Stanley Ercavich

Shit… shit… okay, okay. Alright. Okay. Hi. My name is Stanley. Stanley Ercavich. Shit. Umm. I’m writing this because it might be the last thing I ever write. Or say. Whatever. Okay, so, …fuck, this is so damn stupid…people are gonna find this and think i’m crazy and i committed suicide…, okay, so, there’s something downstairs. I’m upstairs. Yeah. I’m in my daughter’s room. I barricaded the door, I guess. Everything not nailed down is holding him back. I guess it’s a him.

Okay, so, if this really is the last thing I ever say, I want you to know everything. No fucking way am I going to disappear and never be heard from again. And fucker, if you’ve killed me and are reading this, about to destroy this letter, FUCK YOU.

Right, so, I live on a farm. Of course you knew this; you had to come get the fucking letter… maybe this’ll get published one day, like Anny Franklin…, anyway, I live on a farm. And lately, scary shit has been happening. Shit. One sec. Okay, back. Okay, so, I wake up… 8 nights ago, I think it was. Today is Wednsday? Yeah. Yeah.

So, I wake up to Anna, my little Annibelle, crying, just bawing her little eyes out. I’m the man, so i gotta comfort her, yeah? So i do, and ask her what’s wrong. She starts talking about him, the fucker. I didn’t know what the fuck, you know? Kids have nightmares, it happens. She says he talked to her. Said…fucked up shit, is what he said. Said she was going to join him. And the others. She said it… wanted her… fleshy bits.

Honest to God she said that. Eyes and heart and shit. Dear god. She told me, my little girl, told me he was going to end them.

But then she started going on about how it wasn’t an end, but a beginning…fuck it, right? It was around 1 a.m., I had to be up 4 hours. So I tell her it was a dream, yeah? And to go back to sleep. She was so fucking terrified. So i let her sleep in my room. Wife was okay with it, the sweetheart.

The dog was barking during all of this. Did i mention that? Let me see… no. Fuck, whatever. Okay, so, the dog was barking. But, the thing is, is that when me and my little girl got back to my bed, and we got are snuggly and stuff, it stopped barking. But, and God strike me If i’m lying, it stopped… gradually. You know what i mean? Its barks got slower and slower. Not like it was tired, but like, when you slow down a record player or something. And then he just stopped. The next morning, or any other morning since, we never found our dog.

We get up, look for the dog, o'course, and don’t find it, o'course. Fuck, right? So I try to get to work. You see that? The key word, or whatever? It’s try. I couldn’t damn-well work, because all of my equipment and tools were gone. Now, i don’t just mean my goddamn hand-held tools and whatnot, I mean all of my equipment, meaning my motherfucking tractors and pullies and trailers. Bull-fucking-shit, right? No. Fuck that, I did NOT hear them start up last night. What, did that thing just pick them up and carry them off? Fucking probably.

So, my dog is missing, and someone stole my shit, so i call the police, ya know? I do, and they come over, and, talk and shit. Said they didn’t have any reports of other theft, so there was no leads or whatever. I told them about my dog, and they figure it’s a bunch of vandals or thugs or whatever. So, one of the cops is ordered to stay overnight outside our house in a squad car. He’s there about 3 days. The last day was…i think 4 days ago? Anyway, on the fourth day, shit hits the fan. It’s dark, around 10, and we hear the siren go off. And then it stops. And a bunch of sound. Noise.

It was metal; I’m around it all day, i know what it sounds like. We look outside, and the car is fucking wrecked. Torn to shreds. No cop. You’d think there’d be blood and gore and shit all around, right? Nothing. Just a car that had a can opener to it.

So, we’re fucking scared out of our asses. We try to call the cops, but, guess what, the phones dead. Yep. Fuck me, right? Well, enough of this bullshit, i say, so i get my rifle.. Mothefucker won’t mess with this, right? And i yell that, too. You better believe it, i say, “Hey, goddamnit, I have a rifle that could punch a hole through the cop car you fucked up, so try me assholes!”. And you better believe i got a response. I think it was a response. It was a scream. Or something. A cry, maybe? I dunno. What i do know is that it was fucking terrifiying.

