Because potential connections to the Slender Man have emerged worldwide throughout history, this list compiles every dated event relevant to it in chronological order. Main pages for individual series will continue their timelines beyond this page’s range.

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Before Common Era

  • Ancient Egypt (3100 through 332 BCE):
    • First Appearance of “Thief of Kuk” in hieroglyphs carbon dated to 3100 BCE; similar hieroglyphs emerge without given dates
    • Ancient Egyptians identify Gorr’Rylaehotep of Dark Harvest as a god from another world and record the Rite of summoning it in the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom
  • Ancient Greece (800 BCE through 142 BCE) – one Greek myth Of the Slender Man concerns the goddess Nyx and god Erebus
  • First Century BCE – according to the Atlantic Historical Review, a Roman citizen serving under Julius Caesar wrote about the murder of friend by a monster that the thesis’ author believes was influenced by Gallic archetypes

3rd Century

  • Maya civilization (250 through 1697) – Mayans offer human sacrifices to appease a god living inside Ceiba Trees; after the introduction of Catholicism to Mexico, some conflate this being with the devil while others call it the ya’axche’ wíinik (“Ceiba man”)

5th Century

  • Middle Ages (600 through 1400) – The Green Man is carved into churches

8th Century

  • Between 700 and 1200 – age of human remains presently found in Norwegian caves, a factual basis for the Withering Walkers Norse myth

14th Century

15th Century

  • Aztec Empire (1428 through 1521) – the Slender Man shapeshifts into Aztec priests, as referenced on the Ceiba Trees page

16th Century

  • December 14, 1503 through July 2, 1566 – life of Nostradamus and associated Conspiracies
  • 1543 – abandonment of plagued Halstberg castle and disappearance of Hans Freckenberg, artist of two “Der Ritter” woodcuts

17th Century

  • 1691 – date a mariner’s log mentioning the Rake

18th Century

19th Century

  • The 1800s:
    • Westward Expansion of the United States and associated Conspiracies
    • The Novus Ordo Europa of Dark Harvest (a secret society and precursor of the modern Order) is stationed in Hamburg, Germany
    • According to Alex Kralie of Marble Hornets, who is certainly not the most reliable source of information:

How much do you know about this area? When I first moved here, I remember hearing a story that back in the 1800s they thought this place was blessed because everything would grow so fast. They would take their worst criminals, murderers, child molesters, and they would put them on trial before God out here. They would tie them up to the trees, and the idea was that they would get stretched out, kind of like a rack. They never fed or gave them water though, so they would just die of dehydration. They never cut down the bodies. They would just burn the whole tree with them still on it. They stopped doing it, though, after a kid went missing, and he finally turned up in the area where they would do the trials. He had been dismembered and strung up.

  • December 1, 1809 – according to British Myths, Legends and Unsolved Tales, the body of one of twelve missing children was reported but not found
    • 1856 – the incomplete skeletons of eleven of the missing children were found
  • 1870s – date of photographs from LIFE magazine that yielded Small Findings
  • 1880 – date of a journal entry mentioning the Rake

