Marble Hornets Season Two

The second season of Marble Hornets ran from November 23, 2010 to November 13, 2011 and is comprised of the videos “Entry #27” through “Entry #52”. After seven months of no activity on the Marble Hornets channel once he announced a new search for Alex, Jay’s return to uploading videos once again put him at risk for learning too much. User replies moved from private messaging on YouTube and onto Twitter; however, it was already apparent that the online audience Jay confided in could do little to help him.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. “Entry” videos come from Marble Hornets, whereas videos with one-word titles come from totheark.


The following images were uploaded to the Marble Hornets Twitter on the given dates:

October 27, 2010:


October 31, 2010:


November 16, 2010:


November 2010

Jay tweets:

Changed the password. I didn't post those pictures.

Entry #27 will be posted soon.

  • Entry #27: “It’s been 7 months since Entry #26 was posted. This morning, I woke up in a hotel. I don’t know how I got there. The past 7 months are completely missing from my memory.”
  • Footage in this video comes from both Jay’s handheld camera and a new one he found strapped to his chest upon waking up in the hotel room to a ticking sound and malfunctioning television; both cameras were on when this had happened. Unfamiliar with the general area as he drives through it, Jay has extended his stay at the hotel to longer than the one night he had booked the room so that he can piece together what has happened.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 23, 2010, a date foreshadowed by the 23 tally marks in the Twitter picture of the masked man. Jay passes by a woman as he walks down the hallway to his room.

Jay tweets:

Still at the hotel. Can't sleep.

December 2010

Jay tweets:

Entry #28 will be posted tomorrow. Right now I'm very tired.

Found some possible leads. Entry #28 will be uploaded soon.

  • Entry #28: “I searched around the hotel room, looking for anything to help me remember how I got here.”
  • Jay’s bag contains clothes, a flashlight, painkillers, and a key. A locked safe under the bedside table uses four-digit number codes but locks out for fifteen minutes after four incorrect tries. Jessica, the woman shown in the previous Entry, asks Jay about his camera and says that his name sounds familiar; she is the only person Jay has seen in the hotel outside of staff, and her room is next door to his.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 3, 2010. The description reads “Searching for anything.” The combinations Jay tries on the safe are “1234”, “8416”, “1985”, and “4613”. Jay suspects that strange sounds on his night security camera are coming from next door.

Jay tweets:

I've searched everywhere in the hotel room. The safe is the only lead I have right now. Need to figure out this code.

Been so tired lately. I've slept for over 12 hours straight these past few days.

Stayed up all night looking at this footage. Going to sleep a while now. Entry #29 will be posted tonight.

Back up. Uploading 29 soon.

  • Entry #29: “While looking through my security footage, I found something hidden on my hard drive. There’s no date for it, and I don’t know any of the locations shown. I only have the filename ‘noentry’.”
  • Someone runs through a forest and into a metal tunnel, following one puddle of blood to a white T-shirt and chunk of cement stained in even more blood. They encounter the Operator on the other side.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 16, 2010. The audio is distorted throughout and the unknown person holds a normal camera in their hands while they take the video from the chest camera.

Jay tweets:

Some weird things happened last night. Entry #30 will be posted later today.

Entry #30 will be uploaded soon.

  • Entry #30: “I left the hotel room yesterday to get some supplies. When I got back, my camera started acting strangely around Jessica.”
  • Jay accidentally changes his excuse for staying at the hotel while Jessica says that she was kicked out of her apartment. He hears more noises coming from her room that night and asks her about it; she claims not to have heard anything and remains confused about the camera. Jay suspects she is hiding something and plans to locate the woods seen in “Entry #29”.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 21, 2010. A mysterious shadow appears inside Jessica's room as she closes the door.

Jay tweets:

Lonely holiday, but not as bad as last year. At least I didn't have to climb a rotting tower this time.

Looking for Entry #29's location this week. Who knows if it's even around here though.

January 2011

Jay tweets:

I've been searching on and off all week. Entry #31 tomorrow.

  • Entry #31: “I searched the area for anything that looked like Entry #29’s location. All I could think to look for was parks since the beginning of 29 looked to be on a trail. After looking for a week, I found only one big park. It’s called Rosswood, and is split in to two areas. The front, seen here, looks like a regular park. But further back there’s a huge, intricate set of trails.”
  • Jay follows a man through Rosswood thinking him someone familiar when he doesn’t respond, but it turns out to be a stranger listening to music. He asks Jessica if she is familiar with the park and she claims not to be outside of possibly visiting as a child. She catches Jay contradicting himself yet again on his reason for staying at the hotel1, and he denies experiencing amnesia when Jessica asks.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 4, 2011. The presence of poorly-maintained trails and piles of rusted metal indicates that Rosswood Park is home to several abandoned structures. The camera continues to act up around Jessica.

