The format of this list will vary from landmarks to towns to entire countries, but the Slender Man’s presence at these locations is a constant. The most common one tends to be “right behind you”.

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Original Mythos


North America

United States:

  • California: the Slender Man appears in the Fog of its streets.
    • Stirling City, California: Stirling City Incidents include the library blaze and disappearance of fourteen children, animal mutilations, and the disappearance of Katrina Elkins.
    • Great Swamp Nature Preserve, California: where the body of Joseph Pertman of the Stirling City Incidents turns up in a tree.
    • Lake Oroville State Recreation Park, California: campsite where Alice Elkins of the Stirling City Incidents disappears.
    • San Francisco Bay Area, California: where the Patient of Dr. Bronn walks his dog down the Iron Horse Trail, which “is surrounded by houses but it feels pretty secluded when you get on it. It’s strange. You can see tons of stars, even though you’re in a city, and that night was especially bright.” He encounters the Slender Man there, and in Marin County woods, and in the violent dreams and thoughts it gives him.
    • Yosemite Valley, California: among other Small Findings, a photograph of the Slender Man here wound up in LIFE magazine.
    • Santa Cruz, California: University of California student Jason E deliberately photographs the Slender Man in nearby woods.
  • Monmouth, Oregon: where Hilary Foster’s body and Found Photographs from her camera turn up in the tree of a nearby state park.
  • Diamond Lake, Washington: at a campsite on this Eastern Washington lake in 1977, when “it wasn’t so built up and it was a nice place to camp”, the Slender Man skewers two of four teenagers on trees; the other two survive, but one goes insane.
  • Yellowstone National Park: Optic Nerve notes that the Slender Man has appeared here. The parents of the Missing Family turn up dead here along with their friend, skewered in the treetops and over 1,000 miles from where they were last seen in Arkansas, but their children remain missing.
  • New Mexico: where Henry Coe hunts deer and watches the Slender Man attack a family in their tent, winding up in a mental hospital as a result.
  • Dallas, Texas: where Martina Gomez, through sign language, explains the “Delgado” monster that she encountered at a motel on her eighteenth birthday.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: Disappearance of Boy linked to 1963 slayings in Lake Texoma.
  • Wichita, Kansas: where Jake Greenwood disappears.
  • Ozark National Forest, Arkansas: campsite from whence the Missing Family disappeared, leaving behind only a friend’s camera.
  • Bee Branch, Arkansas: location of the Big Tree where the Slender Man takes Eldon Elliot.
  • Crab Orchard Lake, Illinois: site of Mississippian Mounds, mass graves constructed circa 1350 CE that cannot be photographed without dark artifacts appearing in the image.
  • Centralia, Illinois: source of Found Photographs from a boy’s disappearance.
  • Michigan: one small town college campus researching collision detection receives Detector Images of the Slender Man.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: an urban explorer visits a disused mental institution on its outskirts and finds the Abandoned Journal of a maddened paranormal investigator.
  • Berea, Kentucky: home of an informant, later republished in Ghost Stories of the American South, who describes that “when I looked out over that field at the back of the house, the whole thing was lit up orange, and there was a row of big black trees that was the edge of the woods, you know? And I swear to you that I saw one of them trees moving, like a man walking away. But it couldn’t have been a man, ‘cause there ain’t no man that tall and skinny.”
  • Middlefork, Kentucky: site of a Slender Man encounter recounted in an Abandoned Journal.
  • Glynn County, Georgia: site of a Deadly House Fire that burns blue; on a recovered tape, Sarah West relays her encounters with the Slender Man on the abandoned property.
  • Richmond, Virginia: source of Found Photographs of the Slender Man from an abandoned camera.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: where students at the University of Maryland research mythology of the Slender Man.
  • Pennsylvania: site of a gas station incident reported by Optic Nerve.
    • Edinboro, Pennsylvania: the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania displays an Inhuman Handprint on the third story dorm window of disappeared student Elizabeth Hetzler.
    • Lahaska, Pennsylvania: source of Found Photographs of the Slender Man in an open field.
  • Long Island, New York: site of one of the Found Photographs.
  • Northbridge, Massachusetts: entries from the Journal of Dr. Jeffrey Scripter state that unresponsive patient Douglas Reynolds was found wandering the streets barefoot here.
  • Cardigan Mountain State Forest, New Hampshire: the Remains of Missing Camper found in the Black Forest came from Nathaniel Thrumson, whose journal describes fog, troubled dreams, and markings on the trees as he gets lost here.
  • Concord, New Hampshire: where schoolchildren drew the kidnapper they witnessed during the Appalachian Trail Incident.


