The Tribe Twelve Formspring was the source of many significant revelations prior to the site’s projected closing in 2012 which only became an actual closing years later, long after Tribe Twelve moved on to the similar between seasons. These chunks of just the relevant answers are (mostly) consistent with their original chronological order and should be read alongside the main pages.

Formspring #1

Will you be going back to the boardwalk?

I'm reluctant to, but I'm also compelled to. I might visit the nature trail soon, I'm not sure if I should go alone, though.

Are you sure you want to watch the Thanksgiving footage?I mean you say nothing has happened maybe if you watch it it'll start all over again.

I'm not going to lie, I've been procrastinating. Although I'm hungry for answers, I fear what may be on the tape. Reliving the night of the 26th is going to be terrible, but I need to know if it holds any clues to what the fuck happened.

say are you still talking with sarah by any chance?

Yeah, we keep in touch. However, I find it difficult to talk to her because I'm ashamed at myself for everything that went wrong that weekend.

Have you heard of Everyman Hybrid?

I've heard of them, some sort of exercise podcast. Never looked into them, though. I'm not really the working out type.

Not so much of a question, but if you do go back to the boardwalk, bring someone. For safety, reassurance, and in case something goes wrong.

I don't know many people, considering I have few friends. The only people I could ask to accompany me would be Kevin, Tyler, and Josh, the latter two don't live particularly close to me.

Hmm, then try to go during the day if you can't get anyone to go with you… Though that may go without saying. But, if at all possible, harass one of your friends to go with you, if you can.

I wouldn't go at night if you paid me, it's scary enough in the daytime. But first, I need to find someone to go with me, as well as courage to do so.

What do u think is warning you?

I have no idea, but I intend to find out.

When are you going to release a new video?

Most likely after the holidays when I view my footage from Thanksgiving. But, it really depends on if any shit goes down before then.

What is your greatest fear (besides the obvious)?

The unknown.

Have you figured out wat the eye symbol means on the bottom of the package?

No, and I haven't found any similar insignia to compare it to.

See normally you seem to be a pretty serious guy. However I accidentally stumbled onto this formspring which shows you have a funny side too, I'd like to get to know you. Too bad all this creepy shit is happening around you.

I am a pretty fun guy once you get to know me. I've just never really gotten the chance to break out of my shell. Forgive me for being secular and cynical, it's just how I am.

So…do you think you should go to the boardwalk again? I mean, if you look at your past vids and that letter, it seems like it wants you to go there. Do you think it would be a good idea, or one that would just get you screwed in the end?

It's a hard choice. One one hand, if I don't go, I'll still be bombarded by this fucking stalker, but on the other hand, if I do go, I'm likely to find answers.

What if the stalker is Milo?

Milo is dead, long dead. I've come to that conclusion. I don't know who the fucker is, but I'm sure as hell he isn't my late cousin.

I don't mean to upset you, especially during the holidays; but is there anything about what happened during thanksgiving that you can tell us at this time? I know that there were a lot of people that were concerned for you.

I don't want to discuss it, let alone remember it. I've been repressing it ever since I left Sarah's house in the middle of the night covered in blood.

Is the man seen in Milo's tapes and the stalker sending you stuff the same man?

Who knows. I sure don't.

Wait, so you don't think the stalker is affiliated with Milo's death?

I never knew Milo to have any enemies besides the one in his head. I knew few of his friends, he had less than I do now.

Why do the capitol letters on the token note spell MILO

I noticed that right after someone pointed it out to me. This stalker must have some connection to Milo.

Have you ever been in any fires?

Yes, actually. My old house burnt down when I was seven. But other than that, no.

So to get kinda back on topic, what is your next move? I know you're going to review the footage, but is there anything else you plan on doing? Also, any other weird stuff happen lately? …Besides getting creepers on your page, that is.

Nothing out of the ordinary. It's been very quiet.

How are the nosebleeds?

I haven't had one since the terrible one I had on the highway.

Hmm…is there any strange events that stick out in your mind from your childhood? Like, anything strangely odd?

Sadly, I don't remember much of my early childhood.

You do know that what's happening to you is supernatural, right? It must feel surreal to actually experience things you just thought possible in horror movies.

I don't know what to believe anymore, to be perfectly honest.

Why didn't you delete the "HELLOTHERE" video if it was placed in your account by a fu"#$% up maniac who's been driving you nuts these past few weeks?

I want to keep it up there. Call it a habit, I don't like erasing documents. I like it to be there, just so that I know it actually exists and not me going insane.

Are you aware of the "HELLOTHERE" video?

Yes, very aware. It's extremely disturbing and unsettling. I'm leaving up on my channel so I can always look back and make sure that it exists to reassure myself that I'm not crazy.

Haven't you noticed you're starting to have the same sort of cough as Milo? Does that not worry you?

No, considering Milo's chronic cough was worse. I think I might just have asthma or something.

I think its clear that they want you to go back to the boardwalk. What are you going to do?

I'm going back eventually. I may go to the nature trail first. Not sure if I should bring someone.

Does Sarah remember what happened at Thanksgiving?

She does, but neither of us really want to talk about it. You'll all know once the video is posted. Bad memories.

When do you think you'll be posting the Thanksgiving footage? Is it really as terrifying as you're saying?

I'm assuming it is, I haven't seen it yet, I just remember bits and pieces of it…all of which I have repressed since that night.

Have you considered trying to use your grandfather's story as a platform for further investigation, e.g. investigating German folklore or trying to find more details about where he was and who he was with during the war?

I'd like to, I just haven't the time. I may in the future, however.

Do you feel as though whatever is causing this to you is one of a…demonic nature?

I think it's some fucking kid who knew Milo that I don't know about. Why he is fucking with me, I haven't the slightest idea.

Are you going to keep trying to fly solo on this stuff? It's not safe! You should keep people around you and keep yourself alive!

There is no one I am really actively friends with where I live. I am an antisocial misfit, a quiet loner.

Do you think your unnamed stalker wants to hurt or kill you? Or are you just scared that he can be constantly watching you?

