The End of Tribe Twelve

Following the series-ending allegations against Tribe Twelve’s creator in 2020, the series’ puzzlemaster leaked a 78-page planning document (“Sebastian’s Journal”). It contains drafts and production notes on Milo’s journal and Sebastian’s journal. Later, another insider shared an addendum (“The End of TribeTwelve”) outlining the plan for Tribe Twelve seasons two and (what would have become) three.

Started in 2012, “Sebastian’s Journal” reflects an earlier outline from which the series diverged; taken together with “The End of TribeTwelve,” it can be considered “canon” in broad strokes. This page and Journal of Sebastian Kraus mirror the unfinished Tribe Twelve content to lay the series to rest and provide viewers a wanting sense of closure.

The original document's out-of-character notes intermixed with in-character content are displayed in teletype.

The End of Tribe Twelve

From “Sebastian’s Journal,” reflecting the original ending outlined before Season Two began:

  • Kevin and Noah go to the boardwalk to investigate, Kevin talks of how Milo used to be in school, Slenderman shows up, Noah chases him the end of the boardwalk where he’s disappeared.
  • Noah gets Milo’s box that he left for him in his will. Milo’s old house had been sold and pinned to this box in his closet was a note; his will. Inside are the journal, his old shoes, and a tape. On the tape is Milo’s memoire. The journal describes that the only reason that Milo was born was for his mother to attempt to pass down the Slenderman from her to him. At the end of the journal, there is a hint to go to the boardwalk again at a specific time on s specific day (midnight on Saturday)
  • Kevin and Noah go to the boardwalk for the second time at night, Noah sees something and runs toward it, he finds no one at the end of the boardwalk, but Kevin is now missing. Noah gets teleported back to his house and attacked.
  • Observer takeover/livestream. Observer video that basically says he wants the Nazi journal. Subtle hints to Milo’s mom and Milo’s journal, foreshadowing hints to the dagger and other aspects of future videos. A picture of Milo’s dead body holding pills is leaked on the twitter.
  • Noah wakes up a week later, covered in observer symbols. He goes to Kevin’s house to see if he’s there. He isn’t, his mom says he’s been gone for a week. She figures he’s with another friend at a concert he’s been talking about or something. Noah goes through his room and finds some CDs with the observer symbol on them. That night, Noah hears pounding on his closed closet door, he rushes to unlock it and see who is inside, no one is inside. *
  • On the CDs, it documents how Kevin is being stalked by the Observer, but it slowly gets revealed that Kevin is the observer. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, type deal. Noah then finds strange transmitting electronic equipment in his house, he destroys them.
  • Observer stalks Noah’s house, leaving clues about how he took down Milo and how he was transformed into a puppet by Slenderman. Night recording of the Observer standing over Noah’s bed. Woken up, goes outside. Observer on roof. Slender Man appears as the end of Noah’s hallway. Noah wakes up with a letter of from Kevin pleading for Noah to help him somehow.
  • Noah receives word that Karl has passed. He gets the Nazi journal the next day, it comes with a dagger. It’s from the Nazi that was taken by Slenderman in Karl’s story. It mentions the hint of a weakness, stabbing Slenderman through the chest with a dagger covered in ‘innocent blood’.
  • He shows up at Noah’s front door in the middle of the night and attacks Noah. Kevin is killed in Noah’s self-defense.
  • Figuring that the vial of blood that Kevin had was for that purpose, Noah seeks out Slenderman. He gets teleported to the boardwalk, and then, back into a small room. He realizes he’s in his own locked closet, and bangs on the door. (Timetravel Mindfuck)
  • Once he finds him, he stabs him straight in the chest. Nothing happens. The dagger falls out, and he is knocked down. He realizes that all this has been a cruel joke to tenderize him into becoming the next Observer.
  • The last entry shows Noah looking very odd, slicked back hair, odd happiness, professional clothing. He mentions how he’s given up on investigating Milo’s death and rules it out as a suicide. He says he’s made new friends. Voices come from the hallway urging him to come. Noah says he has to go now and leaves. About 30 seconds later, the footage goes observer style, and a black silhouette walks into the room (not sure what should be different about the silhouette, but the view should figure out that it’s definitively Noah.) and sits down in front of the camera. The camera begins to shake more and more violently (after effects). Slenderman appears in the doorway. And then the video cuts out.

From “The End of TribeTwelve,” reflecting the revised ending:

Firebrand is inhabiting a dead vessel. Noah died when he was pushed off the tower in Pitfall. The next video after Facade was going to be about Noah escaping the boardwalk with Milo’s journal only to get trapped in his house by the collective. Noah figures out the time symbol on accident after he runs out of food. He is sent to the black forest in 1945 and watches Karl shoot at The Administrator. The bullets get deflected through time and wind up killing someone in Noah’s present. Because this is when Praesum is found, Auxilium was going to be the symbol in Mary’s safe, if that theory is true. The video after Noah discovers Praesum would be him erasing severance from Milo’s journal and unlocking it, killing the remains of Milo Asher in the process. This is where season 2 would have ended. Season 3 starts with the beginning of the dark time and the start of Noah’s decline into Prebrand. Prebrand figures out how to use Praesum and goes back in time to catch birds to eat, which is where the raw bird came from in Sisyphus. Prebrand is then mailed the journal after Karl’s health starts to deteriorate and he realizes he won’t live for much longer. Then Observer attacks him and Preband stabs Observer, which kills Kevin. Karl dies and Preband finds the journal, the ammunition box, and a letter from Karl after. Prebrand then goes on a journey, traveling through time to visit his younger self. There are certain scenes spread out in the videos where you can see shadows of figures which are just off screen. The figure in them is Prebrand, who is traveling back to steal batteries from Noah which is how his laptop is charged. There was also going to be scenes where we would see past Noah filming on Prebrand’s camera. Prebrand becomes Firebrand eventually and there was a planned crossover of HABIT training him for the ending, which was going to be a fight between Firebrand and The Administrator. The fight would have “scaled several dimensions and times in space” and the very end itself was going to be Firebrand winning against The Administrator and severing himself from the collective, which he probably would have done by stabbing him with the Nazi blade with innocent blood on it, which was going to be Kevin’s. The Admin however, would not be destroyed, just defeated. The collective would not get destroyed either.

Extra information:

Edward, the tech guy from the device analysis video was supposed to be the most significant character in the series according to Adam Rosner. He was going to be stabbed in the shoulder, which is foreshadowed in Sebastian’s journal. Edward was supposed to get sent back in time to fix a German radio. Kevin’s log, which is described in the journal leak, was going to have its bloopers be a DVD extra. There were also plans for a bound copy of Milo’s journal. Henka Visae (probably) died in the boat incident. Another thing to note is that the leak of Sebastian’s journal was the most recent thing Scyne had access to. Everything else that was not covered by that leak was from what he remembered was going to happen.

