Ever since the Reddit and Discord user Scriniarii turned out to be an important figure in the Tribe Twelve mystery instead of the ordinary spammer that players (“sensum”) on those sites assumed he was, his correspondence with them became vital. The main pages will link to it as it occurs.

Node 1


  • 1.1: unlisted Tribe Twelve video discovered by sensum upon gleaning the URL “” from the last video’s hidden frame. There are no visuals, and its audio is a slow scan TV signal revealing an image of the Token Letter fortune with every word blacked out; the circled word is “darkness”.


  • 1.2: unlisted Tribe Twelve video discovered by sensum upon entering the Pastebin URL “” and deciphering the provided ASCII85 code into base64 that leads to the video’s URL after multiple tries. The video features a new page of the Order manifest.

On October 8, 2016, Scriniarii makes a Reddit thread entitled “Scriniarii Q&A”:

Choose your council. Elect your delegate. Prepare your inquiry. 6 days.

On October 14, 2016, Scriniarii posts a thread called “Prepare.” whose only content is “/ˈinˌpo͝ot/”. From this, sensum discover “”, a countdown clock to 11:11 PM on October 15, 2016. That same day, he posts an empty thread entitled “The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive.”

On October 15, 2016, Scriniarii posts “So you want to know what information I have?” to account for the sensum’s question:


On October 16, 2016, Scriniarii posts “answer” –a thread with the following image and comments:


A TXT book case of hide and seek

The loop was reset again, this time I gave it to the delegate.

Combinia (Discord) receives a different version of the same image whose data, put through the JPSeek program with the passcode “answer”, produces hidden file “seek.txt”:

So I'm going to get punished for talking out of turn but you need this.
You are not individual sensum, you are all collectively the singular sense. You are the eyes and ears of the loop. You are what stabilizes it.
Look I've been doing this over and over for so long. I'm tired. Everyone I have ever loved is gone because of me and I'm doomed to relive their deaths over and over every fucking recursion because you can't get your shit together and stop trying to be individuals. Maybe I just fucked this up and we will have to reset again, maybe you just needed this push.
You ask the same question every time and we have always tried to fill it with the answer that gives you what you need.
We tried giving you everything and that almost collapsed the loop. Why do you think the observer is called that?
You are Sensum. You take this apart and gain understanding. Do you get it? You are on the outside safe from the administrator and we need you. I need you. I don't know how much longer I can do this.
Just wait for the next node to present itself, we have set windows that we can use and can't provide them as they might see.

On October 22, 2016, Scriniarii posts “gratias tibi”1 – put through Vigenère cipher with the keyword “KEYWORD”, the post’s content references the Reddit users’ “Comprehensive Timeline” of events:

our mutual friend thanks you for your work. i also apologize for the theatrics, they might be listening after all. keep building the archive. now that you are beginning to understand the loop you can begin to maintain it. the more detail the better. we will be in touch.

On October 29, 2016, Scriniarii posts “Loop”, a series of characters leading to the URLs of two YouTube videos: 3 Time Travel Paradoxes!! and Causal Loop

Node 2


On April 21, 2017, Scriniarii posts on Discord:

The next keyword is bigger and more frightening than it should be. @everyone

Sensum discover “”, a Google Form entitled “2.1” asking for their names, addresses, Discord names, and a yes-or-no answer to “Do you vow to disclose everything or be exposed?”

On May 2, 2017 at 11:11 PM, Scriniarii posts on Discord:

Select 5 delegates as potential candidate to receive the device
We will verify eligibility
Delegates must create or own a YouTube channel
Delegates must be able to share the device in high detail
Delegates must have unrestricted access to physical mail
Delegates must be dedicated to the will of sensum and vow to not speak as figureheads but representatives

Top candidate will receive device.
Selection: 5 12 @174

In Swatch Internet Time, Scriniarii refers to 11:11 PM on May 12.

On May 3, 2017, Scriniarii posts:

One question will be answered between @952-@955 but not after. We are watching.

Combinia (Discord) asks:

Who is Henka Visae?

Scriniarii responds:

Good. Answer will be posted at exactly @076 if asked.

Combinia (Discord) asks:

I assume that you wanted me to ask the question again at the correct time, in which case: Who is Henka Visae?

