Marble Hornets Season Three

The third season of Marble Hornets ran from March 10, 2012 to June 20, 2014 and is comprised of the videos “Entry #53” through “Entry #87”. Jay continues his investigation aware of the threat Alex poses under the Operator’s influence and reluctant to trust Tim while learning of his true involvement in events from the hooded man. Indeed, codes from totheark on both YouTube and Twitter reveal much to the audience once Jay and Tim begin to frequently omit information for their own safety.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. “Entry” videos come from Marble Hornets, whereas videos with one-word titles come from totheark.


November 28 through December 10, 2011, Jay tweets:

No sign of Tim as of right now. Still in the downtown area.

I've been sleeping much too well recently. It's an odd change of pace.

BraveDave88 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Surely a good sign though?

Jay responds:

@BraveDave88 I'm not going to say anything for sure.

January 7 through 10, 2012, Jay tweets:

Getting back out there today. Maybe I'll ask some people around downtown if they've seen anyone that looks like Tim.

No luck today. Maybe there will be more people there tomorrow.

No luck again. Maybe Tim isn't a regular around here and it was just a lucky coincidence that I saw him when I did?

Going to look outside of the downtown area soon. There is still Rosswood park, but I'm not going there alone.

SwagBruceington on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Who would you go with?!

Jay responds:

@SwagBruceington That's the problem. I don't trust anyone.

January 12 through 17, 2012, Jay tweets:

Drove by Rosswood Park today. Almost stopped, but then I realized that's a terrible idea. Why did I even consider it?

Couldn't sleep last night. First time that's happened in a while.

msmarvelli on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets did you have any weird dreams or nightmares?

Jay responds:

@msmarvelli Don't think so. Can't really remember though.

Jay tweets:

Didn't sleep for the entire weekend. Feeling dead.

poristhead on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets when are you gonna post entry #53?

Jay responds:

@poristhead Whenever something happens worth putting on the channel.

January 20 through 31, 2012, Jay tweets:

There has to be somewhere around here that Tim would frequent.

This place is the epitome of a small town. Almost everything is closed on Sundays.

Back in the downtown area. The store that Tim walked out of when I saw him is always closed when I'm here. No hours posted either.

Store's still closed. I looked through the window, and it seemed like an antique store of some kind?

Accidentally slept late today. I think I'm going to try and go back to that store really early soon and just wait for someone to show up.

February 7 through 12, 2012, Jay tweets:

Showed up early this morning at the store to see if anyone ever came. Nothing as of yet. Lights were on inside, though.


Outside the store again. Trying to look inconspicuous on the bench across the street. Not sure if I'm succeeding at that or not.

A truck just pulled up behind the building. No one's gotten out of it for a few minutes.

Some guy just got out of the truck and went in through the back of the store. Gonna go try and talk to him when he comes out.

Just asked him when the store will be open. He said it's in the process of closing down for good.

I also asked if it would ever be open again. He said it will, since they're trying to sell off their current inventory.

He just left. He had loaded up a few large boxes in the back of his truck. I guess he was some kind of delivery driver?

SOREN2011 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Did you recognize the man at all?

Jay responds:

@SOREN2011 No, I did not.

ZamAfRocs on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets He didn't get a signature from the reciever? if thats the case then he made a misconduct, maybe should look HIM up.

Jay responds:

@ZamAfRocs He unlocked the back door himself, so he's probably an employee.

February 15, 2012, Jay tweets:

The guy in the truck showed up again outside the store a few minutes ago.

Going to go around to the back and ask him if he's seen Tim around, whenever he comes back out.

He hasn't seen Tim. Told me he's the delivery driver for the store, so he's rarely sitting behind the counter inside.

He just left. I didn't see him lock the back door though.

I don't see anyone else in there right now so I'm going inside.


Looking around.


Lots of paintings of wooded areas in here.


Found a pile of old cameras in one of the display cases.


MrSkolVikes28 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Did you think to look on them/grab the film?

Jay responds:

@MrSkolVikes28 All the display cases are locked.

Jay tweets:

One of the other display cases is full of dolls.


One of the rooms is nearly empty. Only a few paintings left. Maybe it's the room that guy was taking stuff out of?

One of the few left.


And this one. Looks similar to the other.


The person in the center has a weird face. It's just two circles and a nose. But the rest of the picture is so detailed.

Just heard the truck pull up behind the store. Hiding.

He's talking on his phone with someone. Said he's done with all the deliveries except for one.

He's wandering around the store looking for something, I think. I really hope it's not in this room.

He just went upstairs. Sounds like he's dragging something heavy across the floor. I'm taking a chance and getting out of here.

Made it back outside. I'm leaving before the guy comes back out and recognizes me.

February 22 through 29, 2012, Jay tweets:

Drove by the store today. They had hung up a "going out of business sale" sign, still closed though. Surely they'll be open this week?

Finally. Saw a sign at the store saying it will be open tomorrow afternoon.

About to head over to the store. Hopefully someone there can tell me about Tim.

There's a ton of people in here. Must be a hell of a sale.

None of these people are Tim, though.

There's no one up at the counter, either.

Think I found the owner, but she's busy.

Just asked her if she's seen Tim but she said she didn't know who I was talking about. Don't think she really heard me.

Lost her again. I'm just going to come back tomorrow when the sale is over.

The empty room I was in last time is just full of books now. Didn't see that weird painting anywhere either.


March 1 through 2, 2012, Jay tweets:

Back at the store. A lot less people here this time.

She remembered Tim. Told me he mentioned going to a doctor's office.

Found what I think is a mental health clinic a few blocks down from the store. It's closed right now though.

It has the hours posted, at least.

Can't just walk into the clinic and ask about Tim. Not sure how to approach this.

nickwilliams666 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Just tell them you're waiting for him and ask if they know when he'll be there?

Jay responds:

@nickwilliams666 They probably wouldn't buy that, with doctor patient confidentiality and all.

March 7 through 9, 2012, Jay tweets:

Just got back from waiting outside the clinic again. Still no sign of Tim.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what I'm going to say to Tim if he shows up here. I have no idea how he'll react to seeing me.

Had my camera with me all week. Entry #53 will be uploaded tomorrow.

March 2012

  • Entry #53: “After seeing Tim in the downtown area a few months ago, I began to try and figure out why he was here, and where I could find him again. This place is pretty far away from where we all lived when Alex was shooting Marble Hornets, so it’s a really strange coincidence that I’ve found both Alex and Tim here.”
  • After learning from the antique store employee that Tim left for a doctor’s appointment, Jay waits outside the only one in the area, a mental health clinic. After a week he finds Tim, who does not remember Jay until he lies to Tim again about wanting to finish Marble Hornets. As Jay explores the downtown area under a wooden bridge, Tim calls to say he has behind-the-scenes tapes Jay could use, and he accepts it as a potential lead.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 10, 2012. A person’s reflection can be seen behind Jay in the antique store window. Tim mentions “personal issues” from a few months ago as the cause of his visits to the clinic but otherwise seems to have recovered from his time as the masked man, even referring to a normal work experience. He coughs several times in this conversation.
  • totheark has filmed Jay from outside the antique store in addition to opening footage of trees.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 15, 2012. The description reads “iknowyou”. The video contains hidden frames of a distorted face and an Operator symbol.