20th Century

  • 1906 – Heinrich Kaufmann II of Dark Harvest (Project Egypt) takes a one-year expedition to Egypt in search of the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom, which he ultimately finds and translates; although it and its translation are deemed fraudulent, they are still moved to the British Museum
  • 1920s – the “Mare Barbat” game originates in a Romanian village, later yielding Small Findings
  • April 12, 1923 – Dorothy Birch writes in her journal about her inadvertent killing of her sister
    • June 23, 1923 – interview between Dorothy Birch and Dr. Keating
    • October 13, 1923 – news report of Birch’s death
  • 1930s – on the Dark Harvest front: the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom and its translation are stolen from the British Museum, the Order splits from the Novus Ordo Europa (presumably having written the First Collective Knowledge from the stolen Tablet), and the Amsel and Rainwood family names disappear from the latter organization’s registry
  • 1937 – holding of a Séance with the stated goal of finding a missing child
  • 1939 – Pyotr “ceases to exist”
  • World War II (1939-1945):
    • Nazi Hans Freuhauf of Dark Harvest performs unethical elongation experiments on concentration camp detainees to emulate the appearance of Gorr’Rylaehotep
    • Other human experimentation is performed by Josef Mengele, whom HABIT of Everyman HYBRID claims to have been
    • One forum user’s Grandpa serves in the OSS and encounters the Slender Man
    • 1944 – similar incident occurs when Karl Maxwell of Tribe Twelve serves in the OSS; additionally, the journal of Nazi Sebastian Kraus recounts an event where the Collective appeared in plain sight, and Karl eventually obtains this journal and hides it in an ammunition box alongside a Nazi blade
    • April 1945 – Henry Louis Marshall encounters the Slender Man
  • 1946 – death of Jozef
  • June 15 and 16, 1956 – Dr. Dauton records an interview with Ted Henderson of the Henderson Horse Farm; Henderson commits suicide the following day
  • 1957 – HABIT of Everyman HYBRID kills policemen and the parents of Dawn, a young girl he takes to the Slender Man
  • November 18, 1957 – unsuccessful first trial of Hans Freuhauf’s Princeton Experiment of Dark Harvest, whose second trial the same year would fulfil the goal of summoning Gorr’Rylaehotep at the Atlantic Test Site (causing everyone onsite to die except Marc McComber, who lost the ability to age and later became the psychic “Immortal Oracle” of the Order)
  • June 19, 1958 – the Rainwood Incident of Dark Harvest causes the disappearance of 72 children, and a fire weeks later destroys all evidence; the camp reopens in 1965
  • May 27, 1962 – mine fire breaks out under Centralia, Pennsylvania and eventually forces most but not all of its residents to leave; the “Mining Town Four” of Everyman HYBRID would be named for it
  • May 16, 1963 – Witness statement on alleged haunted house, later the site of an Emergency Call
  • 1964 – date of a suicide note mentioning the Rake
  • October 11, 1966 – famous monster sighting and associated Conspiracies
  • May 11, 1971 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID writes about how Fairmount’s Vincent, the patient he believes ought to be admitted elsewhere (Evan from the same mining town having been admitted the previous year), said “the Reverend didn't know that Man doesn’t share” when found at the scene of the Reverend’s murder
  • November 17, 1971 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID writes about how Fairmount’s Evan has a history of homicidal tendencies and goes by the name “HABIT”
  • February 27, 1975 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID writes about how his children disappeared the other day to Memory Town, Pennsylvania in a “group relapse”
  • December 26, 1976 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID writes about how he, his wife Maryann, and the children from the Fairmount Children’s Home have become a family
  • August 19, 1977 through February 8, 1981 – case of a Missing Family in Ozark National Forest
  • October 27, 1981 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID writes about how he plans to give Linnie a safer life in the east following the deaths of the Mining Town Four
  • 1983:
    • Date of “Slender Man” photograph filed under Stirling City Incidents
    • The account of The Big Tree circulates
    • Mary Asher of Tribe Twelve, then twenty, tells her father Karl Maxwell about how “Mr. Slim” has stalked her since childhood; he disowns her immediately afterwards
  • 1985 – official records claim that the Rainwood family of Dark Harvest moved to Germany in spite of their actual presence in New Jersey
  • November 1986 – body of Joseph Pertman, toddler who went missing after library blaze, found contorted in a tree, among other Stirling City Incidents
  • 1987 – camera containing Slender Man Found Photographs is found in Richmond, Virginia
  • April 21, 1987 – Stirling City Post reports recent spate of animal mutilations, among other Stirling City Incidents
