Henry Coe

I found a man named Henry Coe’s alleged recollection of what seems to be the Slender Man.

He was out hunting deer last year, way off in New Mexico or something. He found a quiet place to set up, and waited awhile. Around 3 o'clock or so, he heard rustling, and sure enough, it was a deer. Two deer. He was an amateur hunter, and didn’t really know what more to do than wait, then shoot. He watched them pretty closely, but they were acting very nervous and skittish. Coe thought they may have heard him, so he did his best to slow his breathing and be quiet. They calmed down, and suddenly bolted off, so fast that one of the deer tripped over its own legs and went flying to the ground. Coe figured this was all he’d get to bring home, so he aimed for its head, and pulled the trigger. He said there was a click, and the bullet just fell out of the barrel- no force behind it, it just slid out and landed at his feet. He tried to fire a couple more times, but nothing happened beyond a click.

Frustrated and hungry, he decides to see whether he could follow the other deer and bag some lunch. He leaves his post and walks further into the woods. He walks awhile, but he doesn’t see any wildlife. He keeps walking and sees the deer rifling through a cooler next to a tent, eating the sandwiches and the bags. He aims, but hears something else, and looks to the direction he came from. He sees a figure that looks like an emaciated man, walking in a jerky, but purposeful, gait (he describes this like “stop-motion with every other frame removed”). He watches as the figure speeds up and seems to be trying to tackle the deer. It speeds up, inhumanly, supernaturally, and suddenly “sprouted a bunch of branches”. The deer runs off but, to Coe’s horror, the figure is still floating toward the tent, full-speed. It reaches it, and shreds the tent open in seconds. A family of three was in that tent and a chorus of visceral, horrified screaming starts as the figure rips the people from the battered tent. The couple’s six-year old daughter tries to scuttle away, and is pinned to the ground instantly by the figure’s apparent fourth arm. The figure turns around and looks at Coe; this is the last thing he remembers.

This is the illustration he made for the police.


He allegedly went into a psychosis when he drew the creature’s arms and eyes; there are holes in the paper from the pen he used.

He was eventually admitted to a state mental hospital. However, it had to be closed due to an unseen mold hazard. He was relocated to another facility, but disappeared afterward. He was later found in his old room at his former (now decrepit and abandoned) hospital, whimpering and crying incoherently.

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