  • Jasper, Alberta: as a Radio Newsroom reports, three skiers go missing in the Rockies until one’s body turns up, contorted in a tree. A surviving friend of theirs had reported night terrors of the Slender Man before also disappearing from his ransacked home in Calgary.
    • Edmonton, Alberta: the Radio Newsroom additionally reports the Slender Man’s abduction of an Edmonton photographer.
  • Hamilton, Ontario: an unresponsive patient is admitted to the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital after a Slender Man encounter in the forest; she starts rambling about it and tells Dr. Harris “you’re next” before both disappear.


  • Mexico: where the Padre Flaco legend depicts the monster’s visage as such trusted figures as priests and soldiers. According to one forum user from Tabasco, “old people kept telling stories about the Devil coming out of those trees or how some evil spirit disguised as a Ceiba that lured drunk men and made them disappear to never be seen”; her friend who went to Mexico City and Chiapas verifies the stories’ origins in Mayan sacrifices to Ceiba Trees before himself turning up dead in a river. The Slender Man is also said to have presented as an Aztec priest.

South America

  • Brazil: the very First Appearance of the Slender Man comes from a Brazilian cave painting circa 9000 BCE.


  • England: online accounts note an Emergency Call linked to a “haunted house” abandoned due to the Slender Man’s presence, the previous owners having written about it on the walls. The Rodzby Incident occurs in the southwest of England.
    • Berkshire, England: Small Findings include the embroidery made by a patient at the Paddock Centre of Broadmoor Hospital.
    • Blackburn, England: an 1809 disappearance of twelve children, as recounted in British Myths, Legends, and Unsolved Tales, required a search of “the (then) dense countryside and farmlands. The only evidence found was of several dozen uprooted trees; with no discernible pattern to this trail, adverse weather was blamed for the uprooting.” The industrialization of Blackburn, Lancashire caused the discovery of eleven bodies in 1856 to go largely unreported so as to not ruin the opening of Corporation Park.
    • Cambridge, England: Dr. Bernard Thompson disappears from Cambridge University in the midst of a thesis for the Atlantic Historical Review.
  • Scotland: Fear Dubh is fabled to wander “solitary footpaths” in its woods at night; one boy whose grandmother allegedly dies of a stroke believes that her house was firebombed due to the “long thin streaks that the smoke’s made on the white walls” and sleeps with a rosary.
  • Belgium: the great-grandson of Jozef describes the village where he used to live as “a rural area that only really got urbanized in the early ‘90s. Apart from the village’s main road and a few smaller roads, the east of the village was a dense, murky forest and the west of the village was bordered by the Scheldt river.” He encounters the Slender Man in his old, worn-out house as a child and later learns of his great-grandfather’s own encounter with it during World War II when Nazi Germany occupied Belgium.
  • Germany: originating place of the Schlankwald poem.
    • Black Forest, Germany: fabled home of Der Großmann, a malevolent faerie that steals wayward children. During World War II, one forum user’s Grandpa in the OSS encounters the Slender Man and is unable to damage it with gunfire as it takes away the Nazi soldier that fled into their camp. In April 1945, Henry Louis Marshall leads a patrol here only for the Slender Man to slaughter them and use him as a means of spreading to parts of the United States. The Remains of Missing Camper Nathaniel Thrumson turn up here after his ten-year disappearance from Cardigan Mountain State Forest, New Hampshire.
    • Brandenburg, Germany: a woodcut from 1550 depicts Der Großmann.
    • Halstedt, Germany: Hans Freckenberg, artist of two woodcuts of Der Ritter, disappeared from here in 1543; the woodcuts were discovered in the nearby Halstberg castle that was abandoned due to a “mysterious plague” the same year.
    • Wittenburg, Germany: a search of the All Saints Monastery reveals that disappeared Renaissance child prodigy Josef Franz was haunted by the Slender Man.
  • Vienna, Austria: the Kunsthistorisches Museum is home to the Three Ages of Woman and Death painting which, upon X-Ray analysis, depicts the figure of Death with multiple arms.
  • Italy: one woman describes her childhood neighborhood as “an environment where the couple down the block are sneaking raising chickens, nearly every woman over 50 going around in the obligatory black dress, and enough whispered talk of signs and omens and whatnot.” This causes her to hope that the Slender Man-related events of her life are also just Superstition.
  • Romania: the unpopular fairy tale of the Tall Man originates here. It depicts one good sister refusing to sacrifice the other to ward off the monster and how they pay the price. Also, there are Small Findings on a children’s game in a small village near the Retezat Forest in which one child playing the “Mare Barbat” tries to catch another child.
  • Russia: where the grandson of Pyotr, visiting a forest and lake with his brother and friends, faces “correction” for his grandfather’s nonexistence after previously sensing it in “the air, which seemed to hold less oxygen and felt static at all times, constantly threatening to send out a spark at any point and any time.”
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: where Tias is tried for manslaughter following the Slender Man’s killing of her friend during a ritual in the Assistens cemetery.
  • Norway: the “northern mountain regions of the middle country” have caves where human remains carbon dated between 700 CE and 1200 CE provide a factual basis for the Withering Walkers of Norse mythology.
  • Iceland: another First Appearance of the Slender Man comes from an Icelandic cave painting circa 5000 BCE.