I have the feeling that if this person wanted to kill me, he would have already. The compromise of my privacy is pretty perturbing, though.

Have you been to a doctor recently about your intense nosebleeds?

No, they've seemed to have stopped since the last one. If it gets worse, I may just go.

I know people have brought up EverymanHYBRID before, but you should check it out. They're also dealing with something, who has a lot of similarities to whatever you're dealing with. They're not doing fitness anymore.

I might check it out sometime.

Have you spoken to your parents about what's been happening? Or, would you rather not have them worry about you?

The latter.

So what if your grandfather is correct and your stalker is some kind of supernatural entity that seeks to harm or kill you what would you do then?

Although highly unlikely, if that was true, I would need to better step up my personal security.

"maybe it's for the best they didn't know" Just bring up curiousity of the fire or ask what you used to be afraid of when you were little. Say it's for a project due at the beginning of the semster

They get worried easily. It's better if they if they don't freak out, they can tell if I'm lying.

You been doing okay? I know you had some stuff happen on Thanksgiving and I was a little worried.

I'm fine though now, and that's all that matters.

Why did your grandpa Karl call Milo your friend, when he is really your cousin? Doesn't that make Milo the grandson of your grandpa Karl?

Like I said, he's a senile old man. He may not even remember who Milo is.

aw, i like you too. but a question for reals this time, i guess: things have quieted down while you've backed off, so why keep going with this when it's gotten so creepy? don't you think your safety is more important when it comes right down to it?

My safety is one thing, but knowledge is another. Even if I stop now, the fact that I don't know anything will haunt me for the rest of my life. I have to keep going.

Other than Milo, do you recognize anyone or anything in the photos from the box? You've said Milo was a loner, but he obviously had some people around him, who might be able to help you. Maybe you should show his step-dad the photos?

I'm calling him in a few days. We'll see how that goes.

What's Milo's Step-dad's name?

John Fletcher.

Not to be intrusive or anything, but have your parents found out about what has been going on with you? Have they watched any of your YouTube videos?

No, and I hope they remain ignorant.

Do you think it's possible that the phone you received was Milo's old phone?

I'm sure of it now, it's the only conclusion I can draw from all the clues.

Why did you decide to put all this online?

To have a record that others can see, so I can reassure myself that I'm not losing my fucking mind.

You should consider stopping filming? Seems that they go away whenever you do that.

No way, I'm in denial if I ever said that things are getting better. This shit has always been happening since I've started looking into Milo's death. And I'm not stopping filming, I'm getting these fuckers on tape whether they like it or not.

Is it possible that the hacker is not actually hacking your twitter, but really using your computer without you knowing it? Also, sorry if that sounds depressing. I really don't want you to become more stressed because of me, so good luck.

I seriously doubt it. I would know if my house was broken into, because it is virtually impossible to enter undetected now.

Some Großmann tales state that he chases the child until he catches them or until the child confesses to what they did. Do you need to confess? He knows what you did. Do you?

If I did, I wouldn't be as confused and scared as I am now…

I'm sorry you have to go through this. You need to think of what you and Milo did. It must have happened before Milo got his persistent cough. I feel bad that Milo had to live like this for so long. I hope you won't.

I won't let myself turn into Milo, don't worry.

Formspring #2

Now with Milo's mother seeing ol' Slim Jim and missing, what's the next move for you?

I'm going to have to look over the Thanksgiving footage and visit Victor Park.

Have you (or maybe Milo?) witnessed, or heard of any local house fires during your life? If so, that could be a clue. Oh, and greetings from Scotland :)

My childhood home burned down, I don't know about Milo. I asked my parents about the fire, they said it was electrical.

<3 Noah, just know that no matter what happens, we're here to try to help. Whatever happened on Thanksgiving must have been terrible for you to be this scared, and frankly, I wish I could hug you right now, in hopes that that might help even a little bit.

I wish there were more people like you in my life.

"I didn't notice until later, I said so in my Tape Analysis video. It makes me question my sanity, why the fuck didn't I see him?" Maybe he's imperceivable to normal vision? Maybe you have to use some alternate means to see it?

Milo seemed to see him normally without the camera, why the hell couldn't I?

So, what exactly happened during your Thanksgiving stay at Sarah's house?

Well, after I arrived, we ate dinner, played some video games, and went to bed. The next day, we picked up one of Sarah's friends and had the livestream on Stickam. We ate, played some Apples to Apples, and then we drove to Sarah's dad's house because he was going to take us out fishing or some shit. That night, at her dad's house, something happened to me. I have no Idea what the fuck came over me or what occurred. Sarah told me I went crazy and ran out. What bothers me is that I just remember packing my things hastily and driving off, I don't remember how I got that way from the point after I went to sleep. Only the footage holds the answers. And I'm fucking viewing it tomorrow.

Formspring #3

Something i wonder about the night in the thanksgiving footage..I know you don't want to think about it but since it was never really specified, and while i'm sure we all know the answer…Was it your blood, Noah?

I don't know, but the cuts on me makes me think it was.

Dang I just watched part 2. Do you still have the shirt? It would'nt be that hard to figure out what happened looking at the shirt.

I burned that fucking thing.

Also, who the fuck is Kevin?

One of the only friends I have down here, he translated Karl's German.

So you're going back to Victor Park? Are you just gonna be on the Nature Trail, or will you check out the Boardwalk too?

I think I'll check out the nature trail first. I really don't want to go to the boardwalk again.

I know this is old news, but when what your grandfather said to was translated why didn't you listen to him?

He was senile. Now though, I'm thinking I should have heeded his warning.

Do you plan to continue your journey alone?

For the nature trail, I think I'll go alone. I won't be as alone as I would be at the boardwalk. There's more people at the nature trail at any given time than at the boardwalk.

Noah, I'm pretty sure I saw you at the Whitten university center!!! In [] this video], for THESEVENTRIALSOFHABIT, which is part of "everymanHYBRID". Is this you, in the pirate shirt, from 0:45-0:55?

That is me, I was walking to class. She must have happened to catch me on video.

Formspring #4

Noah, are you alive?


Let me see. Tell us where you are. Please.


