us untie you? You are quite deserving, after all. *inhale* The Boardwalk. Bring the journal. That is your homework. However, if you come empty handed, we shall be forced to take… disciplinary actions. Perhaps another detention? *lip smacking sounds* Until then, I will continue my… observations. Pleasant dreams, Noah. *laugh*

Noah tweets:

The files in the "AURIS"1 drive.


The files in the hidden "CASSIUM"2 folder on the "AURIS" drive.


The image file named "Y2FlY2kgc3VyZGlzIG11dGlz"3 on the "AURIS" drive.


The text file named "OCULUS.TXT"4 in the hidden "CASSIUM" folder on the "AURIS" drive.


Visiting family in NY in a week or two. Gonna try to stop by Grandpa Karl and the EMH crew in NJ to ask about the envelope I got, in person.

I'm not crazy, but I just had the realization that everything around me is alive. It doesn't matter if I'm paranoid, they're still after me.

Going to have the livestream tonight at around 8 pm, Florida time.

During my livestream, a video played without my permission. It was then uploaded straight to my YouTube account.

  • The Observer delivers more taunts with imagery of himself, the boardwalk, Noah’s house, Milo, Karl, Milo’s journal, a hand and spilled bottle of pills, the device’s solar panel, the Slender Man, and a group of people.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted August 28, 2011. The slowed and reversed song in this video is “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes. Repetitions of the word “KILL” are superimposed over Karl. The description reads:


(Noah here: this video played during my most recent live stream without my knowing and was simultaneously uploaded here on my YouTube channel without my permission. The whole hour long live stream will be posted soon.)

Noah tweets:

Police arrived. They found absolutely nothing. This was slipped under my door when I first went to leave the room.


In case any of you might have missed it, the whole hour long livestream is available here:

  • Livestream: August 29th 2011: This video plays out as a standard livestream of Noah answering questions until he talks about his intention to kill the Observer, at which point “INTERRUPTION” happens. Noah initially doesn’t believe the comments about it since it didn’t play on his end, but then he watches it from his YouTube channel. He hears a knocking on the door and calls the police, only for the knocks to repeat and his phone to die mid-call. Eventually Noah reports finding the note under his door before the police came and found nothing.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 29, 2011; re-uploaded to YouTube February 10, 2015 after Stickam closed in 2012. The description reads:

this is the first livestream i had recorded on stickam back in august of 2011
interruption happens at 34:05
knocks happen at 47:47, 53:42, 58:26

September 2011

Noah tweets:

I'm an insomniac, not only because of all the shit that's happening, but in the hopes that I'll wake up from this nightmare at any moment.

Things have calmed down a bit. The calm feels like both a placid silence and a foreboding omen. Planning my New York / New Jersey visit now.

Looks like the cheapest flight to New York is late tonight. Gonna jump on it. I'll probably stay a week and come back on Friday, the 23rd.

Just arrived in New York.


OK, there is something really odd in the footage I took on the plane that I don't remember. I'll upload it with the rest of my NY trip.

Gonna try to see Grandpa Karl tonight. I've taken the liberty of sending him German Emails and letters in advance, so he knows to expect me.

The bastard didn't let me in. I waited on his doorstep for 10 minutes, but to no avail. The neighbors gave me looks, so I left quickly.

My parent's are angry with me for trying to see Karl. They'll have to deal with it, he may be the key to all this. Tomorrow, New Jersey.

Taking the train to see the EMH crew in NJ. Bringing photocopies of the envelope. Hopefully, we can help each other figure out things.

Now, there are even more questions than answers, we're all stumped. They're nice guys though, I wish the best for them and their endeavors.

My camera battery died during the Q&A session and I must have forgotten to pack the charger. I'll post everything on Friday when I get home.

Noah retweets EverymanHYBRID:

Apparently, YouTube's notifications are on the fritz…we uploaded our conversation with Noah Maxwell.

Noah tweets:

Heading back down to FL tomorrow. Had a decent time with my family up here, but nothing interesting happened. Really gonna miss the food.

punxtr on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve gyros or pizza? What's your favorite?

Noah responds:

@punxtr Pizza. I could eat nothing but New York pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I nearly did. It's just that damn good.

Noah tweets:

Just got back home from the airport. My house seems to be untouched, I hope. I'll post a video of the trip footage soon. I miss NY already.

Posting my trip footage tonight, maybe at around 9pm Florida time. Overall, it was a good trip. Had fun hanging with the Hybrids. Nice guys.

  • In an event that Noah does not remember but caught on tape, the Slender Man appears on the plane and the passengers all scream. Sometime after Noah makes it to Karl’s doorstep, his grandfather dismisses him because “it is not the right time.” He takes a train to New Jersey and briefly captures the Slender Man on camera outside the station before Vince, Evan, Jeff, and Alex of EverymanHYBRID pick him up by car. At Vince’s house, Noah shows his scans of the envelope’s contents and they tell him about how the other three pieces of the “unrel- narra-” note were a convoluted puzzle ultimately leading to the unburnt version of the Milo letter. They all agree that in 1995 Milo must have been a patient of the same Doctor Corenthal that the HYBRIDs know (who supposedly committed suicide in 2007, and whose letters from the 1970s and onwards have surfaced in relation to their channel as a sort of past life connection) and that the envelope was likely sent to Noah by the entity that has left clue trails for the HYBRIDs (known to viewers as HABIT, but not called by name here). They are unable to reach any conclusions about this.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3
    • Minutiae: Posted September 24, 2011. A conversation between a young girl and her father can be heard on the plane after the Slender Man’s appearance: “Daddy, who was the man?” “What man?” “The tall man.” Noah’s TV is also the only one on the plane to stop working. The description reads:

Here is the footage that I filmed while traveling up north. While up there, I tried to see my Grandpa Karl again, but to no avail. I also went to see the guys who run the EverymanHybrid channel in New Jersey due to many people messaging me that the envelope I received was related to them somehow.

