Project Egypt

This blog, created by Daniel Shipman as a place to discuss an obscure story about an unorthodox expedition to Egypt, soon became significant to events that unfolded on the Dark Harvest channel. The main pages will link to these posts as they occur, as well as providing summaries of the videos linked here.

May 1st - 2011 : The Mystery of Heinrich Kaufmann II

Hello to anyone and everyone reading this blog, even though I doubt many people will follow this. I'm using this blog as more of a personal journal than anything. But anyway, here we go:

My name is Daniel and I am studying Ancient Cultures at my local community college. I'm hoping by next year I'll have enough money saved to go to University to study to become an archaeologist. Ancient civilizations, and the mystery that enshrouds them, have always been a point of interest for me. In recent years it's become my passion. How is this relevant you may ask? Let me elaborate.

One day I was at my school's library going through some textbooks (my laptop had broke and I hadn't the money for another one just yet - the one I'm using to post this now is my new one. Back on topic..) I had been going through some textbooks when I noticed something rather intriguing. An archaeologist by the name of Heinrich Kaufmann II. I had never heard of him before. I read the article in the textbook, which was quite dated (perhaps from the 1970s or 60s, I didn't check the publication date at the time). The article was a brief biography of his life - no more than a page in a section on archaeology during the early 1900s. From what I remember, he was a German born archaeologist who moved to England in his teens. He worked for a British university, I'm not entirely sure which one. He was a controversial professor at that university because of his unorthodox views of human history. He reminded me of one of those guys on that Ancient Aliens show on the history channel. He believed that most of history was being interpreted wrong and that the ancients were vastly more advanced than we gave them credit for - he even believed they could time travel and teleport. His ideas sound whacky today, and were even moreso back in his day. However, due to his impressive education and friends in high places, he was able to retain his job.

Not only that, he managed to get funding for an expedition to Egypt. He was searching for an ancient tablet that was rumored to have the secrets to the ancient's wisdom in the tomb of an unnamed Pharaoh. This was just a legend however. But, like the many archaeologists who set out in search of Atlantis, the man was undaunted and went to find this artifact.

However, that's all the information the book gave. Nothing about the outcome of this journey at all. Me, being rather curious in nature, would like to find out what happened to this man. That is why I have set up this blog.

The first thing I did was go to the library to find out more about him. However the book I read the information from before was gone, and I couldn't find a single other book with information about him in it.

I then did a search online to find out any information about him. The only information I could bring up about a "Heinrich Kaufmann" was a German wikipedia page, which I translated. My translator isn't exactly the best and so it's hard to make out what it's about. What I got from it was that a man named Heinrich Kaufmann was born in Germany in 1864 and died in 1928. He was well-educated and a teacher as well as an industrialist and ideologist. Since the Heinrich Kaufmann II (or Jr.) I am looking for made his expedition when he was in his 20s in 1906, this lead me to believe this man was his father. Any information about Heinrich Kaufmann Jr. I am looking for still eludes me. But this is a challenge and a mystery I am willing to face head-on. I think it should be pretty fun. It's like a missing person case! Or maybe I've just been watching too much Law and Order.


The image above is the image that came with the article for Heinrich Kaufmann. The caption read: "Total Board of ZdK 1903 vl, Karl Schmidtchen, Konrad Barth, Max Radestock (Chairman), Heinrich Kaufmann (Secretary)

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll update this blog when I find any new information.

- Daniel

May 17th 2011 - Heinrich Kaufmann's Fall from Grace

I know it's been weeks since I've updated this blog. No followers yet either. Can't say I'm entirely surprised. This may not be the most interesting thing to some people.

Anyway, now with finals over I can finally focus my attention on this project of mine.

After doing a google search for Heinrich Kaufmann and finding no results relevant to what I'm looking for, I decided to do a google image search instead. Nothing remarkable came up for dozens of pages. I was growing bored when around page 100 or so I found a newspaper article. There was no date on it and I couldn't see what newspaper it was from, but it was written in English. It mentions both "Heinrich Kaufmann Jr." and "Egypt". I'm sure this must be him. This also seems to back up my theory that he was the son of the Heinrich Kaufmann I found the German wikipedia page on.