Notes on Symbols and the Loop

From “The End of TribeTwelve”:

Scyne posted this on reddit:


This leak confirms Robert as Scriniarii and gives us some insights into the loop.

The loop:

The whole loop construct is created by [REDACTED] with the help of Sebastian’s journal. It is a closed time curve. The end causes the events of the beginning and the collective are trapped for all eternity in the timeline. The entire plot of Tribetwelve is essentially Firebrand trying to navigate Noah through the few minor alterations in the timeline whenever a new loop occurs as each one has small changes which can give the collective a chance to steal the journal. It just so happens that we're seeing the first successful one. The loop continues to exist only if Noah gets the journal and dies with it. The goal of the collective is to get the journal, which frees them and the Admin, who would basically continue to feed off of the world but the being would be allowed to spread to all corners of the Earth. The Observer in the loop we are seeing was created by Kevin dying in the previous loop. Kevin dies by getting stabbed by Noah in the previous loop, much like this one where this version of Kevin gets stabbed in deus ex machina. Scriniarii is important to the loop because he is saved by Firebrand and given the task of being the archivist, who collects data on the loop. He helps get the community to gather data because they are “outside the loop looking in”. Scriniarii is also the roommate.

The symbols:

The other symbols were hidden in the patreon tiers:

tt261.png tt262.png tt263.png tt264.png

We all know about Severance which is an access key symbol which could be reverse engineered into a lock. There were supposed to be two other symbols that were going to be used. One was the time symbol and the other was the space symbol. The fourth symbol, Inritatrix is theorized to be representation of the audience. The time symbol, which I theorize to be Praesum is exactly what you think it would be, it allows people to travel through time. The space symbol, Auxilium is theorized to allow teleportation.

Mary Asher’s safe:

The leak of Sebastian’s journal has shown that it contains Mary’s diary, but Adam Rosner said it contained some relevant information about Firebrand. Me and one of the sources of information I had to make this document both think the best explanation is another tool/symbol.

Notes on Sebastian’s Journal

From “Sebastian’s Journal”, reflecting uncategorized drafts and notes:

Random Notes 5/11/11: Finn deserts at some point? Theorizing on SM’s nature before they actually know what he is? Finn gets a girl pregnant, she comes in search of him only to be murdered by SM. Best not to describe the body — leave some stuffs to the imagination? Finn tries to commit suicide by deserting. What happens to him? SM Nazi experiment project coded “Jötunn” (?) perhaps another word that means giant, or some different Norse mythology. SK writes how he is going to go up against SM and it looks like a Ted the Caver ending, but the next entry is completely normal (parallels to Noah). Epileptic tree: SK is to Lars what Noah is to Obby(?) — also, SK is to Finn what Noah is to Milo.

House of Leaves relevant tone quote: “Then a new voice: “I’m lost. Out of food. Low on water. No sense of direction. Oh god…” The speaker is a bearded, broad shouldered man with frantic eyes. He speaks rapidly and appears short of breath: “Holloway Roberts. Born in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Bachelor’s from U. Mass. There’s something here. It’s following me. No, it’s stalking me. I’ve been stalked by it for days but for some reason it’s not attacking. It’s waiting, waiting for something. I don’t know what. Holloway Roberts, Menomonie, Wisconsin. I’m not alone here. I’m not alone.”” I’d like to emulate this frantic type of writing, especially with the later entries. The idea that a few facts can be your last anchor in a rapidly deteriorating sanity.

My hands are hot with Ännchen’s blood. I tried in vain to cool them in a nearby brook, but they burn still. All trace of red is gone, and yet my hands radiate heart-warmed heat; I press them to my face and pretend it is her, cradling my head, holding it to her breast. I feel a heartbeat on my face, but it is my own.

He will be in the glen tomorrow evening. I will be there also. There is no other path than that which leads me to him.

The Incident sketch

He approached one Dr. S (this will be blacked out in the journal), lowering himself slightly to eye-level with the doomed man. At last it was clear that we ourselves were in the bell jar, rather than our tall and thin subject. He entered our minds all at once, spreading like Pentacostal fire. We were all instantly aware and there was suddenly the taste of copper in my mouth. Several of the men, Fritz and Richard among them, immediately drew their pistols and shot themselves in the head. Franz, always skittish, misfired, freeing his left eye from his skull like a billiard (this needs a better analogy). He twitched on the floor, slowly fading as blood escaped him. His right eye focused on me. Mouthing something unintelligible, he drew and shot, aiming directly, steadily, at my forehead. Out of bullets. Alas.

In an instant (German word to use: Augenblick), we were in a glen — far from the salt mines, given the tall trees that imposed on us from all sides. Through it was my first time outside in days, the air was not sweet, but stagnant, and it stank of ozone. One of the female scientists began to wail, the only sound in the vacuum silence, wholly unnatural, in the forest.

The sound rent my head open, but it was soon quelled, soon comforted by the forced silence from the Being. I looked upon him, and he seemed to regard me, his face, clean as the summer moon shining only for me. From the corner of my eye I could see the female scientists was Frau Bärenreiter. She was crouched over Dr. S’s body. His mouth opened and closed wordlessly, like a fish taken from the water. Wrapped around his wrists were his own entrails. Frau B, covered in the doctor’s blood, struggled to detangle him and force his intestines back into his abdomen. I read once that the human intestine is nearly 8 meters in length.

Lars’ character sketch (very stream of consciousness, haha. It will need a good deal of editing if it’s to be included)

Some souls are too gentle for military life, Ännchen. They are not equipped with the necessary armor. Still others are perhaps too rough. There is a boy, Franz, who is part of the former. His nerves render him an… imprecise shot, particularly under stress. I have been helping him. But… you must say your prayers extra well tonight, my treasure. Your Sebastian narrowly avoided medical leave, and by friendly fire, no less! How embarrassing that would have been. I held a target aloft, instructing Franz to practice steadying his aim. Do not be too concerned! We were using blank cartridges, which is thankfully how I am allowed to write you this letter. You see, as he readied himself to fire, a full round of pistol cartridges was discharged in the nearby woods. Franz became white as a sheet and fired erratically, poor child. I myself drew and ran into the woods only to find Lars standing, electrified, pistol held with both hands, pointed at the ground. As I drew nearer, I saw what had happened. Lars had emptied his round on a rabbit’s den. Several of them had attempted to flee in the confusion, and I saw their broken corpses littering the mouth of the den. I’m sorry, my Anna. Had you seen them, they would have broken your heart. Lars began to explain: “I was hungry,” he said. “The Führer can’t deny us a bit of sport.” I buried them, Anna. In front of him. He seemed ashamed, but in a moment he was on top of me. He pressed the barrel of his gun against my head and pulled the trigger. He laughed, claiming it was a joke, but I hit him, winded him, left him there. He apologized later. I have forgiven him, and sworn myself to secrecy. But Ännchen. I could have rivaled Franz with my shaking!

