Rodzby Incident


OK, someone needs to own up to some internet detective shit: I received an envelope through my door, no address on it, at 4am this morning. As far as I know nobody I know is a goon and even if they were my address is not listed in my profile.

The envelope contained an old mobile phone, a note and some odd looking things that look like eggs or something:


The egg (Insect eggs?) things are very odd indeed, if there are any entomology goons out there I’d love to know what they are:


I found a USB cable and was able to attach the phone to my PC to charge it up. There was no sim card in it but I had a look around on the memory card in the phone and found these photos:



These photos are all taken in places nearby to where I live, whoever did this please just tell me.
Here is a close up of the note included, please note: The drops on the envelope are water, not blood. They only look like claret because I’ve dropped the brightness and upped the contrast to make it readable.


He is not who you
think he is

He is so much more than
your insulting daubings
make him out to be

I’ve seen things you cannot
concieve[sic] of.

And I am thankful for
his instruction

when your time

Don’t Run.

So yeah, whoever did this please come forward and tell me how you found out where i live.

Edit: The phone just rang. But there’s no sim card in it how did the fucking phone just ring?

VVVVVVVVVVVVVV I’m in the southwest of England, don’t really want to be specific I’m sure you can understand. What the hell should i do if the phone rings again? I REALLY don’t want to answer it.


Holy shit, that phone is exactly the same as a phone I lost mysteriously a while ago, no joke. Thing just goddamn disappeared overnight and I never found it again. What a coincidence. Where abouts are you??


What happened to this guy?


His organs were removed, placed in a large plastic bag, and then placed back in his abdominal cavity. Also, he’s in a tree.


Rodzby, Rodzby, sittin’ in a tree
First goes your nerves, then goes your mind
Then comes the Slenderman to stick you in a pine

Dude Steel:

Picture the children frolicking on the schoolyard chanting this teasingly at their peer Rodzby.

Laughing, holding hands in a large circle, dancing around the trembling crying Rodzby….. giggling at his distress.

Openly weeping he begs them to please stop before “HE” comes again.

Fade to black with chanting and giggling increasing in volume only to be replaced by muffled shrieks of terror at the last second.


If you speak his name aloud, he WILL know your voice, and he will come for you…..



Taken from my bedroom window. Too horrible for words, how can i tell the police what REALLY happened here?!

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