EverymanHybrid's YouTube: Everyman HYBRID
Their video of my visit: [link to “Noah”]
The full 1995 Dr. Corenthal letter (password: x8162005): Tribe Twelve Envelope

  • Noah: the same video, only from the HYBRIDs’ perspective. Although neither side knows it, they coincidentally meet with the guys from Dark Harvest, another channel investigating the Slender Man.

Formspring #8

Noah tweets:

Several weeks ago, an odd fellow who called himself Dr. Cairo interviewed me. He seemed to know his stuff, so I let him.

  • ⊗LOG⊗ - Florida and Vermont: Dr. Cairo of Compile TRUTH, a channel dedicated to researching the Slender Man, interviews Noah in the first four minutes of this video. He voices his suspicions that the entities might be “some sort of cult” and is quickly upset by Cairo’s implication that Milo could still be alive –involved in it, even. Noah tells Cairo that he is unlikely to yield any results from the investigation, at which point there is a hidden frame.

Kopeter14 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Dude i know this might be weird but in that picture of milo his mother and the Dr. C you think maybe the Dr. is Cairo?

Noah responds:

@Kopeter14 No. We talked about it. Dr. Corenthal and Dr. Cairo are definitely two different people.

October 2011

The Observer tweets:



base64: getreadyforabigsurprise justlookintoyourowneyes

Noah tweets:

The Observer fuck posted that image somehow. Not looking forward to Halloween. I may stay at a hotel because I'm sure my house isn't safe.

People are telling me that the "11-11-11" on the hand in the picture is a date. The thing is, November 11th is my birthday. I'm nervous now.

Booked a cheap hotel to stay at for Halloween. I hate running like this, but these warning signs are seriously toying with my paranoia.

Happy Halloween, everyone. I'm going to spend mine by myself in a hotel. It's times like these that I miss the childhood I took for granted.

Leaving for the hotel now. My kid self would hate me for doing this instead of having fun tonight. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Or dead.

November 2011

Noah tweets:

He is here. And he is fucking with me. Don't know how, but it's all on tape. Rendering and posting ASAP. Hope this shit hotel internet works.

  • Halloween Hotel: “And right now, I am just totally sick of running from these assholes, like I’m doing right now. It’s just… it’s inhumane. And I just want to live a normal life. Not being a marathon runner, running from these guys.”
  • Noah books a hotel room, concerned about what the Observer might do on Halloween or November 11. There is a knocking at the door, and reluctantly following it down the hallway and turning a corner somehow sends Noah back into his room when he turns back. The alien geometries continue as he is twice unable to leave his room and then exits into the hallway of a different floor where it is nighttime. It is daytime again when he returns to his room normally via the elevator, although his key fails a few times before it works. He spots the Observer peering out of the hallway and then out of his room upon chasing him, failing to catch him either time. It is 3:43 AM when Noah returns to his room. He finds papers on the bed making up the Observer symbol with a note at the bottom reading “HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH” on the front and “11-11-11” on the back.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted November 1, 2011. The Observer can actually be seen at 7:16 and 7:34 into the video. The description reads:

This footage was taken today, October 31st, 2011. I'm staying at a hotel for Halloween. He is here and he is fucking with me. As you can see on the tape, I was filming in the afternoon and then suddenly found myself inexplicably in the middle of the night. This was all one continuous shot, mind you. I don't understand exactly what the hell just happened, but I'm losing my shit right now. I'm locking myself in my room and hoping this video uploads on the shitty hotel internet.

Noah tweets:

I've been barricaded in my hotel room since the events that happened in the video. Not sure if I should go home yet. Or even leave the room.

Ran out of food. I'm leaving this room tomorrow and going back home. My home feels safer now, considering I know it better than this hotel.

Back home. House seems untouched. I might book the hotel again for the 11th, I'm too nervous. "Safe" is becoming synonymous with "Ambush".

driving back to hotel now. tall mans in my house. got a call from mary. hotel isnt safe, but safer than home. gotta ride it out. fuck it all

Back at the hotel. I had the room extended for a week. Should have known I wouldn't be safe at my damn house. What a lousy fucking birthday.

The Observer tweets:

¡gÿ Юu(@ÙâÔ��ÉÂ��H~ý)wSꘪޛžÜBqú–�FçVðiÈ­®ÚÐÛ·n£ëŒÈü\š£!‹‚%=�NcLÔ5rF«$´’²ê¸R=׺§/åa›Ëõögçb ¤2ô÷òÓù÷^ëÞý׺÷¿uî½ïݦÍìO¶òÍ¥µ�Ä‹O*|Cæó¯A»




someoneonformspringwantedmetotakeapictureofmyselfanduploadit hereitis☉


someoneelsewantedapictureofnoah hereitis☉


returnintwentyfourhours wehavepreparedagiftfornoah☉


  • The Observer taunts Noah with his presence in Noah’s hotel room while he sleeps and again instructs him to retrieve Karl’s journal and deliver it at the boardwalk –the “incentive” this time being that the Observer will reveal himself in the visage of “an old friend”. The imagery associates the journal’s “forbidden knowledge” with the Nazis, and the Observer calls it untouchable. One scene of the Slender Man shows it accompanied by a group of humanlike entities, each with distinct masks or faces –presumably the Collective of which the Observer has claimed to be a part. One of them named “Deadhead”, wearing a skull mask and hood, appears at the end after the Observer delivers his “last birthday” warning to Noah.
    • Hidden Frame7
    • Minutiae: Posted November 15, 2011. The slowed and reversed song in this video is “Talking in Your Sleep” by The Romantics. The Observer tells Noah that the EverymanHYBRID boys and Karl will be of no help to him. Other imagery in the video includes “11-11-11”, two dotted eyes preceding the Observer’s glasses, Noah being dragged down a hallway “for reeducation and conditioning”, a skull with eyeballs, a beating heart, a meat grinder, a burning house, and the Slender Man’s tendrils overshadowing Noah’s face. The description reads:

deadheadsays sebastianwasalotlikeyou

The Observer tweets:

helloagainlittleones wouldyouliketoplayanothergame?☉

iffiftyormoreofyoucanguessmyriddlecorrectly iwilluploadsomethingnoahdoesnotwantyoutosee butifyouareunabletodothisiwillnot youhaveonehour☉

itwillensuredeathifeatenbutthedeadeatitallthetime somepeoplebelieveinit itisgreaterthanmykeeper itswhatnoahwillfindattheboardwalk whatisit?☉

youhavemetthequota itseemsyourmorbidcuriosityhasoutweighedanyrespectfornoahswishes eventhoughyouclaimtobeonhisside humansareveryinteresting☉

theanswertomyriddlewasnothing hereisyourprizeaspromised



Formspring #9

Noah tweets:

what the FUCK. now im gone ANOTHER week. woke up in my hotel room. theres stuff written on me and shit i didn't post on here. not again. FUCK

That fucked up video is mocking me bad. All about my goddamn birthday. Like a hard kick in the nads. What a pretentious patronizing fuckass.

THAT FUCKER POSTED THE PHOTO. I did NOT want that getting posted. Why the hell did you play along?!? Do you not trust me or some shit?! WOW.

That's it. I might just shut down all of my goddamn accounts now because apparently, all you sick sadistic fucks care about is my suffering.

Sorry about that outburst guys, I'm calmed down now. I read everything, you were just trying to help and you didn't know what he'd post.

Going back home. Good thing I booked the hotel for a week, who knows what would happen if I didn't. Gotta chill the fuck out. So stressed.

b4nditqueen on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Look, I know you're stressed but can you tone down the swearing? Thanks x

Noah responds:

@b4nditqueen Have you ever blacked out for a week, only to wake up covered in writing and choking on blood? Fuck you. I'll curse all I want.

Noah tweets:

Back home. I didn't want to let those bastards know, but I bought a 9mm semi-automatic. I know I had it at home, but I can't find it now.

I'm starting to recall more now. I had my 9mm on me before I left the house. Something bad happened after Mary called me. Can't remember.

Can't find my gun, I'm really worried. And, like before, I missed a shit ton of work from the past week. I'll get the video recovered soon.

I found 2 bullet holes in the wall at the back of my hallway. I don't remember firing my gun. This is concerning.


Happy Thanksgiving, guys. I'm celebrating by doing all the work I missed while I was gone. I don't even know what I'm thankful for anymore.

All I ate tonight was a gas station burrito. All I have to be thankful for is a fucking microwave. What the hell is wrong with my life.

Formspring #10

December 2011

Noah tweets:

You haven't heard from me lately because I've been studying for my upcoming final exams next week. I'm still alive, just a clarification.

Today begins my final exams. I expect them to be just like that one classic rape scene in Deliverance. This is really going to fucking suck.

I maintain my sanity by keeping my distance. And yet, sanity is a cozy lie. But then again, too much sanity may be madness. #losingmymind

I was able to remove some of the distortion from the footage. It shows my friend Kevin with some unnerving notecards. I'm really distressed.

Clarification: I didn't remove any footage, I just ran it through my capturing software until it read that part of the tape without static.

It just hit me. Someone came into my hotel room before I blacked out. He looked different than the Observer, no glasses. Pinhole eyes.

Finals are done. I think I passed, but it was hell. Going to try to get more of this footage recovered. I have a lot on my mind right now.

Happy whatever you celebrate.

Having a particularly lame holiday, but I'd rather it be lame and not stressful. I'm hoping for a silent night, no pun intended.

I'm alone, I'm afraid, and my only resolution is to get through this shit safe. Have a happy fucking 2012. Time to get wasted on cheap beer.

January 2012

Noah tweets:

I'm going to recover this fucking footage no matter how long it takes. I've got most of it captured on my hard drive, about 80% so far.

Ok, I got most of the latter footage captured clearly. The previous video from my house is too distorted. I'll try to get that posted later.

I'll be posting the footage that I managed to recover so far from the November fiasco tonight at 9pm, my time. It was a bitch to recover.

  • November 11th: “No, no, it can’t be! No! No! It can’t be! Th-that’s, that’s, that’s impossible…!”
  • The corrupted footage picks up with Noah driving to the hotel after the incident at his house and ranting about how Mary Asher knows all about his plight and has done nothing to help. Night-vision footage from his room eventually skips as the Observer rises from under the bed and strokes Noah’s face (as shown in “HAPPYBIRTHDAY”). It cuts to static and then briefly to footage of Kevin, who is identified by his cue cards and has hair and glasses similar to the Observer’s. Noah is dragged out of bed and, after demanding that the Observer show himself, encounters a silhouetted man with pinhole eyes and a smile. He is shocked at the sight of the figure and is again dragged off-camera. The Observer hijacks the video with a message implicating Noah as an inevitable recruit to the Collective –he always has been and “the Ashers knew”, hence a scene of Noah and Milo as children. The Observer now has Noah’s gun and has made him a “birthday present” –revealed when Noah’s portion of the video returns. He wakes up shirtless with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH” written on his chest and the Observer symbol on his forehead, vomiting blood into the sink.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
    • Minutiae: Posted January 13, 2012. The slowed and reversed song in the Kevin portion of this video is “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel and the one in the Observer portion is “Eye in the Sky” by the Alan Parsons Project. Observer imagery includes Firebrand in the aisle of the plane, the Observer and his symbol on the plane TV screens, a blooming rose with an eye in the center, an ammunition box, and the Observer removing his glasses to reveal inhuman eyes. The Slender Man appears outside of Noah’s car window after he parks. The description reads:

This footage was taken on the nights of November 10th, 11th, and 19th of 2011. It took me a long while to recover this footage, which was very distorted on my camera and had to be captured multiple times before it come out clearly. There is previous footage of before I left my house to go to the hotel on the 10th, but it was nearly completely static. I'm still trying to recover that footage, so until I can recover it, I'm uploading all of the latter footage that I have captured clearly for the time being in this video.