Jay tweets:

I said no to Jessica because I'm not 100% sure she's on my side yet. It was reflex.

  • Entry #32: “I think I’m going crazy. I’m losing huge chunks of time. I’m having pounding headaches and coughing fits and I can’t sleep, but when I do sleep, I think I’m sleepwalking. And I keep having these dreams where I’m a little kid and something’s watching me.”
  • Jessica confronts Jay about his lies and odd behavior, the distortion worsening as she describes her deteriorating health and suspicions about how something must have brought them both to the hotel under the same circumstances. He promises to tell her everything if they leave that night.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 12, 2011. The description reads “Time has run out.” Jessica has dark circles under her eyes much in the same way as Jay had in totheark’s “Return”. Jay has given up on the safe, uploading the video in case anything happens to him upon entering her room.
  • Entry #33: “I don’t know what happened to Jessica, but I’m not going back to that hotel alone.”
  • Jessica’s room is empty in disarray when Jay enters. A note on the floor reads “Combination 11Ⓧ2”; Jay enters it into both of their safes, and it opens his to reveal stacks of tapes and an external hard drive. The masked man chases Jay out of the hotel after he has gathered them all.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 18, 2011. “1102” is “2011” backwards and corresponds with Jessica's room number, 211; when added together, the digits equal four. The masked man’s hand can be seen opening a door behind Jay as the footage distorts, and he appears to be moving with a limp.

February 2011

Jay tweets:

Looking through the tapes. I'm hoping I'll have something by tomorrow.

This feels all too familiar.

The majority of the first bits of footage have just been me driving.

_PirateGuy_ on Twitter writes:

@Marblehornets Maybe the place you're driving to has some significance? Or is it just day-to-day boring stuff?

Jay responds:

@_PirateGuy_ I'm hoping it's significant. There's a lot of driving going on with few stops.

Jay tweets:

Found something promising. Entry #34 should be uploaded in about an hour.

  • Entry #34: “I’ve begun to look through all the footage I took out of the safe back at the hotel. All of the tapes seem to be roughly ordered, but a few are unlabeled. I’m starting with the very first tape and working my way through them all.”
  • Placing the date at April 21, 2010, Jay explains that he is driving to the package’s return address before remembering that he no longer needs to record himself talking. It leads to an abandoned brick building full of debris and graffiti; Jay finds nothing inside and is alarmed by the sound of something falling over.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 8, 2011. The description reads “Starting on the new tapes.” In the present, Jay suspects that he would have searched it more thoroughly a second time.

Jay tweets:

Fell asleep last night as the entry was uploading. Here's the link.

  • Fragments: “you are broken/you cannot be fixed”
  • The first totheark response since Jay’s apartment caught fire shows pieces of a black-and-white photograph of Alex’s face shaking in different arrangements between these words.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 10, 2011. The description reads “hello again”; the tags used to read “always”, “see”, and “you”. Morse code in the video has been deciphered as “must die”.

Jay tweets:

Just brought to my attention: [Fragments]

I've been very paranoid about my location lately. Nowhere really feels safe.

I was not expecting what I just found on these tapes. Can't decide if I should upload it or not.

Going to try and sleep. If I decide to upload this stuff, it'll be tomorrow.

I've decided to post it. Entry #35 should be uploaded in about 30 minutes.

  • Entry #35: “I never thought I’d find something like this on the tapes. It changes everything.”
  • Jay returns to the abandoned building, stating his frustration that nothing is there. It turns out that he is saying this to Alex, who then points him to another room. The masked man runs out with a knife, running after Alex and causing Jay to drop the camera. They pin him to the ground and tie him down. Jay unmasks him, revealing Tim. Alex attacks Tim with a chunk of cement after Jay refuses to give him the knife; Tim screams and the footage immediately cuts to Jay driving.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 15, 2011. The video experiences inconsistent levels of distortion when the masked man appears. The knife2 is already covered in blood.

Jay tweets:

Note: Unless something major happens, all entries starting at 34 are taken from the tapes I found in the hotel safe, not the present.

I've been waiting a couple of days to see if ToTheArk uploads a response to entry #35. So far, nothing.

