Journal of Matthew Selby

October 8, 2009, Dav Flamerock posts to UnFiction Forums:


Oh hey, there's some smudged graphite on the back. It looks like someone with graphite-covered fingers ran their fingers down the back. Awesome!

Dav received the package with the following note:

It's in your hands now

These are images Dav Flamerock later provided of the book's altered pages.

jafool31.jpg jafool32.jpgjafool33.jpg jafool34.jpgjafool35.jpg jafool36.jpgjafool37.jpg jafool38.jpgjafool39.jpg jafool40.jpgjafool41.jpg jafool42.jpgjafool43.jpg jafool44.jpgjafool45.jpg jafool46.jpgjafool47.jpg jafool48.jpgjafool49.jpg jafool50.jpgjafool51.jpg jafool52.jpgjafool53.jpg jafool54.jpgjafool55.jpg jafool56.jpgjafool57.jpg jafool58.jpgjafool59.jpg jafool60.jpgjafool61.jpg jafool62.jpgjafool63.jpg jafool64.jpgjafool65.jpg jafool66.jpgjafool67.jpg jafool68.jpgjafool69.jpg jafool70.jpgjafool71.jpg jafool72.jpgjafool73.jpg

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