What have you done to Noah?


Are you Milo?

yesandno heisapartofusnow

Do you observe us, as well?

iobservetheblind mostofyouareblind

'We' is pretty ambiguous. How many is included in this 'we'?


People ask way too many questions, am I right?


Why are you observing me? What purpose do you have with us?


Who do you answer to?

mykeeper thetallone

You speak as several people. Are you just the spokesperson or does everyone become one?


Did you know Milo?


What did you want to accomplish by making that video on Noah's channel?


Is the message you're trying to send directed at us?


How are those willing to open there eyes able to contact you?

somearemoredeservingthanothers likenoah

Where did you come from?


what do you look like?


Do you observe because "thetallone" has no eyes?


How did you and the tall one meet?

hecametome iwasenlightened thenisaweverything forever

Did you kill Milo or did Milo kill himself?

milotookhisownlife butihelped

You gave Milo the pills? You gave him the same one's you sent Noah in the "TOKEN" letter? That was from you, wasn't it? A token to come find you with?


Welcome back to the world of the living, Milo. Partially, anyway.

iamnotmilo butmiloiswithus

and why dont you bring him to the boardwalk if you have him now?

itdoesntworkthatway hemustgoofhisownvolition

What would the pills have done? And, might I add, you have a knack for weaseling your way out of these oh so important questions, don't you? Why are they so important?


You claim to have Noah in your possession, but that's not really true, is it? If you still need him to "come closer", that must mean he's still resisting you, right? You're not really as powerful as you want us to believe, are you?

heiswithusnow buthemustgoonhisown

Is Milo's mother with you as well or is she still out there?


are you grandfather karl?

wecannottouchhim hehassomethingofours

Do you have a physical appearance, like us humans do?

youmayperceiveitashuman buthehaschangedme iamnolonger

Wait Grandfather Karl has something of yours? What does he have that's yours? Did he steal it or did you give it to him?

arelicfromdayspast mykeeperwantsitback

How did Karl get that thing you want back? Did he have a close encounter with the tall man?


Is the relic Grandfather Karl have the memory of the Tall One? Is that what your keeper wants back?


What will happen to Noah after he is no longer blind, will he be able to handle seeing what you see?


Are you all actually using Noah's body right now to answer this?


Since you seem to have ambushed Noah at the park, were you waiting there the whole time since he mentioned going back, or did you watch him, or were you able to teleport there when he was there? Or did you just know when he would go?

iobservenoahregularly mykeeperalsoinformsme

what are you using as a vessel?


Does time have any meaning for you? Or, if the tall one wills it, can you move backwards and forwards in the time continuum?

timeisanabstractconceptinventedbyhumans itmeansnothingtothecollective

did it hurt to join the collective?

icannolongerfeel soicannolongerremember

Is there anything you fear?


What is the punishment for disobeying your keeper? Is disobedience even a possibility?


What happens if Noah doesn't go to the boardwalk?


Hello, John Fletcher.


what happens if you leave the collective? is that even possible?

onceyouarein youcanneverleave

Why did you wait for Milo to understand? Why not take him when Milo was with him, running from you?

wewantedmilothen nowwewantnoah

Why do you fear your keeper if you cannot disobey him. are you capable of failing?

ifididnotfearhim iwouldnotobey

Hypothetically, if you were to disobey your keeper, what would happen?


If you were given the choice, would you rather ditch all remaining humanity in you, and become a full minion, or regain all of your humanity and forget any of this ever happened?

heneedshumanity withoutitiamnouse

I find it interesting that you seem to lack free will yet you seem to keep some level of sentience so you aren't just a complete drone. Why is this?


You say you are not Milo. You say you used to know his mother. You say you helped Milo commit suicide, which is not totally believable. You said who you WERE didn't matter. So I pose to you this question: were you Milo? Before you… changed.

idontknowmypastself heisofadifferentmind

if you appear in the video, who recorded "COMECLOSER"?


How old would you be if you were human?

idonotremembermyhumancounterpart heisofadifferentmind

If you do not remember your human counterpart… how do you know you were not Milo?


If COMECLOSER was not recorded by a camera, how was it produced?


admiration. will the holder of the relic be of any use to thecollective afterward?

itisnottheholderthatmatters buttherelicitselfthatholdsvalue

What about Sarah? What of her?

sheisunimportant ameredistraction thatiswhywetooknoahthatnight tolethimknowthatweawknowledgehisstalling

Who did Noah attack that night you took him from Sarah's house?

hewasconfused soonhewillsee

I guess it doesn't matter since the result was the same, but did Milo take the pills to escape you, or did he want to join you?

hethoughthecouldescape hetriedtoescape manymanymanytimes butheassumedwrong

On "unknown caller" there was a point a which someone started apologising. Was that you, or was there someone else with you? Why would that person apologise? Was you transformation not yet complete?


the man with the glasses. is that you, or just another part of the collective?


Since your realm can't be described by normal means through our vernacular, perhaps a really vague metaphor? Or a picture perhaps, since you seem to be able to upload things with your eyes, and a USB port somewhere on your person.

ourrealmtranscendswhateverythingyouknow itcannotbeexplainedunlessexperienced andonceexperiencedthereisnoturningback

What is the playground a memorial for?


Is the relic that Karl has ever shown in the video of him?

hedidnotshowit butweknowitisinhispossession

Does the deceased child that the playground is dedicated to have any significance to you, your keeper, or anyone involved in this?


What is the relation between your keeper and milo's mother?


when are you going to bring noah back to our realm?


Formspring #5

I know you're still recovering, but I have to ask. Do you know anything about this journal that the Observer is interested in?

I have no idea what it is or where it is. It might relate to my grandfather.

Did you manage to watch the video Observer left on your youtube channel?

Yes, and I almost can't stop watching it. It's absolutely terrifying and judging by what the words in it say, they wanted me to go to the boardwalk, not the nature trail.

Can I say "I told you so" now? I told you not to go alone. Safety in numbers.

If, and this is a big if, I go to the boardwalk, I am not going alone.

Now that you see that there are others in a similar situation as you are, do you plan on keeping in touch with them?

