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Aside from the six significant works covered in-depth on this wiki, many more webseries comprise the “Slenderverse” –an alternative name for the Slender Man mythos that emphasizes its (often, but not always) shared continuity. This site, as a fundamental introduction to the Slender Man mythos, cannot cover every series, so this page for recommended other series is here to showcase the great variation present between stories about a character that anyone can write. More extensive lists on the subject can be found here, here, and here.

The Andersen Journals

2011 – Present: YouTube

You think it’s interesting, so you pick up your camera and you start filming things too. You start uploading things because you think you see, like, a flicker in the frame or someone that’s there that’s not supposed to be. You upload it, too. Someone watches that, they grab their camera and they start bringing it around, and he comes around. That’s the virus.

Also known by its channel title “MLAndersen01”, this story starts with Michael Andersen vlogging about his release from a hospital and becomes about his conflicted relationship with his brother Shaun –complicated especially by Michael’s split personality named Patrick and the brothers’ need to understand the ties between the Slender Man and a mysterious grandfather clock from their childhood. It’s a character-driven series that uses its dramatic element and minimal Slender Man appearances exceptionally well, deriving most of its mystery from character motivations.

Whispered Faith

2012 – Present: YouTube | Twitter

It, and its group of insane followers, proceeded to dismantle my life and set me on the run. All because I have something they need: a key piece in a ritual that will merge the Speaker’s world with ours. I’ve watched friends betray me, I’ve watched friends be driven away, and I’ve watched friends die. All because they want what I have.

In this series, Lee and Mo’s investigation of disturbances in Lee’s home reveals to them a malevolent cult that follows the entity responsible –not the Slender Man, but the Rake. It takes a monster notoriously more difficult to depict on-camera and does so surprisingly well, combining compelling new supernatural elements with those of the original story. However, it resembles a Slender Man series tonally through its escalating horror and aesthetically with all the forests, urban decay, and lunatic writings one could desire.

Seeking Truth

2010 – 2012: Main Blog | The Mystic | Left Behind.m4v

I think- and this may just be me- but I think that every single person that has ever recorded something involving Slender Man had an encounter with him when they were children. For some reason- maybe they forgot about it, maybe they had a guardian who knew how to protect them, or maybe, in my case, they simply moved to a new location- he didn't get them then. But then they grew older, and Slender Man slowly crept his way back into their lives. My guess is, again, the omniscience; he knows when it will be that he takes them.

Hardboiled detective Zeke Strahm cares little for the blog his partner Lizzie encourages him to keep until it becomes his platform to analyze cases that turn out to involve the Slender Man –once they escalate enough, he can no longer dismiss it as just an internet myth. Obviously, this blog makes the best of its written format to tell a very different kind of Slender Man story than usual, which allows it and its sequel “The Mystic” to provide a compelling look into the monster’s true nature based on many series taken altogether. Also, the main character is just plain badass.

TJ and Amy Film Projects

2011: YouTube | Twitter | Recovery Post

I know so much more about these things that we’re up against that… they’re capable of anything. Worse than anyone could even imagine. And it just… I die because I know that Dahlia is with one of them. If not all of them.

Ever since TJ and Amy’s plans to parody the Slender Man for a film class ended with them finding the real one, they experience a cycle of stalking from it and new mysterious figures that also threatens TJ’s baby daughter, Dahlia. Also known by its channel title “TJAProjects”, this series does well with the close-to-home aspect of the Slender Man, integrating its targeting of children when few others do. Note: seeing it in full requires downloading four videos from the “Recovery Post” tab due to user complaints getting them removed from YouTube.

Dreams in Darkness

2010: Main Blog | Watch This City Burn | The Ending

He's constantly changing. It's as though, with every encounter, he's never quite the same being twice. It's like there aren't any rules with him - he simply is.

How the hell do you fight that? How do you resist chaos?

