Found Footage

(In response to the Marble Hornets Preamble)

I’m in a similar situation.

My father documents almost everything “family related” with his video camera, and from time to time, we sit and watch them and remember the good times blah blah blah.

Well, in the summer of 2001, we were outside playing around as usual, and dad was videoing, as usual. But, for whatever reason, he never let us view that specific tape.

There could be a million reasons why, but I figure why not give it a shot. If anything turns up SM-ish, I’ll let you guys know. Or hell, even if it isn’t, it may still be worth a note.

I went through that tape I mentioned pages back.

Everything was normal except about one minute of footage.

For a single minute, my father taped himself driving down a country road near our house. It was dark, he was alone, and the whole time he was muttering, “I’m gonna find you,” or something similar.

One frame, ONE FRAME, of this minute (which was hard to watch) turned out something creepy. My dad was making a right hand turn to head towards home, and down here we have a lot of crops growing. Have a look.


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