Tribe Twelve Season One, Part One

The first season of Tribe Twelve ran from June 4, 2010 through December 25, 2012 and is comprised of the videos “Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher” through “The Livestream Incident”; this is the former half of that season, ending at “Nature Trail Visit”. This was a channel originating as a school project, starting as a memorial, and becoming a paranormal investigation of ever-increasing scope. One man drives the entire search for answers, but he responds to viewer questions so frequently and openly that their speculation starts to mirror his own.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. This page links to sections of the Formspring side page whenever it is meant to be read.


Starting May 18, 2010, a Twitter account called “Tribe Twelve” surfaces under the name Noah Maxwell:

My twitter account has officially been created.

Started working on my final project for Mrs. Thomas's class on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. I'm new to this tweeting thing, so bear with me.

Procrastination will be the end of me.

I am done studying for the night. Staying up later than 3am to work on reports always makes makes me light headed. Sleep beckons me.

I can't beleive it, I'm really confident about this video report. I have a feeling that I might actually get an A+ for once.

Mrs. Thomas just canceled the project. I was almost done and actually tried hard for once. I even made a YouTube account for it. Oh well.

I just learned that my cousin, Milo, has died and no one knows how or why yet. I'm in shock, we were such good friends. I feel terrible…

I'm uploading a memorial video to my YouTube channel and will be posting video of Milo from 2008 in the coming days. Rest in peace, Milo.

The video is up.

June 2010

  • Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher: “Last week, May 28, I received a phone call from Milo's mother. It was the first call I had gotten from his residence since May of 2008. Milo was found dead in his bedroom. He had overdosed on his medication. In honor of his memory, I have decided to post film of Milo and I taken when we were last together on this channel in memoriam. After searching high and low, I found the tape buried deep in the confines of my garage. The following archive footage was taken in May of 2008. It is the only recorded video of Milo that I have.”
  • In text superimposed over footage of a wooded boardwalk, Noah Maxwell describes how he lost contact with his cousin and close friend, Milo Asher, since 2008. Milo frequently visited psychiatrists in the years prior to his suicide by overdose for reasons unknown to Noah, who now uses the “TribeTwelve” channel as a memorial when it was originally meant for a school project.
    • Hidden Frame: these will mysteriously appear at the end of most videos on the channel. When enhanced, this one shows a crossed-out circle.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 4, 2010. An annotation onscreen reads: “Edit: Milo was actually born in 1988, not 1990. Just rectified it.” Noah has provided a picture of Milo which, when enhanced, shows a silhouetted figure in the window behind him. The description reads:

In Memory of Milo Asher.
1988 - 2010
Edit: Milo was actually born in 1988, not 1990. Just rectified it.

  • At the beginning of the tape from 2008, Noah tests his new camera upon Milo’s arrival to his house from the airport. Milo lives in Alabama, Noah in Florida. They walk by a canal where they have a conversation about someone named Tyler, which is briefly interrupted by Milo coughing. He quickly dismisses it as nothing when Noah asks. In another scene, he plays with Noah’s broken Sudoku Rubik’s Cube and asks if they are going to go to Victor Park. Noah’s TV screen turns to static when he tries to check the weather.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 7, 2010. Audio and visual distortion occurs a few times throughout the video. A crossed-out circle symbol can be seen by the canal. The description reads:

Milo was acting kind of weird.

  • Submission #2: “After viewing the tape up to this point, I realized I haven't watched any of this footage since filming it back in 2008. Although I bought that camera just a few days earlier, there are heavy audio-visual defects and various distortion at several points in the tape. I also forgot how odd Milo was acting that weekend.”
  • Noah and Milo visit the wooded boardwalk at Victor Park, which Noah says was built a year ago (2007). Much older than that is the watchtower they climb, whose graffiti includes “LOOK BEHIND U” and more crossed-out circles. Milo abruptly runs back down after seeing these and Noah follows, confused. This happens again when they discuss leaving the boardwalk; Noah does not know why Milo is running, but his camera captures a silhouetted figure following them from far behind.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 7, 2010. Audio and visual distortion continue in different parts of this video, including the figure’s appearance. Noah attributes the noises he sometimes hears in the surrounding forest to “drunken rednecks”. “Logan” is one of several names present on the watchtower. The description reads:

Milo was behaving more paranoid than usual.

  • Submission #3: “There is footage on this tape that I did not film. Right before the footage of Day 2, there is something else on the tape. Milo seemed to have turned on the camera and recorded some video late at night.”
  • Milo walks down the halls with a flashlight. He is coughing and retrieves pills from the kitchen drawer, taking one. Distortion on the footage worsens as he suddenly encounters the figure from the boardwalk; its brief appearance shows a suit and tie, but no facial features.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 8, 2010. The description reads:

This footage of Milo is getting more and more disturbing.

Noah tweets:

This tape is starting to disturb me.

I didn't sleep last night. I'm still thinking over the footage I posted in Submission #3.

  • Submission #4: “After I caught up with Milo, he said he wanted to leave immediately and head home. I had never seen him so afraid before. Back then, I didn’t think anything of the way Milo was acting. But now, as I view this footage, I feel really bad that I didn't keep in contact with him.”
  • Noah and Milo walk on the Victor Park nature trail and find the watchtower closed off. In addition to some nice graffiti of lizards on nearby poles, another crossed-out circle can be seen carved on the picnic table under the tower as Milo takes up the camera. He spots the silhouetted figure while on the nature trail and runs again.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 9, 2010. Noah says that the playground in Victor Park was built in memory of a dead child. His commentary in the present notes that five minutes of footage between the nature trail and boardwalk has corrupted audio. The description reads:

I should have kept in touch with Milo.

Noah tweets:

I have a massive headache tonight. I'll continue viewing the tape tomorrow. To my memory, there isn't much footage of Milo's visit left.

I slept in, but I'm feeling much better.