Scriniarii responds:

Henka is an interesting figure in the timeline. He is the Boat Captain and the Child Seeker. The one that brought the ones closest to me much suffering. The device will help you begin to understand what suffering he has brought and to see just what extent he will go for his own misinformed quest. As Noah is too busy with his homework to share so I’ll let you see his current assignment when you complete the second node. As for now, I am very pleased that you now understand temporal notation. This tool will help you in the future. You and He have both learned a lot recently, let’s see if I can teach you more. Finalize your selections and have the list for me before 5 12 @174


On May 12, 2017, Scriniarii posts:

Selection review complete. Candidates can determine their selection by entering a keyword made up of their first Initial and zip code. Sensum do not pry for this conformation if Recipient chooses not the share. Recipient, you will receive the device in <3k .beats, plan how you will share the device and discuss this plan with the community. Do not attempt to dismantle the device. If you feel that you cannot properly capture the device and its functionality you may select a new Recipient and arrange shipment with them. Severance must be used on the package to protect from intrusion. Sensum you are only entitled to details of the device, its location is of no concern to the loop. Complete the Node in order. If you understand the flow of time you understand how this is better than skipping ahead. This may very well be the best recursion on record. Please maintain the loop.

  • simply the words “DEVICE IN ROUTE” over the residence of Maligerant (Discord), the delegate chosen to receive the device..

On May 14, 2017, Scriniarii posts:


  • (TribeTwelve) Sensum Node 2.2: The Device: Maligerant receives the device in a box with omitted information and the Severance symbol on it. It is a small a circuit board with a switch. The description reads:

This took way too long to edit, and I apologize. I don't know what this thing is, or what it does, but I have a pretty good idea. The wires aren't cut this time. You know that feeling you get when your parents are lurking over your shoulder while you're doing homework? It's like that. Only instead of parents it's Firebrand and Scriniarii. What have I gotten myself into.

Well that was nice and loud. Might want to take your headphones off for this one. Thanks….whoever that was. (I'm pretty sure it's Firebrand. Hard to tell.)

On May 16, 2017, Scriniarii posts:

Stop fighting and fucking help us.

Here's a Tutorial:

A 6 4 1 0

Take this string of letters and try every combination of them to find a keyword. That will give you a clue. Take that clue and and do it again to solve 2.2, just elsewhere. I paid someone to make 2.3 so that this is orphaned from the loop. The information is too important to have tethered to the loop so directly.

Do you know what a collapse is like? It's like Groundhog Day but no chance at a happy fucking ending where you get the girl and the snow has melted. I've tried just telling you shit in the past and a few special snowflakes either hoard the information or claim to be experts on shit they don't fucking know. You still don't even truly understand severance. I'm not going to get started with how many times you collapsed because you locked me out or let them in. Took Noah so long to get it right as you'll see.

You have someone that risked their neck getting something dangerous and you demand that she do more. Be grateful of what they did, it was way more than the last 17 times we tried this.

No more. I don't want another recursion. I can't watch them die again only to fail and have to do it again.
A tutorial is a thing you do to learn how to do something, or in other words it is separate from the task at hand.
So stop. Now everyone stop.
Descramble that string of letters and numbers and enter that like you have other keywords.
And there's the solution. Do the same thing with the device. Just you have to enter the answer elsewhere. Where else have you found content? Try there.
Just for god's sake stop telling someone that their idea is a waste of time. Partner up with people. Stop being children and save me from the broken record of an existence. We have done it before because he exists. Please.
I need a fucking drink.

And one more thing. None of 2.2 is a cypher.
It's the combination and case. That is what matters. I've done everything but tell you, something I can't do because they most definitely will hear and none of you can stop time like they can so that would be bad.
Now do it again. This time it's not scrambled and it's not a keyword.
Good. NOW is the hard part. See how fast things go when you work together? Thanks for delaying me seeing my family die again.


  • 2.3: solving the code leads to this recent video on the channel “Breakmaster Cylinder” (circa 2006). The video shows the boardwalk in the Collective black-and-white, and the piano song comprising its audio yields a cryptogram message: “This version knows more than it can say. The keyword is the serial number.” The description reads:

The Loop Must Be Maintained

On May 16, 2017, Scriniarii posts:

See was that so hard? Now focus on Noah, take a break, reflect on all that has been, and get ready for what will be.
It won't be long now before he breaks down and starts to tell you of his ordeal. There you will find answers. While you are variable, he is predictable. With you helping to corral him he can't help but react. He has been marked and has learned some of what you wish to. He thought he could drown it out but that never works. With time he'll come to understand. You are helping. And now that you are working together you are stronger.
You are far from done but now you wait for him.
Oh, who said 2.3 is done? You are still missing a piece. Don't worry, the older one has it, even though he's more cryptic than me.
The Archive keeps facts straight. Things in order as they should be. That's why we wait. He's not ready, but you will be.
When you can name the contents of the bag, you get to pick something out of it. I bet I know what. Rest.