Jay tweets:

No call from Tim yet. I assume he's still looking though.

ToTheArk responds. Wasn't expecting it so soon.

I never noticed anyone following me around while I was outside the store. Going to be looking over my shoulder whenever I'm out there now.

Lost_Creature13 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets do you know when youll be posting another video?

Jay responds:

@Lost_Creature13 Whenever I watch the tapes from Tim. Assuming there's something important on them.

Jay tweets:

Tim called today. Said he found his tapes. Getting them from him at some point tomorrow.

daninjango on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets bring your cam just in case something happens while you get the tapes from Tim…

Jay responds:

@daninjango I am. Meeting him in a public place, too. Just in case.

Jay tweets:

Just got back from meeting Tim. Got a bag full of tapes. Again.

  • Entry #54: “Tim recently called me saying that he had found his old tapes. He told me to come meet him downtown during his break from work to get them.”
  • Jay receives unnumbered and undated tapes from Tim, lying that he films himself doing so for the sake of behind-the-scenes footage. The first tape starts with Tim holding the camera as he, Jay and Seth escape the rain and wait for Alex outside of Tim’s apartment. Tim, Brian, and Alex discuss the film’s soundtrack inside and the power goes out twice. The Operator appears first when Tim pans around a room and then in the doorway behind Alex; none of them seem to notice.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 25, 2012. Silos shown in “Introduction” appear again in driving footage at the beginning of the tape. In the present Tim says he is not the movie guy, and on the tape refers to Alex as the movie guy.

BCoxBox on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Do you remember being on the set in this tape? You haven't in the past, so I was wondering if that held true in this case.

Jay responds:

@BCoxBox I remember the night when it started raining, yeah. But as you saw, I left once we got back to Tim's apartment.

April 2012

April 4, 2012, Jay tweets:

According to "enttry 37", today is Alex's birthday.

  • The video’s clips are as follows: Alex and the Operator from “Entry #26”, Alex in the tunnel after killing a stranger in “Entry #49”, Jay's coughing fit from “Addition”, Jay taking a knife out of his car in “Entry #50”, gold-tinted footage of a forest, a completely white human figure with glowing eyes, and a close-up of an eye.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 4, 2012. The description reads “011001010110111001100100011010000110100101101101”, binary for “endhim”. Numbers around "LEAD ME TO THE ARK" decode alphanumerically to “no choice”. There is another spectrogram message at the end.

Jay tweets:

ToTheArk responds.

It's hard to tell who the video is directed towards. My guess would be Alex, considering the date. But that's just a guess.

SwagBruceington on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets I ran the audio through a spectrograph.


Jay responds:

@SwagBruceington Wow. I assume at least THAT part is directed towards Alex, then. Sounds incredibly threatening.

PretzelNU on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Are you at all scared that ToTheArk may hurt you to get to Alex?

Jay responds:

@PretzelNU I have no doubts that he/she/they will try. Always on my guard.

  • Entry #55: “The following footage is taken from another one of Tim's tapes. It looks like it takes place near the end of the day's shoot.”
  • Tim walks with Alex and Brian, suggesting that they use a burnt-out hospital he knows about as an abandoned school in the film. Later, he mentions headaches, paranoia, and insomnia in a call to his doctor; Jay’s commentary compares these symptoms to Alex’s and relates them to Tim's later behavior while wearing the mask.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 9, 2012. Tim specifically mentions a “history” of these symptoms, and his description of the hospital implies that it is the same one from “Entry #51”.

Jay tweets:

Just called Tim to make sure he's still around. Don't want him disappearing after I'm through with his tapes.

Down to the last couple of tapes of the ones that Tim gave me.

  • Entry #56: “I'm down to the last couple of Tim's tapes. The following footage is taken from the next to last one that I have.”
  • Tim and Alex location scout at the abandoned hospital quite some time after Tim first mentioned it. Tim coughs throughout and is reluctant to enter the annex when Alex suggests going there. Alex hits Tim with a piece of rebar, and the camera falls upside-down to reveal the Operator. Tim can be heard coughing after Alex leaves.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 25, 2012. The word “BONES” is written above the hospital's entrance1. At one point, Alex appears to be staring at an Operator symbol on the wall before Tim approaches him.

May 2012

Jay tweets:

Just watched the last of Tim’s tapes. Entry #57 will be uploaded tomorrow.

  • Entry #57: “Through a stroke of luck, it seems the last one of Tim's tapes picks up after Alex attacked him.”
  • Tim flees to the hospital annex over night-vision footage and eludes Alex, who now wields a flashlight and a bigger pipe. Tim’s coughing worsens and the Operator appears in a few frames of distortion accompanying it.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 6, 2012. Jay confirms the hospital as the one from “Entry #51” and questions Tim’s motivations for entering the annex after previously avoiding it. He intends to contact Tim again in the hopes of seeing the hospital for himself.

SOGTheReaper on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets I don't think it's the best idea to go to that hospital… what do you expect to find? And isn't Tim a bit… untrustworthy?

Jay responds:

@SOGTheReaper I don't know where else to go, but I'm going to keep an eye on Tim while we're out there. Prepared for anything.

  • Session: “one day you will understand/secrets everywhere/liars everywhere/look closely and you will know/see you soon”
  • Black-and-white scenes feature children in a classroom watching stock footage on a projector.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 14, 2012. The description reads “closeby/i seeyou/as always”. A hidden frame of a silhouette standing in the doorway reads “he’s watching”.

Jay tweets:

Meeting with Tim tomorrow to ask if he can show me the abandoned hospital from the previous entries.

Leaving now to meet with Tim during his break from work.

Back from meeting with Tim. We're going out to the abandoned hospital this Friday. Still acting like I want to finish Alex's movie.

HeylookitsmexD on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets why don't you just tell him?

Jay responds:

@HeylookitsmexD Because he seems to be acting normal now. I don't want to mess with that since it's helping me out.

jtsunshineevans on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets I'd carry something. Like a knife.

Jay responds:

@jtsunshineevans I am, just in case.

Jay tweets:

To those asking, I'm okay. Just been feeling very sick since getting back from that place.

  • Entry #58: “After finishing Tim's tapes, I went back downtown to talk with him. I decided to continue acting like I wanted his help finishing Alex's movie.”
  • At the wooden bridge downtown, Tim describes his improved sleep schedule to his doctor over the phone before Jay asks him about an abandoned hospital. Tim says he knows of one outside Rosswood because he grew up in the area but claims to have never visited with Alex. Jay and Tim go in the daytime, Tim still dismissing the annex as an option until Jay insists upon it and makes more excuses about why he would want to finish Alex’s film. Jay spots the hooded man in a hallway and chases him to an underground maintenance tunnel. Tim considers this suspicious and insists that they both leave.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 21, 2012. As they leave, someone stands in the window of the main building. Jay catches Tim saying he has “had enough of that place for a lifetime” despite claiming he had only been there a few times and never with Alex. Jay intends to re-enter the maintenance tunnel at a different time because the hooded man seemed to have led him there.