Note: In the beginning of the video, when I said she I was referring to Mary Asher referring to the phone call I received from her before I left. Kevin is my friend who helped me translate Karl's German and is the person who is pictured at 5:00. I'm also inclined to believe that the guy with the pinhole eyes is called "Firebrand" due to the hidden last frame.

Noah tweets:

Trying real hard to recover this footage. It contains what happened that made me leave my house. I can only remember that Mary called me.

Formspring #11

February 2012

Noah tweets:

To prevent this upcoming Valentines Day from being any more depressing for me, I've decided to have a live stream on the 14th. #foreveralone

The livestream is going to happen today, Valentines Day, at 10:00pm Florida time on Stickam. I'll be your Valentine.

AugmentedAngel tweets:

kats dead. im cryin my eyes out here. i cant help but feel that it's somehow noahs fault. im so afraid for my life. im seeing him too now…

The “Slender Man” and will henceforth be called by its true name, the Administrator. This previous naming convention was meant to reflect players’ early traditions, and it is consistent with the Observer’s claim that names are merely given by humans for convenience.

The Observer tweets:

wearedecidingwhethertotakenoahornot itseemstooeasy☉

mykeeperwantsyoutodecide weleavehisfateinyourhands☉

wehavedecidednottotakenoah aneasygameofchessisnotafunone weskipourturn nowitisnoahsturntomove onlyhecanmakethisfunforus letthegamecontinue☉

Noah tweets:

I'm ok. Woke up on my bed with a massive headache. All I can remember was being in the middle of the livestream. What the fuck happened??

That fucker. What a goddamn blowhard. I don't even know what to say. The pictures and messages on this twitter are just too much to bear.

John Fletcher is dead. Kat from Thanksgiving is dead. I'm killing people vicariously.

I hate myself for just taking my Excedrin like that. I should have known better, but fuck, they were MY pills. I figured they were safe.

I vaguely remember being in a delirious state and seeing the suited man standing in the corner. This is all too much.

I'm devoting all of my time to recovering the footage I took on the 10th of November when Mary called me. Maybe something she said can help.

Here's the full Stickam livestream for anyone who wasn't able to see it live:

  • Livestream: Valentine's Day 2012: Noah restlessly responds to the Observer on Twitter for an hour. He calls Kevin, who says that he was asleep at the time; Mary picked up the phone without answering. Noah is distressed by his lack of viable options outside of obtaining the journal and receives his mother’s call about John Fletcher’s death by a bullet to the head. Noah rules the Mary the only suspect. Sarah calls to inform him that Kat was killed by stabbing, and she suspects Noah due to his possession of Kat’s goggles and local reports of a man with torn clothes and a knife. He claims that it could not have been him because he was in class at the time and his one violent incident was more than a year ago, but Sarah has also seen the Administrator now. When Noah’s ensuing breakdown prompts him to take two Excedrin pills, he is paralyzed from the tampered drugs and reports the Administrator’s presence. The stream cuts to black as Noah has a fit of hysterical laughter.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 14, 2012; re-uploaded to YouTube February 10, 2015 after Stickam closed in 2012. The description reads:

this is the second livestream i had recorded on stickam back in february of 2012
26:50 - observer begins posting messages on my twitter
1:37:49 - mom calls about john fletchers murder
1:45:35 - sarah calls me for the last time
1:53:23 - i take headache relief pills that observer replaced with some sort of seditives that end up drugging me into a paralysis
2:03:33 - i see the keeper standing in the corner of the room
2:08:08 - ?

Noah tweets:

Working on this footage recovery dilligently. Every day, I get a little more salvaged. Mary said some distressing things to me in that call.

From what I've recovered so far: Mary spoke of being haunted since her childhood, reading the Nazi journal, and the identity of Mr. Scars.

March 2012

Noah tweets:

Just had a strange dream. A man sat in a chair in the middle of an empty room, his face obscured by his hands. There were scars on his arms.

I'm sure he was crying. I don't know who he was, but for some reason, the name Mr. Scars kept popping into my head. I think that was him.

Noah retweets AugmentedAngel:

They can't find Kat's body. Police think someone took it, I am so confused…

think someone's in my house now. I see der großemann now too. Regularly. He gets closer every day.

oh god hes here. theyre here. theyre going to take me now, help me

the phones wont work. oh my god. i dont want to go not like this i dont want this heldafvsfbjgijkndasddddddddddddddddddddddddRW4gcGFzc2FudA⊙8

asuperfluousvariablehasbeeneliminatedfromtheequation blackrooktakeswhitepawn⊙

Noah tweets:


Oh my God…Sarah. I'm so fucking sorry I ever got you involved in my bullshit. I can't live with any more stolen lives on my conscience…

No, I'll never commit suicide. That's equivalent to me giving up. If they wanted me dead, I wouldn't be alive now. It's all a fucking game.

And, Observer, here's a little message for you. I plan to win this game. Fuck you. Send your keeper my regards.


Dear viewers: I don't know if you know who Zeke Strahm is, but he was a cop who was also afflicted by this plague, blogging his experiences.