On May 19, 2017, Scriniarii posts:

He posted. Good.
What is in the bag?

Combinia (Discord) responds:

Bottle of water, can of spam, box of raisins, big knife, and most importantly Sebastian's Journal. Also "Filet Mignon"

Scriniarii responds:

What else?

Combinia (Discord) responds:

Ah right, the rag and some gum.

Scriniarii responds:

What else?

Combinia (Discord) responds:

Some wire?

Scriniarii responds:

What else?

Combinia (Discord) responds:

Ah, I think some people just misheard "water." Anyway…
How about this, something relating to a keyword?
Another journal by any chance?

Scriniarii responds:

Here. I'll help you. You must understand how they think.
So I'll pose this as a riddle.
What can kill with only a thimbles worth; yet is around you at all times?

Combinia (Discord) responds:

Survey says "Oxygen"

Scriniarii responds:

So. From that inventory of items, what do you choose?

Combinia (Discord) responds:

Journal, please.

Scriniarii responds:

One moment.
Oh will have to forgive me, I'm sharing only a piece. Just enough to catalyze action.
Don't worry, you'll see more.
Rest for now. We have him back and it has truly begun.
2.4 completed.

The Living Account

Sensum find “” based on the satchel’s serial number, which redirects to the following Pastebin text:

July 23rd 1995 - My name is Milo Asher. I am seven years old. The docter wants me to write in this book. He gave it to me today. He is a nice man. It has a lock and key so only I can read and write in it. He want’s me to write about the big man. This will be my diary and it will help me with writing. Miss Robinson says practice makes perfect. I love to write.

July 25rd 1995 - Today is a nice day. Second grade is starting soon. I miss my friends. I like seeing my friends at school. Math is my favorite class. I also like recess time.

July 27th 1995 - Today is a cold day. I ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich. My mommy made it for me. Mommy makes the best sandwiches.

August 2nd 1995 - I saw the big man today! I think so. He was standing outside of the school. He plays hide and seek all the time. Sometimes I can’t find him. I know he is there because always is. The doctor did not tell me who the man is. Mommy says that it is my imagination but it is real. He is real.

August 7th 1995 - I started school today! School was fun. I got a gold star in english class and met some boys and girls. Jeremy is a nice friend that I made. He is also 7 and likes cars too.

August 10th 1995 - I told Jeremy about the man. Jeremy told the other students at lunch and they made fun of me. I am not friends with Jeremy anymore.

August 19th 1995 - No one wants to be my friend. They think I am weird. The sychologist is mean. I think i am the only one who can see the man. I think i am broken inside.

August 21st 1995 - I made a new friend today. He is named Kevin. He is an african american and knows a lot of jokes. I like him more than jeremy. He didn’t tease me or anything like the others. He told me he is teased too but I will not tell him about the man because he might make fun of me.

August 25st 1995 - Kevin sits next to me in lunch every day. Pizza day is the best. He does not have many friends just like me. I think it is because he reads comics. I hurt my knee at recess. I wish everyday was pizza day.

September 4th 1995 - No school today because it is Laber Day. Miss Robinson gave us three pages of homework. I am so mad! I do not like homework. I called Kevin and he said that I can sleep over this weekend. I am so excited!

September 8th 1995 - I’m at Kevin’s house! Mommy didn’t want me to go, but I lied and said that we have to work together on a project. We played Spyro and drew pictures. Kevin is my best friend.

September 9th 1995 - My birthday is in a week. I am going to turn eight years old. I want a party but mommy does not have enough money so we cant afford one. I watched TV with kevin all day and now my head hurts.

September 16th 1995 - Today is my eighth birthday! I am eight years old. Cousin Noah came to visit from Florida. He is a nice guy. His mommy bought me a kitten. I am glad mommy let me keep him. I named him Oscar and he is orange. He is my first pet and I love him a lot. Noah and Kevin and Eric slept over at my house. I love my birthday because mommy will let people stay over. I wish i knew daddy more.

September 19th 1995 - The big man was at school again. He was behind the gate at recess time. I pointed but Kevin did not see him. I cried a little but Kevin didn’t make fun of me. Kevin is a good friend. I want to show him Oscar this weekend. I had a strange dream about Grandpa. He was sitting at a table and angry.