Jay tweets:

Thinking of telling Tim about what's really going on. Maybe it'll get him on my side. Maybe it'll just really piss him off.

June 2012

Jay tweets:

Still no word from Tim, hoping he hasn't disappeared again for whatever reason.

Decided I'm going to come clean with Tim the next time I see him. Don't have much to lose.

Tim just called, he wants to meet with me later tonight and "talk about something important".

  • Entry #59: “Imagine waking up one morning in the back seat of your car, miles away from home, with blood in your hair, and you have no idea how that happened. Imagine waking up one morning with your leg broken and no memory whatsoever of that happening. Think about that! Imagine not being able to keep a job because you call into work one morning, and they say, ‘Oh we're sorry, we had to fire you because we haven't heard from you for the last three weeks.’”
  • Jay has prepared to tell Tim the truth after receiving a call to talk with him in a parking lot. Tim punches Jay and confronts him about the Entries, which he discovered after searching for Marble Hornets online. He accuses Jay of dragging him back into danger and doing nothing helpful, dismissing Jay’s belief that people watching the Entries would do anything to help, either. Jay tries to explain his reluctance to trust Tim and his goal of finding Jessica; Tim blames Jay for her disappearance and tells him to stay out of his life before leaving.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 14, 2012. Tim claims that he was able to “function like a normal human being for once in [his] life” in the months where he had no contact with Jay, keeping a job and no longer experiencing the amnesia accompanying his time in the mask. Jay is apparently reduced to tears by the very end.

Jay tweets:

Going back to the abandoned hospital soon. Wish I wouldn't be doing it alone.

  • Distorted audio of Tim’s rant from the previous Entry plays over the inside of the hospital maintenance tunnel, his mask appearing at the end.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 22, 2012. The description reads “do not fail”. Numbers at the end decode alphanumerically to “HIS LIES IN THE DARK”.

Jay tweets:

I'm fine, for those asking. Going back to the hospital Wednesday.

Of course I'm bringing a flashlight this time.

kisraels1028 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets why not bring a person?

Jay responds:

@kisraels1028 I have no one.

  • Entry #60: “I decided to return to the abandoned hospital to look around some more. I would have preferred not to go alone but after what happened with Tim, I didn’t have much of a choice.”
  • Jay finds the room where the fire must started based on its sustained damage. Down the hallway, the room the hooded man came out of reads “HE IS A Liar” on one wall and “Follow ME” on another. Jay crawls to the end of the maintenance tunnel, finding the Operator doll from “Entry #18” and a folder labeled “LiAr” with an Operator symbol. Jay encounters the Operator and escapes with the objects.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 30, 2012. Jay suspects that the knocking sound above him was footsteps. He cannot remember the Operator’s appearance nor how he escaped.

July 2012

Jay tweets:

Going to look at all these documents. I'll shoot any important things I find on them and upload it as Entry #60.5.

Changing my location because I'm getting paranoid again. Posting Entry #60.5 tomorrow afternoon.

DoktorAgon on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Can't wait. Was there something interesting in those papers?

Jay responds:

@DoktorAgon Yeah, a few things.

  • Entry #60.5: “After reading through everything, it looks like Tim was dealing with this stuff for most of his life. And I might have made it worse. I’m still not sure what to do from here. I don’t like being on my own again like this, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.”
  • Jay examines Tim’s heavily-redacted Medical Documents and other findings from the maintenance tunnel.
    • Pediatric Admission Profile: in 1995, Tim was submitted to the hospital by his mother for complaints of “insomnia, headaches, possible disorder”. He had a history of seizures and a pain scale rating of 6 out of 10.
    • Pediatric Admission Assessment: Tim was in the second grade in 1995. One of his symptoms has been redacted and he answered “No” to feeling safe in his own home and being afraid of anyone after initially selecting “Yes”. He averaged 4 hours of sleep per night and had a high risk of falls associated with seizures. Tim once ran away from home and was found at Rosswood Park.
    • Delayed Therapy Communication Form: In 2002, the cause of the delay on this heavily-redacted page was listed as “Patient/Family Uncooperative”.
    • Brief Operative Progress Note: almost entirely redacted surgical procedural with an Operator symbol drawn at the top.
    • Suicide/Self-Harm Assessment Tool: Tim was listed at a high risk of suicide with symptoms of anger, hopelessness, and anhedonia2. “Hallucinations” is underlined.
  • The folder itself has three lines on the back resembling a face. It contains a third-person photograph of Tim and Jay’s fight in the parking lot with “WATCHING” written on the back. Jay notes nothing unusual about the Operator doll.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 14, 2012. The description reads “The documents”.

August 2012

On the Marble Hornets Twitter:




  • observation: totheark has filmed a window in black-and-white as Tim enters the room, covers his face with his hands as if to cry, takes pills, and looks out the window.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 1, 2012. The description reads “waitingon/you”. The Operator symbol and mask both appear over Tim’s face in hidden frames, and the mask is also overlaid on the screen.

The Twitter hijack continues August 3, 2012 through August 8, 2012:

do you hear thunder

look outside when the lightning flashes

you will not see me but I will see you

the clouds are dark tonight

this is for you

  • Sometime after a thunderstorm, the hooded man climbs into the window of Tim’s room once a phone call with his doctor causes him to leave. He steals Tim’s pills before hiding in the corner as Tim returns with a coughing fit that becomes a seizure once he is unable to find the pills. The message onscreen blames Jay for causing it. Tim cries before staggering out of the room and the hooded man leaves, instructing Jay to look for him.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 8, 2012. The description reads “this is for you to see”. The video begins with a series of alternating characters after “Entry #”: the letters “W”, “R”, “I”, “G”, “H”, and “T”, briefly changing to “I s e e y o u”. This video confirms the hooded man as the active member of totheark, if not the only one. The first box he checks contains a pill bottle and razor blade. A binary message at the end reads “thetrees”.

Jay tweets:

It's Jay. Finally got this account back. The password had been changed up until now.

It should go without saying, but I didn't upload "entry" to the youtube channel.

I have to find Tim.

  • Entry #61: “There was a storm earlier, so it's likely that this video was shot just a short while ago. I think I know where I can find Tim. And I'm going there now.”
  • Jay re-uploads the video publically with this commentary.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 8, 2012. The original is now unlisted.

Jay tweets:

Leaving now.



Don't want to give away where I am. No more tweets for now.

  • Entry #62: “I think we’re still in Rosswood. But not a part that I’ve ever been in.”
  • Jay goes to Rosswood Park in search of Tim over night-vision footage. Tim, wearing his mask again, chases after Jay and drags him across the ground while the hooded man retrieves the camera. Jay wakes up in an abandoned shack the next morning with the camera on him. Tim is back to normal when he wakes up just outside of it, so they both agree to leave.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 31, 2012. The baby doll from “Indicator” can be seen in the shack where Jay wakes up. Both Jay and Tim are unfamiliar with the area.