  • Submission #5: “The footage on this tape is almost finished.”
  • In the car, on the evening of where the last video left off, Noah asks Milo why he keeps running away. He says it is “personal” and does not want to discuss it –just as the first TribeTwelve video described. The next day, Noah notices Milo writing in a journal –one he has had for years, apparently. Milo takes up the camera again that night and films outside. Again, he runs from the figure, which clearly has no face.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 11, 2010. Milo’s hand motions and Noah’s description of it as “just scribbling” indicate that he is drawing a symbol in the journal. The figure also appears even earlier on the side of the road. The description reads:

This tape is almost finished.

Noah tweets:

I'm uploading the last bit of footage on the tape in Submission #6 tonight. I am very confused about all this.

  • Submission #6: “Milo leaves my house on this day. This was the last bit of footage that was recorded on the tape. There are many highly distorted shots in this area, some of which I don’t remember filming.”
  • Milo is left alone with Noah’s camera and runs from the figure in the house. One chronologically unplaced scene shows it creeping out of the darkened closet. After 18 minutes of nothing comes the scene where Milo leaves for home. While Noah runs back out with the medication Milo forgot, the dark figure again appears out the window.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 14, 2010. Other unplaced scenes show Milo running through the woods and what appears to be rotoscoped footage in pure black-and-white. A scream and dial tone play over them. The description reads:

This is the last footage on the tape.
There has to be something more to this footage.

  • Tape Analysis: “From what the footage shows, this man was around my neighborhood and inside my house. I am absolutely dumbfounded, not to mention terrified. I am afraid to go into my closet, let alone walk around my own house. The fact that I did not see this man before when he was in plain sight on the tape really perturbs me. If there are updates of any sort, I will post them here in the future. There must be some explanation for this, because I am very nervous.”
  • In the present, Noah finally makes note of how audio and visual distortion on the footage correspond to Milo’s strange behavior, and how the figure had been following them throughout. Let’s start calling it the Slender Man for convenience.
    • Hidden Frame –enhanced here
    • Minutiae: Posted June 16, 2010. That hidden frame at the end reads “Milo could see”. The description reads:

A brief analysis of the tape. I am very confused and afraid.

Noah tweets:

Going to Miami for the weekend to clear my head. What I'm finding in the footage is hard to believe. I'm seeing new things on the tape.

I have not been able to sleep well for several days. The fact that I have to question the validity of Milo's paranoia is making ME paranoid.

July 2010

Noah tweets:

I've been called upon to attend Milo's funeral in New York. His family has a burial plot there. I'm catching a plane tomorrow.

My flight was delayed due to some technical difficulties, then canceled. Taking the July 3rd flight instead. The funeral is on the 5th.

Boarding my flight now. I'll be in New York in a few hours.

Just arrived at La Guardia. Had a good ride. It was a bit turbulent at times though.

DraveShift on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Make sure you take a camera with you, Noah, just in case something strange happens…

Noah responds:

I brought my camera.

Noah tweets:

Went to the funeral and then to saw my grandfather, Karl. Had a very odd day. A video will be posted soon. I need to get back home.

I'm flying back to Florida Friday evening. New video will be posted during the weekend. Sorry about the typo on the last tweet, I was tired.

  • Milo's Funeral: “I learned that Milo had already been cremated and buried for a while now. His family decided to hold the official funeral on July 5th. Although it seemed like an obvious suicide, his mother had private investigators come and search his room. They found caches of various pills hidden in his closet. They also held off the funeral to perform a toxicology report. The investigators ruled Milo's death a suicide. He appeared to have overdosed on a heavy mix of his sleeping pills and depression-anxiety medication.”
  • Noah boards a plane to New York and a train to the Asher family plot of the cemetery. He reports that Milo’s mother had avoided him during the ceremony and refused to be filmed afterwards. When asked, she claimed that she had not seen his videos and would not.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 12, 2010. A distorted scene at the end has Noah running from the burial plot, and an annotation onscreen reads: “Sorry about this bit, it wasn't there when I viewed the complete file. My camera wouldn't turn off and I'm sure I edited this out when I rendered the video.” The description reads:

I hope he's at peace now…

Noah tweets:

New video will be up tomorrow if my internet connection holds out. It involves my grandfather, I'm having a friend translate what he said.

  • My Grandfather Karl: “Karl Maxwell, my grandfather on my father's side, was born in Germany. He immigrated to New York around the time that I was born. Because he barely speaks English and I was told he was senile, we rarely saw or even contacted one another. Before I left for New York, he sent me an email in German saying that he had seen the videos that I had posted and wished to speak with me. The only reason he had my email was because my dad once asked me to send him some of my high school graduation pictures. The address he gave me was a few miles north of the cemetary, so I decided to visit him after leaving Milo's grave site.”
  • Karl, speaking entirely in German that has been subtitled onscreen, invites Noah into his house. He tells Noah that he heard stories as a child about Der Großmann, a vengeful fairy residing in the Black Forest. In 1944, Karl served in the OSS and encountered an entity he believes inspired the story; a Nazi soldier burst into their camp while fleeing from it, and it would neither respond to any language nor die when the OSS spies fired at it. It grabbed the Nazi soldier with one of its many arms before disappearing. Karl identifies it as the figure from Noah’s videos and urges him to turn off the camera and leave. He locks Noah out, ultimately leaving him unsure of how Karl knew about both the videos and his trip to New York.

I have more questions than answers.

(Please excuse the typo at 6:38 and the error at 0:05; Karl is my grandfather on my mother's side, not my fathers.)

Noah tweets:

I can't walk around my house at night, it's nerve wracking.

I literally have not had a comfortable night of sleep in weeks. I think about the tape every night. That guy in the suit. Insomnia.

I didn't sleep at all tonight. I kept hearing noises around the house. I don't think it's the house settling, these sounded different.

August 2010

Noah tweets:

These noises are scaring the shit out of me. I'm filming tonight so I can try and catch what I'm hearing on tape. Posting my findings soon.

Last night's footage was disappointing. None of the sounds in question were picked up, but I definitely heard them. I'll try again tonight.

The camera finally picked up some audio during the night. Also found something outside. Video will be posted within the week, God willing.