September 22th 1995 - I hate mommy. I brought Kevin home on the bus and she got mad. She does not like me bringing kids home without telling, but she never lets me have anyone over ever. She called his mommy and he left. I am grounded for the weekend. What did I do. What did i do. I am so mad at mommy. I have Oscar.

September 29th 1995 - I got in trouble. Jeremy called me names at recess and I kick him. I had to talk to the mr principal. He is a scary bald man. He remind me of the big man. I am grounded again. He called me idiot and stupid but I get in trouble because I hurt himb but he hurt me more. It isnt fair i want jeremy to die. I got sent home and didn’t get to have pizza. I hate everyone.

October 4th 1995 - I had a bad dream about the big man again. I have dreams of him a lot. The house was empty and I was alone with a flashlight. I hided from hom him but he found me and I screamed. I woke up and he was in my closet and I screamed. Mommy came in and tuned on the light and no one was there. The man wants to take me and the other children on a vacation. I do not like him and I don’t want to go with him. I can’t sleep.

October 6th 1995 - I am bored today. Mommy doesn’t play with me a lot. She talks on the phone and watches TV and leaves for book club on fridays and I can’t come. I know that daddy died when I was a baby but I really want a daddy to live with. Maybe he would play with me. Oscar sleeps all day and wont play. Mommy wants me to take pills. I dont like pills because they make me sick.

October 13th 1995 - I hate everything. The kids beat me up today. The big man was behind the jungle gym and I ran to the slide and the kids pushed me down. My leg is sprained. Michael and Jeremy got referrals. Mommy says the man is in my imagination. My imagination scares me.

October 20th 1995 - Im sick with flu. Mommy makes me take more disgusting medecine and pills. The doctor says I have a virus. Oscar doesn’t care that I am sick, he sleeps with me anyway. I had a nightmare too. I was in my bed and couldn’t move. The door opened and a man came over to my bed and told me to get a journal. He was made of black. He scares me like the big man does. They are friends.

October 22th 1995 - I cant do anything because i have a high fever. I am sore and cough a lot. I drew pictures and watched TV all day. I wish I had a brother or daddy to play with. Being alone is boring. I wish Noah lived closer too. He was fun to play with.

October 22th 1995 - (Mr. Scars writing “You will kick, and you will scream, and tell yourself, it is only a dream. But your eyes are open, the pinch you can feel, for you are not asleep, the dream is real.”)

October 30th 1995 - Back to school today. Didn’t see Kevin. Maybe he’s sick too. I dont like eating lunch alone. We learned about dinosaurs today. They are millions of years old. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and see them.

November 3rd 1995 - I’m going to Noah’s house in Florida for his birthday on the 11th! I am so excited! Mommy said that we are going in a week. I am so happy and I cant wait to see him. I dont have many friends in alabama. I had a strange dream again. I was in this dark house and I saw the dark man. He told me to follow him and he showed me this door and told me to open it. I woke up before I could open it. I wet the bed.

November 11th 1995 - I’m in Florida now for Noah’s birthday. He is four years old. Noah is a lot of fun. I saw the man again but i didnt look and kept playing. We played a bunch of games and swam in his big pool. I wish Noah lived closer. He is young but we are friends.

November 12th 1995 - I saw the man before I left Noah’s house. He stands outside of a window. He had branches again this time. He looked like a black tree. Maybe he is a guardian angel like in the stories. I don’t think so. Angels have faces.

November 15th 1995 - I saw him for the second time today… why does he not move? I was at school having lunch and I went to the bathroom and he was there. He was closer now, so I ran to him. I don’t remember but I woke up on the floor outside my house with scratches. I was really scared. I went inside and there was the police. They said I was gone for a day. It is now november 16th. I am in the car going to the hospital now. Mommy is calm.

November 17th 1995 - Doctors said I am ok I think. I stayed the night, mommy had to leave because of book club. A man came to visit me at night. I pretended to be asleep. He said he loved me and kissed my head. I think it was the docter but i dont know if it was a dream. Heading back home but I have to take more pills now. I hate the pills, they make me dizzy and sick. Mommy doesn’t like me talking about the big man, she gets sad. I want to go to New York for christmas because I want to see snow and grandpa and grandma. Mommy said we might. I’m not as sad today.

November 20th 1995 - Kids at school made fun of me again because they said I ran away but I didn’t. Kevin is still a good friend. At least I have Kevin. He asked what happened and I told him the truth. He is the only person who listens to me about the big man. He thinks it is a ghost but I think its a monster. I don’t know if he is a good monster or a bad monster.

