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I don't know what's real anymore.

I've read this thread, getting chuckles from the pics and stories, loving the youtube clips.

until last night;
I'm naturally kind of an insomniac, especially when it's hot outside. (too hot to sleep) I was up late last night, listening to music, and reading the forums.

my crappy computer speakers started distorting, I checked itunes to make sure it hadn't just switched to some ambient music track or something. then the squealing started. I might be going crazy but I thought i heard a voice in the squealing. it just kept repeating "soon…very soon." and then it clicked.

I was hearing the same kind of distortion that some of the marble hornets videos had. I turned off my speakers as soon as I realized.

at this point I was freaking the fuck out. I ran around my house closing windows and locking them, the last window was the one right by my computer. on the second floor.

it had a curtain covering it, I pulled that aside so I could close and lock that window. IT WAS STARING ME RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FACE! I froze completely, I couldn't make a sound, tears were streaming down my face. I stood there and shook while that thing just silently stared.

then it set something on the window sill, and said one word to me. it was so quiet, like someone exhaling a breath. but I think it said "a gift".

I looked down, and there was my cat's head, sitting on the window sill, staring at me. I looked back up, it was gone.

I shut and locked that window, and sat in the exact middle of the biggest room in my house, as far from any wall, window, or door as I could get.

I stayed that way, crying and praying until the sun rose.

at this point I've been up almost 30 hours, I'm so scared. my cat's head is still on the window sill. I'm not opening the window to get it.

My neighbor is back, from where I do not know. He brought guns, and is shooting them often, more than I would like. A strawman has been set up towards the back of his yard, it is thin and tall, very business like. He shoots at it often, yet no damage has been done, it seems he keeps his work in good order. I ask him why he does that, he says to prepare, and as revenge. His children have been missing for years now, the court says they ran away because he was an alcoholic, he’s sober now. He watches, through windows, and doors, and he waits. The strawman was gone yesterday, I asked, he said enough was enough, tonight it ends. He’s not been back. the branches in my yard are laying there, but the willow seems to have more branches than ever, I’m going to check soon, maybe tomorrow, it’s very dark tonight.


I took this picture out the window last night, then got the fuck out of the apartment. This was taken on the 18th floor. I’m staying with a friend for the next week, there is no fucking way I am going back there anytime soon.

I was hesitant about posting this but here goes.

A week ago I was riding my mountain bike down a trail when I must have blacked out. I never do that. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground tangled in the bushes. I must have hit a tree or rock or something and wrecked - my front tire was completely tacoed. Anyway, I got scraped up pretty good.

Thought I was healing well until I noticed something.

I took this this morning:


A few weeks ago, I let my mom borrow one of my cameras. She wanted to know how to use the timer on it, and I couldn’t remember how, so as she drove me home, I played with it until I remembered, taking pictures of the road, etc.

The next day, I got so sick, I was out of my mind, completely incoherent. I actually ended up staying with my mom a few days later, because I wasn’t going to turn down free food and a doting mother while I was sick. One night while there, I took my puppy out for a midnight pee. All of a sudden, she flipped out (very unlike her, as she’s usually really submissive and quiet and just a little bit too needy) and started barking at seemingly nothing. Then I saw him. A tall man, all dressed in black, slipping around a corner and out of sight. All night I had dreams that I was video taping myself, and I kept waking up in a cold sweat, thinking that it wasn’t enough, that I needed to change the tapes, that I needed to film from a different angle. It was really weird, and I was kind of freaked out. The next day I took my dogs and went back to my place in the city.

Today, my mom brought back my camera. She’s not computer-savvy enough to download her own pictures, so everything was still in it, including the test pictures I took, two weeks ago. Among them I found this:


Now I’m sort of hoping the constant stream of drunken bros lined up for the club across the street will keep our slender friend at bay. Or at least he’ll kill them all first… right?

Actually, this Slender Man thread has me all paranoid. See, my grandmother died about a week ago, and since I live closest, it’s my job to clean out her place. This was the last time I was going to see the place, so I took some pictures. This is their old piano, which we’d moved into the center of the room.

That shadow made my nearly jump out of my skin, because of this thread. I ran outside to see what the hell it was. I’m pretty sure it was just the ridiculously creepy neighbor, though, because there wasn’t anything outside when I got there.

Still, though, it’s pretty creepy, right? The shadow looks like it has the tentacles/branching arms and everything.


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