I've been following his experiences. I was just sent this video anonymously: [end of Seeking Truth] Everyone is now telling me that he's dead.

If he actually has passed, my heart goes out to him and everyone else who is being tortured or now dead because of these heinous entities.

Noah comments on “Left Behind.m4v”:

I hope you're ok Zeke, if not, my sincerest condolences to you. You fought long and hard, it's better than just giving in. And I will never give in, I will follow in your footsteps. I venerate you.

- Noah

Noah tweets:

The more of Mary's conversation that I recover, the more apprehensive I get about her. Apparently, the Observer has "told her things".

Getting more of the footage recovered. At one point, Mary said that these "Collective" bastards have been following me since I was a kid.

Uh, my mom called me just now. John's body is missing. Did it just get up and wander away? What the fuck. Seriously. What the fuck.

I'm about 50% finished with the video recovery. Most of the video is Mary's call. So far, the subsequent attack is the hardest to capture.

Forgive me for not being vocal lately, I've been diligently working to clear up the final bit of footage. It might reveal how I lost my gun.

Good news. The Observer came over tonight. We had a tea party. Turns out, this was all a giant misunderstanding. Just kidding. April fools.

Formspring #12

April 2012

Noah tweets:

Status report: This last bit is being very tenacious. It has footage of what appears to be the tall being. There is a lot of harsh static.

Update: Nearly finished with the recovery process. Still have to compile all the salvaged footage, as well as study for my finals coming up.

Just letting you guys know that I'm still alive. Finals begin for me tomorrow, so wish me luck. I'll finish the video recovery right after.

May 2012

Noah tweets:

Finals are grueling, but I think I'm going to pass my classes. I've got a little over 1 more week to go until they're done. 3 down, 2 to go.

Finally done with finals. Long story short, I passed. Going to finish up this video recovery, it'll likely be up in a few days.

Hard to believe that it's been 2 years since I made my YouTube account. If only I knew what'd happen if I started snooping around that tape.

Sorry for the 4 month wait. I think Mary may be more involved in this than I previously thought.

  • Mary Asher Phone Call: “You must go to Mr. Scars, for he will end your session. Noah will know who he is; call him and ask the question.”
  • Mary calls Noah on the night before his birthday to get an answer from him, but he soon cuts her off by demanding answers first. She says that Karl always told her the same story of Der Großmann and disowned her at 20 when she admitted that it stalked her, but not before she minored in German and read Sebastian Kraus’ journal some years after initially finding the code to his safe. The Collective had apparently goaded Milo into obtaining it until they moved onto Noah, as it contains information on how to hinder them. She declines to tell Noah because the Observer has always been after him (“he’s in your home right now, watching you intently”) and has already seen Noah’s future return to the boardwalk. Milo and the Collective have both told Mary that Mr. Scars will kill her, so she is calling to ask for his identity; when Noah cannot tell her, she recalls imagery from his dreams and hangs up. Her number is then immediately disconnected and the doorbell rings. Noah goes to answer it, gun in hand, when the night-vision fails. The Administrator appears in his hallway and does not yield when he fires at it four times; it instantaneously moves in front of him, forcing him to flee to his car.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2
    • Minutiae: Posted May 18, 2012. The Administrator appears in Noah’s doorway when he loads the gun and the Observer appears at the end of the hallway when the night-vision fails. Mary describes that throughout her life, the Administrator would take her away as it had Noah and loom over her as she woke up paralyzed in unknown locations, covered in writing. She claims that John Fletcher had been working with the Collective as “a clever fucking façade, just like Robert”, and that the ashes at Milo’s funeral came from his dead cat because his body disappeared. Mary references Firebrand (“the man with the pinhole eyes”) when referring to dreams that she has in common with Noah. The description reads:

This was the footage that was recorded immediately before the events of the November 11th video. It was heavily damaged at the time of my last video upload, so I decided to take the time and salvage it. It took me four months, but I was able to recover almost all of it. I think Mary may be more involved in this than I previously thought.

Here's a full transcript of the phone call for those who couldn't hear all of it: Transcript

June 2012

Noah tweets:

Too many sleepless nights. Too many to fucking count. Research on this journal has turned up jack squat. Going back to making the recap vid.

Working on the recap vid. Sorry if it's taking long, I have summer classes to attend to and I'm still looking for a job. It'll be out soon.

Formspring #13

July 2012

Noah tweets:

Been trying hard to forget about what has happened since the beginning, but I just can't escape it. It's been the only thing on my mind

Every single thing reminds me of the ongoing mysteries. Making the recap video might help me cope with this after all. I'll get on that now.

August 2012

Noah tweets:

Finishing up the recap video, it'll be posted sometime tomorrow. It's more than just a recap, there's also some new interesting information.

The recap will be posted in an hour. That motherfucker actually snuck in & out of my room while I filmed. He's taunting me. Fucking coward.

  • Several Months of Hell: “Once again, just big thanks to all my followers for all the help I’ve received and sticking through with me through all this insane bullshit I’ve had to endure. I really appreciate it so, uh, yeah. Hopefully I can get more answers from this; if not, I’ll keep on looking ’til I do.”
  • Noah summarizes events of the past few months to viewers unaware of his other accounts. He shows Kat’s goggles to the camera when describing her death and says that he has since found Sarah’s name in the obituaries, her death ruled a suicide by multiple stab wounds. Noah is currently meeting with “independent investigators” as well. One named Sam (“one of those paranoid, conspiracy kinda guys”) has purportedly found an obscure organization’s manifest containing Mary’s name and will show it to Noah if they meet in person, so this is his next course of action.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted August 18, 2012. The Observer appears from behind Noah’s chair twice in this video: first raising his head as Noah describes the leaking of Milo’s crime scene photo, then waggling his finger at the end as Noah signs off. The description reads:

This is a recap of the past several months following the events of November 2011. I'm also allowing comments for this video. That Observer motherfucker actually snuck in & out of my room while I filmed. He was taunting me. Fucking coward.