December 6th 1995 - I thought I lost my journal but I kept it under my bed and forgot. The pills make me forget more. I wish I could talk to docter coranthal who gave me the journal about the big man. I asked mommy but she said that she doesnt know his phone number. I am scared of the big man because he does not do anything.

December 16th 1995 - Finally! It is christmas break! No more school or homework or bullies. I got an award for the best grades in the class. The bullies called me nerd and geek but I felt ok because I am smarter than them. Mommy said we are going to New York for a family reunion. I do not know anybody except grandpa and grandma.

December 21st 1995 - I am on a plane now. It was scary for a little while but now its cool to see the ground from way up high because everyone looks like ants. My ears hurt and it is shaky. mommy gets nervous when we fly. I’m sad because I could not bring Oscar but he is ok. We are going to get pizza when we land, I love pizza.

December 25th 1995 - Merry Christmas! The family reunion happened today. I met a lot of cousins and other relatives. I have a cousin named Bill and a neece named Elizabeth, but they are boring. We had good food and had a party. Grandpa was sitting by himself. I said hello, but he didn’t hear me. He looked at me and said something funny sounding. He looked angry and grabbed my arm. Mommy took me away and said not to talk to grandpa. I don’t understand.

December 26th 1995 - I went to sleep and woke up at Grandpas house. It was dark and scary. I walked around and found a door. It was from my dream. I opened it and found a box. I wanted to open it but I dont know why. I got it open and the light went on and grandpa was there with a gun. He yelled at me and I ran. I ran down the stairs and got out the door. Mommy was there with the police. Why did grandpa kidnapped me.

???? - mommy took me to her book club. There was no books though. It was a campfire. There was a bunch of people in big black hoods and they had masks that were wite. We listened to a man talk about the lord like at church and then we drank something. I fell asleep and woke up and my tummy hurt and my arm had a bandage on it and it was really sore. they made me say weird things and pleag allegance like to flag at school. I was wearing a robe now and the man came over to me and said “you are one of us now” and then we went home. I think they drank my blood. is this what a book club is? I dont like it at all.

???? - I asked mommy why we go to two churches. She says it’s to get closer to daddy, closer to god. I asked if it was the same god like at church. She didnt say anything. She says that im real sick and theyre trying to help me, but if i tell anyone about them i wont get healed. im good at keeping secrets. Ill be healed.

???? - We learned how to draw family trees today in school, here is my family tree

?? 97 - We are going on a boat trip with mommy and noah and noahs parents and grandpa and grandma and uncle alex and aunt jo. Im excited, ive never been on a boat before.

November 11

On November 3, 2017, Scriniarii posts:

That’s the way you do it.

On November 10, 2017, Scriniarii posts the following message in Fence Rail cipher (prefaced with “Get ready Kids!”):

After the second eleven halved the sensum will gather in the designated place where the ones with keys will be rewarded for their patronage.

On November 11, 2017, Scriniarii’s account is hijacked:

how yall doin fam
hows ur veterans day goin

Scriniarii posts:

I had to let that happen. It worked last time.
Put the two parts of what just happened together
Also please save the back and forth transcript
As a reward here is an answer to a personal question about me


Combinia (Discord) writes:

Will you give us a hint regarding the meaning behind this image? ie what we are meant to do with it.

On November 12, 2017, Scriniarii responds:

Something changed. Something was altered. Use this upload and if someone tried to use severance on it, don’t attempt with this. You will know what that tool does soon.
[reupload of Scriniarii’s last image, which went down]
As for a hint, what do the movers want?
There is no keyword. Stop trying to get creative with severance. This is a hint about me and nothing else. Figure out the last picture before someone uses severance wrong again and fucks it up for everyone. This is not hard.
Seriously wait to experiment with severance. You will get a crash course very soon.
Some of you are like children with a gun. Just because you have it does not mean you need to shoot everything.

Amazing how everyone is an expert.
I have other things to do than hand hold you through something with no real relevance to the loop. You need to forget the first image. It’s scrap because someone with “the right intentions” locked it without knowing how to use the key. And stop. Stop trying to decider that. I tell you not to use severance and here in my log I see that you immediately start talking about it again. Not everything needs to be shot.
Last image. That’s all.
I’m leaving

Putting the image through a decryption algorithm on Lunapic with keyword “MTV” yields the following image:


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