Apparently he was disgraced for supposedly forging his discovery of the ancient tablet. He fled to New York after he was ousted from his job. The words are very faded and hard to read, but certain letters, like those of the caption, are very clear. It also shows a picture of Professor Kaufmann, who I hadn't seen before so I'm quite unsure whether this is the man or not. This still doesn't tell me what actually happened on the expedition.

Seems to be pointing in the right direction though. I'm going to keep up my research and post anything interesting.

- Daniel

June 7th 2011 - Mr. Clampett: Gorr'Rylaehotep

It's been quite some time since I've updated this blog. Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth updating. No one follows it. I might as well just write this down in an actual journal with the amount of people reading it haha. And to be honest between work and all the things that have been going on in my life, I was losing interest in this story. I may have never even updated it if it wasn't for the fact that I ran into my Ancient Civilizations teacher, Mr. Clampett, at work the other day.

Since school let out for the semester, I hadn't seen any of my teachers at all in fact. That was until Mr. Clampett walked into the Best Buy I work at. I was on register and I saw him. He was in fact my favorite teacher last semester and it was nice to see him. I was going on break just a few minutes after he walked in, so while I was going out to lunch I happened to see him shopping. I stopped and decided to have a chat with him, just to catch up. It wasn't until several minutes into the conversation that I thought to ask about Heinrich Kaufmann. He is quite knowledgeable not only on ancient civilizations but of the famous explorers and adventurers who brought the world knowledge of them. When I asked about Heinrich Kaufmann, he was very shocked to say the least.

He wondered why I wanted to know and I told him that I was just curious. Which is the honest truth. He seemed a tad suspicious but reluctantly told me anyway. He explained that Kaufmann was an eccentric individual and beyond that very little knowledge is available about him today. He was never all that famous and so little information was known about him to begin with, but strangely enough during the early 1990s all information about him in textbooks was removed for an uncited reason. The only biography on him ran out of publication even earlier, in the 1970s. He's become one of the most mysterious archaeologists simply due to the severe lack of information on him. Mr. Clampett was surprised when I told him I was able to find some information on him in a textbook and even a newspaper article online. When I told him the textbook most likely predated the 90s, it seemed to make more sense to him.

Lucky for me, Mr. Clampett is an older man and he's been teaching for decades. He knew quite a bit about Heinrich Kaufmann, accruing all his knowledge on him before the information was mysteriously wiped. He confirmed my suspicion that Heinrich Kaufmann Jr. was the son of the German industrialist and financier of the same name. He then proceeded to tell me a lot of information I already knew.

However, he eventually got to a part that really intrigued me. He knew quite a bit about the expedition Kaufmann made to Egypt. All information on Kaufmann's Egyptian Expedition is taken from his personal journal that he kept on his person at all times while on the trip. He wrote about the day to day activities of him and his team, made up mostly of local Egyptians. What I believe to be the most notable event in the expedition was when Kaufmann supposedly discovered the ancient tablet he was searching for, the Egyptians all started chanting:

"Gorr'Rylaehotep! Gorr'Rylaehotep! Gorr'Rylaehotep!"

Kaufmann asked his translator what this meant. The translator told him that "Gorr'Rylaehotep" was the name of a god that the locals claim came from another world and cursed the tablet. They warned Kaufmann not to take the tablet, but he was determined.

Mr. Clampett also explained what I already knew about Kaufmann's disgrace among the academic community and his retreat to New York.

This new information has renewed my interest in the story. I plan on continuing my research and updating my blog as I find out more.

If you have any new information to send me, e-mail me at moc.liamg|09nampihsd#moc.liamg|09nampihsd

- Daniel

June 18th 2011 - Chris

The other day when I checked the blog again I noticed I had received a significant amount of followers since my last post. I was very curious about this sudden interest in my story, so I checked my e-mail. Apparently it had something to do with two guys named Chris and Alex.

They have a Youtube account called DarkHarvest00, which I decided to check out. The videos were pretty unnerving.

I received an e-mail from Chris explaining his situation to me. About how he believes he is being stalked. And about who he believes is doing it. The strange thing is that the word "Gorr'Rylaehotep" which was chanted when Heinrich Kaufmann found the Egyptian tablet was found in a book that Chris and Alex received. Chris believes this book belongs to a cult and that this tablet is in some way important to them. He thinks if he can find out more information on Kaufmann and the tablet, it may help him figure out why these people are stalking him and his friends.