  • Tokyo, Japan: where an interview with manga artist Go Waita, later discovered by Optic Nerve, reveals that the Slender Man killed his sister in the woods when he was a child and the sexual aspect of his stories was only added at the behest of his publishers.
  • Iraq: War Accounts show how the Slender Man has sabotaged U.S. military operations in the desert here.


  • Egypt: another First Appearance of the Slender Man comes from Egyptian hieroglyphs circa 3100 BCE.


  • Wilks Estate: site of a Slender Man encounter caught on camera that lands the victims in the Woodview Mental Hospital and Psychological Rehabilitation Clinic, from whence they disappear.
  • Steinmen Woods: where two hikers find a dissected body and encounter the Slender Man, only one of them surviving; further investigation reveals twenty-two bodies impaled on trees in a radiating circle pattern.
  • Henderson Horse Farm: farm owned by the Henderson family “since the mid-1800s”. The Slender Man slaughters its horses and steals the young Tracy Henderson, but Ted Henderson shoots his wife Judi to prevent it from taking her.
  • Bayou: where the Slender Man compels Joseph Lhie of Transcript 21 and his other friends to kill Ned, its mentally ill target.
  • Deep Sea: one Deep Sea Excursion reveals “long, irregular streaks through the plant life on the sea floor. The plants near the path are sickly and dying.” The Slender Man causes the deaths of the bathyscaphe’s operator in this incident and at least one diver in another.
  • Cessna Stationair: plane whose pilot encounters the Slender Man.
  • Windsor Pines Psychiatric Hospital: where one recently-arrived patient carves “I NEVER MEANT TO LIE” into the wall with his fingernails and inadvertently leads the Slender Man to the others, ending in a slaughter.
  • Swamps: locals who try to remain skeptical of Swamp Stories will say that “the swamps don’t need any ridiculous stories of supernatural hauntin’s to be dangerous. Lotsa venomous snakes and spiders out there. Poisonous gasses from rot. Gators can ruin your day pretty quick-like. There ain’t no need to be makin’ stuff up when there’s enough real things to be scared of.”
  • Sunnyhaven Hospital: where Dorothy Birch is admitted and has recurring dreams about her encounter with the Slender Man in woods outside her uncle’s farm, a day where “there were no sounds in the forest save for my own uncertain footsteps breaking the virgin, untouched carpet of dried and fallen leaves.” She dies in the hospital without any apparent cause.
  • Holybrooke College: Jessica Samson disappears from a dorm room here that “was found disheveled, as if she were burglarized.”
  • The Orphanage: one grandfather who lived there as a boy always remembered “the bleak skies and the chill winds blowing up the hill from the sea; he told me he never once felt warm. There was never any wood for the stoves. There weren’t enough blankets for the children. At night they would fight to get a blanket each; friends would share one but the weaker kids would shiver and cry through the night.” He runs away when the Slender Man slaughters the adults and leads the children into nearby woods, and his grandson would return to take a photograph.
  • Derrick Estate: “a derelict old farm long since overgrown with kudzu and the steadily encroaching forest”, according to a photographer haunted by Men in Suits.