  • Broadcast: “Enjoying watching you suffer. Do you know me? I will always know you.”
  • Distorted stereoscopic footage of an underwater shot looking up from below, trees and a figure looming above.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 26, 2011. The description reads “are you drowning.” The heavily-distorted words come from a text-to-speech program.

Jay tweets:

Thanks to everyone who let me know about the ToTheArk response.

I definitely hear words on this video. Can't make out anything coherent right now, though.

March 2011

Jay tweets:

I think the tape from entry #35 was damaged when the camera was dropped. Spending tonight trying to fix it. More footage could be on it.

Nothing was wrong with the tape itself, but I did find some corrupt footage on the end of it. Posting it as Entry #36 later today.

  • Entry #36: “I then noticed that the tape itself had time left on it, but wouldn’t continue to play past this point. But after trying for a few days, I was able to find some corrupt footage at the end of the tape. I’ve subtitled what I think is being said as best I can.”
  • After the encounter with Tim, Jay and Alex meet in a parking lot. Jay confronts Alex about breaking Tim’s leg with the chunk of cement, to which he responds that he should have done worse. Alex tells Jay to lay low because it was easy to find him and have a package delivered to his hotel room door –confirming that Alex created the “Entry #26” tape rather than totheark as previously assumed.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 2, 2011. Tim’s limp in “Entry #33” came from Alex breaking his leg.
  • Sidetone: “You’ve reached the voicemail of Alex Kralie. I'm not answering my phone right now. Please leave your name and a number, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.”
  • Footage in this video moves between the Operator button on a phone’s number pad and the Operator itself, while the audio is a series of dial tones.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 15, 2011. The description reads “# 000-0000”. Corresponding to letters of the alphabet, numbers flashing onscreen as the voicemail plays decode to “LIES”. One hidden frame reads “Ring” backwards.

Jay tweets:

Just now saw the ToTheArk response. Guess whoever it is knows Alex's phone number.

Theeyeballkid on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets I take it you got the coded "Lies" in the video.

Jay responds:

@Theyeballkid I didn't see the numbers in the end until now. Thanks for saving me some time.

Jay tweets:

The last few tapes have just been of me driving around by myself. Where did Alex go?

Found something that makes me not want to go through the rest of these tapes. Headache. Laying down for now. Uploading it tomorrow.

On March 21 through 22, 2011, 9:18 PM - 12:29 AM, Jay tweets:

Trying to upload entry #37, but I can't sign in to youtube.

People that follow me: Is youtube letting you sign in?

Judging by the response, I'm the only one having this problem…

I may have temporarily forgotten my password.

I keep trying different ones but nothing's working.


Come on!

I've tried all the passwords I've ever used. None are working.

Why can't I remember!

I can't use the forgotten password feature because it's linked to aan old email address that I also don't remember the password of.

I have the worst hheadache right now..

Keep thnking I'm hearing things.

.hea'ds poudning.

sllee pno.w

  • enttry #37: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you”
  • Uploaded to the Marble Hornets account after the Twitter went silent, this video is VHS footage of a child’s birthday party set to dissonant tones. An Operator symbol flashes over his face as he opens presents and, once the song confirms his identity as Alex, the Operator’s appearance causes the screen to go black.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 23, 2011. The description reads “memories”. The timestamp of the video reads April 4, 1991 –at 4:04 PM on the same day in 2010, Alex encountered the Operator again.3 The Operator’s appearance causes the video’s timestamp to change wildly to dates some players believe correspond with tragic events –most abnormally, “9:99 AM” on June 6, 1944 (D-Day).

On March 29, 2011, Jay tweets:

Just woke up in my car, near the red tower. Don't remember how I got here. This is a long way from where I was.

The tapes aren't with me, and the footage I copied to my laptop has apparently been deleted. I need to get back. Fast.

March 30, 20114:

On my way back. I looked in the red tower again before leaving, but didn't find anything.

@brasilkid16 I was at a rest area charging my laptop. How is that bad planning?

April 2011

  • Entry #38: “How much do you know about this area? When I first moved here, I remember hearing a story that back in the 1800s they thought this place was blessed because everything would grow so fast. They would take their worst criminals, murderers, child molesters, and they would put them on trial before God out here. They would tie them up to the trees, and the idea was that they would get stretched out, kind of like a rack. They never fed or gave them water though, so they would just die of dehydration. They never cut down the bodies. They would just burn the whole tree with them still on it. They stopped doing it, though, after a kid went missing, and he finally turned up in the area where they would do the trials. He had been dismembered and strung up.”5
  • In the last few minutes of an unlabeled tape mostly consisting of Alex leading Jay through Rosswood Park in the evening, he tells Jay the above urban legend while declining to explain its significance. Jay changes the tape before following Alex any further, unsettled in both the past and present.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 4, 2011. The description reads “Unlabeled.”