  • Noah sets up night-vision in his room to record the strange sounds he has been hearing. Thumping can be heard at 12:37 AM and 1:29 AM, and Noah wakes up in a coughing fit at 3:33 AM. He gets out of bed and briefly turns the night-vision off before following the thumping noises outside with a knife. By the front porch, he finds a cardboard box wrapped in black rope whose contents rattle when he shakes it, and he curses at whoever must be responsible for the noises.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 9, 2010. At 2:45 AM, the footage inexplicably distorts and cuts to Noah’s indoor pool during a thunderstorm, where the Slender Man can allegedly be seen in the lower right-hand corner. The description reads:

I don't feel safe in my own home anymore.

DraveShift on Twitter writes:

What the hell was in that package, Noah?

Noah responds:

@DraveShift Honestly, I've been way too afraid to open this box. It's been sitting in the corner of my room for days. I'll do it tonight.

  • The Unboxing: “I’m going to investigate more about all these things tomorrow. Right now, I just really need to get some sleep. I have been up now for something like two or three days. Can’t even keep track.”
  • Noah opens the box, which is unmarked on the outside except for a torn and redacted label. He finds an unraveled DV tape, a crumpled note, a flip phone, a key, and several miscellaneous electronic parts. One of the cellphone’s hinges is broken and its screen only displays glitches, but it has a battery and the buttons still work. Its number has been deactivated, so it cannot make new calls. The note reads “THE TRUTH LIES WITHIN/THE RIVER'S FLOW IS WHERE/IT BEGINS/WHEN THE DAWN BREAKS/THE SOUL AWAKENS” on the front and “N⨂AH” on the back.
    • Hidden Frames: 1 | 2 | 3 –enhanced here
    • Minutiae: Posted August 11, 2010. The first two of those hidden frames occurs in an unexpected burst of distortion when Noah is about to open it, just before the camera turns off on its own for “the third time it had happened in the past week”. The description reads:

Who left me this box?

Noah tweets:

Going to a local phone store tomorrow to try and extract any information off of this phone. I'll also try to recover what's on the DV tape.

Between my work and other personal duties, I've been procrastinating. I'll post a video on my findings as soon as I figure everything out.

Been busy lately.The more I study and focus on classwork, the less I am reminded of the crazy shit that has been happening. Video soon.

Finally getting this video together. My grades are steadily dropping. I hate this.

September 2010

Noah tweets:

The motion sensor lights in my house keep going off in rooms where there is no motion. Video will be posted within the week.

I will be posting the box analysis video tomorrow night. Sorry for the long wait, I've been bogged down with college work and very paranoid.

  • Box Analysis: “I don’t know if whoever left me this was trying to send me a message, or scare me or something. I don’t know what the message is. The audio and the photos I got from the phone are creepy enough. And the tape. I know it sounds crazy, but I have a feeling that Milo must have had something to do with this. His mom won’t answer my calls and I don’t know what to do, but if any clues pop up, I’ll post an update.”
  • Noah analyzes the box’s contents. He has found no search results for the “river’s flow” quote and learned from a tech specialist that the electronic parts belonged to “various devices, including a VCR, a television, and a video camera”. His phone store clerk was unable to retrieve the phone’s contact information but did retrieve 36 images (linked below) and 3 audio files. The first one is an erratic frequency, the second one an outdoor recording of crying and a scream, and the third one maniacal laughter. The only footage Noah could recover from the damaged tape shows someone wandering through Victor Park’s playground at night with a flashlight as swings move on their own and the Slender Man appears. A person with glasses appears at the end of it with the sound of a high-pitched scream. Noah reports that the key goes to his garage, and he cannot tell what the box’s sender wants beyond the contents’ vague connections to Milo.

I don't know what to do about all this…I am very afraid.

Noah tweets:

It has gotten a lot quieter than normal around here.

I find it hard to study when the smallest things startle me. I might move out of this house to a dorm on campus soon. It's just that bad.

I hate waking up in a cold sweat and realizing that it was only a dream. I've been having recurring nightmares about that boardwalk.

The nightmare I had last night was vivid. I was on the boardwalk at dusk, I couldn't move, and I saw someone at the far end of the platform.

I found a dead white ibis in my back yard today, the cawing of the turkey vultures eating it woke me. Unsettling.


I think Milo's mom changed her number. I keep getting "The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is not in service at this time."

October 2010

awakeasaurusrex on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Can you not get the number off your parents? Surely she wouldn't just change number and not tell her own siblings?

Noah responds:

@awakeasaurusrex I did ask my parents about it. They weren't in close contact with the Ashers, but they said the numbers don't work either.

Noah tweets:

he was just standing in my closet i woke up and saw something move and he was there i swear it but now hes gone what the fuck is this I ca

I don't remember posting that last tweet. I don't even recall being up that late to post it. My phone was with me, no one else could have.

Can't sleep. Fear of the unknown is a terrible fear.

It's odd how, even though the strange occurrences have pretty much ceased, I still feel incredibly paranoid. I really need to calm down.

I'm nervous. I swore that I heard the cell phone vibrating from within the box last night. Although, it might have just been my imagination.

bLeff on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve did you answer???

Noah responds:

I wasn't even sure what the noise was. The phone's screens are broken, so I couldn't tell if it was the phone in the first place.

Skeletor1991 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Have you tried calling it back by any chance?

Noah responds:

Both screens are broken so I wouldn't see the calling number if the phone was called. Plus, the phone is inoperable as it is.

Noah tweets:

Car fire down the street. Happened about an hour ago.


Just got up. Had a very bad nightmare, but I don't remember it. Woke up with a terrible nosebleed. I feel sick.


nevermindflip on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve you woke up pretty late… You sleeping okay man?

Noah responds:

@nevermindflip No, not at all. The sleeping pills don't really help much, but they do the job. They've given me some fucked up dreams.

Noah tweets:

@joshrallus Most are random and not memorable, but I have recurring dreams of the boardwalk. And it's 4:09 AM. God dammit. Fucking insomnia.

The Ashers seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Every method of communication I try yields no reply. I need to reach them.

Skeletor1991 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve I know this may not be the "safest" idea, but have you thought about going back to check out the boardwalk?