Marble Hornets

Although not stated, the events are presumed to take place in Alabama.

First Area

  • Parks: in 2006, Alex encounters the Operator at wooded parks with such structures as a playground, a derelict concrete fountain, and a gazebo.
    • Red Tower: abandoned structure from the park with the gazebo, described by Alex as either a climbing wall or fire department tower. Jay later discovers that Alex hid the tape of Seth’s disappearance in the rafters of the tower and some incriminating burnt tapes in a nearby hole that emits white noise on camera. At one point after the missing seven months, Jay blacks out for a week and wakes up in his car outside of it with no memory of how he got there (and no indication of why it took him so long to return).
  • Abandoned House: formerly Brian’s house where he displayed a painting of a forest fire. Jay, directed to it by totheark’s anonymous tip and filmed from the shadows, finds it abandoned with blood in the kitchen sink, two of Alex's drawings, a bottle of pills, and a bullet casing. The three times Jay returns, he has an encounter with the masked man and wakes up in his car off the road in nearby woods, he warps there from his apartment and encounters the Operator in a trance state that he forgets but totheark films, and he chases the masked man through a series of shifting doors (and sudden day-to-night transition) that eventually takes him to the boiler room.
  • Jay’s Apartment: Jay starts filming himself in the same paranoid manner as Alex after months of looking through the tapes, first capturing the masked man encounter that sends him to the abandoned house and then capturing himself leaving through a door without exiting from the other side. Jay leaves his apartment for good after totheark warns him of the imminent fire that, in hindsight, must have been caused by Alex.
  • Boiler Room: underground site whose location in relation to others remains unknown because the tape of Seth’s disappearance starts inside of it and Jay warps to it via the abandoned house; the Operator is present the first time and outright appears the second, causing Jay’s camera to malfunction.
  • Abandoned Building: a building vandalized and full of debris at the return address of the package Alex sent Jay; it is where Alex breaks the unmasked Tim’s leg with a chunk of cement.
  • Alex’s House: site of a few Operator encounters before Alex leaves in 2006. In 2013, Jay and Tim find it unlocked despite the “For Rent” sign outside and discover Alex’s drawings with crossed out names of every Marble Hornets cast and crew member dead or missing because of Alex. The Operator appears three times before them in the midst of a sudden day-to-night transition.