Jay tweets:

I'm back. All the tapes and my camera are still here. So relieved.

  • Entry #39: “About a week after finding Alex in the abandoned house.”
  • Jay sits in the trunk of his car as it is parked outside of a lake and receives a call from Alex asking him to meet at Rosswood Park the following day. He specifies neither the time he wants to meet nor where he has been. That night, Jay falls asleep in the back of his car. After forty minutes, the camera records someone passing by and stopping to look.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 12, 2011. Alex has the same voicemail in this video as in “Sidetone” when Jay attempts to call him back.

Jay tweets:

Waiting to see if there's any response from ToTheArk.

Looks like I'll be getting nothing from ToTheArk again. I'm uneasy when it gets quiet like this.

  • Forecast: “here is something i have wanted to show you”
  • Distorted red-and-yellow footage of a dog lung being inflated from the 1940 documentary “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms” cuts to ink smears of a face with Operator symbols for eyes. The following footage of Jay sleeping in the trunk of his car confirms totheark as the person watching him in “Entry #39”.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 21, 2011. The description reads “c2VlIHlvdSBzYXcgeW91”; in base64, “see you saw you”. Numbers at the beginning decode alphanumerically to “AM I A PROPHET” when divided by 2; apparently, totheark waits to acknowledge their involvement in the new tapes’ events until after Jay finds out. The audio is Beethoven’s 5th slowed down and reversed.

May 2011

Jay tweets:

I saw the latest ToTheArk response a day or two after it was posted. Forgot to link it here.

Seeing that response has made me even more paranoid. As if I don't change locations enough already…

40 is uploading to youtube. I really don't want to watch it again.

  • Entry #40: “The day after Alex called.”
  • Jay sends Alex a voicemail confirming that he is at Rosswood. He wanders into the woods and eventually sends another voicemail to admit that he is lost. Jay examines a chimney with a tree growing out of it in the middle of a clearing where the Operator’s appearance causes him to drop the malfunctioning camera and run.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 3, 2011. Someone leans against a tree by the parking lot in the beginning. The camera picks up audio interference as Jay walks down the trail, even though the Operator does not appear until the end.
  • Black-and-white footage of sketches show a forest with an Operator symbol at its center and then a person with blank circles for eyes lying under a tree. It then cuts to footage taken on the outside of a forest trail.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 16, 2015. The description reads “YmV oaW5kIHRo ZSBjd XJ0YWlu”; in base64, “behind the curtain”, a Wizard of Oz allusion. Numbers at the end before a pixelated Operator symbol correspond to the alphabet: “always there”. The video confirms totheark as the person leaning on the tree in the previous Entry, their presence the cause of interference on Jay’s camera on the trail.

Jay tweets:

I've been avoiding continuing the tape from Entry 40, but I can't put it off forever. For all I know, there could be nothing left on it.

BranRainey on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Maybe you should have been more open with Jessica. Letting somebody in on this could put it in perspective. Might've helped.

Jay responds:

@BranRainey Maybe. Who knows where she is now, though.

Jay tweets:

Like clockwork, ToTheArk responded last week.

Finished the Entry 40 tape. Something there that I don't like. Entry 41 will be uploaded soon.

Weird. Problem with the video I've never had before. Should be uploaded in about an hour or so.

  • Entry #41: “There’s about 15 minutes of nothing on the tape from Entry #40 until the image comes back.”
  • Someone picks up Jay’s camera and walks through the woods with it, returning it to his unlocked car. The person wears a tan hoodie and a black cloth mask with orange eyes and a frown.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 25, 2011. Distortion only occurs around water and the hooded man’s appearance. Some believe that markings on the streambed read “TTA”, an abbreviation of totheark.6

June 2011

Jay tweets:

No clue who that could have been in Entry #41. Why wasn't my car door locked?

I doubt it was Tim in #41. It was only a week after Alex incapacitated him. No way he'd be walking by then.

adf___ on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets How do you know the timeframes if the tapes have no dates?

Jay responds:

@adf___ The ones I found in the hotel safe are numbered (although a handful aren't). I also told Alex "It's been over a week" in Entry #39.

