Henderson Horse Farm

Photo: Henderson Horse Farm, 1954

Case: The Henderson Family owned the farm and land since the mid 1800s. The owners were Ted Wilcox Henderson (age 41), Judi Henderson (wife, age 36) and Tracy Henderson (daughter, age 6).

On the morning of June 15th (about 8 days after picture was taken) neighbors called the local police, complaining of screams and the sounds of gunfire.

Sheriff Clint Denterman (age 54) and two deputies, Dan Parks (age 24) and Chris Fines (age 33) came to the farm at 8:34 am. The horses in the barn were torn apart, almost as if attacked by wild animals. Inside the main house, reports said that there was blood all over the living room, kitchen, and hallway.

Ted was found in the bedroom, barricaded behind some furniture. Next to him was the body of his wife, killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. Ted still had the weapon in his hands.

From Dan Parks’ report:

“Ted had a freaked out, far off look in his eyes. He seemed to not realize that we were in the room. We asked what happened. Where was his daughter. But he didn’t answer.”

Ted was charged with the murder of his wife. Due to his mental state he was sent to Jenkins Mental Hospital.

For almost a year and a half Ted did not speak. On the 3rd anniversary of the murder, Dr. Dauton called the Sheriff. Ted was speaking.

From the recording of Dr. Dauton, June 15th, 1956 8:30PM:

DAUTON: Okay, Ted… go ahead.

TED: (almost out of breath) It’s on? Am I safe?

DAUTON: Yes, you are safe. Now tell me what happened that night.

TED: The horses…. horses actin’ up… the horses…

DAUTON: Go on.

TED: W…went out there… dead… all dead… the eyes… no… no eyes.

DAUTON: What did you see?

TED: Ran… ran inside… got gun… Tracy crying… Judi screaming… r…ran to them… He had them… was holding them…

DAUTON: Who had them?

TED: Skinny fella… suit… looking at me… Judi screaming… shoot me… SHOOT ME, SHOOT ME!

(Ted starts screaming for a period, then slams hands onto table)

DAUTON: You shot Judi?

TED: Saved her… saved her…

DAUTON: Did you shoot Tracy?

TED: No… it went after me… they went after me… shot them… shot them… keep shooting… Tracy… let Tracy go… damn it, LET HER GO!

(Ted started to have a yelling fit, suddenly slamming his face into the steel table. Two orderlies grabbed Ted and Dr. Dauton injected him with some tranquilizers.)


Ted Henderson was found dead in his room at 3:00AM on June 16th. Ted was somehow able to get out of his restraints and chew through his wrist, bleeding to death.

The picture was studied several times. The experts agree that the man in the suit may be the one that Ted was saying attacked his farm and stole his child.

Tracy Henderson was never found.

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At the permission of Faye Dauton, the doctor’s daughter, the recording of the interview with Mr. Henderson was released.

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