I'll talk to them from time to time if I feel so inclined to. They're better than no one at all to relate to.

Do you think the profile pictures are mocking you by having the name of stillalwaysobservingyou.jpg?

Yeah, and the fact that I can't change any of them back to how they were before.

Are you planning on going back to the boardwalk or revisiting your grandfather? (If you do revisit him, you should bring a translator this time)

I'm not sure if I have enough money to travel up to New York again, but I have emailed him about the happenings. Kevin helped me translate my message. I'm also going to call my parents to see if they have his phone number.

Who could this "OBSERVER" be? Can you think of anyone you've come in contact with who might be behind these mysterious abductions and hackings?

It could be anyone, and that fact is scaring me more than anything.

since youve read the previous questions, do you beleive that this "observer" is actually not a human being? and what are your thoughts on him saying that Milo has joined this "collective?"

He says he "has transcended humanity", which makes no damn sense to me. And about Milo, I can't judge for crap what this Observer guy is talking about when he said that Milo is in his little 'collective' bullshit.

That's his goal, to make you think he could be anyone and everyone. Remember: at some point he was in your position. Don't let him make you join the collective. Knife the fucker.

What is the collective even? He never explains.

Noah, I rewatched your video about your Grandfather. Is it possible that the Nazi soldier's notebook somehow got into your Grandfather's posession and it reveals some things about "The Tall One"? If so, that could be the relic that they are after.

Possibly, but he never mentioned anything about a journal.

Noah, you've gone back to the boardwalk plenty of times. Now they want you to go back again. I don't think they'll let you go alive again if you return to them. As the knife stated, it would be useless to bring anything to help you, even a group of people

Then what fucking choice do I have?

There's obviously no escaping, no avoiding whatever is going on..maybe it's just time to give in?

I'll never give in to this fuck, never.

"If you troll me, I troll you harder." Is that a message to the person/thing that hacked your accounts?

Pretty much. This guy is trying hard to intimidate me, but I won't let him. No way in hell.

Did other people notice you being gone for a week? You're a student, after all. Or do they remember you being around and in class?

Even though I am not in contact with many people in real life, I got a ton of messages on my answering machine and my parents got really worried. I had to lie and say my power went out along with other barely believable lies. Still not telling them the truth.

I think you need to seek out that journal. I mean, isn't it quite odd that they seem to want it so badly? Perhaps there is something like a weakness or a flaw with the tall man or the group in general. It might be a great help…but be careful with it…

I am going to try to find out what that journal is through Karl, that is, if he contacts me back.

Look, I see all these people saying run, when in my opinion, I support your decision to stay where you are. However, I do suggest trying to find out more about the Observer or whatever else is messing with you, maybe talk to your grandfather again?

I'm more inclined to follow that path.

Noah, the boy you mentioned, Liam. The Observer indicated he was important and said he could not discuss him or the playground with us. What do you know about the boy or his death, if anything?

I guess he died and they built a memorial playground in his honor at Victor Park.

Did you know Asher, of the Twelve Tribes, sold his brother into slavery? Isn't it weird that the observer is trying to control and manipulate you…much like a slave?

I am a slave to no man, or whatever that fucker is.

Noah, your next move after contacting Karl might be to investigate this Liam kid and what happened to him. He and the playground have figured heavily into the Observer's videos and the Observer clearly is connected to that case. Think about it, k?

I'll look into that.

A previous question talked about how Asher sold his brother into slavery. Could it be that Milo exchanged death to end his torment in exchange for him going after you? Sorry for this being kind of creepy. I find it disturbing myself.

That is a really disturbing thought.

Have you checked out EverymanHybrid's videos yet?

They look like work out videos, what's the deal?

Are you keeping your icon like that as a memory of what happened?

I've been trying to change it since I first saw it like that. I can't for some reason, nothing works. So, I guess I'm going to have to leave it the way it is.

Given what you've seen, and what Observer has said, I would imagine Milo is gone. Whether that's from passing on or faking his death*, to escape this madness, I don't know. My theory: Observer's "Vessel" is a (former) friend of Milo's. *no offense

What friend? He barely had any. The only ones I can think of are Tyler, Brooke, Kevin, and Tom, but it couldn't be any of them: Tyler moved to Arizona years ago, Brook is in a wheelchair, Kevin moved down to Florida years ago and stopped talking to Milo around 2009 or so, and I think Tom barely knew Milo at all except when he came down from Alabama to see me.

The Observer said that he watched Milo die. He has not seemed to lie to us before, so may wanna take his word and believe he is dead.

That one answer threw me for a loop. I don't even know if he's being serious!

"The only ones I can think of are Tyler, Brooke, Kevin, and Tom" Just out of curiousity, would any of them match the (little seen) appearance of Observer, from his/her videos? I mean, it has to be "someone" with a connection to both you and Milo.

Well, I haven't seen any of them besides Kevin and Brooke in a long time, so I really can't account for any of their hair styles at the moment.

Formspring #6

Can you refresh my memory about your childhood home? What happened, when was it, where?

When I was about seven or eight years old, my family and I lived in a house not that far from the one I live in now. There was a fire in the middle of the night and all of us managed to get out. We don't know what started the fire but the firemen kept telling us it was some electrical thing.

Were you also close to Milo back when your first house burned down, Noah?

He actually stayed over the week before the fire. He came down to visit when we were seven.

What kind of dreams are you having? Can you remember it?

Eyes. Just lots of eyes. Just staring at me. In every direction.

what exactly is your relationship with your parents? you've seemed to live in a pretty large house on your own for a couple years. did your parents use to live there with you, but no longer do? Not trying to be nosey, just a little confused.

We moved around a while, from New York to parts of Florida over the past several years. We lived in this house for a few years. Actually, my parents lived with me in this house back when Milo visited, though, they never showed up on camera because they were mostly out at work or running errands. After I got into my college, my parents discovered great job opportunities for their business up north in New York. So that's where they're living now. This house was turned into our summer house. But, since the college I attend is close to the house, I just live here and commute there to save money.