  • Black-and-white stop motion footage shows a baby doll with a burnt-out face and an Operator phone key for an eye.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 2, 2011. The description reads “blind”. Binary at the end reads “He lies”.

Jay tweets:

ToTheArk's latest response: [Indicator]

LeahsGotIt on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets I thought you'd decided to leave it unlocked in case you needed to haul butt out of there in a hurry.

Jay responds:

@LeahsGotIt That's possible, but I have a remote for it. It's not like I'd have to fumble with keys if I had to unlock the door in a hurry.

raiiban on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets post a new entry on how you are doing, been months since the last present day entry.

Jay responds:

@raiiban I'm okay for the time being. I don't want to advertise my location too much.

Jay tweets:

I had forgotten about the external hard drive I found in the hotel safe, I should be looking through it at the same time as these tapes.

  • Entry #42: “I’m going through the videos on the external hard drive that I found in the hotel. After looking at the video files’ dates, I found that they begin the same time as the events in Entry #41.”
  • Alex records himself with the chest-mounted camera as he receives Jay’s voicemails and catches him running out of the woods. Jay explains his encounter with the Operator to Alex, both of them annoyed with the other. As they enter the parking lot, Jay reluctantly agrees to help Alex find Amy and finds his camera where the hooded man left it.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 9, 2011. The beginning yet again shows the hooded man off in the distance, sitting against a tree by the parking lot. Jay starts looking for hotels again after sleeping in his car.

Jay tweets:

Can't believe this whole thing started two years ago. I never should have taken those original tapes from Alex.

  • Black-and-white video taken from Alex’s porch combines with a recurring pair of white glowing eyes and an animation of a face with stars for eyes being contained inside an Operator symbol.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 20, 2011, two years to the day of “Introduction” and “Entry #1”. The description reads “NT Qz MjE =”; in base64, “54321”, a countdown.

Jay tweets:

ToTheArk has responded. Thanks again for letting me know when it updates.

Trying to keep the footage from the tapes and the footage from the hard drive straight is getting confusing.

Things are looking very bad. Entry #43 will be uploaded in about an hour.

  • Entry #43: “Hey Jessica, it's Alex. Uh, I was just calling to see if you had heard from Amy recently. Uh, just give me a call back whenever you get a chance. Thanks.”
  • The first half of this video is Jay’s handheld footage of his and Alex’s return to house where Alex claims to have jumped out the window with Amy. He makes the above call to her roommate and declines to tell Jay where he lives. Alex later goes to Rosswood with the chest camera, presumably his originally. He collapses into a coughing fit upon encountering the Operator but gets up and approaches it as the distortion worsens.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 27, 2011. Alex enters the part of Rosswood Park shown in the November 16, 2011 Twitpic that read “WAKE UP” upside-down.

July 2011

  • Grainy black-and-white imagery of a face and a brain with an arrow pointing to its parietal lobe7 cuts to an Operator symbol appearing in the corner of another face; totheark questions the identities of three distorted faces at the end believed to be Tim, Alex, and Jay, respectively.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 11, 2011. The description reads “maɪnəs sɛntrɔɪd”: phonetic spelling of “minus centroid” or removal of center mass (in this case, referring to removal of identity). The end of the video provides one of three totheark messages found by converting the audio into a spectrogram image.

Jay tweets:

ToTheArk response: [Inquiry]

Those videos are so inconsistent. It's like they're being made by different people. No way I can prove that, though.

SPLATspazz on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets: J, how are you not the least bit concerned over where Alex is nowadays?

Jay responds:

@SPLATspazz It's what I'm trying to figure out. The closer I feel I get, the more I feel I don't want to know.

pivotshabz on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets: Jay. We found this. You need to see. Don't let ToTheArk decide for you


Jay responds:

@pivotshabz Did this come from ToTheArk?

pivotshabz on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets I ran a Spectrogram on the sound in ToTheArk's latest video. That was the output. It occurs when the zeroes are on screen.

Jay responds:

@pivotshabz Thanks for this. Not sure it's something I wanted to see, though…

BranRainey on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Jay, I know I'm like a year late on this, but why is there quiet music all through Entry #25? I've always wondered.

Jay responds:

@BranRainey There was no music playing at the time. I think you might be hearing the hum of the AC?

BranRainey on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Sorry, I meant Entry #24. It has really quiet music if you crank the volume.

Jay responds:

@BranRainey Coming from the TV. I probably had it on for background noise. Otherwise the silence would make me think I was hearing things.