Formspring #14

Noah tweets:

He was definitely there, but the room was empty after I filmed. I'm not even surprised anymore.

Seeing Sam today about the manifest that he has. Hopefully, it'll get me one step closer to Mary. I also hope that I can film in his house.

Met with Sam an hour ago. Mary's name is on the manifest alright, and it looks pretty legit. I've finally got a solid lead on her. Fuck yes.

Here's the "EAST COAST ASSEMBLY MANIFEST" from March 1985. You can see the name "Asher" on the fourth row down.


Seeing Sam today about the manifest that he has. Hopefully, it'll get me one step closer to Mary. I also hope that I can film in his house.

Taking a late night flight to New York. Should be there by morning.

Arrived in New York. Today I visit family, but tomorrow I head to Jersey to see Daniel and possibly a group of guys called "DarkHarvest".

I've chosen not to visit Karl. I don't have enough time before driving back with Daniel and I'm not stopping over at his place unannounced.

Met with Daniel and then the DarkHarvest guys. Uploading footage of Sam and Daniel first, as to not make one very long video. Up in an hour

Internet's been a bit spotty because of storms and rendering may take a tad bit longer than expected. The video will still be up tonight.

  • The Manifest: “Not much is really known about them… we do know it’s a secret society called the Order. They broke off from an older society called the Novus Ordo Europa, and they’re centered around this Egyptian deity called Gorr’Rylaehotep.”
  • Noah visits Sam’s house, where he has a conspiracy theorist’s wall of images connected with string9 and only reluctantly allows Noah to film. He says that the assembly manifest’s organization of origin is a cult called the Order. Noah confirms Mary as the “Asher M.” on the manifest because she would have been 22 in 1985 –her position of “vassal” meant a standard member. Sam shows Noah the Dark Harvest channel, suggests that he meet with Daniel about it, and still reluctantly gives Noah a copy of the manifest. Once Noah meets Daniel at a park in New Jersey called the Atlantic Test Site, Daniel agrees to give him Chris and Alex’s contact information but warns him again that the cultists are dangerous.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2| 3 | 4
    • Minutiae: Posted August 24, 2012. Noah makes a brief digression in the video to say that the “P. O’Conner” on the manifest might be Paul O’Conner, Edward’s father. The final frame implies that the figure on the other park bench was the Observer. Daniel has a copy of House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. The description reads:

I met up with Sam and he showed me Mary's name on the manifest. That was more than enough proof to give me reason to go up north for more answers, so I did.

Noah tweets:

Met with the DarkHarvest guys. They've reluctantly agreed to drive me over to this park for an interview with the Order on 25th.

They fucking left me at this beach in New Jersey. I don't know how we got here, but they just left me and I need someone to pick me up now.

Calling Daniel to pick me up. This shit is unreal. Good thing all of my stuff is in his truck.

Daniel just picked me up. Heading back to Florida now. Oh, and we were missing for three days? How am I not even fucking surprised.

Still on the road. Coming up here was a stupid idea and it's all my fault. Shit went down in the forest and I said things I shouldn't have.

I truly apologize to the DarkHarvest guys, for everything. Feel free to never speak to me again, just remember that we're on the same side.

Here's what happened on their end:

  • Log Entry #25: Meeting with Noah Maxwell: this video is the same as two that Noah will soon post, only from Chris and Alex’s perspective. The one different scene occurs when Chris and Alex are in the car and debate on whether or not they should go after Noah once his meeting with the Order has taken long enough, which Alex ultimately does by the time Noah starts running back to them.

Formspring #15

Noah tweets:

For those wondering, I have the entire cultist meeting and subsequent clusterfuck recorded but I need to talk to Sam before I upload it.

Fuck. Sam is pretty angry at me for leaking the manifest the way I did and refuses to help me for the time being. Back to square one.

I feel bad that Daniel is apologizing for what happened… It's our fault, not his. I just wish things had ended better.

  • The Missing Days; Formal Apology: this video contains a call from Noah to Daniel that will later be shown from Noah’s perspective. Daniel apologizes to Noah, Chris, and Alex.

September 2012

Noah tweets:

I have a lot of footage filmed, much of it uneventful, so this may take a bit to skim through and render out. It will be up soon.

Uploading part 1 of the footage tonight. It's mostly my meeting with DarkHarvest. The interview with the Order in the forest will come next.

Finally finished rendering, but just realized that I didn't blur out Daniel's license plate. Fuck. Gotta reedit and rerender the video now.

  • Our Meet-up: “This has been going on for more than two years with me! And I’m just to the point where I don’t give a fuck any more. I just want to get answers no matter what. Even if it kills me. I need to know. And like, Mary, she has a link to this journal. And in this journal, it’s been hinted that there is something in it that will help me maybe hinder this thing. And if I can get to that, it would help both of us.”
  • Chris and Alex warn Noah against meeting with the cult on account of how they have attempted to kill Chris over information and are responsible for the death of Chris and Alex’s friend Greg. Their one lead into the cult is a former friend named Jesse, whom they cannot trust while suspecting his involvement in Greg’s death. Noah persists, so they agree to drive him to the cult and provide Jesse’s contact information on the terms that he not tell the cult of their involvement, that they may escape without him in case of danger, and that he not die. Noah meets Jesse under a bus shelter at night. He tells Noah to give a note (“Tomorrow night, 9:00 pm, Atlantic Test Site”/“No funny business”) to the Overseer and immediately leaves afterwards.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted September 10, 2012. Noah says that he will use the fake name “Bill” and lie about being Mary Asher’s illegitimate son, which he ultimately does. The description reads:

I met up with the guys over at DarkHarvest and we agreed upon trying to set me up an interview with the secret organization, the Order, to inquire about Mary Asher. The next video will be the cult interview in the forest where everything went ape shit.