Second Area

  • Alex’s Apartment: Jay follows Alex to it because he would not show Jay willingly, finding in the drawers a lighter and a tape of Brian’s disappearance. The Operator and hooded man have stalked Alex from here.
  • Hotel: where Jay and Jessica hide from Alex until both soon lose their memories to the Operator; Jay hears strange noises in Jessica’s adjoining room for days until the masked man abducts her and forces him to flee with the tapes he retrieved from the safe. It is otherwise vacant except for staff.
  • Rosswood Park: Jay describes Rosswood as a park “split into two areas. The front, seen here, looks like a regular park. But further back there’s a huge, intricate set of trails. Most of the trails are old and poorly maintained.” The Ark’s manifestation there means that its layout has been known to shift. Tim ran away to it from the hospital at least once as a child, and Jessica indicates that she may have been there as a child (later mentioning dreams of something watching her back then). Also, Alex tells an apocryphal tale about how 1800s settlers executed criminals on its fast-growing trees. In addition to piles of rusted metal and an overgrown chimney in a clearing, other abandoned structures in its woods include:
    • Tunnel: where Alex murders a stranger and the Operator takes his body; when the Ark manifests, Tim captures the metal structure on camera from underwater and discovers the man’s body free of decay. The Operator often appears at the end.
    • Abandoned Shed: storage area where Alex attempts to shoot Jay and Jessica but fires two shots into the roof instead when the masked man stops him.
    • Abandoned Shack: because of the hooded man, Jay wakes up inside of this derelict red building and Tim wakes up outside with the tape of Jessica’s disappearance. The hooded man hides pill bottles inside and Jay later encounters the Operator while having a seizure.
  • Hospital: burnt-out and heavily vandalized structure located just outside Rosswood Park; Tim was admitted in 1995 and Alex tried leaving Tim and Brian for dead in its annex in 2006.
    • Annex: site of Tim’s former room where he started the fire, which echoes throughout the footage when the Ark manifests. Tim associates one room with a traumatic memory of the Operator appearing by a pair of doors; he re-lives this memory on one occasion that the Ark manifests and exits through them to his own house on another. The hooded man regularly stalks this part of the hospital and leaves “HE IS A Liar/Follow ME” on the walls for Jay to find.
    • Maintenance Tunnel: the hooded man leads Jay to this underground passage because he has hidden Tim’s Medical Documents there. Tim used to run away to it as a child.
    • Abandoned Building: temporary dwelling place of the hooded man on the outskirts of the hospital; one totheark video shows that he has painted an Operator symbol and coded message on its wall.
  • Downtown: described by Jay as “the epitome of a small town. Almost everything is closed on Sundays.” It is the site of a closing antique store whose paintings (“The person in the center has a weird face. It's just two circles and a nose. But the rest of the picture is so detailed”) evidence either the Operator’s presence in the area or Jay’s paranoia. It is also the site of a mental health clinic where Tim receives treatment, where he takes the amnesic Jessica after concealing her survival, and where he tries to take Jay.
  • Tim’s House: after Tim and Jay flee, Alex hides in the attic while the hooded man breaks in to steal pills. The Ark leads Tim to Jay’s body in the same corner where he left Jay tied up prior to his escape, the hooded man’s writing on its mirror changing from “LAST CHANCE” to “YOUR FAULT” and back again. Alex ultimately burns it to the ground.
  • 79 Creek Road: address of a college “located in a relatively secluded area surrounded by woods. It’s a small campus. There didn’t seem to be many people around. Some of the buildings look like they are not even being used.” Alex transferred there in 2006 to be with Amy, disappearing soon after; the hooded man directs Jay and Tim to this address after abducting Alex from Tim’s house. The hooded man dies here when he falls from a railing, chased by Tim.
    • Maintenance Entrance: passageway of tunnels that start with a manhole in one building and end with manholes in Benedict Hall.
    • Benedict Hall: disused film department building whose basement flooded “a few years” before 2014. This is where Alex shoots Jay, the Operator takes him, and Tim and Alex have a fight that moves throughout the Ark and ends with Tim killing Alex and the Operator taking his body.

Just Another Fool

  • Iraq: Matthew Selby goes to war here in the U.S. military and dies to the Slender Man after its attack on his squad, allegedly a bombing, drives him insane. The Journal of Matthew Selby, received by Logan following his death, records his encounters with the Slender Man and a tree with three bodies burning in it; Logan dreams the same vision (because trees, Yggdrasil in particular, tie the nine conscious beings together).
  • Ash Tree Lane: stated address of Logan’s apartment, which is left in disarray when he disappears from it and leaves cryptic messages to Joshua and the Journal of Logan Renault to players; his body turns up in woods close to Joshua’s house elsewhere.
  • Miskatonic University: prominent player and conscious being Dav Flamerock claims to attend this school in Arkham, Massachusetts and study such folklore as the Slender Man; he specifies that the reason it “has no web presence is because we work exclusively on Internet-2, so none of our webwork can be accessed on Internet-1 (what we are using now). […] Lovecraft, as you mentioned, went there and wrote about it, and that was the first really public view to the school. As I’m sure you know, the first story sticks, and so now everyone knows it as ‘that school that Lovecraft wrote about.’” At one point, he notes “the frightening resemblance of the scratches on the cover to something too dangerous to discuss on these unreliable networks.”

