Journal Of Logan Renault

The following images were taken from the journal that Tetsuyabh received in the mail as a result of solving Logan's riddle. Four of its pages were torn out and used as the notes sent to the other conscious beings: Regina Erbs, zygotesix, Dav Flamerock, and Joshua.

jafool74.jpg jafool75.jpgjafool76.jpg jafool77.jpgjafool78.jpg jafool79.jpgjafool80.jpg jafool81.jpgjafool82.jpg jafool83.jpgjafool84.jpg jafool85.jpgjafool86.jpg jafool87.jpgjafool88.jpg jafool89.jpgjafool90.jpg jafool91.jpgjafool92.jpg jafool93.jpgjafool94.jpg jafool98.jpgjafool99.jpg jafool100.jpgjafool101.jpg jafool102.jpgjafool103.jpg jafool104.jpg

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