The letter you recieved, in the bottom right hand corner has the time 11:34 pm and -hal, this could be the Dr C, and i think it is possible that it is Dr Corenthal, seeing as he spoke of milo in the letter. what do you think?

Who is Dr. Corenthal? Should I know about this guy?

Are you aware that Jeff of EverymanHYBRID also has a half-note similar to yours? Something tells me you guys need to talk again.

I'll message him.

Just watched your "The Envelope" video. In your opinion, do you believe that "Observer" guy is actually trying to provide you with legitimate clues or just drive you batshit with all that cryptic, damaged, barely-usable garbage he enjoys mailing you?

I wish I knew what the back story of every single thing in each package was. Like the broken key or the phone.

Formspring #7

Have you contacted the EverymanHYBRID guys?

We've been discussing things. Odd connections.

You know something, I know that before there are some people who sucuumbed to the darkness, but not you, you keep fighting, so keep on fighting cause we believe in you, we believe in you Noah Maxwell. Don't give in.

I will never give in. Even if I don't have a choice.

Are you planning on meeting the EverymanHYBRID guys in the future?

I'm going to visit family in NY soon, so I might be able to take the transit to see them. Jersey isn't that far from NY.

Have you seen the random frames that seem to be making their way into the end of your videos?

Yeah, and I can't explain any of them. They're not in there when I play the final rendered file, but they are there on YouTube. I don't know how he fucking does it.

Why did you refer to yourself as "Adam" when you were on the phone with the police during the livestream?

I had to give a false name to the 911 operator due to the fact that I have been calling them over and over; if they heard me say Noah, they would have immediately hung up and not come. In fact, the last time I called I used the name 'Jake'.

I was wondering, Noah. Were you and Milo related on Karl's side of the family? For instance, was Karl also Milo's grandfather?

Yes, Milo's mother was my mother's sister.

Wait, Karl is your mom's dad, but his last name Maxwell. Does that mean you took your mom's last name?

Yes. It was much better than my father's last name anyway, of which I'm not disclosing.

Your life is like most people's nightmares. What are your nightmares?

Omnipresent eyes. Walking aimlessly through wooded areas. Voices calling out my name in the blackness. Terrible, terrible shit.

Formspring #8

Be careful around Evan from EMH, Noah.

Shut up, he's a nice guy. You've never even met the guy, I have.

What was it like meeting the guys of Everyman HYBRID? Do you think you will collaborate with them again?

Not sure, I'm already back in NY. It was just a quick meet up, but I don't think I'll visit again any time soon.

Do you know about HABIT, the man who sent you the envelope, or more appropriately the EMH version of "The Observer"?

I was told of that thing during out meeting, but apparently they don't seem to know who or what it is either. I'm not even sure if it was the one that sent me the envelope.

Why does your videos' distortion differ from those of others' video distortion, like the Hybrids for example?

Maybe because we don't use the same recording equipment? Perhaps different cameras pick up on these abnormal things uniquely, depending on model or some other unpredictable technical reason. The distortion could differ due to many reasons, I really don't know for sure, I just know that it happens when they're around.

You seemed a lot less, for lack of a better word, moody, around the HYBRID crew. Did you feel a little more safe around them then you did back in Florida and on your various forms of transportation?

Yeah, for one thing, I can relate to someone for once.

What kind of a person was Milo? Like in terms of personality?

He was very introverted person, keeping to himself and not having many friends. From what I saw of him, he was an antisocial recluse. Kevin, who was one of his only friends, told me that he never spoke much in school or even attempted making friends. Kevin says that he thinks part of the problem came from his family at home, mainly his mother. She was a nutcase.

Formspring #9

Release him!


Do you still need Noah to go to the boardwalk?

yes itistheonlyway

If you're possessing Noah, is Milo's body dead, or just unconscious waiting for you to slip back inside?

miloislongdead buthewillbealivesoon ifonlyforashortwhile

Why do you need Noah? Can't you just get the journal yourself?

wecannotacquireitmanually thefuturesaysthatnoahgetsit

why do you want Grandpa Karl's diary so bad? How will it assist you in whatever you are doing?


Noah recently mentioned getting a call from someone named "Mary". Do you know who that is?

sheisbutapawn asismrscars

Are you human?


If you know/write the future, is there any chance of Noah stopping you, or have you already won?

noahwillstopme buthewillnot

Have you been around long, Observer? Have you ever been called by another name?


Is there a little part of your humanity left, Observer? During that phone call over a year ago, it sounded like you said both "sorry" and "help".

thatwasanaccident anerrorinmyconcentration

how do Liam and the EverymanHYBRID guys in Jersey fit into your whole scheme, bro?

theothersheresay liamwaseasy thoseboysarenotofmyjurisdiction

Did you do anything to Milo, Observer?


Is the person in your twitter picture Noah or Milo. If it is Milo, why did you dig up a decaying body? That's kind of gross.

milowascremated butthatfacewasfromthenearfuture

What 'forbiddenknowledge' is contained in the journal?


Where did you come from?

myvesselcamefromawomb mymindcamefrommykeeper

Do you mean YOU were somewhere in a big historical event when you say "theyareinplainsight"?

anextentionofthecollective therewasabigevent butitwasunknownbyyourhistorians thejournaltellsofit

Does the forbidden nazi knowledge have to do with how to get rid of you? Because if you are so above humans why else would you waste your time with one such as Milo or Noah?


You better not kill Noah!!

whywouldiwanttokillhim? ifheisdeadtheniwouldneedanothertoendmysession

You fascinate me, Observer. Will you show all of us the truth like you will to Noah?


What is the collective's ultimate goal or aim? And don't give me the "mere concept invented by humans" jazz because obviously you have been told to do SOMETHING.

theultimategoalisineffable mygoalistoendmysession

What can you tell us about your Keeper?


Do you have multiple "sessions"? As in, is it like an assignment, and your only goal is to finish it? Or is it like, end of your "life", in a sense?

iamnolongeralive butonecanarguemylackoflife

If this event is not known to historians, then how is it in plain sight? Is it a religious event?

thecollectivewasthereinplainsight however theeventwasunknowntoyourhistorybooks

Why did Milo kill himself


Does Slenderman/Mr. Thin actually have tentacles? I've seen him with and without them depending on the case…


You say your ultimate goal is to end your 'session', could you please elaborate on what this is exactly?


