Here’s a translation of the second half of my own interrogation for alleged guilt of manslaughter in Copenhagen, December 1999. I guess I never was wrong, even though I got a lot of drugs, therapy and public hetz to make me believe otherwise. I translated it from Danish myself, so some inconsistencies may occur, I hope there’s some detail about Him here that have not come to light before, and that this terrible event from my life may help some one in any way. I can’t find one, but I’ll wager you guys are more clear in the head than me:

Cop: So let’s go over this again, ******. You say you were having a party in the Assistens graveyard.

Tias: We broke in after dark, man, fuck it. I was always told not to mess with the dead and that they had eerie powers, but we never suspected..


Cop: But you were there?

Tias: Yes. We had wine, Morgan did her thing where she burned a black candle and killed a chicken. Said it would bring us good luck and one up on our enemies in the year to come.

Cop: And then one of you killed her?

Tias: No!

Cop: ******, calm down. She’s dead, you know. We’re here to find out how.

Tias: I told you what happened.

Cop: You expect us to believe a monster killed her?

Tias: *static*

Cop: Okay, try to explain what happened.

Tias: Well, it was fucking cold, and really dark at that point. Some of the girls wanted to drop their clothes, but it wasn’t happening in Danish whether, right? *weak laugh* That’s when it got darker.

Cop: Darker?

Tias: Like the trees went from dark to black, man. Suddenly I could see a lot less.

Cop: You were drunk.

Tias: No! Well, some. But I know what I saw.

Cop: What did you see?

Tias: The shadows came alive. Some of them moved when they shouldn’t. Like our fire was a lot bigger or something. But there was a big shadow that came for us.

Cop: Like a person?

Tias: That was not a person. It was nearly the height of two men - but it was alive.

Cop: So a very tall person.

Tias: I don’t know.

Cop: Go on.

Tias: *clears throat, sobs* It had long arms and legs, but they didn’t look like limbs. More like thick ropes of shadow, twisting and..

*sounds of crying*

Cop: Calm down.

(10 minute wait)

Cop: You ready?

Tias: Sure, why not.

Cop: I’d be bitter too. Do you want to change your explanation?

Tias: No. The thing had something like.. black knives or something. Skewered Morgan.

Cop: I’m afraid that won’t fly in a court.

Tias: Listen, don’t you have an autopsy report or something? We didn’t have any knives.

Cop: Except for you.

Tias: Yes but.. *cries* I didn’t use it. There was no blood on it when you arrested me, was there?

Cop: There was blood on you.

Tias: Because I was close to Morgan when it killed her. Ask anyone! Ask your technicians!

Cop: That’s quite enough, ******. I think we’ll stop here.

After that they told me I was going to get it bad. After taking the charge I was sentenced to a closed psychiatric facility for 2 years. They never released Morgan’s autopsy report, so I can only guess - from what I see here - that there is some truth to my explanation.

I’d take your questions, but it’s so long ago, and my memory of it has been marred by nerve medicine and near-constant nightmares. I can’t look at those pictures for any period of time, and even if I could I’m not sure I could realistically confirm or deny whether a given pic is of the “Slender Man” that attacked us and killed my friend.

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