Padre Flaco

Anyone ever heard of Padre Flaco? A friend of mine who used to live in Mexico told me a campfire story about him when we were camping a while back. It was mostly the generic forest monster stuff about creatures stealing children and stuff. Do you think a Mexican legend about a tall man wearing black robes like a priest who lives in the forest is a coincidence or part of a pattern?

I think in some variations he wears a military dress uniform. I wonder if it actually wears different clothes depending on the observer.

I would have to agree that TSM presents itself differently depending on its target. That would seem to indicate some type of telepathy possibly? An ability to read the mind of its victim, to know what type of image to project. Or maybe it simply studies the population that it’s hunting in and varies its camouflage accordingly.

We naturally will respond positively to a man in a black suit because generally if you’ve got a suit, you’re a business man, worthy of respect. So in places like Mexico, where Catholicism is still very influential, it shouldn’t be shocking that TSM would present as a Priest. And if you go back far enough into their history, soldiers were very prevalent and needed to be respected, so presenting as a soldier would be natural as well.

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