Damien O’Connor starts a blog about his everyday life and, when his roommate Ted introduces him to the burgeoning new Slender Man mythos, tries his hand at a Slenderblog of his own –but faced with a frightening side of himself and demons from his past, Damien falls off the deep end. This blog exceeds expectations for pacing and plotting, so that even the early “normal blog” entries develop characters –and it notably ends with multiple possibilities as to just how unreliable its narrator was. Deja Vu Dreamer is a sequel in which the blog’s “author” announces that Dreams in Darkness will become a novel… right before falling down the same hole.

Keratin Garden

2012 – Present: YouTube | Twitter

There’s a lot that I don’t know, so let me tell you what I do know. My name is Story Parker. For the past six months, something’s been following me. Sometimes it looks tall, with a blank white face and dark, spidery limbs… sometimes it looks like a big black dog with glowing eyes that looks through my windows. I don’t know what it wants but it has to want something, because it has not left me alone.

Story just wanted to make nail tutorials on YouTube, but paranoia-inducing incidents first with the Slender Man and then with the mysterious Black Dog reveals to her the schemes of an ominous pharmaceutical company called Ajax that alleges to help against the former. It has solid effects and a unique, quality plot, drawing out the channel’s initial premise for just as long as is necessary and pacing out the mystery just as well.

Compile TRUTH

2010 – 2012: YouTube | Twitter | Dr. Cairo's Blog | Benefactor

For the last month, something has been keeping me up at night. That something is the reason for this channel. It is unpredictable. It is unknown. It is fear incarnate. I intend to bring order from chaos. Knowledge is power. It is with this knowledge that we will survive. I know this is a double edge sword. The more radiant the light… the greater the shadows become. I no longer care. Truth begins now.

Someone calling himself “Dr. Cairo Zelphest” starts a research project on different Slender Man series with the relatable stated intention of piecing together common threads between them -but when it creeps into his own life as he knew it would, his true reasons for spreading knowledge of the monster come into question. This series embodies the kind of overzealous ARG analysis that made Slenderverse fan communities of the time so enjoyable, and the premise makes its tie-ins with other series come rather naturally. And he’s not really a doctor… he just plays one on YouTube.

The Tutorial

2010 – 2011: Main Blog

This isn't a blog about how weird stuff will start happening to me, then I get paranoid, then I start to hear about Slenderman from other people and don't believe you until it's too late and He's sitting right in front of me eating a cookie and I'm screwed. That already happened to me. And I survived. Because I was smart, I learned the rules, I kept moving. That's what this blog is, a way to teach people how to win against Him.

M, this target of the Slender Man’s stalking, makes a blog of monster survival lessons based on what he’s learned while on the run from it -acknowledging that all accounts of the Slender Man, his included, can put unaware new readers at risk due to the Slender Man’s origins as a tulpa. It’s a nicely-written blog with all the running, vigilance, and gallows humor one would expect from an apocalypse survival story, except that the existential threat is limited to select people in the know and ought to stay that way for the good of humanity.

Caught Not Sleeping

2011 – 2014: YouTube | Twitter | RoivasSevil | 1AmTheHelp3r | Tumblr | Fan-made Wiki

Alone we are weak, together We risk further feeding the beast.

Caught, as he is nicknamed by the players (including Natalie, one who joins his investigation directly), takes to the internet in the hopes of curing his exhaustion only to find himself led on by two opposing figures who claim to help him against the monster(s). This series started out remote from the rest of the Slenderverse tonally and only became more so over time, but it’s carved out its own unique niche for its viewer interaction, elaborate storyline, and good visual effects and imagery. Note: the unlisted videos from the seemingly empty “1AmTheHelp3r” page can be viewed from the wiki, which is essential to understanding the story.

Stan Frederick

2016 – Present: YouTube | Twitter

Spending the second half of my life making up for the first half.

Ever since the ending of “StanFrederickBTS” from 2012 through 2013 gave Stan Fredrick immunity to monsters like the Slender Man and the Rake, he has used it to help people as a paranormal investigator but eventually gets caught in the same trap all over again. This series is a reboot and sequel to an older one (its videos all currently set to private) that already played around with old clichés and thrived off of character development, but the reboot does it even better.

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