Jay tweets:

Continuing to look through the external hard drive. At least I'm not having to fumble with tapes very much right now.

Stayed up all night looking through the external hard drive. Entry #44 will be posted tonight after I try to sleep.

  • Entry #44: “Hey Jessica, it's Alex. Uh, I just wanted to call and let you know I got in touch with Amy, so just disregard my last message. Thanks.”
  • Alex makes this call from his house, later coughing blood into the sink and creating new drawings; one depicts three small Operator symbols by a tree while another depicts a large one labeled “OPERATOR”. He disappears from his bed once the Operator appears, darkening the room and causing the video to flicker.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 15, 2011. A shadow passes over Alex before the disappearance occurs. Jay’s commentary claims that no footage he has found shows Alex’s return nor any sign of Amy as Alex had claimed.

LadySuccubusGod on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Was Alex awake when the Operator go by in the room the 1st time? I couldn't tell if he was blinking since it was kinda blury

Jay responds:

@LadySuccubusGod Looks like his eyes are open to me.

Jay tweets:

I don't know why I'm surprised to find footage from different cameras on the external hard drive. Makes sense Alex may have more than one.

Think I found something. If it's what I think it is, Entry 45 will be posted tonight.

Nick22490 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Did TTA respond to entry 44?

Jay responds:

@Nick22490 Not yet, no. Don't know what to make of that.

  • Entry #45: “Approximately 3 months after finding Alex”
  • Alex chases the hooded man outside of his house. Tim appears in his mask and pins Alex to the ground, attacking him through strangulation and a chunk of cement while the hooded man watches. The two run off after looking to the right, at which point Alex threatens to kill them.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 23, 2011. The Operator’s presence is implied by the interference before the masked man and hooded man escape and its appearance in a hidden frame accompanying Alex’s low-pitched death threat; Alex’s drawings in the previous Entry may have symbolized these events.

Jay tweets:

It's getting even harder to keep the footage from Alex and the footage from me straight.

August 2011

Jay tweets:

Finding a lot of footage of me tailing Alex without him knowing it.

ItsMogkiKupo on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets sure about that? He might well have known, you know. Leading you into a trap. I don't trust him.

Jay responds:

@ItsMogkiKupo Who knows. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

  • Entry #46: “Alex had plenty of time to follow me, but didn’t. I don’t know why he wouldn’t run, after seeing what was behind him.”
  • Jay breaks into Alex’s apartment while he takes out the trash. He examines Alex’s drawings and steals a tape off of the desk before hiding in the closet. Jay’s phone vibrates when Alex calls him from the other room, and the Operator appearing out the window forces Jay out of hiding. Alex takes back the tape and reprimands Jay, inexplicably not running with him when the Operator reappears behind him.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 2, 2011. Alex’s closet has the word “BONE” written inside of it, and one of his drawings repeats the words “Help me” and “Kill me”. Jay grabs a key while escaping, which he identifies in the present as the one from the hotel.

Jay tweets:

By my reasoning, after Alex grabbed the tape from me, I took the key as I ran out just to have SOMETHING. Not 100% sure, of course.

  • Classified: I KNOW YOU’RE THERE/I SAW IT”
  • This first portion of text is hidden behind a wall of zeroes at the beginning while the second plays above orange-tinted footage of an eye at the end; most of the video is red-tinted footage of the hooded man with glowing eyes.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 15, 2011. The description reads “[][]”. Corresponding the numbers to the alphabet decodes to “thetwins” and “doyouknow whathedid”, references to the masked man and hooded man’s apparent cooperation against Alex.
  • Entry #47: “About an hour after leaving Alex’s apartment.”
  • That night in the parking lot, Alex confronts Jay about his break-in and attempted theft of the tape. They both agree to stop cooperating after Alex blames Jay for leading the masked men to him while Jay argues that Alex’s secretive behavior has prevented him from accomplishing anything. Jay gets Jessica’s phone number from Alex by locking his car with Alex’s keys inside, only giving them back after verifying the number as hers. He calls Jessica the next day, learning that Alex had lied to her about finding Amy and telling her the contradictory story Alex had told him.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 18, 2011. The last four digits of Jessica’s phone number are “1102”. Jay now considers it a mistake to have called Jessica, especially since he must have been lying to her about his intention to call Alex again.

Jay tweets:

Having trouble sleeping again. More so than usual, I mean.

There's a LOT of footage of me just tailing Alex. So far, it looks like he didn't notice me.

