Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital

I find this tall man stuff Fascinating and wanted to learn more. So I chcked around and found some really cool stuff. This was the scariest cause it occurred so close to where I live:

Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital
100 West 5th St.
Hamilton, ON

Patient File – 97-213-011

Patient Name – Unknown

Supervising Doctor – Harris, J. (June 16, 1997)
Venditti, S. (August 30, 1997)

June 16, 1997 - Female subject, twenty to thirty years of age, was admitted to facility. The subject is unresponsive to verbal or physical stimulation. The woman of unknown origin was found wandering the streets earlier in the morning. She had several cuts and bruises as well as tears in her clothing. The police officers who responded suspect she may have been the victim of a mugging or sexual assault but so far the subject has been unresponsive. No identification was found on her person. The only clue to her possible origin is a receipt found in one of her pockets. The receipt, dated the morning of June 15, 1997, appears to be from a store in St. Louis, Missouri. The police say they will have to contact the store in the morning for confirmation of its origin. In the opinion of the supervising doctor the patient should be kept for observation. Copies of the police report can be found in this file as supporting document 1c: HWPS report 97017601

June 17, 1997 – Constable Webber of the Hamilton-Wentworth Police services says the store confirmed that the transaction was indeed from their store. One of the store clerks remembered serving a patron matching the patient’s description and clothing. They believe she must have come here by plane, but without identification there may be no way to trace her flight.

July 3, 1997 – Hamilton-Wentworth Police services sent the results of their tests. There is no indication of sexual assault and wounds are not consistent with a physical attack. They believe injuries may have resulted from a scrambling escape; possibly through a wooded area due to some forest detritus found on the clothing. Copies of the police test report can be found in this file as supporting document 3a: HWPS report 97017832

July 9, 1997 – The patient has begun to speak. Though she still remains unresponsive to questioning and physical stimulus, she has started to mumble. Most of what she says seems to be incoherent ramblings.

July 10, 1997 – The patient’s rambling seem to revolve around a tall man with, as she puts it, empty eyes. Still no response to questioning.

July 15, 1997 – There was some success with the patient today. During a round of questioning she stopped her rambling and addressed the supervising doctor. Only two words were spoken directly to him before she continued rambling: “you’re next”. Patient is being kept under increased security due what is being perceived as a threat.

July 17, 1997 – The patient was not in her room. Security has reviewed their footage and according to them the patient was admitted to her room at 7:30 PM and did not leave through the door between that time and when the orderly came to retrieve her in the morning. There is no damage to the window or its lock. At this point it is unknown how she escaped.

August 30, 1997 – Patient’s file has been transferred to Dr. Venditti due to Dr. Harris’ unknown whereabouts.

July 17, 2004 – Patient file closed.

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