I really don't know how much I will be able to help, but I did agree to continue my research for his sake. I also decided to look into other things that were relevant to him: the Atlantic Test Site and the Day Camp that he visited before. I really feel for these guys and want to help them out as much as I can. I'm glad my little research project is actually being used for something worthwhile. I find it surprising that the police haven't looked into this case more, but I suppose the sheer ridiculousness of it and the fact they never found any evidence made them think this was a hoax of some sort. But I believe Chris and will help them out any way I can. I'm very busy with work however and don't have much free time lately. I'll try to research as much as I can about Kaufmann and the other articles of interest for them when I can.

- Daniel

July 31st 2011 - The Rainwood Incident

This past month I've been busy with work and my social life, but I did manage to squeeze some time in to research some things for Chris and Alex. The first thing I found information on was Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center, located right across the street from their late friend Greg's home.

Founded in the late 1950s by a Mr. Lawrence Rainwood, the Day Camp was a complex where children would stay during the summer months. It had large dining halls, a full kitchen, craft rooms as well as a large swimming pool. The camp was in operation from the mid 50s until the summer of 1958, when something called the "Rainwood Incident" occurred.

According to police reports dating back to June of 1958 all the way to May of 1960, every single child staying at the Day Camp disappeared on the evening of June 19th, 1958. This coincided with the first double-homicide committed by a serial killer, who was dubbed by the police as "The Tall Man". The murders occurred just two miles from the camp. Many speculated that the disappearances were the work of the Tall Man, though there was no evidence to back this claim. All adults who worked at the camp were institutionalized shortly after the incident, labeled clinically insane by physicians after claiming that a monster came and took the children away.

The largest missing persons case in the history of the State of New Jersey during the 50s, the Rainwood Case became a nation-wide story. For nearly three years, the police searched for the 72 missing children to no avail.

Shortly after the case surfaced in the media, however, it was forgotten. Newspapers no longer talked about it --merely days after the story arose-- and it did not become a media firestorm like so many expected it would become. Despite this, even after the three-year search for the children ended, family members of the missing children continued their search. The children to this day have not been found.

Strangely, just weeks after the Rainwood Incident first occurred there was a fire at the Day Camp. The building suffered a lot of structural damage and all documents in the building, including personal information about the children, were lost. The building was scheduled to be torn down the next year, but instead was bought by an anonymous landlord who refurbished it. It was then in use again from 1965 to 1998, when it was closed again for unknown reasons. The building has been abandoned ever since.

The history of the Day Camp prior to the Rainwood Incident is very foggy due to the severe lack of documentation, all lost in the fire.

All but one photo, that is.


This mysterious photo resurfaced a few years later, supposedly by a family member of one of the missing children who found it in the debris of the fire. No one knows who took the photo, or why.

Another thing to note about the photo, both striking and startling, is the figure. No one knows who the figure is, or why the photographer did not notice the figure while taking the picture. Some speculate it is a forgery, made by a family member of a missing child to perpetuate the legend of the Tall Man and to pin the disappearances on him in order to re-invigorate the search for the Rainwood children.

The person who resurfaced the photo was given this response by the police:

"The sad truth of the matter is that, after three years, the Rainwood children will most likely never be found. We give our sincerest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the families of the lost children. As far as the [serial] killer, the Tall Man… that issue is being handled by the federal government. We have our best boys working on that case. He will one day be brought to justice." - Chief of Police, Ronald White

- Daniel

November 13th, 2011 - I'm Still Alive

Yeah, I'm not dead t(hough it may have seemed like it). This blog was initially meant to chronicle my research on Heinrich Kaufmann the German archaeologist, but as you may have noticed that research has fell to the wayside.

These past months I've been having trouble sleeping. Terrible nightmares. Not even sure why. I've seen a doctor, a psychologist and even an "alternative healer" and no one seems to be able to help me. Insomnia sure sucks.

The reason I'm still updating this blog at all? If you recall I started helping Chris and Alex from New Jersey out after Chris e-mailed me about his situation, and I did some research for them because we had talked and I felt their pain. I was committed to helping them solve their problems. But towards the end of the summer, I got a message from Chris saying that they were giving up their own investigation into the crazy shit that's been going on in their lives. He said they'd let the police handle it. I said "Sure, no problem." Not like I need to update this blog anyway.