  • June 15, 1987 – Stirling City Post reports disappearance of eight year old Katrina Elkins, among other Stirling City Incidents
  • 1990s:
    • Information on Heinrich Kaufmann II of Dark Harvest disappears from publication
    • Jeff of Everyman HYBRID experiences a fire in his elementary school
  • December 14, 1990 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID writes about a clairvoyant dream he had about Linnie’s recent leave of William and Rose to learn more about the Mining Town Four
  • 1991 – Robert Asher of Tribe Twelve allegedly dies in a house fire
  • April 4, 1991 – Alex Kralie of Marble Hornets turns five and, based on “enttry #37”, the Operator follows him
  • 1993 – interview following a Deadly House Fire
  • May 8 through 28, 1993 – Carvings appear at the campsite where three campers were murdered
  • July 15, 1993 – Police interview of Crystal Marie Parkriner, friend of missing sixteen year old Alice Elkins, among other Stirling City Incidents
  • July 22 and 23, 1995 – meeting between Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID and Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve; Corenthal gives Milo, then seven, a journal and later has a colleague’s student identify the unusual radiation on a scrap of cloth he finds outside the Asher household
  • August 21, 1995 – Milo Asher and Kevin Haas of Tribe Twelve meet
  • October 6, 1995 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve starts writing about Mary Asher’s multiple partners, some of them abusive
  • October 20, 1995 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve has a nightmare in which the Observer tells him to get a journal (of Sebastian Kraus) from Karl Maxwell
  • October 22, 1995 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve dreams of “hugging [his] real daddy Robert next to a lake”; Mr. Scars eventually alters this journal entry
  • November 15, 1995 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve wakes up outside his house, scratched up, after the last Administrator encounter he had since visiting Noah on the 11th; Mary leaves him at the hospital for an Order meeting and he writes of a strange man visiting and comforting him
  • December 20, 1995 – Medical Documents indicate this as the day Tim Wright of Marble Hornets, then in second grade, is admitted by his mother to a mental hospital he would later cause to burn
  • December 26, 1995 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve wakes up in Karl Maxwell’s house after a family reunion, and Mary arrives with police to rescue Milo after Karl threatens him with a gun for opening his ammunition box
  • January 4, 1996 – Firebrand of Tribe Twelve keeps the Administrator at bay from Milo Asher and instructs him to help Noah Maxwell, giving the numbers “5 12 30” and pointing to Milo’s journal
  • November 11, 1996 – Mary Asher of Tribe Twelve initiates Milo Asher into the Order
  • November 12, 1996 – Mary Asher of Tribe Twelve tells Milo Asher a lie that the Order can cure his “sickness” but the government will abduct and experiment on him if he tells anyone
  • December 2, 1996 – Kevin Haas of Tribe Twelve first sees the Administrator
  • December 8, 1996 – Milo Asher and Kevin Haas of Tribe Twelve play with a Ouija board, which says that Robert Asher lives
  • December 15, 1996 – Milo Asher and Kevin Haas of Tribe Twelve return to the Ouija board, and the Observer (possessing Kevin) and Administrator appear; before he and Kevin forget the incident, Milo locks himself in the bathroom with a nosebleed and records it
  • December 27, 1996 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve wakes up in Karl Maxwell’s house again after a family reunion and enters “5 12 30” into a safe, finding the ammunition box with Sebastian Kraus’ blade, Swain’s mask, and a satchel labeled “826277” containing Sebastian’s journal; the appearance of Persolus (whom Milo recognizes as Karl) prompts him to put it all back and escape, and Scriniarii drives Milo back
  • 1997 – Noah Maxwell and Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve go on a boating trip in which their grandmother Sonia Maxwell drowns (because Karl rescued Sebastian’s journal instead) and “some anonymous person” rescues Noah
  • July 18, 1997 – disappearance of the Green family, as documented within an Abandoned Journal
  • 1998:
    • Noah Maxwell of Tribe Twelve, then seven, experiences a house fire
    • Abandonment of the Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center of Dark Harvest
    • Marc McComber of Dark Harvest provides information on the Princeton Experiment to the History Channel for their pilot episode of Unsolved Conspiracies, a show that would never air
  • February 12 through March 5, 1998 – incidents surround a patient of Windsor Pines Psychiatric Hospital
  • May 26, 1998 – Found Photographs account for twelve year old Joshua Baxter’s disappearance from Centralia, Illinois
  • October 7, 1998 – New Hope clairvoyant Elizabeth [REDACTED UPON REQUEST] reportedly aids police in finding the submerged bodies of two missing persons, the first in a series of events that eventually tie into Everyman HYBRID
  • December 1999 – police interrogation of Tias

