Slender Man Images

Consider these the spiritual successors to the Original Mythos. The more media the monster is in, the more real it becomes…

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Slender Man Images


Slenderman has plagued my life. I can’t even see this as the calm, serene photo it was supposed to be.





thought of you/ Slendy


Best thing to see in the middle of the woods… ALL ALONE…


“Something very interesting was found on my friends camera. She often does photgraphy for a hobby, and seemed rather disturbed and anxious to discuss this particular photo.
She wouldnt even let me get a close look at it.
I eventually convinced her to let me borrow it, she didnt like the idea though. I noticed that there is what looks like a man in a coat or suit or something on that balcony. Those branches are covering his face so I cant identify him. But I’m going to go out on a whim to say that this man is what it making my friend so paranoid. I will find him…”


Found this in an old British gossip magazine in a hairdressers.


slendermanwatchesyousleep reblogged this from me randomly. It creeped me out a little. So, I looked up the words and I found out this area is haunted and people often see different types of ghosts and footsteps, voices, and screaming coming from the woods. Some ghosts look like human praying mantis. I thought I would share. Now I have to be careful of slendy and other scary stuff in here. :c

sa079.jpg sa080.jpg

*1. FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER: “The entity was seriously pissed when my friend (the man in the photo) taunted it. We thought we were goners. It would… screw with the air around us, as if the reality around it was rippling…or was being torn apart. I don’t know what happened to us next—all we know was that we woke up two hours later, bleeding our noses out and vomiting black bile in the retreat house. It was obvious it wanted us out of here.But if you ask me now if it was good or evil, I’d tell you he was neither.”


During a visit to Pripyat, our tour group came across a deserted gym. We thought it was great, until we noticed the blood on the mat. Then we got creeped out. A breeze started blowing, so we all had to move out… wind picks up the radiated particles and, well, we don’t want that. - Kamarov, one of our tour group, translated by our tour guide.


There were shadows in the ancient days


In the woods, standing there.
The man in the woods you should beware.
His face amiss, his arms like vines.
A startling sight of this odd design.
Do not stare, run for the hills.
Make your way out before he kills.
His arms extended, standing past the trees.
Your dazed head falls below his knees.
Should you escape, don’t say a word.
For your voice again, will never be heard.

The Faceless One is a lullaby that dates back to 18th century Wales. It was created by parents as a way of scaring their children into being obedient, and to warn them away from the forests, as children often disappeared in the night and were found in the forests, mutilated almost beyond recognition.

'Hush, my childe, do not stray far from the path,
or The Faceless One shall steal thee away to Fairieland.
He preys on sinful and defiant souls,
and lurks within the woods.
He has hands of ebony branches,
and a touch as soft as silk.
Fear The Faceless One my childe,
for he shall take thee to a dark place.
And what shall become of thee?
No one knows, so be good, my little one-
Alas! He is here to take thee away!




Oh man, I'm really starting to get worried. I went snowboarding with two of my friends last night, and both of them disappeared. We were going down the back of the mountain when I lost both of them. Some really heavy wind started to pick up, so I pulled my face mask (bandanna) up and put my goggles on. As the wind got worse, some ice crystals were getting dragged up into the wind causing it to feel like you were getting hit by tiny needles.

Well, I started booking it down the slope, and hadn't seen anyone on my way down. Half way down though, I decided to stop and wait for my friends. I waited two or three minutes and left, figuring they some how got ahead of me (This happened two or three times before.) I got down to the bottom of the slope and waited by the lift for them for a bout 10 minutes, and hadn't seen anyone come down. At this point, I was a little bit worried about them, so I called each of their phones only to get a voice mail.

Well, this is when I picked up a bit of my nerve and tried to find ski patrol. I let them know about it, and they sent some people to look. Just to be sure, I went by myself back down the trail. On the way down, something caught my eye. It was my friend's old red chocolate. When I got back down, I decided to check out the phone. Some LED's were cracked, so I had trouble seeing the screen. I went through his pictures and saw his last one taken, and sent it to my phone, and then to my email. I then turned his phone in to the patrol.

I still haven't heard anything from either of my friends, and all I have left of them is this picture. I'm kind of confused and afraid right now…


sa052.jpg sa053.jpg sa054.jpg sa055.jpg sa056.jpg

They came together, in the cover of night.