Today, we drove into Festeburg for supplies and a little bit of air. It is a lovely town, Ännchen, not unlike Lenz, though their accent is decidedly more… quaint. Still, they have been a great service to us, providing us with bread and holding our deliveries from Command. Lars speculates that not even the Fürher knows where we are stationed — to keep him protected. He only speaks that way after a few beers. Talking of which, there will be some cause for celebration tonight, as it seems Finn has found himself a woman! She is called Clara, and is the baker’s daughter. Rose-cheeked with flaxen hair, she seems like she was made of the same material as Finn. Like elf-folk, mysterious and uncanny in their attractiveness. I spied them whispering in the alley after we loaded the truck, and even now Finn has not returned to the inn where we are lodging tonight. I am proud of him, though I’m sure Lars intends to make him suffer with his teasing.

Finn has asked to borrow my pomade. Apparently an envelope with important papers for our lieutenant has arrived from the Office of Internal Affairs and he has been selected to retrieve it. I cannot decide whether Sgt. Heine knows of Clara. Although personally interacting with civilians is strictly against protocol, he is a merry soul and does care for his men. I have made Finn a present of the pomade — he protested, but I insisted.

Clara has fallen pregnant. Finn does not yet know — I myself heard from David, who recently headed a brief excursion to Festeburg. The people have grown wary of soldiers, it would seem. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He has broken the poor girl’s heart without even knowing it, and in doing so I’m sure will only crush his own. Perhaps, if fate is kind to him, he will be allowed to see his child. In better times. I pray for him, as well as her. Though with no other village in reasonable proximity, and the people growing restless, I pray a little for ourselves as well.

Lars found her, in the end. He was on watch and returned to the base a green sort of white with sick all down the front of his uniform and blood… all over. She lay in a shallow in a nearby river — the river we have been using as our drinking water — looking for all the world as though she were merely bathing. Her chest had been forced open like an oyster, her heart stolen. Would that I could say that that was all that had been taken. The child. The child had been taken from its womb, which bulged slightly from her abdomen. The Lieutenant suspects it might have been wolves, though why they would hunger alone for her heart and her child…. The larger question at hand is how she was able to wander so close to the base. Though she obviously set off in despair, her proximity rules out the possibility that she merely stumbled upon us by accident. Finn. He must have told her, the damned idiot. They’d call him a traitor, but all he is is an idiot. I’ve resolved to remain quiet on the matter. Thus far, they do not suspect him, thinking she must have followed one of the caravans and gotten lost. We disarmed Finn, as per orders, and he did not fight us, but seemed transfixed on a spot above our shoulders. I write this in part to have some record for myself, as well as to clear my head and wait for fatigue to get the better of me. Finn has taken to speaking in his sleep. Each night he cries a name. He cries it even now: “Bridget. My princess.”

Notes: How does Finn know her gender? She came to him in a dream before Clara died. In a later entry, Sebastian will log Finn telling him about this dream, as a part of his descent into madness and despair.

Schrodinger’s Weakness XD


The secret Nazi project was called "Fuchsaugen" (fox eyes). It initially consisted of a reconnaissance group of Nazi solders in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) searching for him, because the Nazis somehow know that he is attracted to forests but the Schwarzwald in particular because a small village in the forest told of many myths/legends mentioning the tall being. The experiments were preformed in a secret underground laboratory, in chamber 12 of the facility called 'The Napoleon Laboratory', located deep in a Bavarian Salt Mine near Berchtesgaden, Germany. The only evidence of the project's existence was Sebastian's Journal, but there can possibly be some leaked classified Nazi documents/reports referencing it and it's subsequent failure. The purpose of the experiments was to study Slender Man, figure out how his powers work, and try replicating them, or just to use Slender Man as a supernatural weapon on the Axis' side. It's unknown from existing documentation how they captured the Slender Man. It's hinted at that he was somehow lured into the facility by the scientists or another faction of their effort. Did they learn anything from it? No, all of the experiments yielded no conclusive results on how Slender Man works, or even exists. Though visible to the human eye, he emitted no energy of any kind and had no measurable mass. The Nazi instruments, being more advanced than any human technology at the time, could not detect anything at all from the Slender Man. The only conclusion that they could come up with before the laboratory was destroyed was that this being was an anomaly in the fabric of space an time, and of the very existence of matter and energy itself. Any evidence of these results were never found because the laboratory was completely destroyed, but there could be classified documents that reported of whatever results the lab was able to send yielded nothing substantial.

Notes: Add in a mention of “Doktor Anselm Korbel”.

Dates: Add in 11/11 in places (the massive teleportation of all the scientists happens then)

Mention somewhere about Persolus (Karl) being the next owner of the journal. Sebastian needs to refer to himself at least once as a “Swain”.

Village elders holding seances for the “wight”. The soldiers find a circle of rocks with dead animals in them. Turns out to be the elders’ doing.

Sebastian is writing a play the whole journal, finishes it in his delirium, and says he’s going to “perform it”

Sebastian includes drawings of the symbols / slender man in bell jar to accompany certain journal entries

Go back into entries and make sure that sebastian is taking his pills, so that we can make it clear that he’s more susceptible.

Remark about how back in the forest, there was a warning of memory lapsing or something that would equate to why Noah didn’t see slender man in the beginning.

Something about Lars saying “Good Bye” like DeadHead in HAPPYBIRTHDAY

Edward helped fix some of the nazi radio equipment

Lars’s father was a butcher (would explain the meat grinding in observer videos)

Include how the village members is actually a faction of the order

Sebastian keeps the journal in that nazi box. Writes about how he needs to protect the journal in his delirium.

Sgt Hiene comes and sits down with Sebastian and the privates
Are you telling stories of your wives, of your loved ones?
Yes, sgt. How are you this evening?
I’m splendid! Tell me of your wife! *slaps shoulder*
Tell me of your wives, continue with your stories!

He always had this big smile on his face. And he didn’t seem like a man who would have particularly much to smile about. He wasn’t the handsomest man in the world nor the strongest. He seemed like an average guy, but always with a beaming grin. Sometimes I would see him smiling at nothing, smiling so intensely that it looked like it hurt his face. He must be very proud for some reason, and amidst all the gloom, I suppose having a man of his confidence really bolsters our morale.

Pvt Kraus, is it? How are you?
I’m fine, and you?
Excellent, I’m excellent. Tell me, what is that you are eating?
Just some biscuits, sir.
That looks terrible! Please, have some of this. (hands can of beans)
I’m really fine, thank you.
I insist, private!
(Hanz) If you’re not wanting the beans, may I have them?
Sure. (hands beans, I didn’t partake in any of it)
A day later, he was vomiting profusely.
(Heine comes over) Are you sick, my friend? It must have been something you’ve eaten!
Heine briefs battalion on his pills. Boosts strength, keeps them awake for 3 days, but it gives them terrible psychological consequences and makes their dicks shrivel.

