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Hey Yall in the supernatureal ghosts area!
I thing I might have see a supernatureal ghost!
I post the photo's in the pysical phenomnon thread an they toled me to the natureal spirits thread for a post and then over their they direct me over back here in in the supernatureal ghost forem? cuz they that this photo not a natureal ghost. I took a pictur on a timer 2 show mama my new porch set off overstack web site i look on it l8r an i notise the one px i dint use flash settin the dark px had somthin accept no buddy saw nothin in the real are but on the px u can see it i saw it on the screen. looks like a fella but to skinny an made outa smoke.



Napkin embroidered as part of Occupational Therapy by inmate ref: removed at Paddock Centre, Broadmoor Hospital, Berkshire UK. When asked about figure, inmate would only state that “he was responsible” and that “the maze should hold.” Relevance of dog unknown, although poss. connection to Berkowitz/Harvey claims?

I went nuts for about an hour rummaging through the boxes in my attic looking for my brother’s old stuff. Finally I found his old mountaineering journals, and sure enough my memory wasn’t just playing tricks on me.

Sorry for the shitty camera phone pics. I lent my camera to a friend and I didn’t want to tear the pages out to scan them.


My brother and I used to be housemates before he moved to Ecuador, which is why I’ve got all his old junk. He’s never made any mention of encountering anything weird or scary in the woods, and though I’ve only really flipped through his old trip journals, I’m 95% certain he’s never written about such a thing wither. I remember seeing these sketches years ago and not thinking much of them. There are a few more with the humanoid figure in them, but these are the most clear ones. I’ve sent my brother an email asking him about it, hopefully he remembers. I know I’m going to be on edge until I hear back from him.


My brother is in a rock band. This photo is from one of his most recent shows. Most everyone at the venue admitted feeling really weird, and all the bands wound up having technical difficulties throughout the night. Some people even complained of not being able to hear the music, while others stated that the sound was simply too loud.

Now, I don’t usually buy into the whole “monster” thing. But I’ve heard of the “Tall Man” as my brother calls it, and… well, the picture speaks for itself.


I have this coffee table book of photos from Life magazine. The pictures go back to the late 1800s.

Imagine my surprise when I took a closer look at this photo of Yosemite Valley from the 1870s.

Not only did I see our mysterious boogie man


But also the skull and rib cage of some unfortunate soul.


I can’t say for sure that the remains are one of its victims, but I’d be willing to bet on it.


When we were little my brother and I used to hear weird clawing noises on the roof outside of our window. One time we heard them following a heavy snow, and we snapped a picture of some strange tracks the next morning.


unable to properly describe what happened, i was submitted to solitary psychiatric observation. I don’t really remember what happened for most of the time I was there either, but i remember more questions. When i was released, i did my best to forget the whole thing, but I just couldn’t. Then, three years later, a man arrived at my door. He said he had been a worker at my psych unit, and needed to see me. He had been present at all of my “sessions,” and he had kept something that was mine. It was supposed to have been confiscated at the end of my evaluation with my other drawings in the file, but he said he knew he needed to save this for me, so that I would know for certain what happened. Without another word, he let himself out, and left me staring at that paper for hours. The next day, he was found dead in his apartment. The death was never investigated. I still don’t know if it was a coverup, or if “it” came for him. But I am sure that I cannot sleep or will not wake up. I cannot leave. i can hear the waiting noises just outside. All i can do is wait, and return to this damned drawing, and wonder…



I did some digging on the so-called “slender man” and discovered this photo. All it said was that the drawing was found at a day care parking lot.

I just got home, and I'm rather unnerved. I apologize for the cameraphone pictures.

Before going to the post office, I went to the deli. When I came out, I noticed a folded piece of paper had been put under my windshield wiper.


Once I was inside my car, I unfolded the paper. This stared back at me. The writing's hard to read in the photo, but it reads "DON'T DRAW HIS FACE HE ALREADY KNOWS" These words were underlined several times, and there is no face on the drawing. Just a crude circle crossed out. Below that, hastily scribbled is "SAVE YOURSELF"



You know, I think this Slender Man thing may be more widespread than we originally thought, guys.

I was browsing looking for something new to read, and I came across this


I tried to buy it, but apparently it's sold out, and they aren't getting any in any time soon.

I wonder what gruesome tales lie inside those pages.

Hey everyone, I'm so glad I found this site. I thought I might be going crazy until I found this. I am an anthropology student at UCLA, and I've been studying the games and songs of children. One night I was studying kind of late through some old archival material and I was looking through this study done by an elementary school teacher in the UK who was studying the playground games of his students. Anyway, I saw something weird in one of the pictures. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I had been reading it for so long, but I got really spooked and suddenly felt like I wanted to go home. I scanned the materials to continue studying later, and the next day, it was still there.

Here is the image I was looking at.


As you can see, at the left side behind the wall is something odd and frankly eerie. Reading the posts on this thread, I finally felt a sense of recognition. I had never found anything like it before. Now that I read this thread, I'm a little worried about the young boy in the picture. I've never bothered to follow up, but the elementary school is Fitchley Park Elementary School in Liverpool. The year is 1951.

The only thing I've ever seen that is similar to this is one children's game I ran across, that is practiced in a small village near the Retezat Forest in Romania since the 1920s. In this game, all of the children line up in a line, and one is appointed the "leader." The leader walks behind the children's backs and lightly taps one. That one is the "Mare Barbat" (tall man). The children then hold their arms out in front of them and the first child closes their eyes and begins walking down the line through the extended arms. The children in line brush the walking child lightly with their arms and hands as if walking through branches and leaves. When the child gets to the "Mare Barbat" that child suddenly grabs them. It usually causes a great fright in the walking child and all those nearby as well, which is fun for them.

It sort of reminded me of this, and I've been looking for more info ever since.

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