But, surprisingly enough, a few days ago, I got a NEW e-mail from Chris saying they ARE going to be continuing their investigation. Christ, can't these kids make up their minds? But, regardless, I agreed again. I'll be researching anything they need me to. I mean, it's really not too much trouble to run a few searches and rifle through newspaper articles. In fact, I do find it a bit fun.

- Daniel

December 22nd 2011 - Holiday Update

Just recently I spoke with Chris and I arranged for a meeting with an employee of the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School tonight at 7:30pm EST. The school, apparently, is the next business to be opened by the Rainwood family after the Day Camp had been closed. Seeing as there is a strong perceived connection between the Tall Man and the Rainwood Day Camp, I suggested he check it out. Chris was very thankful for the opportunity, but in all honesty it wasn't hard for me to do. I'm hoping they find out some more information because I find investigating this case a really fascinating, if not completely bizarre, hobby of mine.

- Daniel


This is the outcome of that visit:

Rainwood Memorial Elementary School

April 4th 2012 - Road Trip

Hey guys, this is Daniel again. Despite my severe lack of posts on this blog, I assure you I’ve not forgotten about it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make any new posts as I’ve been keeping really busy lately with school and work, although I have been enjoying my spring break. I’ve been keeping in contact with the guys from Dark Harvest in New Jersey, especially Alex. Chris hasn’t really been communicating with me much and oftentimes avoids my e-mails and especially my messages on Skype. Alex was hesitant but eventually told me the reason why.

Regardless, I’ve been trying to help them out as much as I can by doing more research on the Atlantic Test Site and this Marc McComber guy. As far as Marc McComber goes, the story that was told to them by Heather McComber seems to check out okay, except for some minor points that seems a bit confusing. There was an M. McComber that was admitted to Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in 2001. This is extremely strange, as this hospital had a bad reputation for a high rate of suicide and abuses by the staff. The complex itself was already mandated by the State to be shut down in 2003 when Mr. McComber was admitted (which was also strange, as I’m almost positive by this time the hospital was not admitting any new patients). His record is very short and it ends a few months after his admission. His records claim he was transferred out of that hospital and to another one. I’m not sure if this was just to cover up the fact that the hospital lost one of their patients or the fact that he really was transferred to another hospital, perhaps without Heather or her family realizing it. Although, the latter choice seems to honestly be less likely in my opinion.

The Atlantic Test Site is a much harder case to crack. Any and all information I find about it states it was a site used by NASA to monitor the Sputnik Satellite during the Cold War, and after the war it was converted into a state park. Not much more information can be found than that, which is a direct contradiction to the information found in the documents Chris obtained from Heather, stating that it was a top secret military facility.

Now this week I’m going to be heading down to Florida to visit some friends who live there and I’m driving. I live in Providence, RI, so it is a bit of a drive. I contacted Alex and said I would be passing through New Jersey and I might as well stop by and meet him and Chris. I have some information I’d like to give them personally. Alex gave me an address; he said it wasn’t his own home but will most likely be there when I come to Jersey. I was a bit confused by this but agreed to meet him there. I hope they take heed of what I’m going to tell them.

- Daniel

This is a recording of when I arrived at Jeff's house and my conversation with the DH guys.


August 20th 2012 - Going to the Source

Hello again, everyone. Although I don't update this blog often, rest assured I am still around. As far as research goes, I haven't been able to find anything of significance that I didn't already know. I also haven’t been in touch with Chris or Alex that much recently, but I am still looking for any new information that could possibly aid them in any way.

The only thing that has happened since my visit that I can make a note of was that recently someone by the name of Ryan Coleman contacted me about this blog and the Rainwood Day Camp. I was a bit hesitant at first, but seeing as he only wanted the basic info about the place and some history, I was happy to oblige him with what I had found out and a little about the incident.

Given my current resources there really isn’t much more that I can do to find out any new information, as I have exhausted all leads I could find via internet research. The only way to really find anything that could be of use to Chris and Alex at this point would be to go to the source - which incidentally is what I plan on doing next. I got some time off from work and I am going back down to Florida to visit my friends again. Since New Jersey is on my way down from Providence to Florida, I am going to take this opportunity to take a day or two to explore the Atlantic Test Site for myself. It will be the perfect chance to perhaps find something that may have been overlooked, and maybe lead to some more insight about everything that is going on. I will be staying the night in order to give myself enough time to investigate the Test Site for myself. I’ll post my findings, if any, as soon as I can.