  • The Order: “Have you ever seen someone pass through to the Fourth World? Have you ever seen someone pass on in glorious exaltation?”
  • The following night, Chris and Alex drive Noah to the Atlantic Test Site as promised. He wanders through the woods and is met by the Overseer, a masked leader who only responds to him when given Jesse’s note. The Overseer asks prying questions about Noah’s identity and only tells him that Mary lost contact with the cult after Milo’s death and “was recruited by an elder who is no longer with us, Brother Henka Visæ”. Noah tries to leave, irritated with the Overseer’s questions about the Administrator’s true nature, but other cultists emerge from the woods. He reveals Chris and Alex’s names under pressure and the Administrator appears. The cultists react with a mixture of fear and ecstasy, and Noah runs back to the car. Alex reports that it has broken down. The Administrator appears in front of them once, a cultist’s body slams against the windshield, and finally the Administrator appears again and warps them. They end up on a beach in the daytime and fight over Noah’s misconduct. Chris and Alex leave Noah, so he calls Daniel and learns that he has been gone for three days.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2
    • Minutiae: Posted September 28, 2012. Henka Visæ is roughly an anagram for “Kevin E. Haas”. The Administrator makes one cultist disappear, leaving behind only the cloak and mask, and dangles another by the feet with its tendrils. As Noah is running to the car, laughter accompanying the first hidden frame presumably belongs to the Observer. The description reads:

This is my footage of what happened when I met up with 'The Order' to ask about Mary Asher. Shit went down and we were lucky to get out alive. The guys and I have made amends since this incident, but we've decided to go our separate ways. I wish them well. And no, I don't know who "Henka Visæ" is.

Noah tweets:

For the last time, I have no idea who the fuck this "Henka Visæ" person is. I've searched high & low, but the name doesn't appear anywhere.

October 2012

Noah tweets:

The November 11th ultimatum that the Observer gave me in the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video is really starting to bother me. I'm nervous as all fuck.

The Twitter is hijacked:



Noah tweets:

HEY MOTHERFUCKER. You wanna toy with me like that? Tease me like a fucking dog? Well I'm not going to answer to any of your shit anymore :D

I'm not going to the boardwalk, bringing you the journal, or giving in to any of your bullshit demands. Deal with it.

Pictures won't phase me anymore. And you know what? I'm going to host a livestream on 11/11/12. If anything happens, the world will see.

So, I'm turning 21 on November 11th. If that really is going to be my last day alive, might as well get wasted. See you at the livestream.

Feels like I have a gun pressed against my head and the trigger is going to be pulled on the 11th. Knowing, however, is somewhat comforting.

I have that recurring dream of Mr. Scars. He sits in his chair sobbing, holding a gun, his left arm covered in cuts and his face obscured.

I'm not sure what it means, but something about him seems so eerily familiar to me. I always wake up from those dreams covered in sweat.

Been thinking a lot lately. What's coming to me seems inevitable, from every possible scenario. I'm thinking of just giving up on resisting.

The Twitter is hijacked:

aGF2ZWFoYXBweWhhbGxvd2Vlbg0KZXZlbnRob3VnaGl0aXNhbHNveW91cmxhc3QNCncNCmkNC mwNCmwNCm4NCm8NCnQNCncNCmkNCm5vYWg


Noah tweets:

Yeah. I know. You've made it painfully clear, Observer. The 11th, I'm dead. I get it. I accept it. Now shut the fuck up, you broken record.

I just sat down and recorded myself, one big catharsis. If nothing happens tonight, I'll render and upload it. I'm so sorry for everything.

November 2012

Noah tweets:

When you know your death is inevitable, it's just much easier to accept it than fight it fruitlessly. Editing now. Posting tomorrow morning.

Migraine hit me like a freight train last night, passed out before I finished editing, woke up late. It'll be up by tomorrow for sure. Deal.

  • Catharsis: “I don’t know what they’re going to do to me if they don’t kill me, but… I’ve got a hunch. They’re going to force me into their circle, the Collective. The Observer’s gonna take me and turn me into one of those fuckers. Observer… the Observer does look happy, though. He always looks happy. They all do. All I want is happiness. Maybe I’ll be able to smile again and mean it. I know it’s weird to say, but… I’m actually relieved that it’s all going to be over. At least I tried, right? I did my best.”
  • Noah is in tears and exhausted, intending this video to be a final apology and goodbye to his loved ones. Recurring dreams have him convinced that on the 2010 Thanksgiving where he was under the Collective’s influence, he really did kill Kat (presumably, being sent to 2012 and back) and the blood on his shirt was hers. He has lied about where he found her goggles. Noah apologizes to his parents, Sarah, John, Kat, and Milo, and concludes the video promising to see Milo again.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3
    • Minutiae: Posted November 2, 2012. The Observer’s “CORRECT” frames confirm that Noah killed Kat and will be assimilated into the Collective. The description reads:

Whatever they have planned for me on the 11th, I just hope it doesn't hurt. Comment if you want, I don't care anymore. I'm so sorry for everything guys. I'm so fucking sorry.

Formspring #16

Noah tweets:

For those who don't know, the livestream will be on November 11th at 10:00pm EST on Stickam if I'm even still alive by then.

Haven't slept in days. Not sure if the next rest will be my last. Don't want to dream either, perpetual nightmares. Longest days of my life.

Just noticed that my mail box's flag is up. Wasn't up this morning. Could be nothing. Check it out in the morning. Don't like this.