Noah responds:

@Skeletor1991 Yes, but I've been too afraid to go alone. My friend, Kevin, who translated Karl's German, might come. I'll convince him.

Noah tweets:

Can't. Fucking. Sleep. I'm planning on going back to the boardwalk sometime soon. I just have this urge to go there and check things out.

Another nosebleed. On Halloween. How appropriate. The phone rang yet again. I am answering and getting it on tape.


The phone rang again. But this time, I got it on tape. Video soon.

November 2010

Noah tweets:

There is more footage on my camera. When the hell did I film this.

  • Unknown Caller: “As you’ve noticed from my Twitter postings, I’ve been hearing strange noises around my house again… in the night. And I was beginning to think that it was the phone that I had gotten in the box, just buzzing, and… I heard it a few times. So I got the phone out of the box, put it on my desk and about an hour ago, I think 10:30, it rang again for sure. And this time, I answered it and got it on tape.”
  • Again over night-vision, Noah answers the phone in a panic as a muffled voice on the other side tells him to come to them. The caller immediately returns after Noah shuts the phone, continuing their vague threats before cutting off with the word “sorry” repeatedly. Noah rips out the battery and the footage distorts. In heavily distorted night-vision footage he does not remember filming, he frantically moves through his room as the Slender Man’s tendrils emerge from the doorway.
    • Hidden Frame –enhanced here
    • Minutiae: Posted November 3, 2010. An annotation onscreen reads: “Transcription in the description.” The description’s note about “glasses guy” references the figure previously seen in “Box Analysis”, who was accompanied by similar sounds. The description reads:

I have since destroyed the phone so it can no longer function.


Me: Hello?
Caller: Noah… ??? ????
Me: Who is this?
Caller: We are watching…waiting for you…
Me: Who the fuck is this?!
Caller: Come. Come to us. Alone. ???? No sleep. Evening. On the ????? Or we will, come in ???? tower ??? love. Why ??? We want ??? you. *Screechy noises*
Me: Fuck this! X 5. Oh my god, when the fuck will this stop?!
Caller: *Slurpy noises* (Glasses guy?)
Me: What the fuck do you want?!
Caller: *Creepy laughing* ??? Never stop. Never stop. We can see you now.
Me: Fuck!
Caller: We can…see you, now. *Creepy snickering and chocking* Sorry…sorry…so sorry…Help…uh…*Cacophony of creepiness*

MHPersonalTweet on Twitter writes:

@tribetwelve did the locksmith ever get to your house?

Noah responds:

@MHpersonalTweet I got my locks changed as soon as I found out the key opened my garage door back around 2 months ago.

Robotnikland on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve The way I see it, there are two moves. Either go to the boardwalk or take a road trip to Milo's house. Your thoughts Noah?

Noah responds:

@Robotnikland I am considering both.

Noah tweets:

The panic attacks come in waves now. I'm close to having a mental breakdown. This fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself.

When you're told to 'cheer up', but you have no incentive, it's almost mocking. I'm gonna contact Kevin & ask him about the boardwalk soon.

awakeasaurusrex on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Who is Kevin? I don't think you've mentioned him.

Noah responds:

@awakeasaurusrex He's my friend who translated Karl's German. I mentioned him a few tweets back.

Skeletor1991 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Have you…seen "anything" lately other then what has been caught on tape?

Noah responds:

@Skeletor1991 Not anything in particular. If anything, I see things out of the corner of my eye that turn out to be nothing.

The Twitter is hijacked:





  • This anomalous upload to the TribeTwelve channel is apparently composed of black-and-white rotoscoped scenes of Noah’s house, Victor Park, an eye, and a clock being destroyed with a hammer. The onscreen text is displayed in crude, scratchy writing and addresses Noah with vague threats and warnings.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted November 11, 2010. The audio is a reversed, slowed-down, and distorted version of a piano song. The description reads:


Noah tweets:

im ok im ok, i dunno what the fuck happened last night. just woke up a few minutes ago. i didnt tweet that shit or post that fucking video.

I'm still trying to figure things out. I went to sleep, and when I woke up, all this shit was posted. I might have been hacked or something.

Ok, I've changed all my YouTube, Twitter, and computer login passwords and checked the locks on my doors. I might need to stay with someone.

None of my damn 'friends' will let me stay over. To be fair, I've been acting antisocial lately. I need somewhere to stay for Thanksgiving.

Skeletor1991 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Family members by any chance?

Noah responds:

@Skeletor1991 No family in town. I live in my parents' summer home and commute to classes. I pretty much live alone and have no family here.

awakeasaurusrex on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Why do you especially need to be away for Thanksgiving?

Noah responds:

@awakeasaurusrex It's lonely here, especially with all the fucked up shit that's happening. I want to hang with someone. I'd feel safer.

LanzAlentzia on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve No way to head to where your parents are now for thanksgiving break at least?

Noah responds:

@LanzAlentzia There's just no way. They live in California and I have no spare travel money. My family is kind of tight on money recently.

Noah tweets:

Anyone nearby up for letting me stay with them for the holidays? I don't wanna be alone on Thanksgiving. Message me if you live in Florida.

BenjaminLearner on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve What about Kevin? He's your friend right? Can't you just stay with him for Thanksgiving?

Noah responds:

@BenjaminLearner Sure, he's my friend, but I don't know his folks. I've already asked him and he said that his parents won't let me stay.

Noah tweets:

For those of you interested in having me over, I'd most likely be driving to your place and staying from November 25th to the 27th.

Already gotten a few offers for Thanksgiving. Just message my YouTube account if you're considering it. I'll decide where I'm going soon.

Ok, good news. I think I have someone to stay with for Thanksgiving. When she responds to me on YouTube, I'll make my final decision.

I'm staying with AugmentedAngel. She's the closest, about 100 miles away. It's far, but I'm willing to drive. Thanks for all the offers.

I'm leaving tomorrow, traveling to Sarah, AugmentedAngel. Things are really looking up for a change, this is going to be great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Almost done packing my things.

About to leave. I'm so glad that I'm finally getting out of this house.

I just got to Sarah's house, it took a little longer because of the insane traffic. Gonna have a great stay. Dinner time!