Not realizing he was a blight.

Under branches and shadows.

They moved up over the barrows.

They started fires and sang unholy songs.

Praising their unholy god.

He never showed.

And so they rowed.

Then one night, he came.

They only had themselves to blame.

And as he killed them, one by one…

Only then, did they know to run.



I was walking home from taking some pictures the other night and I felt like someone was following me. When I went through my pictures today, I found this one. Not quite sure what to make of it, or what to do. I found it odd that he may have been watching me with all of those other people around.


In the deepest shadows
Of brightest night
Just out of reach
Just out of sight
A silhouette marks
The soulless and damned
And by starlight's vigil
You're offered a hand

You'll walk through blackness
Through the void you'll step
With lengths of knowledge
Comes shortness of breath
"There are doors left unopened"
Was all that it said
Take off your mask
And smile for death

It lurks now in corners
What could have been worse?
It claws at your mind
with unheard verse
It's only shadows that move
But true breath you feel
And even your eyes
Conceal what is real

No smile awaits you
No satisfied grin
No eyes will judge you
For some unnamed sin
Its legs block all exits
Its arms shroud the truth
It marks your soul with two words
Simply: Found You

As graceful as Death
And taller than Life
What waits for you
Just out of sight
In the deepest of shadows
On the brightest of nights?

So guys, I was walking around enjoying the rare Alabama snowfall, when I came upon a disturbing group of statues…


They've been standing here for a long, long time. I've driven or walked past them many times in the past, but never really paid attention…


Now I wonder… has he been here before?


Seems like he has enough of just hiding in the background, he's getting active now.




I made this one based on a dream I had last week. His tentacles were chasing me and formed the words I'm coming. I tried to do that as well, and it didn't look to great. Let me know what you think?



Forest, eye, operator symbol, Slender Man, tentacles, and blood, all rolled into one image.

From an interview with two hikers who took a trip through a forest a few years ago; one of them had a camera and took photos of the trip.

Both reported that at one point, while near a clearing in the forest, they felt oddly weary. They guessed it was the very humid weather that day. However, shortly after this, both of them had no memories of what happened in the next few hours. But both of them reported being confused and irritated and noting that several hours must have passed; one of them complained of chest pains, so they both decided to abort the trip.

Days afterwards, the chest pains of one hiker kept getting worse. After suddenly passing out without warning, he was rushed to the hospital. Emergency surgery showed several smaller internal bleedings on multiple organs; what was even stranger was the presence of soil and other material with no explanation of how it could have gotten in there without leaving severe wounds. They did, however, note that there seemed to be tears within the chest tissue, the source of them unknown.

The hiker eventually recovered, but what caused these injuries was never explained. Years passed in which both tried to forget the incident; this was, until the hiker carrying the camera found it again with the film he had used that day still inside it.

He decided to develop the photos; most of them contained no unusual footage but as they progressed, they became progressively more confusing and unfocused. Random photographs of holes in the ground, trees, the sky, each looking like they have been taken out of direct motion; the hikers confirmed that this was around the time they felt weary. All following photographs must have been from the time they could not recall anymore.

Many of the photos taken in that time frame were made out of motion and without direction; many were overexposed or black, but some show them going farther and farther off track.

The overexposed and black pictures were put aside for a while until they were scanned and digitally analyzed. Most of them contained nothing; however, one contained unexplainable footage.

Below is what became visible after running the photo through various filters and re-analyzing the negatives.



'The last in a series of otherwise unremarkable photographs stored on a digital camera belonging to a Mr. J. Whittaker, found abandoned by the road. The whereabouts of Mr. Whittaker are unknown.'




Firefighters found no sign of the photographed figures when they entered the building. The family's youngest son is still missing.



Weeping Forest


Days Gone By


I was looking through some old family photos and found this one of my grandfather's school, circa 1905. Never seen it before but something seems strangely familiar about it.



I was out in the woods earlier with a camera. It was a calm day but I swear something was making the branches move; I tried to take a photo of whatever was causing it but I must have missed it. If I didn't know better I'd say the trees themselves were moving…


This photograph was submitted to a newspaper in 1915. It was the last time the cameraman was seen.




I saw him

I had my camera with me in a joy walk through the woods, I saw him, I took a picture, worst mistake of my life.


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