On the bright side, it seems like I will at least be able to have a travel buddy down to Florida. It seems that a friend of mine, Noah, is going to be up in the area visiting his family in New York, and has agreed to travel back down with me. This is good for the both of us, I am sure we could both use the company. New Jersey to Florida is a long, boring as hell drive. I'll see you all later, and thanks to everyone for your patience (I never update this damn thing).

- Daniel

August 24th 2012 - Daniel Shipman's Text Adventure

Well, here I am in New Jersey once again. It was about time I finally checked out this mysterious "Atlantic Test Site" for myself. I brought my camera along and took some stills to show you all what I found and experienced. I expected to go in there and find relatively nothing, but instead I was rewarded with a lot of interesting information. I guess I'll just get right into it and take it from the top.

When I arrived at the Test Site I was greeted by this sign:


I was expecting to find the large bulletin board that the Dark Harvest boys saw on their trip to the Test Site back in April of 2011. Instead, I could only find this small sign. I didn't have a map, as I was expecting to just use that board for navigating. Because of this I was forced to head into the expansive park blindly and just wander around, looking for anything of interest. However, the first thing I noted was how strange it was to me that half of this "welcome" sign warns about the violation of trespassing. That sure made me feel at home.


After walking down a gravel path for a few minutes, I came across a series of buildings and radio towers. There were dozens of radio towers, something that is pretty unusual for a park. These radio towers jive with the story I've read about the Test Site being used to monitor the Sputnik Satellite during the Cold War. There was also a cluster of run down, seemingly abandoned buildings at a clearing at the end of the road. While I was walking over to a building that looked like a large garage, my camera started freaking out. It wasn't working properly and then shut off for a few minutes. I thought this was very odd, but luckily it started working again after several attempts to turn it back on. I finished taking pictures of the buildings before moving along down the gravel road.


I had assumed all the buildings were abandoned, but to my surprise some of these buildings were hooked up to electric lines. I could hear the hum of an air conditioner coming from a small rectangular building with dirty windows and a locked door. I approached it and could hear voices coming from inside. There was a strange amount of echo in their voices, especially coming from a building that small. I approached the windows and attempted to get a better listen, but to no avail. The voices sounded too far away, oddly enough, even though the building appeared very tiny from the outside. I was starting to definitely get an uneasy feeling about the place. Things just weren't really adding up: not to mention I had not seen a single person at this park the entire time; not even a bike rider or someone walking their dog. Not a soul.


Aside from a feeling of being creeped out, I had not really found anything of significance yet. However, my luck changed when I decided to sit down at a bench. I noticed that the bench had a name on it: the name of a member of the military. It was a memorial plaque. When I looked around at the benches around me, I saw more memorial plaques. Every single one was either a member of the armed forces or a doctor. I could have easily wrote that off saying that these individuals were the only members of society that the locals deemed worthy of having plaques, but there was a peculiar similarity among many of them. About half of these people died in 1957 or 1958. It didn't take me long to realize that 1957 was the date of the Princeton Experiment. It appeared that this experiment was very, very real and in fact took place at the Atlantic Test Site. I even took a picture of the military supervisor's plaque: Lt. Col. Everett Walker (listed on the plaque as Col. E. Walker. Perhaps a post-mortem promotion? I have no clue.) Knowing that such an unethical and bizarre experiment lead by a crazed ex-Nazi scientist took place right where I was standing made me feel uncomfortable to say the least.


I continued walking throughout the park until I eventually stumbled upon a deer path that looked like it led to a radio tower. Curious, I decided to take a walk along it. After a short, maybe ten minute, walk I finally arrived at the bottom of the tower. When I finally saw the spot with my own eyes, a frightening revelation presented itself to me. This spot looked like the exact location of the induction ceremony for Greg Benson into the Order. Nearly shitting myself, but excited at the same time, I took a look around to see if I could find any evidence of cult activity. My adrenaline was pumping as I searched the location. It was also at this time that I realized becoming a private detective might not be a bad line of work for me. Not before long, I discovered this:


Melted candle wax on the iron, or steel, lattice cross section at the foundation of the tower! The likelihood of a candle stub still being attached to the tower after nearly a year and a half seemed slim to me, so this made me think that this radio tower is still an active location of cult activity. I didn't feel safe staying there any longer, so I walked back as fast as I could. Unfortunately it took me nearly a half an hour to make it out of that dense wooded area. The deer paths branch off into dead ends and there was also a large mesh gate that sat right in the middle of the forest. In retrospect, I should have taken a photo of this gate as well, as it seemed very out of place. It could possibly be how the Order keeps out others during their meetings and ceremonies.