September 2012

Jay tweets:

Tim and I are both okay. I'm pretty sure he's going to help me now.

  • Heavily-filtered footage of the shack at Rosswood includes a rapidly-moving eye in the crack of one of its walls and the hooded man raising his head.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 15, 2012. The description reads “alonealonealone”. A hidden frame of the Operator from “Entry #56” accompanies the hooded man with the words “FOLLOWS ALL”.

Jay tweets:

Finally got a call from Tim. Meeting him tonight.

ALEJANDROESTRA1 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets where

Jay responds:

@ALEJANDROESTRA1 Downtown area. Near the antique store I saw him leaving months ago.

  • Entry #63: “This doesn't just affect you anymore; this concerns both of us. And we need to figure out what to do; otherwise, one of us could end up dead.”
  • Tim walks home after the incident in Rosswood Park. Jay returns Tim’s medical records after meeting him downtown at night as they agreed and they argue over their next course of action. Tim doubts Jay’s ability to find Jessica and is more immediately concerned about the hooded man watching their every move; Jay reluctantly agrees to return to Rosswood in the daytime with him.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 25, 2012. Jay calls a disconnected number before meeting Tim; presumably Jessica’s, considering his plan to find her.

October 2012

Jay tweets:

Going back to Rosswood with Tim on Sunday.

  • Entry #64: “I tried to follow Tim, but he was already gone. I have no idea how he was able to get to the parking lot before me. Something seemed very wrong with him. I need to find out where he is now. I’m not losing track of him again. Especially with Alex still out there.”
  • Jay returns to Rosswood Park with his handheld camera while Tim wears the chest-mounted camera. They find two bullet holes in the roof of the shed where Alex tried to kill Jay and Jessica, indicating that he escaped unharmed. In the tunnel, an unknown caller tells Jay to “leave. Now.” He recognizes it as Alex and tries to press on in defiance, but Tim collapses as his persistent cough worsens and the Operator appears at the end of the tunnel. Tim urges Jay to run as it comes closer and he reluctantly does, only to find Tim in the parking lot before him. He has dark circles under his eyes and glares at Jay before driving off.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 13, 2012. Tim still remembers nothing of his time as the masked man. He and Jay both agree that Alex did not know the man he murdered in the tunnel.
  • Fish swim underwater. Someone, presumably the hooded man, walks down a darkened street. Someone walks through the woods in night-vision. The bottom of the tunnel floods as darkness encroaches from the end.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 25, 2012. The description reads “ey”, “ess”, and “ee” (eyes see). Hidden frames of a distorted face appear over the street, and one of Jessica’s face appears inside the tunnel. Letters in a screen of zeroes at the end read “WATCH DEATH”.

Jay tweets:

I'm late on it, but ToTheArk updated a few days ago.

Still no word from Tim. I'm trying to work up the courage to go back to Rosswood to find him, but could he even still be there?

November 2012

  • Entry #65: “It was right there! It came from right there!”
  • Tim’s footage from the trip to Rosswood contains distortion where Jay’s did not. After the Operator’s one appearance in the footage, Tim sporadically finds himself in different parts of Rosswood Park: struggling underwater, being dragged down a hill, falling out of a tree, and walking through an inexplicably darkened tunnel. There, he coughs up blood and discovers the body of the man Alex murdered, somehow preserved. Tim drives to the abandoned hospital after escaping the loop. He re-lives traumatic memories, clawing at the walls and yelling that something is behind a pair of doors. Tim overdoses on pills, swinging a pipe at the hooded man’s “HE IS A Liar” graffiti before collapsing. When Tim finally contacts Jay again, he returns the chest camera and insists they return to the hospital.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 19, 2012. Tim’s entrance into and escape from the Operator’s realm occur through water, a staple of totheark’s videos. Hidden frames throughout this sequence include the tunnel roof while Tim nearly drowns, the shed while he coughs on the ground, and him screaming and the Operator appearing in a doorway when the tunnel goes dark.3

December 2012

Jay tweets:

Tim has been working constantly ever since Entry #65. Told me it's to get some money saved up. I think he's considering quitting his job.

veroreos on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Holy shit, where does Tim even work? He bounces around jobs a lot right?

Jay responds:

@veroreos He's been working at the same place since I found him, I believe.

SDK_Films on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Can you blame him?

Jay responds:

@SDK_Films No, not at all.

Jay tweets:

Dozed off earlier and had a really horrible nightmare. I can't remember what happened in it. At all. Can't sleep now.

  • The Operator stands in a doorway and a red-tinted hand reaches towards the camera. The hooded man hides behind an old television in the forest displaying Alex from “Entry #3” onscreen. Two more display eyes, and one in a tree displays footage of Tim and Jay as the hooded man is reflected on its screen. A television screen shatters in stop motion and question marks surround a number code.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 30, 2012. The description reads “1561571451/6515615116/4156157143”, which decodes in octal base to “noeunitnoc” (continue on). Hidden frames show Jessica’s face and the hooded man holding a television above his head. The notorious difficulty of the codes at the end leads Jay to solve them on his own.

Jay tweets:

New ToTheArk video.

January 2013

Jay tweets:

Was just linked this. Looks like that shot of Jessica in the latest ToTheArk was taken from previous footage of mine.


Whoever ToTheArk is, they don't have original footage of Jessica. Not that they've shown so far. Maybe they don't know where she is either?

Still can't figure out the numbers at the end of the latest ToTheArk video. It's driving me crazy.

Still working on it. There's an even amount of numbers in each set, and a few number pairs repeat. Maybe a pair corresponds to a letter?

If a pair equals one letter, there's 26 letters in total. But there's only 9 unique numbers. Could each number have multiple letters?

Seems unlikely that all 26 letters of the alphabet are used, too. Just need to figure out which ones could be missing…

Two of the pairs are mirrors and are grouped together twice. 27-72 and 57-75. Not sure what that could mean yet though. Common letters?

Just noticed a few of these numbers have a pattern. First digit plus two. 13, 24, 57, 68, 79 all follow it.

Maybe 75 and 72 don't follow the pattern. They're just a mirrored version of the ones that do?

Sorry, only meant 57 with the previous tweet. 72 doesn't follow that pattern, even when reversed.

I'm getting confused. Taking a break from this for a few hours. Tim let me know he's working on it too so hopefully he'll get something.

On the Marble Hornets Twitter:


Jay tweets:

It should go without saying that I'm not the one that did the last tweet.

If that new string of numbers follows the same rules as the others, it adds a few new pairs to work with.

13, 24, 35, 57, 68, 79 all follow the pattern I noticed earlier. 03 doesn't. Could there be a point where the first number starts from zero?

A couple of number pairs follow another pattern, I think. The second number increases by two. 83-95 and 27-39.