So, a day goes by, right? This was 3 days ago. My wife thinks, someone needs to get in the truck and get help, right? Well, I’m the man, so i should, right? But she says no, i have to guard the house and my daughter with the gun. And shit, she is right. She says she’ll be safe in the truck. I don’t say it, but i thought, it sure didn’t help the cop. So, she’s gone. Still gone. I hope to God Almighty she got help. Fuck. Fuck. Honey, if you are reading this, and I’m gone, I’m sorry. I’m sorry about Annibelle.

I’m so sorry. I’ll love you forever.

Okay…, right, one sec. Yeah. Okay, back. Okay, so, me and my little girl are in the house for 2 days. And everything fine. My daughter had a nightmare both nights, so, i guess it’s not totally fine. She said the thing’s name was the Slender Man. I don’t fucking know, i thought it was just a dream, caused by the punks outside messing this us, right? Fuck. She told me more things it said to her. Like how it wanted her to join him. And the others. And how they would be happy. And if she didn’t join, things were going to get worse. Oh god. Oh dear god, they got worse.

Okay, so, this was yesterday. My daughter, my beautiful baby girl, actually fucking listens to it, the dreams, whatever. She goes outside to be with it. I just went to the bathroom, you know? It wasn’t my fault this happened. I come out, and the front door is unbolted and open, and Anna is gone. I go outside, and see them. Oh god, Terresa, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry. It had her. It had our little girl. It was some… thing. I know, that isn’t helpful, but fuck you, you won’t believe me. It like a man. Except, see, he was tall. Fuck him and his name, but yeah, he was slender. Really tall, really long arms and legs.

And the arms. He had more than two. Fuck, he was like some kind of octupus, just whiggling like worms. The bastard had no eyes. Just white pits. Did i mention it had the nerve to wear a fucking suit? Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. I just want my little girl back. I’m so sorry Terresa. It was holding her. She was gone, you know? Her chest… her stomache.

. . Oh god, i saw her ribs! I saw my daughter’s bare ribs!

I didn’t have my rifle with me. I couldn’t move. I don’t think i was breathing. I was just staring at him as it removed my daughter’s heart.

Oh god. I saw it, didn’t I?

Yeah, fuck me i did. Shit, that reminds me, the rifle is still downstairs. It looked at me, you know. I saw into his eyes. Fuck, i was never a book-kinda guy, but i browse the internets, i read. And one thing stuck with me, and god help me, i saw it. I looked into the eyes of infinity. There were no pits to those eyes. God almighty.

It reached for me. It reached for me with, like, 3 arms. It still contiuned to violate my little girl. I’m so sorry, Terresa. I ran. i ran away. it wasn’t my fault. I was so cared, Terresa. I ran, and hid up here. Fuck. Okay, Okay. Okay, so , that was last night. I’ve been in here all day. I can’t get on the computer, the internet is down, i guess because the phone is down? I’m so scared. Terresa, please come home soon. With help. Okay, i’m gonna take a little break from writing. Maybe cry some. It’s okay for a man to cry. I bet that devil ourside couldn’t cry.

Okay. Right. Yeah. I’m back, obviously. It’s been talking to me. I think. Maybe I’m going crazy. After what i saw, who wouldn’t? But i think it’s real. Like what my daughter heard.

Okay, so, it said it was waiting. Waiting for me. For my wife too. I can’t let him have her, right? No. Fuck no. So, it said my daughter was lonely without me. I miss her. God, i miss her. I want her back. The monster said he could bring me to her. It’s a lier. It’s a deciever. It wants my eyes and liver or whatever. Fuck, i wish ihad my gun.

SHIT MOTHER FUCK. DAMNIT. I’m so scared. So scared. I don’t want to die…you wanna know what i heard? I heard laughter, God damnit. My fucking kid.

My little girl was laughing. Giggling, like little girls do. And i heard him again. He said he wanted me to join them. I’m so scared. I don’t want to die.

I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten in three days. My daughters has a seperate bathroom, so im good on water. She had some snacks in her backpack, from school, i guess.

I’m rationing them. He says i don’t have to be hungry when im with him. He says my daughter is happy. I wish i was happy.

Terresa? I think you can hear me. Your your reading this, right? I hope so. I love you, you know? You know i do.

She came back, everyone! My wife, she’s here! I heard her, outside! Terresa says the police are hear, and that everyone is happy, and that I’ll never be sad again! I’m gonna show this letter to her and we’ll laugh. I can’t wait to see my daughter again!

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