TjArvidsson on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets What's Alex up to while you're tailing him?

Jay responds:

@TjArvidsson Nothing out of the ordinary, from what I can tell. Kind of frustrating to watch.

Jay tweets:

I've put a few things together. Entry #48 will be uploaded before I try and get some sleep tonight.

September 2011

  • Entry #48: “I began following Alex after I found out about him lying to Jessica. From what I can tell, I never caught him doing anything out of the ordinary during the few months I was doing this. The only thing I've noticed is that he started carrying a small satchel with him. He also went into Rosswood Park on a regular basis, wearing his chest mounted camera. I would never follow him in, probably due to what I had experienced their previously. But after a few more weeks, I must have decided that there was no other option.”
  • Jay follows Alex to the entrance of a tunnel but runs back to the parking lot when he thinks Alex has seen him. His commentary identifies the tunnel as the same one from “Entry #29” and notes that Alex may have taken footage from the chest camera strapped to him that day.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 31, 2011. Jay fails to notice the Operator appear behind him in the woods. A man in a white shirt can be seen in the parking lot at the end.

Jay tweets:

Starting to look through Alex's footage from when I was following him.

I'm pretty sure it's a camera bag that Alex was carrying around, but that doesn't guarantee there's a camera in it.

thor9356 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Jay have you given thought to contacting Jessica again? You have her number now and besides we don't know what happen to her.

Jay responds:

@thor9356 I've tried many, many times. No answer.

  • Static crackles on a television screen and behind the hooded man while footage of Alex saying “you’ve done nothing” in “Entry #47” is obliquely layered over his face.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 1, 2011. The description reads “remainseated iwillfindyou”. A face emerges from the dark beside the television screen.

Jay tweets:

ToTheArk responds. It's never been this fast before, as far as I remember.

Finished looking through Alex's footage in the park. I don't want to share what I've seen.

Been thinking about it, and it might be best if I upload what happened in the park. Just in case anything happens to me one day.

But right now I'm feeling really exhausted. Entry #49 will be uploaded tomorrow.

  • Entry #49: “I've gone through all the footage from Alex's camera on the day I followed him into Rosswood. I didn't want to upload it here, but now I feel like I need to in case anything happens to me or the footage.”
  • Alex walks through the woods, whispering “don't follow me” and “I know you're here”. He sits in the tunnel entrance for 15 minutes until a man in a white shirt approaches him. Alex yells, “I told you not to follow me!” and runs after the man, strangling him against the tunnel floor after dropping the camera. Jay has removed a part where Alex throws the chunk of cement on the man’s head four times. The Operator appears over the body, leaving the tunnel empty after the distortion stops. Alex calls Jay from his car, claiming that he found something in Rosswood relating to Amy.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 6, 2011. The same man appeared in the parking lot in the previous Entry, placing its events before this murder took place and the discovery of the bloodstained shirt by an unknown cameraman in “Entry #29” afterward. Alex’s reaction implies that he mistook the man for Jay, who notes in the present that neither of them knew who it was.

Jay tweets:

Looking for any reports of a missing person around the area and time Entry #49 took place.

So far, I've found absolutely nothing about a missing person. I feel like I've looked everywhere, too.

punxtr on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets maybe he was homeless man that knew the park very well?

Jay responds:

@punxtr It's possible, but he doesn't really look homeless to me.

Jay tweets:

STILL nothing on a missing person. I can't figure it out.

Giving up on finding missing person reports. Getting back to the tapes.

MrSkolVikes28 on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets You ever find the tape to finish what was happening in Entry #38? It seemed like it would be very important.

Jay responds:

@MrSkolVikes28 That's what I'm hoping to find soon. There's not that many tapes left.

GreyouTT on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Maybe the man's death has already been confirmed. And his case has been closed.

Jay responds:

@GreyouTT Then wouldn't there be a news story about it somewhere at least? I can't find anything..

GreyouTT on Twitter writes:

@marblehornets Have you checked the Obituaries in old newspapers?

Jay responds:

@GreyouTT Yes, I've checked everything. Found nothing.

  • The masked man limps down a darkened street combined with clips of Tim from “Entry #20” and the tunnel from “Entry #49”. The close-up of his mask takes on a red tint towards the end.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 27, 2011. The description reads “never”. A black-and-white hidden frame shows an eye at the end of the tunnel.

Jay tweets:

Think I may have found what came before the unlabeled footage in Entry #38.