One of the dogs bit Sgt Heine today. No one else was around, as the dogs were kept a distance away from camp to be on watch. Now, Heine is not a very large man. He’s an average looking male, I’ve seen him without his military jacket and he is not a man that looks as though he would be intimidating or physically adept. Not a big man. However, when the dog bit him, Heine never faltered in his smile. In front of my very eyes, he grabbed the dog by the neck in one swift motion and raised it in the air chocking its windpipe. I heard no yelp or bark, he was holding the dog very tightly, and it died in his hand. I was the only one who witnessed this, the dogcatcher himself had his back turned and the other men were at camp eating dinner. And these were not docile pups like Dachshunds, they were German Shepards. Trained German Shepards, military grade. They hunt men. I could not take my eyes away, he noticed me standing there watching him. Still with a large smile, he looked to me and said “Oh, hello! Pvt Kraus, perhaps you should go back to eating!” Horrified, I ran back to camp. I didn’t tell the others, out of fear of Heine. I doubt the others would believe such a story. Hiene, choking a hound. With one arm. Later that night, Heine gathered us up for a meeting about the dogs. “Our dogs are the finest in the world! There is no excuse for them to be so unruly. So if we are not able to control our dogs, who is to blame? Who is to be punished?” The dogcatcher, very weary said, “…I am to be punished”. “And how are you to be punished?” “…I assume a flogging?” and at that, Heine let out a wheezy laugh and said “No. Get the chains.” “The chains? What? I am to be flogged with chains?!” This is when Franz interrupted “Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” He shouted at us. “No! I am your sergeant. Here, I am the law. And the law says that you must set an example.” And, I don’t know how to describe this, but he made us hang the catcher right there in the woods. And if that wasn’t enough, Heine pulled a chair over and stood on it in front of the catcher as we raised his body so he could be eye level with him as he died. And his smile never faltered. He turned to us with that smile and said “Now, I hope you have all learned what we are. The Third Reich is not a place for flaws.” He stepped off the chair and walked calmly back to his tent. I will most surely have nightmares.

Hiene is mental. No question about it. I was taking a piss out in the woods, when I saw a man walking aimlessly amongst the trees. It was Hiene, just looking around as if trying to find something. He spotted me, and approached quickly. And if it wasn’t strange enough that he came out of a part of the woods that no one was supposed to be in, not even caring that I was pissing on a tree, something was off about him as he neared. His face was, different. “Pvt. Kraus!” “Yes?” “Sebastian, you must help me,” I rarely saw him look this way. His voice had a different tone, as if he was a different person suddenly. “Sgt, are you alright?” He stared at me, the look in his eyes read differently than other times I had seen the man. “…why…what was I doing out in the woods?” “I don’t know, sgt Hiene, what were you doing out in the woods?” He put his hand on my shoulder and stared at the ground for a bit before saying “Sebastian, we need to go back to camp. I am very confused, I think I am very sick.” The sgt I knew would not address me by my first name. It was almost as if I was meeting a completely different man in his skin. I asked, “Perhaps you have taken too many supplements? Maybe they have a negative effect on you?” At this, he looked at me confused, “Supplements? What supplements?” Hiene was clearly ill, may have hit his head or something. I say, “have a seat, you need a rest…” “No no no, you don’t understand. We need to leave, we need to leave. Something is not right, something is wrong-” and then something changed with him. The look in his eyes changed, his mouth curled into a smile, and his demeanor completely changed. He inhaled deeply. “Ah! Sgt Kraus! Excuse me, sorry if I have frightened you! I get like this sometimes. It’s just my body’s reaction to the supplements! I’ve been having too many of them and it’s been getting to my head. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading back to camp to take a nice nap.” I was so taken aback by his erratic behavior that I followed him back from a far. He did not go to his tent to sleep, he went back to camp and barked more orders.

I was told by director that what we were hunting for is highly classified. Neither Lars, Finn, or any of the other soldiers know what we are looking for either. They did tell us that what we are looking for is not affiliated with the Allies, like we all thought.

I saw it. It is real. The thing of nightmares. I am writing this entry right after the fact. One of the soldiers shouted and pointed out in the distance. The tall man stood there, among the trees. We were given the order to open fire upon it. It moved behind a tree and disappeared. We ran to where it stood, it had vanished. No sight or sound could be heard besides the leaves under our feet.

They did it, I do not know how, but they have done it. It has been captured!

Half of our troupe has been selected to travel to a remote salt mine where an underground laboratory has been built. Rumors between the guys say it may be in Berchtesgaden. We are to serve as guards. We are not allowed to ask questions, only to obey orders. This is very exciting.

The elevator seemed to descend forever before we reached the laboratory, it went at least half a kilometer.

He is gone! It has escaped! We were alerted today that the thing has vanished! The scientists are dumbfounded and we were put on high alert. I saw the empty chamber with my own eyes. I was in the room with Lars and Finn when the phone call was made to the Führer himself. I could hear his shouts at the director from the phone. He was quite furious. We are all on edge as I write this.

A most mysterious event has occurred, the being has returned. It is back behind the glass! As I write this, I see the thing standing in the glass tube like it had never left. How extraordinary! Again, the scientists have no idea what has happened. They are running around the laboratory rooms, turning knobs and dials like mad. Where did he go and how did he get back?

Notes on Milo’s Journal

From “Sebastian’s Journal”, reflecting an outdated plan for Milo’s journal and “Milo’s Tape”:

  • Early milo entries: 1995 – 1997
  • 1995: Mommy took me to book club. No books, bonfire. They made me say things and pleag allegiance like the flag. They drank my blood.
  • I ask mommy why we go to two churches. She says its to get closer to god. Closer to daddy. And to heal me because im sick.
  • Going on family boat trip with mommy and noah and noahs parents and grandpa and grandma and uncle alex and aunt jo.
  • Family tree drawing - This is my family tree
  • 1997: When he’s 9 after the boat incident, his journal is lost.
  • [6 year gap] 1997 – 2003
  • 2003: Jumps to milo’s 15th birthday, he’s just starting 9th grade. He remarks about how much he has changed and how odd they all were, he doesnt remember much other than the doctor, doesn’t remember the “book club”. Hes been taking prescriptions for a while now and hes doing ok but mom always says that hes sick, hasn’t seen Slendy in years. Mr. Scars lead him to Mary’s safe and whispers the combination to him. He finds the journal. I lost it during that boat disaster. Why does she have this? Cant let mom know I took it.
  • Gets a similar looking book with a lock at the flea market, places it in her safe.
  • Slowly been investigating his mom. Milo asks about mom’s scar during dinner, she says she had an accident when she was a younger. She still goes to book club every friday, but ive never met any of them. As time has gone on, mom has read less and less books, yet she still attends the club. Hes just accepted it until now. He becomes suspicious of his mother, who has always been different than other mothers. Very paranoid, twitchy, suspicious of everything. These past few years, she's been particularly odd. He mentioned how she always had this odd scar on her right palm in the shape of the severance symbol, and whenever Milo asked about it, she just burst into tears. He thinks she went crazy and cut herself after Robert died, she blames herself.
  • Milo talks of his father. He had a lot of money saved up.
  • On and off Stepdad Rick. He doesn’t like Rick. He overhears her on the phone talking. She often talks to this one man late into the night. Doesn’t know if he was from book club, but Milo figured she was cheating on Rick. She calls him Henka, someone she's been in contact with for some time now, asking some odd questions and saying strange things. She mentions Mr. Slim and Karl. Something about a protective symbol on a box. Mentioning Milo and his age.
  • Book club. Mary is about to go out clubbing at 10, gets a call “But the meet isn’t scheduled until friday, I’m just about to head out to the Wine Tavern. Why what’s the emergency? Emergency meeting?… ok ok, Henka? … Alright. I’ll be there.” “FUCK” What is book club.
  • milo begins to see slender man. In dreams and now at school. Talks about kevin. He sees his earlier entries talk of what he has said to kevin. Kevin doesn’t remember.
  • Mary gets a phone call and finds out that Milo took his journal back from the vault. She beats him and grounds him. Who is Mr. Scars? She asks. He cannot tell her. She says he is grounded and does not allow him to come to florida to visit Noah that year. If he tells Rick anything, she’ll take his journal and send him off to the institute.
  • he realizes that his mom can see slender man, no one else.
  • 1998: Mary goes to visit Noah and his parents without Milo. Somehow (maybe a tip from the phone call) Milo knows something important relating to Mr. Slim is hidden in Mary's safe. He skips school and sneaks into his house to check on the safe, it is missing. On a hunch he checks the attic and finds it. The combination has changed.
  • 1998: Noah’s house burnt down.
  • Goes to visit family in NY for a barmitzvah. Grandpa Karl isnt there. They go to his house, sisters want to discuss will with him. They’ve brought a translator. Karl doesn’t want Milo to come in. There’s a lot of commotion, but he lets them in. Milo hears something “what’s gonna happen to that box when you go, dad?” Karl lights a cigarette inside and then the moms move to another room to discuss expensive china. Milo reenacts his dream and finds the ammunition box behind the air vent in the closet. He opens it and finds the journal. It’s leather bound, symbol is burned into the front, full of handwritten german entries. He is compelled to turn to the back and found something sewn into the back. Something dark. He feels it, a chill runs down his spine. Karl begins screaming, “Das Kind ist weg!” and running upstairs. He comes in and elbows Milo in the face, nabbing the journal. He holds it tight as a screaming match ensues.
  • "What do you mean Karl filed a restraining order? Just me? Not Sharon? What the fuck?" All this over a book. Book club. What is book club.
  • Milo blurts out at the dinner table that mom is cheating on Rick with another man. He has no evidence. Where do you think she really goes during her book club meets? Go to one of her book club meetings, Rick. He asks to go, and she says that he cant. Ask her who she talks to late on the phone at night. They argue, Milo locks himself in his room. His mom confronts him after Rick beats her, gets in a car and leaves. Mary bursts into his room furious since Rick was paying the bills. She takes Oscar, saying he’s going to the pound. Milo tackles her and starts punching her. She runs to her room, ambushes milo with chloroform. im sending you off.
  • Men come the next day and take Milo away. Mary had told police that he has lashed out and abused her. He is sent to an institution for a month.
  • He doesn’t take any of the medication.
  • He is found to have been discarding the pills and gets injections instead now. The medication makes him hallucinate. Sees Slendy more often. Dreams of Karl’s house, following a dark version of himself to an area deep in a closet behind an air vent where he finds a box.
  • He meets Michael / Patrick there. Patrick version of Michael that fucks with Milo, telling him to embrace it and such. To counter that, Milo could experience both the "go towards it and embrace it" attitude of Pat, and the next day have Mikey telling him to "run, forget about it, fight it."
  • When he comes back from the institute, hugs him and says she’s so sorry. Milo sneaks away in mary’s trunk so he can find out where she goes to book club. She follows a different road than the one that goes to the library. She drives a winding road into the forest and stops after 20 minutes. She gets out and leaves the car, milo crawls out and finds himself in a clearing full of cars. He follows sound of chanting to another clearing full of people in robes and masks. Their ceremony talks of sacrificing themselves for the good of the lord. He sees something off in the distance that reminded him of something from his childhood he had once forgotten and frightened him, slendy, and he knocks over a rock. The cult members hear him and chase, milo runs back to the car, no keys. Last thing he remembers was a man in a robe mask open the door and shove something foul smelling into his face. He awakes tied to a chair. An Archvassal asks him who he is, he doesn’t say anything. Places knife to throat, mary shouts. “Stop! He’s my son!” mary removes her robe and mask, very upset. The Archvassal and her have a fight. “Why did you bring him, he is not of age!” “I didn’t bring him, I swear to god”. Suddenly everyone gasps and kneels. Behind him, Slender man stands but he doesn’t know. An ear screeching cicada noise is heard, then silence. It is now suddenly morning. Henka is there and says “the boy is ripe. The lord has blessed his arrival. He is to be inducted” An emergency meeting is had and the overseer decides to induct him. They make him say the oath and he suddenly recites it from memory.
  • 2004: John Fletcher marys Mary.
  • Milo notes how his medication is helping and things are working well. He loves john and his mom seems a lot better.
  • 2008: Milo visits Noah for the last time. milo films slender man at noah's house to try to get rid of him
  • Milo is again lead by Mr. Scars to the safe and the combination is given to him. He opens the safe to find Mary’s journal and several other documents.
  • 2009: Fletcher leaves Mary after she comes at him with a knife one night.
  • Mary says has been in contact with Henka Visae for many years now, only via letter.
  • The papers describe how she has been haunted by Mr. Slim since she was a child and she has been going through various sources in order to find out how to get rid of him. She'll list some of her theories of what he is and how he works. Milo learn that the cult is using her blood for rituals.
  • The last page Milo finds will be the page that describes how Henka has successfully helped her ward off Mr. Slim many a time and has advised her to do very strange things, like the only way to truly escape him is to be deceased. She tells of how Henka convinces her that Robert (Milo’s father) is one of Mr. Slim’s associates, citing evidence. She describes how she loves her sister, but thinks Noah's father is one of Mr. Slim's associates (a proxy) so in order to save the family on her sister's side, (Noah, Bill, and Sharon) she decides to kill them by burning their house down. She also describes that there is one other way that Henka tells her get rid of Mr. Slim: to 'pass down' Mr. Slim. Henka describes that in order to do this, a child must be born and a specific ritual performed regarding the cutting of the hand (you can elaborate on that). Also, he finds an official document of his father’s will that names Milo as his heir of his saved money, but he cannot use this money until he is of age, 21.
  • (the entries about this last should abruptly end)
  • The next entry describes how, as he wrote the last entry, Mary found out the box was missing and found him looking at her papers. She takes them away and slamming the door on Milo, saying absolutely nothing but having a face of pure anger. Milo is left in his room to take in what he just read.
  • Milo realizes his whole life has been a lie, and locks himself in his room for 3 days, he has snacks stashed away and poops in a container to throw out the window. Tomorrow he will run away from home.
  • His writing begins to get more cryptic and he writes odd poems, draws strange pictures.
  • He contemplates suicide as his birthday nears, it is tomorrow. makes the tape in a moment of clarity (which will be found in the box with this journal) and, judging from Mary's notes, Noah - being his only cousin and close relative, would be next for Mr. Slim. He plans to leave him this box in his will. Hopefully, he will figure out how to save himself, as Milo couldn't.
  • Mary unocks the door. She is crying. She hugs Milo and they cry together, she wants him to come out she just wants to talk. She has made him PBJ, his fav. It is drugged. He wakes up in the forest. He is tied to a table, blindfold over his eyes. There is a ritual being performed. He struggles and his blindfold becomes undone. A hooded figure gives another one a dagger, and they begin chanting a word Milo knows means sacrifice. He sees the scar on the cultists hand, its mary. “Mom?” *Mary cuts milo’s throat, but doesn’t do a good job* Mary is crying. Henka shouts “free his immortal spirit!”. Suddenly everyone is still, time has stopped. He’s coughing up blood as he hears two people approach him, the dark version of himself next to dark noah on either side of him. He sees one of the hooded men take off his hood and reveal himself as Robert. He slits Henka’s neck. Dark Milo covers the neck wound, Firebrand covers his eyes.
  • Milo wakes up in his abandoned house in the future. He has his journal, his camera is running. He finds a demolition notice and a note that says “You have 120 hours, kill your mother, or we kill you. No funny business” he faints.
  • Woke up to find briefcase. No electricity or running water, found a used dixie cup in a bush, steals water from the neighbors hose to drink. He tries combinations till it opens revealing $100,000 and a gun. He steals the newspaper from outside, date is May 21, 2013 when it was May 21, 2010. He is 3 years into the future.
  • Night of the first day. He finds a flashlight in the neighbors toolshed. He walks around the house at night looking for anything of use. He runs into Slendy and runs out the door to a local park, sleeps on a park bench.
  • Night of the second day, Milo calls mom’s second phone number. Tells her to meet him at the house in once day or she’ll never see him again.
  • Night of the third day, Milo goes to the local library and
  • Night of the fourth day, milo kills mom
  • Night of the fifth day, milo’s drives body to a retention pond. Car pulls up, he thinks its the cops. Man walks out. It’s Robert, he hugs him. Explains all that has happened. He drives him home, he sleeps in his room.
  • Milo wakes up, in his bed. May 26, 2013. He thinks its all a dream, until he feels his throat, sees all the entries there in his journal. He walks out of his room, sees his mom in the living room surrounded by tissue boxes and talking on the phone to Henka, now on speaker. “I’ve been sleeping with more men, I really have.”
    • “It failed because you grew too attached to the boy. This turn of events is all your fault. You let him use the book, the doctor gave him self-awareness. You spoiled the pot. Another must be hatched.”
    • “The miracle just isn’t happening anymore. I’ve slept with so many men, I’ve lost count. I’m not ovulating anymore.”
    • “Another ritual can be performed, but modifications must be made. He was a smart kid. Too smart. The next one should be more obedient, possible brain damage. I’d recommend use of alcohol and tobacco this next trail. A lower IQ will ensure he stays on our path.”
    • Milo walks out. “Milo… my baby is ailve!”
    • “What?”
    • “It’s Milo… he’s still here.”
    • “I’ve seen the truth. You will never get the journal. Dad is still alive. Mr scars is going to kill you.”
    • And then he locks himself in his room.
  • WHO IS HENKA VISAE scratched in journal
  • 2010: Milo dies, May 27th.

