Journal of Milo Asher

Here, Noah makes a Blogspot page entitled “Noah Maxwell’s Archive” to supplement the Tribe Twelve videos. The main pages will link to posts as they occur.

Noah Maxwell's Archive

A digital record of Milo Asher's Journal

this blog is hereby protected and guarded against malicious intruders using severance


by posting this symbol i permanently block access to those who intend to tamper with or destroy this information

my name is noah maxwell and welcome to my waking nightmare. hosted here is the contents of milo asher's journal.


Posted November 11, 2016 at 11:11 AM

my name is noah maxwell. i am the owner of the tribetwelve channel on youtube. i have created this blog to document the contents of my late cousin milo asher's journal.


milo's journal

today is my 25th birthday and i am a hollow husk of a human being. these past few years have turned me cold and pensive, but through my tenacious study i have found truth. i am not the man i thought i would be when i was younger, but i've since found out that i was always destined to end up this way. over six years ago, my cousin milo asher died and demons that had haunted him began creeping into my life because i looked too deep into his grave and slipped down the same rabbit hole he did. after a time, a briefcase full of his belongings was left at my doorstep. among other curious things, he left to me his personal diary. this journal has a lock on it, and the key provided did not work.

for months this tome spoke to me, whispered things to me. the things it said ranged from dispiriting to insipid to insidious. it went from telling me that it loved me to repeating the fortunes i kept finding around my home to saying that everyone ive ever known will die. it was maddening, and even when i began to get somewhat used to it, almost finding it pleasant having someone to talk to, i grew to hate the book. i began to suspect that it was a bear trap in disguise, forcing it open being exactly what they'd want me to do. so i didn't. and i sat on it for the longest of times disillusioned thinking that if i didn't play their game, id be safe. but that's not how the game works. the powers that be didn't like my stagnancy and they tricked me into making my next move: losing the journal.

after a series of grueling trials to reacquire this fucking thing, i had a breakthrough and discovered just how powerful the eye-like symbol really is. it can do more than just sever ties with something. it is a reality hacking tool that can serve as a gateway portkey as well as even be used as a kind of super spyglass if one so wished, but most importantly its objective can also be undone and used in reverse to bind things. by ascribing meaning into it, one can use it to lock or unlock all kinds of things in uniquely specific ways depending upon what purpose you infuse your inscription with. i thusly use the presence of the severance rune here to block anyone attempting to disturb the contents of this blog.

once i learned how to properly operate this symbol, i was able to manipulate it in such a way that allowed me access to the knowledge within. upon learning how to do this and other distressing information, i was presented with a very difficult choice: to keep the soul of the journal alive, or to open it and silence it. i reluctantly decided to open it and the whispering ceased forever. for a year i dissected the contents of this cursed object over and over and over. i learned of milo's hellish life, unearthed more about a group of madmen who lead so many astray, read of a dead father back from the grave, investigated a conman who started it all, shed light on the terrible woman that milo called mother, and logged a series of paradoxes that changed all of our lives.

i love you milo. thank you for your unimaginable sacrifice. i will never forgive myself for not being there for you in your most darkest of days, but i thank you for sharing some of mine in whatever form you may have been in. reading of your courage inspires me to keep on going. i will keep your essence alive with this record, just as i did with the videos. you're still by best friend. i miss you so much man. i miss the whispers.

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