21st Century

  • 2001:
    • Marc McComber of Dark Harvest, reported missing from his home, escapes from Greystone Psychiatric Hospital and the public eye
    • Summer – creation of a home video that would later become Found Footage for the forum user whose father never allowed the family to see it
  • December 9, 2002 – the Fairmount Children’s Home of Everyman HYBRID experiences a condemning fire
  • December 12, 2002 – Elizabeth [REDACTED] of Everyman HYBRID is reportedly scheduled to teach Criminology 101 and Creative Writing at the Bucks County Community College
  • October 11, 2002 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID reportedly evades police questioning on the murder of one patient’s father
  • Summer 2003 – media blackout on recent sightings of the Rake
  • August 30, 2003 through January 4, 2004 – Date of confidential report on type S phenomenon, plus amendments, among other Stirling City Incidents
  • July 11, 2005 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID reportedly commits arson on the business of Elizabeth [REDACTED]; his legal representative, William Davidson, issues a call for his cooperation via local media
  • August 16, 2005 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID reportedly causes a riot and massacre in a Lambertville eatery, fleeing authorities; later, Maryann follows a series of instructions he left in the event of his disappearance
  • 2006 – witnesses of the Rake compile historical accounts of the creature
  • Summer 2006 – Alex Kralie films Marble Hornets (A Film by Alex Kralie), becomes paranoid as the Operator stalks him, kills or attempts to kill the cast and crew in an ill-guided attempt to prevent its “spread”, and gives the tapes to Jay Merrick preceding an attack that Jay misremembers
  • February 12, 2007 – Elizabeth Hetzler disappears and an Inhuman Handprint is found on her window
  • October 20, 2007 – latest possible disposal of evidence from Steinmen Woods case
  • October 23, 2007 – Optic Nerve reports on violent Slender Man activity at a campsite
  • October 28 through November 29, 2007 – Optic Nerve’s Major Tomas C. Witmoore corresponds with Colonel Steven Bitman
  • May 2008 – last visits between cousins Noah Maxwell and Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve
    • Sometime later that year, John Fletcher leaves his five-year relationship with Mary Asher after her attempt on his life
  • December 3, 2008 – Henry Coe draws the Slender Man for a police investigation of his encounter
  • February 12, 2009 – Radio Newsroom receives reports on the discovery of the body of missing skier Amanda Fischer
  • May 8, 2009 – Optic Nerve uncovers a notable interview with manga artist Go Waita
  • May 18, 2009 – Radio Newsroom receives reports on disappearance of Abigail Tuscone
  • June 16, 2009 – Optic Nerve reports an unprecedented increase in Slender Man sightings
  • June 17, 2009 – Optic Nerve reclassifies their Slender Man operations from SEARCH/CAPTURE/DESTROY to OBSERVE/RECORD/STUDY
  • June 18, 2009 – Optic Nerve agent hypothesizes that the Slender Man mimics elite but inconspicuous kinds of people
  • October 1, 2009 – through sign language, Martina Gomez explains the “Delgado” monster that she encountered at eighteen
  • November 8, 2009 – Jesse Laurenzi of Dark Harvest is inducted into the Order
  • May 28, 2010 – Milo Asher of Tribe Twelve dies, allegedly a suicide by overdose
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