Jason E

The following image, taken recently by “Jason E”, a student at University of California, Santa Cruz, in a wooded area near Santa Cruz, CA is notable as one of the few photographs of the Slender Man in which he is the intended subject of the shot. Jason left a message on my page and when I replied and requested that he send his photo, Jason wrote the following along with the image:

We were just hanging out in the woods near ucsc on thursday what with me and Ed not havin class. Theres a few trails and one went by near where we were so people would walk by every once in a while.

Maybe like 3:30 or 4 this hot chick in shorts goes by shes got another girl with her and a couple of kids I think and I go to get out my camera (dont judge me man i like to take pics of hot chicks so what lol its a free country). I get it out and im like, shit its too late, they were goin pretty fast and where I was i couldnt see them any more (in the pic you can kinda see the edge of the trail up at the top left) so i was just about to turn off my camera when I seen the guy off in the woods. So I took this picture and then looked down at the screen to see if I got him you know, it shows the pic for a couple seconds after you take it on the lcd? but the screen is small and i cant tell so i look up and he’s gone.

Me and ed went back later and checked out the pics. I had to resize it down to 800/600 so it would be small enough to e-mail but I got the full size one too if you want it man just let me know. I dunno it could be just some dude or fuck ed says its just a weird shadow but i dunno. You said to send it so here it is.

Jason’s school e-mail address now bounces, I suspect he graduated or transferred.


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