Will Noah ever be free?


How many of there are you?


How close are you to possessing the journal? Am I correct in assuming it is the same journal Milo kept?

milosjournalisdifferent butequallyasrevealing

Does the crossed eyes symbol you seem to leave everywhere have a function other than notifying it is you?


Does your vessel ever struggle?


Was the one writer Karl himself? Or was it somebody else?

karlwasnotthewriter sebastianwas

Who is sebestian?

hewasoneofthefew whowitnessedtheevent

If you see through the symbol,can you see me as I type this?

ican butichoosenottolook youareunimportant

Why did you start using the Cross-Eye symbol instead of continuously using the circle with the X in it?

itismorethanasymbol itisanextentionofbeing

Were you responsible for Noah going mad last Thanksgiving? Why did he self-mutilate?

thatwasourdoing butnotallofthatblood belongedtonoah

What was the last thing Milo said before he died?

hesaid "imfreenow" buthethought "ihopethisworks"

Can you take a picture of yourself and post it on Noah's twitter, please?

ok hereitis


Do other members of The Collective call themselves "OBSERVER" too?

no othershavetheirowncallingcards youhumanshavegivenmethislabel soichosetostickwithitfoyourrconvenience

can you take a picture of noah and show us what he is doing

ok hereitis


If Sebastian is the human you need, why do you want Karl's journal?

itistheonlysurvivingaccountoftheevent therestwereburnedordestroyed

So Karl never witnessed the event, but he holds the book? What was the relationship between Sebastian and Karl?

theyneverkneweachother buttheymetonce

Do you know HABIT? Is he part of the collective?

hedoesnotseemtobe butweknowofthisentity

is sebastian the only one to witness the event?

no therewereothers manyothers buttheywereexterminated noonewhohadwitnesseditlivestoday

Does Karl know the importance of the book?

yes forhehasreaditscontents

If you are looking for a vessel to possess, why did you kill Milo? Wouldn't he be the first candidate?

wedidnotkillmilo notdirectly hekilledhimself beforehecouldcompletemysession

Why do you guys kill animals all the time?


Do you know of the "Feral other" or, as us humans normally call, the Rake?


So HABIT is of his own kind, huh? Does he also serve your keeper?


Was Milo's mother the candidate prior to Milo? Why abandon her?


Another thing: why, out of all your associates, are you the only one with such bright and stylish glasses?

eachcarriestheirownvisage augmentedfromtheirhost

Are there entities outside your "collective" and your "keeper"?

yes forinstance likethishabityouspeakof

Name your associates. Wait, you aren't allowed to say, are you?

no iamallowed icannamefour notincludingmyself deadheadmrscars cursor and persolus

Can you share any pictures you may have of Milo with us?


Does each member of The Collective have a vessel?

somedo but someremainhere

You say you can name four of your associates- how many more are there?

thosefourarerelevant therestarenotquantifiable

Is the 'Mary' you said was a pawn Mary Asher?

yes apawnthatmustbecaptured

What was your name before we gave you "Observer"?

iwasoncereferredtoas thesentinel butthathassincechanged

Are you still observing Mary Asher, do you have plans yet for her, or is she too far 'gone' for your purposes?


If you were to compare all this to a game of chess, what piece are you?

wearenotpeicesonthefield wearemoreliketheplayers

Who's the X_X guy in the video?


If you thought of noah as a chess piece, which one would he be?

aking becausewhilehemayrun hiscaptureisinevitable

Why can't you get the journal yourself, what's preventing you?


Why was Deadhead, as he's named, given the final word? Is there some of the collective you hold as favorites, or is this human process of thought below you?


Can you tell your friend Cursor I think he's cute? Thanks in advance, Mr. Observer.


Tread lightly with Mary Asher, for even a pawn can become a powerful queen.


Do any of your other associates have names to speak of?

yes butunliketheothers iamnotallowedtosaythem

Are the four members of your collective watching Noah as well, or is this more of a personal project for you?

weareallwatching butnoahismyjurisdiction

Why are the 4 associates you named, in particular, important?

therearemore iamnotallowedtosaythemnow imaybeallowedtolaterhowever

Once you're done with Noah, is it possible we'll see you observing another vlogger?

onceimdonewithnoah iwillobservenolonger

How did Sebastian die?


who is the associate in the mask next to you?


So, when exactly are you going to return Noah?


Formspring #10

Noah? Is that you?

Yes, I'm back.

do you remember anything from the past week?

No. I don't even remember much about what made me leave my house in the first place.

You said you got a call from Mary, what did she say?

I don't remember much. She was frantic, asking about who someone I didn't know was, I can't recall the name. I tried rewinding my camera to when I filmed it, but it's all overly distorted and garbled. I'll try to recover it somehow.

Noah, what do you think about the video? all the sudden theres more of them and now nazi's? are you going to bring the journal back there?

I would love to just scamper up to New York and force my Grandpa to fess up the journal, but I have a serious lack of funds right now. Also, I would have to justify to my parents why I would need to travel up there again as well as beg them for more money.

Noah, whats the last thing you remember before you were taken?

I remember opening the hotel room door. Someone was standing there. I don't remember who it was, but I know that I felt so confused and scared at who it was that I fell down. The last thing I can recall was me staring at the doorway, but I can't visualize the person at all right now.

Noah, the observer has stated he will reveal himself if you go to the boardwalk. Are you planning to go now, just to see who this guy is? Or are you just going to be like "Fuck him" and still not go?

The more I see his image, the more he seems familiar. Like someone I know. And the thought terrifies me.

When will you post another video? also are you aware of the pictures at the end of most of your videos?