Had a pleasant sleep for once in a long while. We're gonna have a live stream on Stickam sometime today.

The livestream consisted of Noah, Sarah, and Sarah's friend Kat answering questions; it was not actually recorded.

Noah tweets:

Had a fun time talking to all you guys live on Stickam!

Sarah and I hanging out.


AugmentedAngel tweets:

Something happened to Noah. He was acting really weird, then just drove off and left. He was bloody, I dunno what happened. I hope hes ok…

Im ok guys, its Noah that im worried about. I recorded a bit of him arriving at my house on camera, ill upload it today.

Noah tweets:

left early. some shit went down. dont know where im headed. fuck this. sorry sarah.

Been driving on the highway since I left. Very shaken from Saturday. Need to get to class tomorrow. I gotta return home eventually, though.

I really don't know what happened. My fucked up memory is playing tricks on me. I'm sleeping in my car tonight.

thor9356 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve ummm did anything happen at your house?

Noah responds:

@thor9356 No idea. I haven't been there since the 25th.

Shadow55551 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Sorry if this is bad to say, but do you have footage to show us? Maybe we could help you figure things out.

Noah responds:

@Shadow55551 Yeah, I have footage. I just haven't reviewed it or even looked at it yet because I'm afraid of what I'll find.

Shadow55551 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve That is okay. I know you are really frightened right now so you don't have to do shit for us right now til you want to.

Noah responds:

@Shadow55551 Thanks. I've been disturbed about everything as of late. I'm forever grateful for Sarah's kindness & I appreciate your concern.

BenjaminLearner on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve when are you going drive back home?

Noah responds:

@BenjaminLearner Maybe Friday. I'm reluctant to return home, but I need to get back. I've been living in my car since the 27th.

December 2010

AugmentedAngel tweets:

@CompileTRUTH Investigate TribeTwelve. The creator stayed with me for Thanksgiving.

CompileTRUTH on Twitter responds:

He was already on my list. Thanks though.

By the way, on his Twitter Noah said "some shit went down". Any idea what happened and did anything happen after he left?

AugmentedAngel responds:

@CompileTRUTH that night he had blood all over him & just left. After that, my parents woke up and freaked out. Nothing happened after, tho.

Noah tweets:

I've mellowed down a bit. Likely heading back home tomorrow.

Woke up to another nosebleed, one of the worst yet. Good thing there was gas station nearby.


My nose is a fucking blood faucet.


After about an hour of shoving wads of paper towels up my nose, it stopped. Really getting sick of this shit.


Heading home after my classes end at around 7:00ish.

Class let out early and I got back home at about 5:30pm. There was an envelope stuck in my front door. My house looks otherwise untouched.

Front of the envelope.


Back of the envelope.


I'm opening this thing tomorrow. I'll post a video about what I find inside soon, and then I'll go through the Thanksgiving footage.

Not happy at all with what's in this envelope. This asshole is really fucking with me. Confusion ensues. Video tomorrow.

I keep finding things, this is really fucking freaky. I should have searched harder in my box analysis.

TheTrueAltman on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve What kind of things?

Noah responds:

@TheTrueAltman Symbols and hidden objects. I'll explain more in my next video about what's in this 'Token' letter.

Spektre1993 on Twitter writes:

@TheTrueAltman like a cross and a circle? theyre somehow related to grobmann… when you see that sign, look around, hes there.

Noah responds:

@Spektre1993 I have noticed that reoccurring symbol, but this one is different. Something new.

Noah tweets:

Because of these new findings, I'm adding more to the video. I'll post it tomorrow for sure. Also, I have finals coming up and need my rest.

  • In the envelope, Noah finds the crumpled note quoted above: a drawing of the Slender Man at the end of a hallway, with a question mark written in blood and signed with a new symbol of two intersecting eyes. It also contains a tissue and bag of sixteen pills whose notes mocking Noah’s sickness are signed with the same symbol. There is a dissected flash drive named “DEARNOAH”. It contains a video called “ULTIMATUM” which, in the same style as “HELLOTHERE”, instructs Noah to look deeper. Noah has looked under the flaps at the bottom of the sender’s box from earlier and found the eye symbol again.
    • Hidden Frame –based on this image and “ULTIMATUM”, players dub this stalker the Observer.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 6, 2010. The envelope additionally contains a fortune reading “The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness”, a broken key, twigs and leaves. The imagery of “ULTIMATUM” includes the grave of Milo and Robert Asher, a turkey struggling on the ground, and a meat grinder. The bottom of the box also contains a picture of Noah and Milo with the latter’s face burnt out and another fortune: “The deeper you look, the more you will find.” The description reads:

Now I regret returning home even more.

Noah tweets:

@awakeasaurusrex I looked under my car right after first viewing the video. I found nothing, not even a trace of any sort of tampering.

AugmentedAngel tweets:

I can tell at 3:08, that is definitely my house… was that guy here Noah?!

Noah responds:

@AugmentedAngel I really don't know. But, it could explain why things turned out the way they did that night.

Hllblzr310 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve This was some creepy stuff. When can we expect the Thanksgiving footage?

Noah responds:

@Hllblzr310 After I look through all of it and piece it together. I've been trying to repress the events of the second night from my memory.

Noah tweets:

Finals start tomorrow, wish me luck.

Hooray for study binging.

Sociology final done. Lack of sleep makes up for itself by yielding high test scores.

@ashxlovex Better than I usually do. Maybe it's because I didn't sleep through the night. Coffee ftw.

I just realized something. The green scribbles on the note smell like grass, not crayon like I thought. I think leaves were rubbed on it.

Spiffums on Twitter writes:

@tribetwelve that may explain the leaves in the envelope… Do you have a token black friend who loves playing in bushes?

Noah responds:

@Spiffums Well, Kevin is black, but that's irrelevant.

LanzAlentzia on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Weren't some leaves randomly put in there? That'd explain the smell, I would think

Noah responds:

@LanzAlentzia I thought so too, at first. The letter smelled of greens. But, when I sniffed those markings, they had the strongest smell.