Still no progress on this code. Tim suggested that there might be an order the numbers are supposed to go in before it can be deciphered.

Adding in an unused number (46), I've found what might be a complete pattern: 13, 24, 35, 46, 57, 68, and 79.

83 could come after 79, too. The pattern started off with 3 as the second digit. 95 might come after that too.

Judging by the 83-95 and 27-39 pattern, what comes after 03 could be 15. Second number plus two.

All that being said, the full order I've figured out is 13, 24, 35, 46, 57, 68, 79, 83, 95, 03, 15, 27, 39.

So that's 13 number pairs, with the reversed ones left over. 26 letters in the alphabet. Each number must have two letters for it.

The reversed numbers only have one letter for them, along with the number they're reversing.

So finally, that translates to "truly your fault" and "she's out there" for the ToTheArk video. And "I am watching" for the tweet.

Who is "she", exactly? Jessica? Does ToTheArk know where she is?

Tim is finally finished working. We're going to the abandoned hospital sometime this weekend.

It ended up storming for a few days straight when we were going to the hospital. Tim had a doctor appointment today so we're going tomorrow.

  • Entry #66: “One of the problems I was having was hallucinations. I had a lot of them. Part of me knew they weren’t real, but that didn’t make them go away. Or maybe I just didn’t want them to at the time. At one point they got so bad I kept escaping from my room; I’d hide in the maintenance tunnel or run off to Rosswood Park, which you know isn’t that far away from here. Whenever they would find me, I would say that I was hiding from whatever it was I was seeing, so they’d bring me back and they didn’t have much of a choice except to lock me in here. That’s when it was at its worst. I’d be clawing at the walls and screaming at all hours of the night; they had to up my dosage just to calm me down, to the point that I was almost numb.”
  • Tim leads Jay to the hospital room where the fire started and confesses that it was his room as a patient. He describes his difficulty in receiving an official diagnosis for his hallucinations, which heavy doses of medication have caused him to forget; he now suspects that the Operator followed him from childhood and moved on to Alex because of him. Jay tries to reassure Tim that it is not his fault. They look around the hospital for more clues and spot the hooded man in the doorway. Tim picks up a wrench as they tail him; Jay finds a tape in debris the hooded man was sifting through, but they lose him once outside.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 23, 2013. Tim describes distance from his mother and a lack of emotional support from the doctors; he refers to Brian as his first real friend since meeting him in college, years after Tim had recovered enough to attend school normally.

Jay tweets:

Great. The tape I found must've been laying in that spot for a while. There's dirt in it and it's not playing at all.

February 2013

Jay tweets:

I've got the first few minutes of the tape playing now.

Still trying to get the rest of the tape to work. I'll upload whatever I get from it sometime tomorrow.

  • Entry #67: “The tape I found in the hospital must have been there for a while. It was scratched up and full of dirt. I don’t think the person in the hood had just placed it there either, but was checking to see if it had been found yet.”
  • The hooded man drags Tim’s unconscious body outside of the hospital and stalks Alex through the annex with the metal pipe. Alex follows the sound of Tim’s coughing in the hallway until the hooded man knocks him out, tying him down to a chair while unconscious. Alex yells at him through removed audio and Tim runs in from another room to attack Alex. The hooded man points Alex’s own gun at him but flees once the Operator appears in the doorway.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 15, 2013. The description reads “Tape from the hospital.” In the last few minutes Jay was able to recover from the tape, the hooded man escapes that night with Alex’s gun and films Tim waking up beside his mask the next morning.

Jay tweets:

I've hardly slept at all since seeing the footage from that tape. Alex is somewhere around here.

Dozed off a little while ago and had a really vivid nightmare that Alex found out where I am.

His eyes were missing, and he constantly made these awful, high pitched screams inches from my ear.

I really need to get out of this place.

March 2013

  • Entry #67.5: “Tim and I have left. It’s too dangerous to stay in this area with Alex following so closely behind us. I can’t say where we’re going, because I know he’s watching this too. But we’re not giving up. We’ve done too much to just quit now.”
  • Jay and Tim leave their current location to escape Alex.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 2, 2013. Tim says that Alex is bound to find them eventually.
  • Jay re-uploads another hijack video as a proper Entry after setting the original, “68”, to private. In it, the hooded man resides in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the hospital. Alex ambushes him, demanding to know Jay and Tim's whereabouts. As the hooded man runs and Alex yells that he will find him, text onscreen reads “YOU WILL NOT”. He hides in the maintenance tunnel and relays the above message while dimming a lantern.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 10, 2013. Alex’s face is still bruised from when Tim punched him. His facial hair and lack of new glasses implies that he is on the run. Alex already knows the hooded man’s identity because he sees him with the mask off and only tells him to stop smiling.

Jay tweets:

For those asking, Tim and I are still here.

April 2013

  • Footage of darkened landscapes seen from a car plays throughout the video alongside a pale white face with glowing eyes and violent scenes involving Alex in recent Entries. A number code is written under an Operator symbol on the wall of the hooded man’s abandoned building.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 4, 2013. The description reads “canyousee/anytruth/atall”. A hidden frame shows Alex bleeding from the forehead from “Entry #14”, but with shadows obscuring his eyes: a reference to Jay’s nightmare where Alex’s eyes were missing. Using the cipher from Twitter, the numbers decode to “HE WILL PAY”. The end audio creates the following spectrogram message referencing “Decay”:

Jay tweets:

ToTheArk updates.

Found something while looking around with Tim. Uploading Entry #69 at some point today.

  • Entry #69: “After a few days of driving, Tim and I arrived back in the area where we used to live. The same area where Alex originally gave me the raw footage from Marble Hornets. We’ve spent most of the time here backtracking through the locations that we remember how to get to, and looking for anything that could help us. We didn’t find anything until a few days ago, while looking in the local park that Alex used as his ‘set’ for Marble Hornets.”
  • These locations include the old fountain and the park with the gazebo and red tower. They find nothing inside the tower, but there are two times while there that Jay insists he has seen something or someone –nothing unusual actually appears onscreen.4 He trips over a hole that turns out to have melted tapes inside; Tim suggests that Alex already burned some of the tapes and buried them there. Two are in potentially playable condition.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 12, 2013. The description reads “Where all of this started”. The hole emits static as Jay trips over it, just as it did when he passed it in “Entry #21”.

Jay tweets:

Got one of these tapes working, I think.

  • Entry #70: “So far, I’ve gotten one of the tapes we found to work. Tim was right, it contains more of Alex’s raw footage from when he was shooting Marble Hornets. Here is what I was able to get off of it.”
  • Alex drives at night and receives a call from Amy. He mostly discusses his plans of visiting her at her school but also lies that he is calling from home. After the call ends, Alex leaves the car at the playground from “Entry #4”. He runs at the Operator upon spotting it, demanding to know what it wants. It reaches towards him before vanishing.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 28, 2013. The description reads “One of the burned tapes.” Jay suspects that Alex disposed of this tape because it involves Amy, unlike any of the ones he received.