I'll post what footage I have of me going back to the hotel and what crazy shit happened that night after I get my shit together and settle down. I'll also try to recover the heavily distorted footage that I filmed at my house.

looks like your on your own, Noah, tell me, do you own anything OTHER than a pocketknife that could be used to defend yourself from those "things"

I remember now. I purchased a gun the night before. I didn't tweet about it because I didn't want them to know. I had it with me that night that I left the house, but I can't remember if I used it or not because I don't have it on me now.

Before you were taken, on your Twitter you posted "tall mans in my house." Perhaps that could be the reason why you went back to the hotel? Also, you said seeing The Observer felt familiar. Is there anybody from your past that resembled him?

My memory is blocking it right now. But I vaguely remember it…I think the gun might have been involved.

Had any dreams lately?

I dreamt that I was being squeezed, and that a bunch of people were watching.

Noah, The Observer spoke of a man named Sebastian, the man who wrote the journal in Karls possesion. Does this name ring a bell to you, at all?

Not one bit.

Are you going to remove that horrible picture from your Twitter?

No. I think that enough people have seen it already, so what's the damn point. Milo had no blood relatives besides his Mom that care, so I might as well keep it up as evidence.

If I may, why DO you have a picture of Milo at the scene of his death? was it for investigation purposes and just did not want to share it with us out of respect for his memory?

I had Milo's mom send me one of the investigator's photos. I didn't want it to get public because he meant a lot to me so it was personal and due to the fact that I wanted to respect his memory.

Are you worried about the burning house in his new video? Do you recognize it?

That was my old house that burnt down, there's no doubt in my mind.

Do you plan on reading the book if you get it? Or are you just going to hand it to the thing without a second thought?

I plan to read the shit out of it. I need all the info I can get.

Noah, it's proved that Mary Asher can't be The Observer, and neither can HABIT. At this point do you think it's just some random dude.

I hope he's not who I think he is. Because that would be absolutely terrible. And it's not Milo.

What are your thoughts on the 'meet an old friend' that the observer talked about in the recent video if you go to the boardwalk?

It's more mindgames. Milo is dead, he even showed you his dead body from the photo. He just want's me to go so he can mess with me some more. Heh, sure I'll go.

dude… why do you do this alone? i mean why not have someone look out for you, so he can help or look out for you when you sleep and all that? why must you be alone on this?

Do you really think I want to bear the grief of getting someone else hurt or killed because of this paranormal burden shit that I have to put up with? No fucking way.

Who are you going to take to the Boardwalk? Kevin, or someone else?

Probably Kevin. I literally know no one else in my area, let alone anyone willing.

Who's Liam?

He was that one kid who the playground at Victor Park dedicated to because he died.

do you think you will ever get in contact the hybrid crew again? if so do you think they can help?

There's always a possibility.

Noah, a little worried about Observer's whole "This is your last birthday" thing. Seems he's giving you a hard deadline here. No pun intended. What do you make of the idea that Observer might just be using the body of your friend(?) as a vessel? -Lanz

If that's the case, then I consider him a lower life form than me, like a parasite. He can't survive on his own, he needs a host to survive. I find it rather ironic.

Who is HABIT? I've seen mention of him but don't know who is is.

"HABIT" is some asshole who's messing with the EMH guys. He's not fucking with me though, so I'm going to stay out of it.

What excuse did you tell your teachers, parents, relatives and anyone else who might've noticed your week off?

"Went on an emergency road trip."

Is your tech-savvy friend okay?

I haven't heard much from the guy lately, to be honest.

Noah, I'm curious. I've been rewatching the first videos of you and Milo to try to get an idea, but how would you have described yourself before this? Were you happy? Felt like you had more friends? Get out more? You seemed nicer, too. :/

I was still very solitary and alone. I suppose I was nicer, but that was before I had to deal with shit like this. I tend to be sarcastic to deal with it, which is why I have this account here.

Have you spoken to Sarah recently? Is she okay?

She's kinda disappeared off the face of the planet. Don't know what is up with her.

Where did you get those awesome goggles of yours?

Funny thing, I just sort of found them in my backpack when I was at Sarah's for Thanksgiving last year. Her friend Kat must have misplaced them in my pack. I always wanted a pair, so I didn't bother mentioning them after I found them when I was on the road.

But you said you got those goggles at a con

I lied. Sue me.

Do you think it will be difficult to convince Kevin to get involved?

I don't even know if I want to ask for his help anymore. I've noticed some things about him that I didn't recognize before. Considering he's the only guy I can remotely trust right now, it scares me to death.

What is it you've been noticing about Kevin?

I'm just going to say that since the last time I've seen him in person, which was for that help translating Karl's German a long while back, he looks different. I saw him for finals the other day and the way he's grown out his hair and the fact that he's wearing his glasses instead of his contacts like he used to through me for a loop. I'm not used to seeing him look like this, and it is oddly reminiscent of that fucker from the creepy videos on my channel. We talked after the exam and he asked me what some cryptic messages he found might mean. Maybe if it's not him, perhaps he's being tormented by this Observer somehow as well. I cant help but feel guilty that if it is thelatter, it's my fault for getting him involved in this paranormal mess. Although, If he is being harassed by these entities too, maybe it'll be easier for me to enlist his help. I'll contact him later about venturing into Victor Park again, my confidence has been boosted a small bit by this.

what were the cryptic messages Kevin told you? We could have a chance to figure them out.

I don't remember exactly, but I distinctly recall him asking something about notecards. Compensation. He was pretty nervous sounding.

What if Kevin is the Observer? What will you do?

I'm…honestly not sure. I really don't want to think about that right now.

Kevin possibly being "infected" might be a boon, but what if he is the Observer? You mentioned earlier that the bastard looked familiar in a horrible way.

It could be a terrible coincidence, but the similarity was so striking that it made it very difficult to take my exam without feeling like he was staring at me somehow.

Just because your friend is beginning to look like Garth doesn't mean he's the Observer ;) It's just the paranoia getting to you, Noah.

Thanks, I needed that. Kevin's too cool of a guy, I could never see him doing such terrible things.

Some questions about Kevin: How old is he? How long have you known him? Does he wear a necklace? When did you first meet him?

Thanks. He's around the same age as me, I've known him for as long as I've went to school with him after he moved here from Alabama years ago, and I don't think he wears one.