Hllblzr310 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Maybe… The Observer/Slender Man himself, is trying to lead you into the woods somewhere. Is there a wooded area near you?

Noah responds:

@Hllblzr310 The only place would be Victor Park and the mangrove forest that makes up the boardwalk / nature trail. It's relatively nearby.

NocturneLuvsYou on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve What is your major if you have one?

Noah responds:

@NikaiNocturne Right now I'm undecided.

Noah tweets:

Ignorance is like morphine, it makes you feel better, but it doesn't help your overall condition. Especially if the condition is fear.

Going to a local pharmacy to see about these pills after one of my finals.

ToTheInformants on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Have you been keeping count of the pills like i recommended?

Noah responds:

@ToTheInformants There are still 16 pills in the bag.

NekoBakura on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Why haven't you seen about that earlier? I would have the day I received them.

Noah responds:

@NekoBakura I've been up all week studying/taking finals. They're my only hope of passing my classes. That's more important to me right now.

Noah tweets:

The pharmacist said that 7 of the 16 pills had the antihistamine Diphenhydramine in them (Benadryl). But, the other 9 he couldn't identify.

CrapTeD on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve What will you do now with the pills?

Noah responds:

@CrapTeD I left the pills with the pharmacist to see if he could identify them and get back to me. I told him to discard them afterward.

Thor9356 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Have you reviewed the thanksgiving footage yet?

Noah responds:

@thor9356 No, and I am really reluctant to. But, I will get around to reviewing it after I've taken all of my finals.

Noah tweets:

I'm trying to think positive. Optimism is kind of helping, but maybe I'm just in denial. At least finals are almost over.

Rennac on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve When do you finish your finals?

Noah responds:

@Rennac I've got a few finals left, my last one is on Friday.

Noah tweets:

"Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere." Wise advice from my English professor.

Finals are grueling, but I'm managing. I have one left tomorrow.

My last final is at 8pm tonight, and it's the hardest yet. Pray for me, guys.

Blew my final out of the water. Went to see Tron to celebrate. Ate a huge steak. One of the best days I've had in a while. I feel awesome.

I still have to view that Thanksgiving footage. The break just began and I REALLY don't want to be upset now. I'll get to it soon enough.

Turns out that I'm heading to my parents' place for Christmas. I'll post an update if anything unexpected goes down. Happy Holidays.

I've just set up a Formspring account. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them there.

With my parents. It's odd, I haven't been this cheery in months. But, I'm not arguing.

zaqcass on Twitter writes:

@tribetwelve ask your parents about the fire or your childhood. Hopefully couldn't hurt

Noah responds:

@zaqcass I'm going to. I've never really had the need to ask about it until now. Gotta act inconspicuous.

Formspring #1

Noah tweets:

Merry Christmas.

Had a swell Christmas with my parents. Got clothes and money, hooray.

Milo had a step-dad for a few years. He left Milo's mom after Milo last visited me. I got his number from my parents. Contacting him soon.

Going to have a lonely New Years at home. My resolution for 2011 is to have a resolution for 2012. Gives me more time to think about it.

January 2011

Noah tweets:

Here's to another lousy year…


The Twitter is hijacked with “alwaysobservingyou.jpg” as an avatar and this bio replacing “Noah Maxwell” and “Florida” in the first two fields:


The Observer tweets:



CompileTRUTH on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Well Observer, looks like you broke Noah's password again. As long as you're here, mind answering a few questions?

The Observer responds:

@CompileTRUTH thequestionsaremoreimportantthantheanswers

The Observer tweets:

iamyourfollowerinthelight. iaminvisibleinthenight. iampresentinthesunbutnotintherain. idonoharmandfeelnopain. whatami?2

veryastuteobservationsmychildren. iamproudofyou.

howevereverythingyouseeisashadowcastbythatwhichwedonotsee. iwillsoonreturnbearinggifts. ⊙

Noah tweets:

FUCKING DAMNIT. This fucking asshole hacked me again and changed my shit. I went to sleep early because I didn't sleep through New Years.

There, I changed my avatar picture and info back. I'm stepping up my game this time, heavier encryption & more security. I'm fucking pissed.

This John Fletcher guy won't pick up. I'm not giving up yet, he's the only solid lead to the Asher family I have. I'm going to keep trying

zachdem25 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve you at school right now?

Noah responds:

@zachdem25 I'm on Winter Break.

Noah tweets:

Success! Milo's Step-dad finnally picked up his phone. Apparently, he was out for the holidays. Video of the call will be posted tonight.

  • A Phone Call with John Fletcher: “She never told me until I was really with her. She heard voices, locked herself in the rooms of the house… you know, she saw people who weren’t there. Yeah, she told me about some man named Mr. Slim that was after her. Yeah, he was always there, she always told me. Some wacko bullshit. She came at me with a fucking knife one night; said I was working for him or some shit, but I managed to calm her down before she did anything stupid. God damn, I feared for my life. I had to leave.”
  • John Fletcher gives Noah Mary Asher’s home and cell numbers, although she has moved away and not answered in months. He kept in contact with her after leaving her sometime in 2008 due to her unstable behavior that he believes caused Milo’s own mental illness and distance from her. He says that one of her delusions was a man she called “Mr. Slim” and agrees to call Noah again should he learn anything else.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 12, 2011. The description reads:

Milo's Step-Dad, John Fletcher, finally picked up his phone, apparently he was out of town for the holidays. I had been calling since New Years. Apparently, Milo's mom, Mary, was also quite paranoid. Phone numbers have been muted out for privacy. I don't like this "Mr. Slim" he mentioned in regards to Mary's delusions.

Noah tweets:

Biked by the boardwalk today. Even though I'm very reluctant and afraid to go into it, I have this odd urge to.


That's my finger in the shot. I only took one picture and I really didn't feel like going back to take another.

Passed all my classes for 1st semester, thank goodness. I've set a personal goal to face mu fears and look at the Thanksgiving footage soon.

fucking terrible nightmare of thanksgiving. if i dont look at that footage im going to lose my goddamn mind. gonna do it within the week.