Scrapped Video Outlines

From “Sebastian’s Journal”, reflecting an outdated plan:

Noah: Calling Grandpa Karl right now for the millionth time. I got a message from him saying I needed to contact him, which is why I have Kevin here to translate. Say hello, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello, Kevin.

Noah: Smartass. I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t pick up though, I mean he’s practically seni— Hello? Grandpa?

Karl: You need to listen. Not do so much talking, as time is short.

Noah: You have a journal, right? Where did it come from?

Karl: We took the journal off of the poor soul who met his end at the… hands… of that thing we met in the woods so many years ago. And yet I remember that cold MONTH night as thought it were yesterday. As he was taken up by the monster, he dropped his bag, from which we were able to determine that his name was Sebastian Kraus, an Obersoldat in the Reichsheer. Low rank, not much more than a soldier. What he was doing that far in the woods without his fellows or a superior was… a mystery to us. It remained a mystery to all but myself. I stole the journal from the sack, which also contained a knife and a beautiful blue ribbon. Other than that, it contained the typical soldier effects, and my fellow soldiers, eager to forget that the entire event had happened, did not attempt to press matters. But in the silence of that uneasy night, I only feigned sleep. I lived that man’s last few months in the space of a night….

Noah: Where is it? Where is the journal? Do you have it?

Karl: Your Watcher friend speaks through you. (Consider not translating this — for people who speak German to translate?) It is safe.

Noah: What's inside? What did it say, Grandpa? Was there anything about an Observer? Some asshole who can't mind his own business?

Karl: He watches you even now.

Noah: What? Why the fuck should he be watching me? I don't even have the stupid book!

Karl: He cannot bear the sight of it, or even its presence. It is painful to him.

Noah: Then why can’t we just leave it where it is? Why can’t we just forget about it — pretend it never existed?

Karl: Courage. If you leave it too long, he will force you to take it from me.

Noah: Destroy it, then! Burn it, tear it up, stab it with a fucking snake’s fang for all I care — he can’t want what he can’t get, right?

Karl: To do so would bring the wrath of that creature down upon you.

Noah: Well what the hell am I supposed to do?

Karl: You wait. And keep your wits about you… and your eyes open.

Ok, this is what I’ve decided to do. I’ve talked with a few people and most of them like the idea of Sebastian being the same Nazi that stumbled into Karl’s camp. However, I do want to keep his final journal entry where he is calm and collected after a series of sporadic final entries. We’ll have Karl say the exact date that Sebastian came to the camp and it will be a week or so after Sebastian’s final placid entry, so that week or so in between holds some ambiguity. Sure, it takes away some of the mystery, but this is how I always planned it to be.

