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I’ve been seriously debating sharing these, but after Victor Surge’s posts I feel I have to.

This first photo was given to me by my uncle, a police officer who was part of the investigation trying to find nine missing teens who had gone camping in the local mountains six years ago. It was developed from a disposable camera found at the campsite. None of the missing teens have ever been found, and all their possessions were still at the campsite. He was pretty drunk and shaken up when he gave me this, and made me promise I’d never show anyone else.


The second photo is of an elementary school fire in 1978. No official cause was ever found. Seven students and a teacher became trapped and died before firefighters could respond. Many of the students and teachers from the time have a history of anxiety disorders and panic attacks, even those who weren’t at the school on that day. At least one has since committed suicide, and several others legally changed their names once they reached adulthood and have disappeared.


Please continue, and see if you can find the original case file as well - it reminds me of something similar that happened in 1950:


I was just looking through some old pictures my grandpa left behind. He was quite a photographer back in his day, at least before he went crazy.

This picture was kinda weird though. It’s all out of focus, like he wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing, almost like he’d been distracted by something. Thought you might wanna see it.



July 13th, 1988

The body of Hilary Foster, age 32, was found high in the branches of a tree in an Oregon state park near Monmouth. Her body was described as “twisted”. Hilary’s camera, found hanging around her neck, contained the above picture. It was the last taken before her death. According to her husband, Hilary took their daughter Stephanie and two friends to the state park for an afternoon of fun on the river. The three girls: Stephanie Foster, Jill Baker, and Amanda Harwood are still missing.


1987. A camera was discovered with a full roll of film in a wooded area just outside a Richmond, VA suburb. All the film was developed, but only one picture (seen here) survived the lab process. Parapsychologists have suggested that it may be a particularly powerful “slender man” manifestation; the four-armed figure exhibits a strong background aura. Local police investigators have spent decades searching fruitlessly for the camera’s owner, even checking missing person reports. To this day, the identity and whereabouts of the photographer are unknown.

I did not create this image, this is an actual photo of a slender man like creature caught out in the open. We found him in Lahaska Pennsylvania, these two photos were taken in 2005. Luckily for Lahaska no children came up missing, I suppose he was just passing through perhaps on a mission of some sort. We did not feel too threatened as we were able to come a bit closer from behind and snap the close up photo.



May 26th 1998
Boy missing in Centralia, IL.

Joshua Baxter (12) was reported missing from his bed on the morning of May 26th. He was last seen the previous night by his mother, Laura Baxter. The boy is Caucasian, has short, brown hair, and wore red and white striped pajamas at the time of his disappearance. Laura Baxter explained that since moving into the house one week earlier, on May 18th, the boy had repeatedly complained about waking during the night from an “unbearable, freezing cold”. Otherwise there is no indication the boy would have voluntarily left his room.

An unidentified man was recorded in a photograph taken by Joshua Baxter’s father, John Baxter, on the evening of May 22nd. The photo was taken for personal use, as part of documenting the renovation of the basement in the house. John Baxter claims not to have noticed the man when he made the photograph, explaining that he was in a hurry to get back out of the cold. The police is interested in any information that can lead to the identification of the unknown man, who appears in the photo to be tall and slender, wearing a black suit and with a pale complexion.


The following photograph was found in the attic of a recently deceased man from Long Island.

The 93 year old man, who died in his own home whilst asleep, had previously worked in the New York financial industry before retiring in the late 70’s due to health reasons. The photograph was discovered by his relatives, who were reorganizing the many possessions he had accumulated in his attic throughout the course of his life. The unnamed folder in which the photo was contained had been buried at the bottom of a full chest of documents, all of which were unrelated to the photograph itself. The untitled folder was empty, save for this photograph. It is unknown whether the photo was taken by the deceased man himself, or if it was accumulated by him at another point in his life. The photograph is marked on the rear with the letter ‘x’.

It is unclear why one of the children’s faces has been scored out by the owner.



I found this in my grandmother’s basement and had to scan it as soon as I could. Perhaps this explains her night terrors.

What happened Gramma? If only you still had a tongue with which to speak, or fingers to write…

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