Guys, I don’t know what to fucking do, I’m really fucking scared

I spend a lot of my time outside at night cause I work till 3 AM and sleep in the morning. I walk back home just because I like being alone at night, and I usually carry my shit 15 year old camera with me

I usually walk down the middle of the road cause it’s a weird feeling, you know, no fucking cars or whatever. I was snapping pictures tonight when all of a sudden this tall guy walks out from the eastern road of the intersection. I mean, a fucking business suit, 3 fucking AM. So I figure maybe he’s drunk, really well- balanced drunk, because he walks really fucking slow and looks straight ahead. I mean this guy moves so slow it’s creepy and unnatural. There’s something off about his silhouette too. He stops somewhere in the middle of the intersection and i take a picture, cause damn this is fucking weird. I only noticed after I went through them that he’s fucking looking at me! you can see his head is turned…


Well, I’m not in the mood to get raped tonight or anything, so I turn around and speedwalk up the hill. At the top there’s an old gas station that’s been closed for 5 years and a parking lot, and I have to cross the lot on my way home. I still feel my skin crawling after seeing that dude so just to make sure I turn around and there he fucking is.


I mean fucking seriously, this guy must be wearing running shoes cause I didn’t hear a single fucking step and my ears are pretty good. Not to mention there’s no other sound whatsoever. I’m sure men’s dress shoes make noise even if you’re trying to be quiet. I’m freaking out now, because this is really fucking odd. Not to mention he looks like he’s holding rope or some fucking thing, I mean look at the silhouette. So I start running. I was hoping I’d lose him cause it really is foggy, and it’s a neighborhood where you can easily get lost if you aren’t familiar with it. Whatever amount of time later, I look back (this was seriously at least a mile away from the parking lot):


What the fuck. I realize that besides for when he walked to the middle of the intersection, I have not seen this guy fucking move. When I turn around he’s just standing there. I just ran over a mile, and presumably so did he, and I can’t even see him breathing. Fuck all. And you can see whatever the fuck he’s holding better here. What is that, fucking rope? At this point I figure fuck it, I’m going to run flat out, all the way home because I’m close now and I prefer this fuck not to know where I live. I start running and I get the idea to take some pictures just for the hell of it, I mean what if this dude starts following me around tomorrow? I only got one that wasn’t blurred all to fuck.


Goons, what the fuck is that. Those fucking trees behind him are old and pretty goddamn tall. The dude could have torn the top leaves off of them. His magical fucking no-sound shoes are at least 6 feet off the ground. I can’t fucking see what it is that’s keeping him up but it looks like whatever I thought was rope before. I can bet he wasn’t moving when I took the picture because the motion blur is pretty much the same for the background as it is for him. What the fuck. It’s early morning right now and I think the sun’s coming up, but I can’t fucking tell for sure because every window is locked, every shade is drawn. I keep hearing tapping sounds on the window. I thought it was the tree in my backyard at first (its branches sometimes touch both the first and second floor back windows) but the tapping came from the front. And there isn’t any fucking wind. I’m making GBS threads myself here. Goddammit, what do I do.

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