Karl: Du musst zuhören. Nicht so viel reden, da die Zeit knapp ist.

Noah: Sie haben ein Tagebuch, nicht wahr? Wo kommt das her?

Karl: Wir haben das Tagebuch aus der armen Seele, die von dieser Mann getötet wurde… in den Wäldern vor so vielen Jahren. Und doch erinnere ich mich, dass kalter September Nacht dachte, es war gestern. Da wurde er von dem Monster genommen, ließ er seine Tasche. Sein Name war Sebastian Krause, ein Obersoldat im Reichsheer war wurden. Low Rang, nur ein Soldat. Was war er so weit zu tun in den Wald, ohne seine Mitmenschen oder ein Vorgesetzter war … uns ein Rätsel. Es blieb ein Rätsel für alle außer mir. Ich habe das Tagebuch aus dem Sack, in dem auch ein Messer und ein schönes blaues Band. Anders, enthielt sie die typischen Soldat Effekte. Meine Kameraden waren begierig, die gesamte Veranstaltung zu vergessen. Aber in der Stille der unruhige Nacht, ich habe nur vorgetäuscht zu schlafen. Ich lebte, dass der Mensch die letzten Monate in den Raum für eine Nacht ….

Noah: Wo ist es? Wo ist das Tagebuch? Haben Sie es?

Karl: Dein Zuschauer Freund spricht durch dich. (dont translate this last sentence) Es ist sicher.

Noah: Was ist drin? Was hat es zu sagen, Opa? Gab es etwas, über eine Zuschauer? Einige…. die nichts dagegen kann sein eigenes Geschäft?

Karl: Er sieht du auch heute noch.

Noah: Was? Warum sollte er mich beobachtet? Ich habe nicht einmal den Buch!

Karl: Er kann es nicht ertragen den Anblick, oder sogar ihre Anwesenheit. Es ist schmerzhaft für ihn.

Noah: Und warum können wir nicht einfach verlassen? Warum können wir nicht einfach vergessen?

Karl: Mut. Wenn du es verlassen zu lang bist, wird er dich zwingen, um es von mir zu nehmen.

Noah: Zerstören Sie das Buch, dann! Brennen Sie es ein! Reißen sie auf, stechen sie mit einem verdammten Schlange fang meinetwegen - er kann nicht wollen, was er nicht bekommen, richtig?

Karl: Dies würde den Zorn, die Kreatur zu senken auf dir.

Noah: Nun, was zur Hölle soll ich tun?

Karl: Warte! Und haltest du deinen Verstand… und die Augen offen.

Kevin’s Tapes

(I might just have it on a CD)

The premise of the hidden tapes is: after Kevin goes missing, I go to his house to look for him and find some tapes/CDs that have the observer symbol on them. On the footage, he documents himself from his room being stalked by the Observer. In the end, the Observer turns out to be himself. I just need ideas for more Kevin footage/clips. Feel free to write some scripts for this too. Thanks for your input!

  • (Not really sure how to start - possibilities: Kevin also had the same Religious studies project as Noah and was going to film himself talking for the project or a production log of it. Or he could have just gotten the camera as a birthday present. Etc)
  • Kevin gets word that Milo died from Noah. Reflects on Milo and how he went to school with him in Alabama, was one of his only friends.
  • Observer style video, Main message of it: Kevin, your time has finally come.
  • He acknowledges that he’s being stalked by someone, getting left notes.
  • He finds that hidden messages have been left to him. When he turns on his black light, it reveals writing and symbols on his walls, books, papers, and other objects.
  • He notes that he’s been forgetting large sections of time, waking up different places than where he fell asleep, ect.
  • Another Observer video, main message of it: YOU HAVE TO FIND ME
  • Kevin searches around his room and finds a box (the same box that was first sent to Noah) with the device inside and other electronics that Noah received inside.
  • Kevin filming himself very paranoid, finding observer symbols drawn on him in silver sharpie/white out
  • Kevin reports about his mother waking up with scratches on her legs.
  • Kevin hears some noises coming from his bathroom, opens the door, finds a two sticky notes on the mirror saying, “YOU FOUND ME” on the back “I AM YOU AND WE ARE ONE”. The other is an Observer symbol, on the back of it, it says “BEHIND YOU”. He turns around to see slender man, falls down.
  • (Last footage) Kevin is calmly sitting in front of the camera. “I finally understand. Everything. It makes sense now. Last night, I was made aware of what I was. I was shown things, things that an unenlightened person like yourself wouldn’t even dream of conceiving. And the best part of it was, I could see. My eyes finally feel open. It’s like I was a rat running in an endless maze all my life, and he just plucked me out of it. For the first time in my life, I understood. It was me. This whole time. And it feels good. Better than anything. I know everything. I know that you’re watching this right now. I get why this is all happening. I’d be more than willing to go if I were you. To be part of the… collective… it feels like… everything… but nothing. I know you’ll love it. However, my time is nearly up. Today, Kevin dies… tonight, rather. But not to worry, he was, and still is a fine vessel. So, Noah, I’d like to personally thank you in advance. We had some great fun. You were just as fun as Milo was, and then some. Pity, he had to end our little game so soon, he wasn’t as strong as you turned out to be. Well, technically, I helped him, because… we realized your potential was greater. But fortunately, that’s what makes you so much better. Your defiance, your will, your determination. My…superior has taken a particular liking in you, much more so than Milo, just like he chose me those many years ago. *Watch beeps* Oh, look at the time. We should be on our way now… to see you, of course. We have a boardwalk to visit. Oh, and one more thing… tag, your it. Come and find me.”

Character Backgrounds Timelines

From “Sebastian’s Journal”:

Karl’s story

A Nazi, Sebastian, runs into a camp of Allied soldiers yelling that “it’s coming” and collapses. Karl Maxwell, 20, is one of them. He is badly injured but restrained, mumbling. They thought he was drunk at first, but then they saw that his arm and leg were broken. The two other camp members out to scout the area, Karl stays behind to guard the Nazi. Sebastian wants to be untied because he is in pain. Karl is a compassionate man, so he does. Sebastian opens his journal, crosses off his name and writes Karl’s. He tells Karl in a delirium, “Keep it safe and it will keep you safe. The monster comes for its hide. It wants it back. To be whole.” His men return to find several dead animals but nothing else. Slender Man comes and takes Sebastian away. Karl comes home from the war in 1947. Horrified about what happened, he vows not to read the journal.