While I was in the forest, I had heard a helicopter circling overhead. At first I thought nothing of it; it was just a helicopter passing by. But after the sound lingered in the air throughout the duration of the investigation, I found it extremely strange. Once I got back on the main gravel road, I managed to take a quick snapshot of the helicopter before it disappeared again behind the trees. It could just be paranoia talking, but it seemed as though the helicopter was monitoring my activity in the park. I figured it was watching me personally since I seemed to be the only person in the entire park.


My last, and extremely odd, experience at the Test Site was when I spotted an area that was cordoned off with an iron gate. I, not being one to read warning signs, opened the gate and began walking into the restricted area. It was a massive empty lot, with roads stretching out all across the park. There was a building off to the side that I didn't manage to get a photo of. It seemed in good repair, unlike all the other buildings within the park. When I was finally out in the open, I saw a group of maybe thirty or forty men and women gathered around, talking outside this building. When they spotted me and my camera, they angrily told me to get out and that they would have me arrested if I didn't leave the restricted area immediately. I, of course, obliged. After I exited the area, about five large trucks (that appeared to be for construction) left the open field of gravel, spraying dust in my face as they drove by. I walked away and sat on a bench as I watched a middle aged man close and lock the metal gate to the area. He gave me a dirty look before he left. I found this entire event bizarre since there didn't seem to be a reason for so many people to be gathered in one place at once. There was absolutely no construction going on, but they all took on the appearance of construction workers. It might just be the fact that I'm prone to conspiracy theories, but it definitely looked like something fishy was going on in that gated area.

Since I had agreed to meet my friend Noah at the Test Site before heading over to the hotel, I just remained on that bench and read a book until he arrived. Once he got there, he explained to me that he had some sort of manifest relating to the Order. He asked me if I could tell him anything about it, which I honestly said I don't know all that much about them aside from what I've read. For first hand accounts, I told him to meet with the Dark Harvest guys. I agreed to drive him over to Chris's house for a meeting after contacting Chris and Alex and making sure it's alright with them. Hopefully something useful will come out of their meeting. I'm just hoping this won't delay us getting down to Florida, because my friend Sam is waiting for us down there.

- Daniel

August 31st 2012 - My Perspective

The Missing Days; Formal Apology

Noah and I made it down to Florida okay. I couldn't quite believe the story he told me until he showed me the footage himself; it's really incredible. While all that was going on, however, I had begun recording myself over the course of the three days that Noah, Chris and Alex were missing. This is a compilation of that footage. Also, I would like to sincerely apologize to both parties involved. This didn't have to happen and in some ways this is my fault. I really hope you accept my apology.

- Daniel

September 6th 2012 – Daniel Shipman, PI for hire

So apparently I am now everyone’s go to person for their everyday puzzle solving and paranormal needs. I should really start charging for my services or something. I am getting ahead of myself however, let me back up a bit and explain.

I got back from my shortened trip to Florida on the 3rd and figured I would take the remaining time off to go up and stay with my friend at his summer house in New Hampshire for a few days just to clear my head and try to gain back a sense of stability. I should’ve known better than to have such hopes. Soon after I arrived in New Hampshire I got a message from the same Ryan person from before that had contacted me about the Rainwood Day Camp.

Apparently he took it upon himself to go and do an investigation of his own of the old day camp and had found something there. Now I was not entirely sure what this had to do with me besides the fact that I had done some research on it, but apparently he needed my help with figuring out something that had to do with what he had found there.

Now… this was right after the crazy ass week I had just had and, the last thing I wanted to do was delve right back into this, or more importantly, involve anyone else in this mess. However I did give him a call, and although I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, he seemed very adamant that I was going to be able to help him, and that it was a matter of great importance. I eventually agreed to have a meeting with him at my friend’s summer home.