There's a lot here to get through. Entry #50 will be posted tomorrow.

  • Entry #50: “Hey Jessica, it’s me. I am at Rosswood Park right now waiting on Alex. He says he’s got something to show me in here so I figured I’d give you a call, give you a quick update on what’s going on. Uh, if you need anything, just call me, I guess. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”
  • Jay prepares a knife and calls Jessica before Alex leads him into the woods, asking Jay if he stole anything such as the spare front door key he is now unable to find. Jay denies this and claims he hears footsteps; they walk without speaking to each other, continuing into the unlabeled tape from “Entry #38”. In the next labeled tape, Alex stays in the woods while Jay convinces him to let him leave for the night. Jay chases the masked man into the tunnel after finally spotting him; the tape abruptly ends when he re-enters, apparently without noticing evidence of the murder. A day later on the next labeled tape, Jay waits for Alex to leave his apartment before stealing the tape from one of his drawers.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 30, 2011. Alex identifies his satchel as a camera case. His drawer contains a lighter and his drawings read “Warning”, “Eyes Always Watching”, and “Return Home”. Having labeled the tape “56-42” at the time, Jay now intends to post it as the next Entry.

October 2011

Jay tweets:

Really paranoid. Had to change my location after I woke up with my hotel room door standing wide open. Nothing seems to be missing, though.

Finally have a chance to look through the mass of tapes for the 56-42 label.

Entry #51 will be posted tonight, but I'm not sure how soon.

Video problems again. Great. I'm going to hold off on uploading Entry 51 until tomorrow. Too tired to keep waiting.

  • Entry #51: “After spending a few days changing my current location, I found the tape labeled ‘56-42’. It contains footage back when Alex was shooting Marble Hornets.”
  • Alex and Brian location scout among railroad tracks in a forest leading them to a burnt-out hospital. A scene of Brian leaning against a wall is interrupted twice: first when he coughs and then when the Operator appears, cutting the footage to black. Brian picks up the camera and calls Alex’s name as he enters the building, instead finding Tim wrapped in a blanket and having a coughing fit. The Operator appears again and the next shot just shows Brian’s legs as he is dragged away, unmoving. Alex leaves with the camera.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 12, 2011. Between Tim and Brian in this Entry and Seth in “Entry #22”, Jay suspects that Alex deliberately led his cast and crew into abandoned locations where they would be vulnerable. Alex may or may not have lied about his inability to remember this in “Entry #22”.

Jay tweets:

Almost to the last tape. Been moving around so much lately.

November 2011

Jay tweets:

On the last tape now.

Making a trip to somewhere I never thought I'd go back to.

Still driving. I'm going to try and have Entry #52 uploaded tomorrow night.

Finally here. I'm going to have a look around while it's still light out.

Entry #52 should be uploaded in about an hour.

Got delayed. Gonna give it another hour.

Having serious computer issues. Uploading will have to wait until tomorrow. Too tired to keep trying.

  • Entry #52: “In the months that I’ve been watching the tapes from the safe, I’ve seen how dangerous Alex really is. Looking back on it, he never intended to help me. He probably just wanted the opportunity to tie up another loose end like he did with the others. I’m not going to sit around and let him get away with this anymore. If he’s still alive, I’m going to find him.”
  • Jay films a confession of his newfound distrust of Alex after watching the tape should anything happen to him when he meets Alex and Jessica; he intends to protect Jessica if necessary. She claims to hear footsteps as Alex leads them to an abandoned shed. He pulls a gun on them inside, blaming Jay for following him, stealing the tape, sharing his original tapes’ content online, and getting Jessica involved. The masked man tackles Alex from behind, allowing Jay and Jessica to escape while the gun goes off. Jay steals Alex’s chest camera and satchel from his car and meets Jessica at the hotel. He agrees to use “1102”, the last four digits of her phone number, as the safe combination.8 That night, Jay follows the sound of Jessica screaming and finds the Operator in his room; it pulls him forward as he runs towards it, leaving him unconscious on the floor with no memory of returning the camera to its tripod –nor of any events of the past seven months.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 13, 2011. The description reads “The last tape.” The masked man can be seen hiding inside the shed as they approach it. When the Operator appears, Jay can be heard shouting “What do you want?” and “Leave us alone!” In the present, Jay has seen Tim acting normally in the downtown area outside of Rosswood but has not yet gotten ahold of him. Jay plans to update the channel when this happens in case Tim proves a potential lead on ending Alex’s violence once and for all.


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