May 2013

Jay tweets:

I think I can get at least one more of these tapes to play. Working on it.

  • Entry #71: “This was when I originally got Alex’s tapes from him, which was almost 7 years ago. But it’s not right. It isn’t what I remember happening at all. Alex never attacked me. He gave me his tapes, I left, and that was it. If I don’t remember this correctly, what else could be wrong? What else has Alex caused me to forget?”
  • Jay visits Alex’s house while he announces a move. Jay convinces Alex to give him the remaining Marble Hornets tapes just as “Introduction” describes; however, Alex suddenly attacks Jay right outside of his car. He runs off just as quickly after leaving Jay unconscious on the ground in a haze of distortion. All Jay remembers after initially receiving the tapes is getting back into his car and driving past the silos from “Introduction”.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 15, 2013. The description reads “Another burned tape”. This Entry includes several details described in the Marble Hornets Preamble: Alex refusing to work with the footage again as a b-roll, handing Jay the tapes in plastic bags, and his exact words of “I’m not kidding, don’t ever bring this up around me again.” Alex’s face appears through distortion as Alex and Jay leave the room, and distortion during Alex’s attack contains a shot of Jay looking upwards, just as he did when confronted by the Operator in “Entry #52”.

June 2013

Jay tweets:

For those of you asking, I'm still here. Tim and I have been busy looking for something and I think we finally found where it is.

Found what we were looking for. Driving there soon.


uploading entry 72 tomorow night

  • Entry #72: “I don’t think I was hallucinating. I just haven’t had a full night’s sleep in, what, two or three years because of all this?”
  • Jay and Tim visit Alex’s old house from 2006, finding it unlocked despite the “For Rent” sign outside. They look around while discussing the burnt tapes. Alex’s closet contains papers with the names of Marble Hornets cast and crewmembers crossed out. Jay stops to rewind the video when he thinks he sees the Operator out the window, just as he did in “Entry #69”; he declines Tim’s advice to seek help in case he is hallucinating. The Operator actually appears outside while neither of them are looking. Jay and Tim find that it is suddenly night outside when they enter the basement, and the Operator’s appearance forces them out. Tim runs far and takes his medication before finding Jay on the grass, having a seizure. Tim stands up to the Operator, stumbling a few times before it disappears and he leads Jay back to the car.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 9, 2013. Alex's drawings also say “DREAD CⓍMES”, “STAY INSIDE”, and “CAN’T SEE” alongside trees and the Operator symbol; the page with Brian's name also says "SEES ME". Tim suggests that Alex selected tapes that would not show Jay his involvement in the cast and crew’s disappearance, but probably did not plan to attack Jay after giving him the tapes.

July 2013

Tim tweets:

This is Tim. Jay gave me the password for this in case I ever need it. He's been kind of out of it since we got away from that house.

  • The title screen of this Entry flickers, revealing it to be another hijack. The hooded man retrieves Alex’s gun from the abandoned building he was living in. Then, in the shack at Rosswood, he has a coughing fit and takes a pill out of two bottles he has hidden there. He breaks into Tim’s house over night-vision to steal more pills and examine a tape hidden inside a wooden box. The hooded man escapes when someone climbs out of the attic and looks for him out the window: Alex.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 10, 2013. Hidden frames in this video include the words “RETURN” in the title screen, “YOU ARE A FAILURE” as the hooded man walks through Rosswood, and “LIAR” next to the tape.

Tim tweets:

Just noticed that this was uploaded to the channel. Should go without saying that Jay and I had nothing to do with it.

August 2013

  • Entry #74: “You didn’t have any idea who you were, where you were, anything that had happened; I didn’t know what else to do. For all I know, it might be why you’re able to talk to me right now.”
  • Upon returning from a grocery run, Tim finds Jay wandering aimlessly outside of their motel. He has been recording in Jay’s place ever since their return from the house left him nearly catatonic; despite this, Jay is annoyed to learn that Tim shared pills with him at this time. Tim believes that taking them allowed him to fight off the Operator’s influence enough for it to disappear, but he is running out. Knowing the risk of encountering Alex at his house, Tim convinces Jay to return there with him to find more.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 1, 2013. This Entry implies that the hooded man steals Tim’s medication to stave off the Operator’s influence, and will continue to do so unless they reclaim it.
  • An animation of a face plays over clips of Tim from “Entry #72”, Jay from “Entry #74”, both from “Entry #74”, new footage of the hooded man running, and Alex from “Entry #68”. The face distorts at the end and red numbers appear onscreen.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 12, 2013. The description reads “{*”. A dark, vaguely human figure with glowing eyes appears in the static at the beginning, and the Operator symbol appears in the middle. When multiplied by the numbers at the beginning and decoded alphanumerically, the end numbers read “NEVER CURED/NEVER/NEVER TRUST”.
  • Entry #75: “It’s something you need to see. But not yet. If you watch that now, it’s gonna ruin everything we’ve been working for.”
  • Jay heads to Tim’s house with him after getting scheduled for a doctor’s appointment. Once there, Tim claims not to recognize the tape shown in “Entry #73”. The furniture is upturned and they find a makeshift bed and photo of Amy in the attic. The back reads “I HAVE HIM/79 SOUTH CREEK ROAD” with an Operator symbol. Jay focuses on the outline of a tape in Tim’s pocket once the box turns up empty. He finds one full bottle of pills before Jay tackles him, demanding to know what Tim is hiding on the tape. Jay runs off with it, refusing to listen or let Tim follow him.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 23, 2013. At the beginning, Jay acknowledges the uncertainty of what his life would become if he survives fighting Alex because of how uneventful it was before his investigation of the tapes. At the end, the audio distorts and Jay coughs while running out.

September 2013

Jay tweets:

I haven't watched the tape yet, I'm going to soon.

I can't help but think, what if Tim WAS hiding it for a reason and I'm beter off not watching it? Or was he just lying to cover for himself

Just watched the tape. Things aren't good right now. Need sleep. Uploading entry 76 later tonight.

  • Entry #76: “Jessica is gone, and has been ever since I left that hotel. What happened to her looks like the same thing that happened to the man that approached Alex in Entry #49. And Tim had something to do with it. He’s been lying to me the whole time.”
  • Wearing his mask, Tim carries Jessica’s unconscious body out of the hotel and into Rosswood Park at night alongside the hooded man, who holds the camera. He limps off and the hooded man tries to hide Jessica from a distant flashlight as she wakes up. He runs off when Alex holds him at gunpoint and fires. Alex reminds Jessica that he is Amy’s boyfriend and offers to lead her out. He pulls the gun on her once in the tunnel, blaming Jay yet again. She blinds him with her flashlight and takes it from him; the hooded man attacks Alex and she is unsure of which one to shoot before ultimately fleeing. She mistakes the Operator for a person and it appears in front of her; severe distortion cuts to a new scene of Alex retrieving his gun. The Operator causes Jessica’s motionless body to disappear from the side of a road; Tim limps into the shot, removing his mask.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 12, 2013. These events take place the night of “Entry #32” (January 16, 2011), exactly a year after Jay tweeted about dismissing an inexplicable urge to return to Rosswood. The tape’s footage of the hooded man running was already used in “Conversion”. Distortion near the end causes Alex’s image to merge with the Operator’s.