Everyman HYBRID

  • Princeton, New Jersey: Stephanie attends Princeton University while the HYBRID boys live “~15 minutes away”, apparently just outside of it. The first hidden box of seven was found here.
    • A crawlspace in Alex’s closet is home to the Rake until exploring it sends Jeff, Alex, and Evan into a basement at Baldpate Mountain and the hole disappears when they return. Eventually, Vince witnesses the group’s houses merging together upon entering another house at Baldpate Mountain and later realizes that because their lives are fiction, it was only ever one house.
  • Mercer County Park, New Jersey: site of a few EverymanHYBRID fitness videos and their meet-up with player TheGreenFeathers that also leads them to nearby Princeton. The second hidden box of seven was found here.
  • Lambertville, New Jersey: in 2005, Doctor Corenthal is implicated in a massacre at a Lambertville eatery and flees to Baldpate Mountain. The Lambertville High School, burnt down in 1992 after a long period of abandonment and subject to urban legends about the ghost of “Buckeye” or “Billy”, is the site of the HYBRID boys’ encounter with the Rake and Linnie’s body, which disappears immediately afterwards; in Linnie’s earlier iteration, Corenthal dreamt that she would die this way. The third hidden box of seven was found here.
  • Baldpate Mountain, New Jersey: home of the Ted Stiles Preserve and several historic homes; one particular burn-scarred house and a large tree in a clearing stand out. Corenthal flees there in 2005, prompting his wife Maryann to leave letters to reach him on the other plane from the house she would later claim to be restoring. The EverymanHYBRID boys have a seemingly innocuous day there with their friends, but the hidden videos show previously-unseen footage from the day and they find two flash drive videos they forget ever filming there whose events contradict their known reality. Evan kills Nick under its tree, both under HABIT’s influence in a fight that started in Evan’s basement; one of HABIT’s hidden cameras is there. When Vince visits the house, it seemingly merges with the others; from there, Corenthal takes him to the other plane for temporary protection.
  • Brooklyn, New York: the historical Greenpoint Terminal Market experienced arson in 2006 and was described as an “ashen wasteland”; the boys find that it was not the “Land of Ashen Waste” mentioned on the postcard but still encounter the Slender Man there.
  • Alliance, Ohio: the Fairmount Children’s Home was founded here in 1873 and is subject to an urban legend that in 1944, the children lynched a cruel headmaster whose ghost would later appear behind them in photographs; the abandoned husk burnt down December 9, 2002. In the 1970s, it is where Doctor Corenthal treats the troubled Mining Town Four who would become his own children: first Evan, then Vincent, then Jeffrey, and then Stephanie. Linnie would come from “the New York attacks” later, and only she would survive.
  • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania: site of Jessie’s family home, where the Rake kills her grandmother Rose and later Jessie herself; the Slender Man thwarts its attempts to attack the HYBRID boys after they find Jessie’s body. In Linnie’s earlier iteration, Corenthal’s relatives William and Rose took care of her there. The Bag was found here.
  • New Hope, Pennsylvania: the Logan Inn is a historical hotel where Linnie stayed in her earlier iteration when looking for information on the Mining Town Four and, apparently, her current one to find out about the HYBRIDs. After his dream of her death, Corenthal contacted them to confirm that she was not there until she actually leaves a month later.
  • Centralia, Pennsylvania: town that experienced an underground mine fire on May 27, 1962, forcing almost of all of its residents to leave. It is the former home of the so-named Mining Town Four and current “Land of Ashen Waste” where the HYBRID boys find Jessa’s hamsa necklace and one-fourth of the Centralia Note. Graffiti they find there includes “This is where she appears in the dark of the Night”, “My eyes are open. Is this what we became?”, “This town will eventually take me… This town will win”, and the EverymanHYBRID logo.
  • Memory Town, Pennsylvania: small resort town purportedly haunted by “the lady in gray”. The Slender Man once sends the Mining Town Four here from the Fairmount Children’s Home, forcing Corenthal to go after them in a snowstorm with the help of Officer Matten, a policeman the children meet who would purportedly commit suicide in 2010. The fifth hidden box of seven was found here.