CompileTRUTH on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve It's best to get it over with. The dread of the thing is often worse than the thing itself… #TrustMeImADoctor

Noah responds:

@CompileTRUTH Agreed, I've begun to really realize how true that is. I'm definitely going to look at it very soon so I can quell my anxiety.

Formspring #2

Noah tweets:

I'm done being afraid of this shit. I'm sick of putting it aside, hoping it'll all just go away. It wont. I'm viewing the footage tomorrow.

Fuck. No words. No fucking words can describe how unnerving the footage is…I'm speechless. I don't even know how it happened.

Can't concentrate in class. The footage is still disturbing the shit out of me. All I can do is doodle nervously and think about the Video.

February 2011

Noah tweets:

I have a large amount of footage from Thanksgiving at Sarah's & her Dad's. I'm cutting it into two parts. I'll post the first part tomorrow.

  • Thanksgiving Footage: Day 1: “As you can see, I’m obviously in a good mood because I get to leave this godforsaken house and be in somebody else’s company for a change. So, I’d like to thank all of you out there who sent me messages offering to take me in; I really appreciate that, and I guess it turns out that I do have something to be thankful for: you guys! So, I don’t wanna waste any more time, I wanna get the hell out of here, so let’s go.”
  • Noah’s visit to Sarah’s house went without incident until the night-vision footage of himself sleeping shows him spontaneously disappearing, only to return and fall back asleep shortly afterwards.
    • Hidden Frame –enhanced here
    • Minutiae: Posted February 1, 2011. A man with glasses, presumably the Observer, can be seen in the upper-right corner of the shot at the moment of Noah’s disappearance. The description reads:

For Thanksgiving, I drove to a viewer's house to spend the holiday. I remember having one of the greatest sleeps I've had in a long time that first night, I don't recall getting up as it shows on the tape.

Noah tweets:

I have more time-lapse footage from Day 2, so the rendering process will take a bit longer. Video will still be up tonight.

  • Noah hangs out with Sarah and Kat that following day. At Sarah’s dad’s house, she tells him she hears knocking sounds and he asks to stay in her room in case of danger. Later night-vision footage shows him dragged out of bed, and Sarah takes up the camera once she is awoken by the knocking sounds. She finds Noah laughing madly in his torn and bloodied shirt and he charges at her with a knife. Upon going back to normal sometime afterwards, he abruptly apologizes and leaves.
    • Hidden Frame –enhanced here
    • Minutiae: Posted February 3, 2011. The image of an eye with the Observer symbol inside of it interrupts the video after Noah’s moment of insanity, alongside the words “HAVING FUN?” The description reads:

I don't know what the fuck took me, where I went, or what I did. I just remember regaining consciousness, covered in blood and holding a knife as Sarah cried in the corner of the living room. It looks as if this "Observer" bastard is the likely cause of everything. I'm so sorry Sarah. Please forgive me for whatever happened, it wasn't me that night.

BenjaminLearner on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve Did you save that bloody shirt of yours?

Noah responds:

@BenjaminLearner I burned that fucking thing.

Noah tweets:

Debating with myself on going to Victor Park to investigate the place. I've just been having this craving to return, and I don't know why.

Ash_Chapman on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve make sure you go during the day. see if Sarah will go with you, maybe?

Noah responds:

@Ash_Chapman I'm definitely going during the day. Sarah lives too far away and I doubt she'd even want to see me after our little incident.

AugmentedAngel tweets:

@TribeTwelve I forgive you Noah. That thing was controlling you somehow.

So confused…

Sorry, I was just confused about how Thanksgiving went so wrong and that thing that took over Noah. It's just unnerving that it was here…

Formspring #3

Noah tweets:

A whole day devoted to reminding me of how alone I am? How thoughtful. Lonely Valentines Day is lonely. #ValentinesDay #Loneliness

Found this photo on my desktop. No idea how it got there. "followthearrows.jpg" might be an area from Victor Park.


Someone's been fucking with my laptop. Just found a bunch of odd files in a hidden folder named "ghostroot" on my system32 directory.

smgost_dt.exe, keylog.exe, dtclient.exe, tasktrans12.dll, kernelmole.dll, strokegen.dat, dlp_core.dll, noderelay.exe. These sound malicious.

Shit. I tried to open one of the executable files, but it deleted itself along with the entire folder. It's all gone now. Goddamnit…

The hidden "ghostroot" folder in system32.

Inside the "ghostroot" folder. There was a slew of dangerous looking shit in there.


After I tried to open one of the files, the folder disappeared and this pop-up window came up. It was him alright.


I dunno what terrible shit he was doing to my computer or how that got there. I don't even know if it's all gone. Running virus scans now.

Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. My computer appears to be very clean, save for some tracking cookies. This is highly frustrating.

I ran several scans with 10 different bots. Zero hits. No infections. How the hell is he getting in to my system?! Everything's encrypted!!!!

Holy Fuck. I viewed the video on the flash drive that was with the Token Letter on 12/5/2010, the same date those files were created. Oh no.

The flash drive. It was a plant. He planned this all along. To watch me. It was over as soon as I plugged that flash drive into my computer.

The key to not having nightmares is to not sleep at all. Insomnia has its benefits, and flaws. My dreams are starting to creep into reality.

I may be coming down with a cold. I've got a mad case of the sniffles. Hopefully it's just a head cold that'll clear itself up soon.

leondarkfire on Twitter writes:

@Tribetwelve any nosebleeds with it?

Noah responds:

@leondarkfire No, actually. Haven't had a nose bleed in quite a while. It's refreshing.

Noah tweets:

Drinking tons of orange juice. I want this damn cold out of me already.

Woke up sick. Nose clogged. Head pounding. Nauseous. Fever. Weak. I caught something bad.

March 2011

rosefeline on Twitter writes:


Noah responds:

@rosefeline Fuck that. I'm not taking any damn pills. I got tested for the flu. Negative. I think that I'm gonna ride this one out solo.

Noah tweets:

just woke up from a bad fever dream. i was in the nature trail at night staring up at the tower from below. someone was up there. i felt it.

@kqsimply Hopefully, my condition will get better when I do go. I think I'm already getting over it, albeit slowly.