October 2013

  • Corresponding to the above text: a hand reaching towards Jessica in the woods, Tim standing in the woods, Jay’s face concealed in shadow except for his eyes, “Entry #65” footage of Tim finding the body in the tunnel, and a flickering image of Alex.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 10, 2013. The description reads “removetrust/forget itisreal”. Text above Alex reads “IRFNBGNIEK”, an anagram for “BRING KNIFE”.

Jay tweets:

Tim, if you can see this, we need to talk.

thedaddysbean on Twitter writes:

Is everything okay? Is he answering his phone or did you try?

Jay responds:

@thedaddysbean Didn't answer.

  • Entry #77: “The way Jay has been acting over the last few months is causing him to be a danger to both me and himself. I did what I had to do to keep him from putting us at risk. He needs help, but I don’t know what else I can do. I know what I’ve said is the truth, whether he believes me or not.”
  • Jay approaches Tim’s house with a knife and zip ties, claiming that he only wants to talk. Tim takes the knife from Jay and restrains him with the ties around his wrists and ankles. Tim claims to have had the tape since waking up outside the shack at Rosswood Park, hiding it from Jay to avoid complicating their search for Alex. He says that this is a higher priority than finding Jessica because if she is even still alive, them finding her would put her in danger again. Tim has traced “79 Creek Road” to a nearby college and leaves despite Jay’s insistence that he needs the camera.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 16, 2013. Tim suspects that the college was the one to which Alex transferred because of Amy. This is the first Entry posted by Tim rather than Jay.

November 2013

  • Entry #78: “I'm going to find Tim. And then I'm going to find Alex and end this.”
  • The hooded man enters Tim’s house where Jay is still tied up in the corner. Jay is alarmed when the hooded man approaches with a knife from the kitchen drawer until he leaves the knife and camera on the ground for him. Jay cuts the restraints and finds the mirror marked with an Operator symbol and the words “LAST CHANCE”.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 1, 2013.
  • Entry #79: “The day after getting away from Tim’s house, I drove to the school he said he was leaving for. It’s located in a relatively secluded area surrounded by woods. It’s a small campus. There didn’t seem to be many people around. Some of the buildings look like they are not even being used.”
  • Jay finds Tim’s car in the college parking lot with the chest camera inside. He explores one of the closest buildings, spotting the hooded man through a second story window and chasing him. The hooded man has a coughing fit against a wall but swings a wrench at Jay when he approaches, quickly fleeing afterwards. Jay films Tim from the window as Tim retrieves the chest camera from his car. He follows Tim through a darkened building and finds a room with a wall of photographs showing Alex tied to a chair. The same chair now holds a note reading “Benedict Hall/FIND ALEX/FIND THE ARK” with an Operator symbol. Jay takes the knife lying near it and watches Benedict Hall out of a window, knowing that the doors are locked.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 21, 2013. There are bloody handprints on the wall of photographs. Jay passes by the Benedict Hall sign while following Tim, who was also unable to enter. Jay has considered breaking a window to enter Benedict Hall if it means finding Alex; he will watch the building from the window until then.

December 2013

  • Quadrant: “WHO AM I/AM I THE THIRD”
  • A still, stereoscopic image of the Operator standing in a doorway combines with overlapping footage of the college and hospital and audio that apparently says “Hold your formation. Do not do this. Hold off. Stay put. Everyone is going to-” and “He didn't know how to leave”.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 3, 2013. The description reads “didyou/eversee”. The video includes stock footage of a patient experiencing electroconvulsive therapy while still conscious, and the audio is a discordant rendition of “Three Blind Mice”. Players only solved the code at the end of the video after the following Twitter hijack:



The first message decodes to “how do hands talk” in base64, while the second leads to the YouTube video “Typing on a 22 year old IBM Model M Keyboard”. Using a keyboard cipher, the message reads “I CAN NOT HELP”.

  • Entry #80: “I left Jay at my house so something like this wouldn’t happen. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I don’t know what to do.”
  • Jay spots Tim running out of Benedict Hall and takes the opportunity to explore its poorly-maintained downstairs. He encounters Alex at the end of a hallway with his gun and is only able to say Alex’s name before Alex fires. Jay rushes to the nearest room and locks himself inside, clutching the bleeding wound in his chest. The Operator appears, tilting its head and extending its arm towards Jay. It disappears with him and Alex briefly picks up the camera and points it at the remaining bloody handprint on the floor. Tim eventually finds it and chases after the hooded man, accusing him of setting up the attack.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 5, 2013. Jay’s last words of “Alex… Alex…” are exactly what he said in his first encounter with Tim as the masked man.

January 2014

  • Entry #81: “I blacked out after this and didn’t wake up for a few hours. Jay was gone once I got back into Benedict Hall. Even if Alex was being held captive here at some point, he isn’t anymore. We were lured out here but never warned that he escaped. My medicine is also missing. It was probably stolen right out of my car by the person in the hoodie. I don’t have any left. I need to continue where Jay left off as best I can.”
  • The afternoon before Jay follows him, Tim asks a groundskeeper about the film department, pretending that he wants to find old projects of a friend of his who used to go there.5 The man says that it used to be in Benedict Hall until the basement flooded a few years ago, and that the maintenance entrance is off-limits. As Jay observes in “Entry #79”, Tim finds a dark room with a manhole leading to the maintenance entrance the next day. He finds a crowbar but waits through the night first. He crawls through tunnels full of running water and evades the hooded man inside them. Tim enters Benedict Hall but runs out the front doors upon spotting Alex on a flight of stairs above him. He gets to his car with a coughing fit and eventually hears a gunshot inside the building.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 9, 2014. Jay following Tim into the darkened basement led him to the room where Alex was once being kept, and watching Tim run out the front doors led him to Alex. Tim’s end commentary quoted above explains how he found Jay’s camera afterwards.

February 2014

  • Entry #82: “The rest of the video is corrupted. I never received that voicemail. From what I can remember, I didn’t get any calls that day. Jay’s condition was much worse than I thought. I pushed him to seek help, but I’m not sure that he ever did. I can only guess at what happens after the footage ends. Whatever it was caused Jay to go from being apologetic to violent.”
  • Tim faces a serious risk of relapse without his medication and has found unseen footage on Jay’s laptop after taking it from his car. In it, Jay goes to Rosswood and crosses through the tunnel, looking back several times. He spots the Operator off in the distance and runs to the abandoned shack. Jay sends a voicemail to Tim, apologizing for distrusting him about the tape. He is at Rosswood to re-trace Alex and Jessica’s steps, but the very layout of the park has changed now that the tunnel stands between the shack and park entrance. Jay becomes more frantic when describing his hallucinations and sickness; after the call, he has a coughing fit leading into a seizure inside the shack. The Operator stands above him out the window.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 6, 2014. This Entry takes place after Jay tweets that he and Tim need to talk. The Operator can be seen in the background as Jay suggests that Rosswood is shifting.
  • This text corresponds to footage of a lake sparkling in sunlight, trees standing in front of the lake, sunlight shining through the trees, the sun intensifying, thorns, an abandoned car lying in the woods, and the hooded man’s mask against a black screen.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 20, 2014. The description reads “=/LOC/ATI/ON/=”. A slight whistle in the audio resembles Jessica’s scream from “Entry #52”. The text changes into “WHO IS LEFT TO HEAR YOUR SECRET”, “WHAT DO YOU HEAR”, and “WHAT WILL YOU SEE”. The letters at the end are “IABNR”, the “B” crossed out to resemble an Operator symbol.