After the war, he and his wife move to America. He is a changed man from war, his wife sees it but pins it on PTSD from war. He begins seeing Slender Man seldom throughout the years, and eventually Persolus, appearing to him as an older image of himself mainly telling him to give him the book. They have kids in 1957, Mary and Sharon. He begins to see the collective more often. Mary begins seeing Slender Man and a woman with Xs over her eyes, Sharon is unaffected. Mary is put on medication and psych visits after seeing ‘invisible people’ at school, waking up to drawings she didn’t remember making, sleepwalking. When sleepwalking, she keeps trying to get the journal. Karl is fired from his job. A man under the name Henka Visae contacts Karl. He’s an antique dealer who employs him as an auctioneer. He later tells Karl that he found out through military records that Karl was in possession of one Nazi Journal. He’s willing to pay a face value of $10,000 for it, but after Karl says he hasn’t even opened it the dealer raises his price tenfold to $100,000. Karl says that he’s in need of the money and he’ll consider it. Persolus comes to him and tells him this journal is more than he knows and to keep the journal safe, do not give it to Henka. In 1972, he goes out of town to meet with Henka at an art show to give him the book. When he hands Henka the journal, he immediately opens it and asks Karl to sign Henka’s name in it. He’s immediately suspicious and refuses. He takes the journal and leaves, remembering what Sebastian made him do. He arrives home and is sent a letter of termination from his job. Karl survives his “catalyst event” where their collective-self saves their past mortal self from death. His break-line was cut and he’s about to hit a train, but saved by Persolus who tells him what Sebastian told him. 20 years after receiving the journal from Sebastian he opens the journal and reads it. He learns that owning the book and cloth, while keeping him safe from actual harm, makes him a target and endangers his family. He begins writing his own entries in the journal to provide a document of his account. He finds his wire clippers misplaced under Mary’s bed. He begins taking the book everywhere with him. He begins getting obsessive and yells at his family whenever he’s questioned, saying that he’s keeping them safe. He begins to become reclusive and distant from his family. Around Mary’s 19th birthday in 1976, she is caught reading the journal by Karl. He becomes extremely angry with her, beats her, and changes the locks. He was planning to hand her off the journal, but he sees what possession of it has done to him, they’re after him, and he doesn’t want her to bear the same weight from passing on this infection. In 1977, Mary and Sharon go off to college. He has realized that these entities lead by Henka are using Mary to try to get the journal from him, so he is happy that they’re going far away. Karl becomes obsessive about finding Henka, who he believes if killed will end the madness – he is never able to find him. Karl makes a personal dedication to hang onto the book as long as possible in order to keep his family safe at his expense. After college, Mary and Sharon move on with their lives and everything calms down, until Milo and Kevin are born in 1988. Upon Kevin’s birth, the Observer begins haunting Karl, Mary, and Milo. Mary begins seeing visions and dreams from her childhood, telling her to get the journal from Karl. In 1997 the Maxwell family is brought together on a family boating reunion by Sharon. Henka Visae is the captain, who gave Sharon a great deal on renting a boat. He tries to get the journal, Karl shoots him, as he’s dying he blows up the engine. As the boat sinks Karl saves the journal but not his wife. Milo swims to shore, but Noah begins to drown. Noah is then saved by Firebrand, his “catalyst event”. Henka Visae’s body is never recovered. From then on out, Karl became a recluse. As senility wore in, he stayed cooped up in his house and stopped speaking English, only conversing in German. Mary begins trying to break in and steal his journal after Milo’s death. He is alerted of Noah’s plight and decides to give Noah the journal because he feels he is more deserving but when he arrives, Karl has a change of heart and kicks him out – reminded of what happened to his daughter after learning of its protective properties. Later, his failing health leads him to finally make the decision to hand over the journal. He sends a message to Noah that he’s ready to hand it over, but mails the journal in a box covered with severance symbols. Noah travels up to his home in New York, where he finds Karl dead and a message saying “I’ve mailed it to you”. The Observer then attacks Noah, who runs out the front door and is suddenly, back at his house – the package with the journal sitting at his front door. Noah opens the box to find the journal, Karl Maxwell’s name is crossed out and Noah Maxwell’s name is written as owner. Karl’s body is then reported as missing and is never found.

Mary’s Story

From an early age, Mary had begun having strange dreams. She began seeing Slender Man and having visions of him as she grew. She sees Cursor and Mr. Scars as well in her dreams, Mr. Scars is her boogeyman and Cursor is a guide, telling her to get the journal. Karl forbids anyone from his closet. When Karl is out, Mary finds his safe. Through dreams and visions, she becomes obsessed with opening it. She finds out where Karl keeps the key to the lock, opens the safe to find the ammo case with the journal in it. She opens the journal; it’s in German so she makes it a goal to learn German in school to her dad’s secret book because she is extremely compelled to. Karl goes on a business trip to the antique dealer to appraise his book. She goes in the safe to check it out again, but it’s gone. After taking German in middle school and high school, she began to sneak in and read the journal. She learned about what Sebastian went through and that the journal is a protective amulet. Just as she learns this, she is busted by Karl and beaten. He changes the locks and she goes off to college. Her hauntings lessen until she meets her future husband, Robert Asher. After they marry, the hauntings return tenfold. A man comes to her named Henka Visae, claiming that he is part of a special organization (The Order) that specializes in what she’s going through. She joins the cult and begins attending meetings regularly. As her hauntings become worse, she confides in Henka who has a private meeting with her telling her he knows of a way to pass on the curse. He explains to her a ritual must be performed and she must bear a child as a host for the infection to inhabit. She informs him that doctors have told her that she is unable to bear children. Henka says only the ritual will allow it. Mary agrees to perform the ritual and miraculously bears a child named Milo. Henka warns that this child is forever cursed with the lord’s blessing for his blood is tainted like hers because of what her father did in the war. Robert finds out that Mary has been taking Milo to these meets in 1991 and they argue, she shoots him and sets the house ablaze. Firebrand rescues Robert. Mary raises Milo and brings him to cult meetings every year until 1997 when the Maxwell family is brought together on a family boating reunion by Sharon, Karl notices that the captain is Henka and confronts him, there is gun battle as Henka tries to get the journal. Henka is shot, and presses a button blowing up the boat’s engine. After this, Karl stops talking to Mary and Mary stops bringing Milo to Order meetings.

Mary Asher age:
1985 - 27 (manifest - typo, not 22)
1989 - 31 (Milo is born)
2013 - 55 (death)
Lars Müller (Henka V) age
1915 - Born
1942 - 27
1945 - 30 (shit goes down in the black forest, he returns home and has son Gregor)
1985 - 70 (meets Mary)
1997 - 82 (death)

Collective as the 7 Sins
Kevin - Observer - greed; wishes nothing more than to obtain the journal and complete his mission; surveillance powers
Mary Asher - Cursor - gluttony; values her own life over anyone else's;
Milo - Mr. Scars - envy; wishes he had a better life;
Karl - Persolus - sloth; protected the journal but did nothing else;
Noah - Firebrand - wrath; exacting his revenge on the collective; can teleport through time and space
Lars/Henka - Deadhead - pride; nationalist for the Nazis; can hop from body to body
Sebastian - Swain - lust; yearns for his wife;

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