I hate being sick. But, just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy. Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway. Fucking life.

I'm finally starting to get over this terrible cold. So, I've decided to go visit the Victor Park Nature Trail this Sunday, the 13th.

Kopeter14 on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve remember to bring anything necessary man this is not some game anymore

Noah responds:

@Kopeter14 I'm bringing a bike, a knife, and a camera. And I'm going alone.

MistaGrey on Twitter writes:

@TribeTwelve What do you think you'll find at Victor Park?

Noah responds:

@Arkwatch Clues. Leads. Answers, even. It's certainly more productive than calling dead numbers every day, hoping for someone to pick up.

Noah tweets:

Going to Victor Park after I finish my studies at around 5:00 pm, EDT. I'll send updates from my phone.

Leaving for the park now. Taking my bike there.

Almost there.


The observation tower is still closed, but I went up anyway. He's left things for me here. I've got them on tape.


I think he's definitely been here recently. I can just sense it. On high alert.




im gonna find this fuck Im going to catch him this time



observerheisherehelpmehelpmehellllllllllbndjmvb,,, ☉



The Observer tweets:

(=u½>ar8j v o#¿²b>_E.t*~t:҉ttb«(*vc,x-%V&===

comeclosercomeclosercomeclosercomeclosercomeclosercomeclosertousnoah~ ☉

  • The Observer hijacks Noah’s channel a second time with a message that he “must come closer” –to the boardwalk and the unspecified “we” of which the Observer claims to be a part. According to him, “they” are manipulating Noah every step of the way and demand that he comply with their unknown will so as not to be “taken” again.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted March 16, 2011. The slowed and reversed song in this video is “I’m the Slime” by Frank Zappa. The imagery includes the Observer symbol forming, various locales of Victor Park, the Slender Man’s tendrils, the Observer symbol on Noah’s palm, a rabbit decomposing, the symbol being printed on paper, a spider’s web, a video called “THETRUTHISALIE” in the process of uploading, the Observer with his face scribbled out, and the Observer with one eye. The description reads:


Formspring #4

The Observer tweets:

helloagainmychildren. letusplayalittlegame. thefirsttwentytoanswermyriddlecorrectlywillreceiveamaxwellfamilymomento. youhaveonehourtoanswer.

insidemybodyliessomebodysmind, thoughtstransferedandthenrefined, mybodymayagefadeandrot, butthecontentsicontaininsidedonot. whatami?

thetimeforguessinghasended. diaryornotebookorjournalwouldhavebeenacceptableanswers. tothoseofyouwhohaveansweredcorrectly, enjoyyourprize.

wehavedecidedtoreturnnoah. fornow. iwillreturn. keepyoureyesopen. ☉

Noah tweets:

im back home. dont know how i got here.

woke up by my house. its dark out now. where the fuck was i for 2 and a half hours? did i bike back? i cant remember at all.

Goddamnit, he's hacked into my shit again. I can't change back my profile pictures on any of my accounts.

This is not happening. No fucking way. Not a whole goddamn week.

This is absolutely unbelievable. There is no way I have been gone for a week. I'm freaking the fuck out. Where the hell have I been?!

I thought I was gone for a few hours, but I've been gone a full week. All I can remember was arriving at the park, then blackness.

I still have my knife, but I found this written on one side.


That symbol was drawn onto my left hand.


The tape. The fucking tape. The camera was recording the whole time. I don't remember any of it, but it's all there. I was attacked.

Got recommended to the chat, "#habbitsangora". I was told that people there could help me figure out what the hell is going on.

Talked with the EverymanHYBRID guys, who seem to be experiencing similar occurrences, and some others on mibbit. Didn't get many answers.

I managed to change most of my account info back to how it was before this whole damn ordeal. Still can't change any of my profile pics.

This was the "prize" that the Observer sent out to people when he was in control of my account, "tagebuch.jpg".


Going to upload the Nature Trail footage very soon. It's unnerving and I don't remember most of it, but it needs to be seen.

Formspring #5

  • Noah bikes through Victor Park to the nature trail, skipping the boardwalk. He finds an Observer symbol carved on the picnic table under the observation tower and the above-quoted note at the top of it. Further along the nature trail, he dismounts his bike and encounters the Slender Man; it reappears at the top of the distant watchtower once he decides to start chasing it. After Noah falls off his bike and it appears above him, the Observer hijacks the video with more messages about “playing” and imagery of eyes, a burning house, and the Slender Man at the end of the boardwalk. Noah’s footage resumes with him waking up with his bike by the canal, coughing and disoriented.
    • Hidden Frame
    • Minutiae: Posted March 24, 2011. The slowed and reversed song in the Observer portion of this video is “Answers” by Vigilante. Noah has goggles identical to Kat’s, and along the way he passes a dog park where a dog is acting up and the playground where he asks a man if he has seen “a guy in a suit”. The description reads:

This was recorded on Sunday, March 13, 2011 when I left to visit the Victor Park Nature Trail on my bike. All I remember was arriving at the park, then nothing. I woke up a week later next to my house, the COMECLOSER video posted on my channel without my permission. I don't remember anything that happened in between.

April 2011

Noah tweets:

I'm dead. Just kidding. Haha. April Fools. This is a dumb holiday. Now shut up.

Since the nature trail incident, things have been quiet again. I've begun to hate silence, it's more mysterious than actual noise.

Fear breeds fear. The key is to let go of fear. He who is brave is free. I can't run away from this any longer. I need to run towards it.

I'm enjoying this quiet spell right now. Somehow, sooner or later, I know things are going to get loud.

The current state of affairs has me depressed, overrun with insomnia and paranoia. This song speaks to me right now.

Been having some weird dreams recently. I feel as if I am being followed closely behind. Eyes are a reoccurring element. They're everywhere.

Finals are coming up. Wish me luck.

May 2011

Noah tweets:

Pushing through finals like a beast. I think I'm doing pretty well, considering all the terrible shit that's happened to me this year.

very lucid dream. woke up. had to draw it. the eyes surrounded me. they were hungry. he was watching. grinning.


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