March 2014

  • Entry #83: “Why’d you bring me here? I don’t belong here, why’d you bring me here?!”
  • Tim returns to the college with a persistent coughing fit. The hooded man approaches Tim in the hallway, taunting him with the pill bottle and leaving Tim’s mask on the ground. Tim pushes it away and chases the hooded man into another teleportation loop through the hospital, tunnel during day and night, and Rosswood Park woods. Tim removes the hooded man’s mask in the tunnel, but static obscures his face. The mirror in Tim’s house now reads “YOUR FAULT” repeatedly and Jay’s body lies against the wall, bleeding onto the floor and surrounded by piles of drawings. Tim threatens to kill the hooded man after seeing this. Back at the college again, the hooded man hangs onto a railing and loses his grip just as Tim is about to swing a wrench at him. The distortion stops as soon as he hits the ground. Tim takes his pill bottle and a tape from the hooded man’s pockets but is unable to remove the mask once the Operator appears. It briefly leaves Tim and the hooded man’s body in the darkened tunnel; Tim wakes up in the field outside of the hospital.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 6, 2014. The Operator’s realm now manifests within a wider range of locations than in “Entry #65”; although most drawings by Jay’s body contain Operator symbols and the words “YOUR FAULT”, “NO HOPE”, and “GIVE UP”, one of them reads “THE ARK”. Tim re-lives a traumatic experience in his room of the hospital while the image is overlaid with a hand silhouetted in flames.6 The hospital doors he had feared in “Entry #65” swing open, and entering them takes him into his house. Hidden frames show the mirror’s text overlaid on the scene of Jay's body and an appearance of the masked man.

April 2014

  • Entry #84: “Brian was one of the few friends I had back then. He was wearing the same hoodie that day during the audition. I had no way of knowing it was Brian who fell from that window. I’m not sure what I would have done if I had known that beforehand. At least three people would still be here if it wasn’t for Alex. I know he’s watching this. I’ll be waiting here.”
  • Tim is using Jay’s camera now that the chest camera has broken. The knife and zip ties are back in the corner where he left Jay, and the mirror reads “LAST CHANCE” again. The tape he found contains footage of Alex’s original audition for Marble Hornets. Brian arrives in a tan hoodie to audition while Tim stands outside the door. Brian and Alex convince him to audition as well. Alex declines Brian’s offer to get dinner with them and instead films the side of a road that night. The Operator stands at the end.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 1, 2014. Alex notices the camera distorting at the end but is unaware of its cause.

May 2014

Tim tweets:

Still no sign of Alex.

  • Entry #85: “If Alex didn’t have a gun I would have gone after him while his back was turned. I wish I did. Now my home and everything in it has burned to the ground. Alex has destroyed everything I have. I don’t care what happens to me as long as he is stopped. There’s only one way this can end, and he’ll hunt me forever until it does. I have to find him.”
  • After weeks of waiting around his house with no sign of Alex, Tim finally gets into his car to watch Alex’s approach from the side of the road. After a day, Tim follows Alex inside unnoticed. Alex holds his gun and a gasoline canister that he empties throughout the floor. Assuming that Tim is still there, Alex rants that Tim is “the source” and responsible for everything that has gone wrong. He threatens Tim to find him should Tim not “do the right thing and burn to death”, and then drops a lighter into the gasoline. Tim escapes to his car without Alex catching him.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 14, 2014. Tim regrets being the only one of Alex’s victims left and recently decided against buying a gun because he would not trust himself with one. The news channel broadcasting a report on his house fire has a logo of “44”. The similarity to “Entry #25” implies that Alex was responsible for that fire as well.

June 2014

  • Entry #86: “What makes you think I’m the only source?! There could be hundreds of others! Thousands! You could be spreading it, too! It’s just using you to get what it wants!”
  • Tim returns to Benedict Hall through maintenance with Jay’s original knife. He hears a gunshot and breaks into a coughing fit, encountering Alex on the stairs above him and the Operator in front of him. Tim and Alex’s ensuing fight moves throughout different locations: the tunnel in night-vision, the abandoned building where the hooded man lived, and the hospital. Alex misses every shot and Tim briefly succeeds in stabbing him in the back. Alex reveals that his true motivation behind killing people is to prevent them from spreading the Operator’s influence; he refuses to believe Tim’s claims that they can fight it and that killing people only strengthens it. They find Brian’s body, hood down and mask off, and Alex tauntingly holds Tim responsible. Tim’s medication cannot stop him from coughing up blood with the Operator standing above him. Once returned to the college, Tim ultimately stabs Alex through the throat in an intense struggle; his last words are an instruction for Tim to kill any remaining victims of the Operator, himself included. Alex’s body disappears and Tim coughs up more blood before collapsing on the stairs.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 15, 2014. Alex’s “Entry #85” claim “you're the reason any of this happened” inexplicably plays above Tim taking his medication, right before Tim’s suggestion that Alex is likely among many people spreading the Operator’s influence. Alex lists the deaths of Sarah, Seth, Jessica, Amy, Brian, and Jay; Tim uses Amy as proof that Alex is not truly in control. In keeping with the pattern established by the totheark videos, Alex exhibits glowing eyes.
  • Entry #87: “So, that’s why I wanted to stop by and let you know this is probably the last time I’ll be around, so… sorry, you said you are doing okay? Just remember everything I told you about…”
  • Tim drives down a highway, eventually stopping in a parking lot where he retrieves his mask from a duffel bag and tosses it into a dumpster. He meets up with Jessica, who tells him that a new prescription has improved her sleep schedule, albeit with side effects. She only knows of Jay as a friend of Tim’s from their same clinic and cannot recall ever meeting him; Tim tells her that Jay moved before announcing his own leave of the area. Their conversation ends abruptly as Tim falls to the pavement in a coughing fit and Jessica asks if he is okay. The distortion clears once it cuts to Tim driving again, pill bottle in hand. Upon reaching a fork in the road between an open field and the woods leading to Rosswood Park, Tim stalls in the middle.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 20, 2014, five years to the day of “Introduction” and “Entry #1”. Ambulance sirens can be heard beyond Tim’s car at the end. At the beginning, he drives down the road Jay traversed in “Entry #27” but in the opposite direction. Tim echoes “Decline” in his last words to the distant audience:


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