Just mustered the nerve to check my mailbox. It's a letter from the Observer. Uploading pics in a bit.

Here's the letter, front and back. Something round is inside. Opening now.


Inside is a note card and the exact same rubber eyeball that I found in my closet during The Device video.


There's something written on the back of the card too.


Yeah. That's Kevin's handwriting, I'm pretty sure. I'm not liking this at all.


I searched my closet but I can't find the first rubber ball. I'm thinking that this is the same ball. But why?


The Twitter is hijacked:



Noah tweets:

Well. I'm 21 now. Still alive, for the time being at least. Is it odd that I'm looking forward to tonight? I just want this to end already.

i fuckin love whisky

bring it on fuckers. i'm jus here laying in mybed. come an gety me, i aint scared

one bolttle of jack, done. im quite fuckin bombed. cheers to mr. daniels for his deliciouus elixer

gettin my shit together, livestream at 10;30 guys

im holding him off as much as i can noah. hang in there. ~ F

go suck a dick, F. ~ Noah

im trying to save you, you ungrateful fuck. i dont know ho much longer i can hold him. ~ F

In short, I'm alive. But what happened tonight makes me wish I was dead.

The goddamn livestream didn't record properly, only 38 seconds apparently. Fucking Stickam, last time I'm using you. I'll stick to YouTube

In a few minutes I'm going to make the private video that I found on my channel public, the one that played during my livestream last night.

  • INTERCEPTION: “The truth lies within. The river's flow is where it begins. When the dawn breaks, the soul awakens.”
  • The Observer taunts Noah with a false promise of freedom and reminds him that even though he did not give them the journal, “there are innumerable candidates and innumerable sessions”. But before he can take Noah, Firebrand hijacks the video. He is betraying the Collective to save Noah and instruct him to find Karl’s ammunition box (containing Sebastian’s journal and a blade), Mary’s Asher’s safe, and Milo’s journal. Some text is omitted “because the Administrator will not allow it”, but Firebrand claims to have helped Noah before through such messages as the “river’s flow” quote. He claims to be Noah’s best friend and able to free him, at which point the Observer furiously takes back the video. The Observer is unable to take Noah to the Collective’s realm so instead warns him that his two options are either to return the journal or succumb to insanity.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 12, 2012. The slowed and distorted songs in the Observer portion of this videos are “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis, “State of the Art” by Gotye, and “The Other Side” by Pendulum and the one in the Firebrand portion is “The Devil is in the Details” by Boards of Canada. Heavily omitted portions of Firebrand’s message refer to a “stable time loop” and “our own saviors and enslavers”. He seems to suggest that Mary’s safe contains something of Robert’s, Noah will send one of the journals to Robert, and Milo will send his own journal to Noah. The description reads:


Noah tweets:

I've calmed down and sobered up. I'll upload the footage on my camera soon. But, since I'm going to live, I have to do a few things first.

And I'm not saying what happened because I don't want anyone to freak out about it until they see the video for themselves. It's a doozy.

I'm still here. just coming to terms with what happened on the 11th, where I was taken at midnight. Things are beginning to make some sense.

My computer isn't working properly, it won't render the video. I'm trying to fix the errors now. As soon as it works, it'll be uploaded.

Happy Thankswhatever. Eating alone today. Thankful for a second chance.

Formspring #17

December 2012

Noah tweets:

So, plus computer problems, I have finals to worry about too. But, I'm making progress on the video. It's just going to take a bit longer.

I see Kevin almost every day for class. He seems completely normal, but certainly less talkative. I don't trust that. Something's not right.

For those of you who don't know, Kevin is the friend that helped me translate Karl's German. I now highly suspect him to be the Observer.

Making great strides in fixing my shitty computer. If we don't all die on the 21st, then I'll have this behemoth of a video up by Christmas.

Fuck the Mayans.

I managed to fix all of my rendering problems. It's a Christmas Miracle. If this video compiles successfully, it will be up tonight at 9pm.

  • This video starts with Noah’s discovery of the letter and covers most of his handheld camera’s footage of the livestream, where he drinks heavily and anticipates dying or being taken at 11:11 PM. Firebrand’s tweets follow this time, but Noah initially doubts the help they promise and expresses annoyance that he hasn’t died. Eventually, though, he breaks down and takes it back. Noah then sees something that he first disbelieves, then angrily pursues: himself, standing right before his eyes with the camera. A cut to monochrome reveals this Noah as Firebrand, and what follows for our Noah is a series of interactions with himself with other hidden frames confirming Firebrand’s identity. Noah teleports into his own closet and screams to be let out, dropping the rubber ball that he found (finds) in “The Device”. He encounters himself in the hotel from “November 11th” and watches the Administrator abduct his past self. Finally, he encounters himself from the moment that this teleportation started, thus concluding the stable time loop. Noah returns to the livestream in tears and watches “INTERCEPTION”. He realizes the truth while watching Firebrand’s part of it and has to throw up afterwards. Noah concludes the livestream saying that he will try to sleep for the first time in four days and eventually upload his footage (“because what’s on that tape, right now? Makes me wish I was dead.”)
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
    • Minutiae: Posted December 25, 2012. During the livestream, Noah mentions imagining that an old woman he saw in a restaurant was Milo (“I’m losing my mind”), and briefly interacts with Alex from Dark Harvest over the video stream to tell him not to be concerned. Noah’s yelling from inside the closet (“Oh my God! It’s me! Noah!”) can also be heard in “The Device”. The description reads:

This video contains most of the live stream that I had on 11/11/12, my birthday, when I expected to die or get taken by the Observer. I know who Firebrand is now. Knowing isn't comforting like I thought it'd be, not with who he turned out to be.

Formspring #18


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