These were the events that followed:

Meeting Daniel

I really hope I did the right thing here guys,

- Daniel.

September 30th 2012 – New Projects

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to update you all on a few things I have started and will be working on in the coming months. With everything that has been going on with Chris, Alex and everyone else, information starts building up and eventually it becomes hard to keep track of. I personally would like to have a sense of organization in order to understand the flow of events regarding what exactly is going on here. I'm sure many of you agree.

This is why I have taken it upon myself to make sort of a video summary of everything that has happened to date, in order. Now, I realize there is a lot of content to cover, and can’t really be done effectively in one video. Instead I am going to break the timeline into sections and focus each video on that specific time period. This way I can upload the videos as I complete them, part by part. I am not sure how long it is going to take me to make these videos as I have not worked with very many video editing software programs before. There is going to be a bit of a learning curve as I go through with this project.

That said, feel free to distract me and/or make me procrastinate this daunting project with the new formspring or twitter I just set up recently. You can find them here: [Formspring and Twitter links]. This will give me something to do in between working on this video project.

I'll keep everyone informed and updated as I make my progress with these videos.

- Daniel

January 4th, 2013 - My New Venture

Hello again, followers. It's been quite a while since I have updated this blog. In fact, so much has happened that I've decided to just explain everything in video format. This video can be found here:

Daniel Shipman, Jan. 4th Update

Video Notes

I am certain that Kind von der Ritter mentions me explicitly in the "Memoir" video, and that he is instructing me to go to New Jersey. This screen cap is all I need to convince me that this message was intended for me:


I'm positive he is referring to me (D-A-N-I-E-L) as the "herald" of this message. Perhaps Chris and Alex are not even going to see this video? Although the channel hasn't uploaded anything in over a year, I'd hope they'd at least be paying enough attention to it to notice this video. But if they haven't, I guess I will be the one to bring it to their attention.

In addition to this initial element that caught my attention, during the closing segment of the video, text appears that reads "this weapon is right under your Noses", "Just listen". The capitalized letters spell out "NJ", and from him saying this weapon is "right under their noses" I concluded this means whatever I am looking for can be found near the Dark Harvest boys themselves, in New Jersey.

Aside from this, the video confirmed my suspicions as to the identity of Kind von der Ritter. I am close to positive that it is the Order's own Oracle. After hearing this video speak of KvdR foreseeing the future and other seemingly psychic abilities, it didn't take me long to put two and two together. I could be wrong, but I find the chances of that highly unlikely. What this means for the current state of everything, I have no idea, but it certainly puts things into perspective.

I have already uploaded an image of the key I received on Twitter, and its rather uninteresting, so I don't feel the need to post it again. However, I will show you a photo I took of the letter I received.


Apparently even cultic secret societies aren't immune to the dreaded form letter. After realizing this message was in fact not a letter inviting me to a PTA meeting, I proceeded to piss myself. But joking aside, this was the moment I realized I had to do something and fast.

I have already contacted Chris and made arrangements to drive down there tomorrow and meet up with him. I feel he's a bit more approachable than Alex at the moment, given his attitude in the past. I hope that we will be able to uncover the secret that will end our problems with the Order for good.

- Daniel

September 11, 2013 - 9 Months

Hello everyone. I know it has been quite a while, but here is the update as promised.

Although I did record a video update as well, which can be found here:

September 11, 2013 Update - Nine Months.

I will be talking to a number of the points within the video here in more detail.

To start off I think I'll speak more about the Brandt-Crater Cemetery incident; for all I know, the Order could very well have found what ever it was that Lawrence had hid there on their own without the use of the map. It has been nine months after all. Even though I am sure there is only so much legal influence that they have, that amount of time is enough to find some way to thoroughly and systematically check that location. With that being said, there is nothing I can do about it without it being detrimental to myself and anyone I associate myself with due to the threat of The Order.

In terms of what happened to Lawrence Rainwood (aka "A Lord In Woe"), or the identity of Jacob Rainwood and his suspicious lack or records, I really cant say anything with absolute certainty. However, I can theorize that Lawrence knew some trouble was headed his way, and for whatever reason, the lack of records with regards to his alleged "son" Jacob is somehow connected to this. It would make sense that his son would want to protect the memory of his father, but given the scenario and how Jacob was so determined to find what ever it was that Lawrence had hidden, I am lead to believe he didn't want people to know something about either his own or his father's past.