Tribe Twelve

  • Florida: Noah’s parents let him live alone in their summer home with an allowance that covers bare essentials. Most of his encounters with the Administrator, Observer, and other Collective members occur there due to his self-imposed isolation. However, he has warped from there to other places on such occasions as HABIT of Everyman HYBRID sending him to Piscataway, New Jersey and the “crawlspace” under his desk sending him to the boardwalk.
    • Victor Park: park with a mangrove forest, canal, and playground dedicated to Liam, a child who allegedly died in a house fire. There are several structures within it worth noting:
      • Nature Trail: Milo leaps from the watchtower as a child in 1995 and encounters the Administrator on the trail with Noah, then unaware of it, in 2008. When Noah returns to the nature trail in a deliberate effort to avoid the boardwalk, the Observer leaves messages for him on the tower and the Administrator’s appearance displaces Noah for a week.
      • Boardwalk: completed in 2007, this structure extending from the forest to the lake has a different watchtower. The Administrator appears there in 2008 as well. For years, the Observer instructs Noah to go there with Sebastian Kraus’ journal because it is where the Collective realm manifests. When Noah returns through the crawlspace, loses Milo’s journal, and goes back in to retrieve it, the Observer tricks him into climbing the tower’s infinite steps so that he plummets a long distance once the Observer pushes him.
    • Hotel: Noah stays here in two vain attempts to prevent the Observer’s games; on Halloween, the Observer taunts him with shifting hallways. On his birthday a few weeks later (November 11), the Observer watches him sleep and he encounters Firebrand (himself, so he later re-lives it) before the Administrator displaces him by a week again.
  • Huntsville, Alabama: home of Mary and Milo Asher; when Milo returns as Mr. Scars, he finds their house empty of all furniture and slated for demolition. After he kills Mary, her body turns up in her car in a retention pond.
  • New York: location of the Asher family cemetery plot and Karl Maxwell’s house. Noah has also flown there for his meetings with the Everyman HYBRID and Dark Harvest guys in New Jersey, and the Administrator appears on the plane on the former occasion.
  • Piscataway, New Jersey: after his forced meeting with HABIT of Everyman HYBRID, Noah watches the streets warp around him until eventually finding a bridge where Jeff appears in spite of having died.

Dark Harvest

  • New Jersey: home to Chris, Alex, and their friends; also, the New Jersey chapter of the Order. Several encounters with Kind von der Ritter, the Order, and Gorr’Rylaehotep occur within Chris and Alex’s own homes.
    • Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center: located across the street from Greg and Jeff Benson’s house, this camp was founded in the late 1950s by the Order’s former Chief Overseer Lawrence Rainwood. In what is called the Rainwood Incident, all 72 children disappear June 19, 1958, the first two “Tall Man” murders occur nearby, and a fire in the camp destroys evidence weeks later. The camp reopens between 1965 through 1998 with the Unsolved Conspiracies pilot in its possession. In 2011, Chris and Alex discover a copy of the Black Book left by Kind von der Ritter in the abandoned and defaced day camp and a learning center room where Order members worship and perform human sacrifice by a Gorr’Rylaehotep mural. Later, Daniel Shipman is with them to recover one locked room’s secret code pertaining to the conspiracy of Lawrence Rainwood’s succession.
    • Atlantic Test Site: site of the U.S. government’s 1957 Princeton Experiment, a summoning of Gorr’Rylaehotep that disrupted Marc McComber’s aging, gave him psychic abilities, and killed everyone else onsite; the official cover-up is that it was designed to track Sputnik 1. Now a state park, the Order uses the surrounding woods to practice and induct new members. Chris, Alex, and Jesse once go there only to find that time has stopped until they return home, and Daniel’s own visit indicates that the poorly-maintained buildings are still in use.
    • Rainwood Memorial Elementary School: private school operated by Jacob Rainwood, current Chief Overseer of the Order but quite possibly not the son of Lawrence Rainwood as is claimed. Its general vacancy is due to a student’s recent disappearance, and the reason it remains open for about a year afterwards is that a group, presumably the Order, rent out the dining hall.
    • New Harbor Library: where Kind von der Ritter constructs a puzzle out of a series of books with themes of betrayal so that Chris, Alex, and Daniel would learn of the conspiracy surrounding Lawrence Rainwood.
    • Brandt-Crater Cemetery: where Kind von der Ritter’s puzzle ultimately directs Chris, Alex, and Daniel. They find a mausoleum labeled “RITTER” with an Order symbol flagstone whose other side reveals a map of the cemetery. They destroy it after photographing it, but Order members firing at them prevents them from finding whatever is hidden.
  • Providence, Rhode Island: home of Daniel and, it turns out, Order activity that threatens his investigations.
  • Worcester, Massachusetts: in a town “about an hour outside of” this city, Charlie McDowell leaves a cache of the missing Daniel’s information here for Chris and Alex to find –which they apparently do a year later, encountering a Sixth Enclave member in the process.
  • Hamburg, Germany: station of 1800s secret society Novus Ordo Europa, a precursor to the modern Order.
  • Egypt: Ancient Egyptians worshipped Gorr’Rylaehotep as a god from another world and created the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom to record the means of summoning it. When Heinrich Kaufmann II retrieves the Tablet in 1906, locals warn him against taking it (to no avail) and chant Gorr’Rylaehotep’s name.
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