As I mentioned in the video, I do not believe that Jacob Rainwood was expecting an outside source to prod so much at the doings of his own Order. He probably had things safely under control within the Order until outsiders started to shake up things. This is why I believe KindVonDerRitter knew how to push me in the right direction in order to potentially find this secret. If nothing else, I am sure I caused a few questions to be asked within The Order and stirred things up a bit with the higher ups even if I did not achieve my goal.

This leads me to KindVonDerRitter himself. He seems to want to help, but has also been a threat. This by itself begs a lot of questions, but when you throw in the fact that he is most likely Marc McComber and the Order's Oracle, it makes me even more confused. Like for instance, if the Oracle is the one that is predicting all of these events happening, and is in the Order itself, wouldn't it be pretty obvious that he was working against The Order's actions? It's clear that he betrayed them at some point and is working to try to amend his actions (or so it seems), but then why would The Order continue to pretend as if he was still working with them like before? One thing I am certain about is that with everything we have witnessed since all this started there are things that we cannot explain. Some things that KVDR is capable of seem truly supernatural, and the same laws that apply to us in this world may not necessarily apply to him.

Theories and conspiracies aside, this leads me to what my life has evolved into in the past nine months since the Brandt-Crater incident. As I mentioned, on top of having to quit my job, my life now consists of me moving from place to place and always watching my back. However, my limited budget could only carry me so far. It was impossible to cover the cost of living on the road. In order to sustain myself I turned to the one thing I have always excelled at doing - finding information. However, in my current state, I am certainly not going to put my self at risk in order to find every bit of information for a particular job or client. Instead I formulated an idea to have a network within a network and establishing a sort of business. I began sifting through a number of contacts, each with their own specific networks, that I had come to know personally or via a mutual acquaintance. After thorough checking I determined who I would be able to trust. From there, potential clients would go through me; I would give them a quote for the job based on its difficulty and risk level. I would then delineate work to the specific contact that would be able to easily obtain the information required, whatever it may be. They would then relay this information back to the client and complete the transaction.

Work was slow to start, but as time went by, we established ourselves more. My business eventually transformed from a small information network into a full-fledged information brokering firm. We handle the acquisition and selling of information. Even though I am still taking many steps to assure my safety from day to day, this method has allowed me to have a buffer between me and not only the clients, but potential lingering danger from The Order. I am able to call all the shots, and control everything from a secondary standpoint.

Of course, now that clients are more frequent, I have to be selective of what work I take. Some things are just not worth the risk for what a client is proposing to pay. On the other hand, I don't need to needlessly load my primary contacts with too much work; some of them still have their own working lives that they have to attend to.

Well, now at least you know what I've been up to recently, I'll try to update more frequently. Or at least more frequently than every nine months at least.

- Daniel

Cheers. Here's to you. You sick fucks.

Posted September 14, 2013

Because I have shit to say and also in accordance of the fuck it adjustment: "Fuck it."

So, even though, I am yeah probably going to think its stupid later to put this up:


"Fuck it." Because, I have an opinion that I want to say and I want them to hear. Because, they fucked up. I am telling you now. They fucked up. And one way or another, from some way or someone, they are going to pay.

I still don't know why I am alive? But that doesn't mean I am just gunna lay down and die. No, because fuck them. So fuck that shit.

Also, I am sorry to Charlie for saying your name, so there's that. Guess i'll be careful to stick to the aliases from now on, because no more death.

No more.

September, 2013 - Realizations.

Posted October 1, 2013

Hello everyone. There isn't really much else to say to this video, so i'll keep it short and to the point.

Update #3: Realizations

To restate myself, I am not about to let this kind of opportunity pass me by. I have also decided that the risks involved with releasing this information to the general populous was worth the potential outcome. That said, reserve your concerns about this decision, what is done is done, and I am not taking this footage down.

Now, in terms of the video itself, I have a busy schedule to keep to, and there happened to be a time where I was able to multitask during my work in order to record my findings. The details of my work are irrelevant to information provided within the video, so to put it simply, don't bother asking about it.

Ambiguity serves no purpose if you explain all the details after all.

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