Other from the things Kevin has said to you, what's his personality like? Before all this happened to you, what was he like as a person? Was he mysterious even then?

He was never mysterious, just a normal down to earth kid with a mellow attitude.

Noah, if the Observer really does operate how he claims, then it might be even more dangerous to go to the boardwalk with Kevin. If he's the Observer's vessel, you'd be bringing him right along..or if he's affected, you'd be outnumbering yourself.

Well, if he does turn on me, at least I'll know where he'll be. If I did bring someone else and not Kevin, and he does happen to be the Observer, then I wouldn't know where he is or what he would be doing.

the guy with "pinhole eyes" has to be swain or persolus.

Or maybe someone else that he didn't even mention, I still don't trust him.

In the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video there was a guy with pinhole eyes too. He was to the immediate right of slenderman. I just wanted to make sure you saw.

Who I saw oddly reminds me of that figure

Have you given up on Milo's journal? Where could it even be?

Three possibilities in my mind. 1. With Mary Asher. 2. Still in Milo's abandoned house. 3. At/with Some unknown place/person.

Noah, you said in your latest tweet that the person who came into your room had pinhole eyes. This sounds like the person to the direct right of Mr. Faceless in HAPPYBIRTHDAY, he had pinhole eyes. Does anyone you know have small eyes?

You don't understand, it's not that he had small eyes, but more like you could only see his irises and nothing else.

You mentioned that Kevin came from Alabama. Didn't Milo also live in Alabama?

Yeah. That makes my suspicions peak even more.

Did Kevin and Milo know each other?

I think they were friends back in school.

Evidently, Dr. Cairo isn't who you think he is. It seems like he has revealed that he's in a partnership with Mr. Slim.

If you still have some connections to him, I think you ought to break them quickly. I barely knew him to begin with. I guess I'm off to a good start.

To think this all started when you looked through some old footage.

I'm slowly starting to think that this was inevitable. If only I knew what Milo knew…

Do you think Sebastian was the Nazi who got torn up in Karl's story?

I have no idea of knowing, but that would certainly be an interesting fact.

If you could go back in time, what would you change?

I would warn Milo.

Did Milo have a relative named Robert that you know of?

Robert was his father.

Formspring #11

So this video seems like pretty damning evidence against Kevin…What are you going to do about him?

He fucking can't be. It's impossible, I don't know for sure so I can't make assumptions on videos made by evil beings.

So from what I can tell from that video The Observer wants you to suspect Kevin being him, He has a gun, wants you to do what he tells you and he painted on you. what a douche.

I know, right?

so i think Firebrand is the name of the guy with the Pinhole eyes. does that name ring a bell?

Not at all.

Is the black guy Kevin?

Yes. And the mere fact that the Observer put a video of him on my camera makes me think that Kevin isn't the Observer, despite the fact that he looks strikingly like him.

Have to say it dude, the writing on the cards looks an awful lot like some of the notes you've gotten and looks incredibly like the Observer. I don't think Kevin is someone you can trust. Knowing that you should know these people, who is Firebrand?

I don't know who Firebrand is, but judging from the hidden frame at the end of the video, I'm going to have to assume that he is the guy with the pinhole eyes.

Have you considered seeking out Robert, Milo's biological father? Or has he passed away?

He died when Milo was young, his name is on the tombstone along with Milo's.

Did Kevin start wearing glasses and growing his hair out before or after we first saw The Observer on camera?

Kevin used to have his hair much shorter in like 2009. It's only since college began that he's been growing it out longer.

Do you know how Robert died? Perhaps it would be wise to look into his death for any strange occurrences.

I never asked Mary, but Milo always said that he died when he was a few years old in a car crash.

Have you tried to contact Mary at all since she called you last time? seeing as you cant seem to remember much of anything of the incident after waking up

She's not answering. I can't remember what she said over the phone, but I remember recording it all before she hung up on me. I'm focusing all my effort on recovering that section of footage now.

Be honest, through all this crap you've been going through, did you ever think of suicide?

Suicide is me quitting. I'm not a quitter. I won't stop until I either win or lose.

Have you ever considered not opening the journals? I mean, these journals contain knowledge about your adversaries, but there are things man was not meant to know. Knowledge is dangerous,and I can think of no knowledge more dangerous then of these things.

I'd rather die knowing the truth than live with the mystery unsolved.

If your grandfather won't let you back in, why not break in to his house and steal the journal? I know this seems kind of messed up, but Slenderman and the Observer clearly will not leave you alone until you just give them the damn thing.

I'm seriously contemplating that.

Describe this "firebrand" fellow, what did he look like when you laid your eyes on him for those few seconds?

From what I can remember, he was shrouded in darkness. A walking silhouette. The only recognizable features being two white dots for eyes and a crescent grin.

Has Kevin ever spoken to you about Milo's strange behavior or about his past at all?

We did speak about him, but Kevin mainly disliked Milo's mother. He said that she barely ever let him come over or stay over at Milo's house and was just plain mean to him.

jessie from EMH is dead :(

I only met Jessie briefly. She seemed like a very nice girl, but I never got to say more than a few sentences to her. My heart goes out to her and the guys.

Noah, is there any chance that those "Excedrin" pills were actually the "TAKE THESE YOU'LL FEEL BETTER" pills from "the unboxing" video?

They did look very similar. I've flushed them all since yesterday.

Do the collectives appearances in any way seem to be significant, specifically to you?

Firebrand is the only one that scares me the most, mainly because he's the only one I can myself remember seeing in person.

What do you think happened to Sarah? Is she dead, or just captured?

I don't know, I just don't fucking know…

Formspring #12

Hey Noah Zeke was the one who knew the most about Slender man (maybe even too much) with him gone our only lead now on this thing is Karl's journal.

No, I'm not the only one. I'm no oblivious idiot, I know that there are others out there with this shit happening to them too. However, my existence in other people's lives has been nothing but a malignancy. Anyone who I've gotten in contact about this problem has been negatively impacted. Just look at Sarah and Kat, Mary and John, the EverymanHYBRID crew… people are dying left and right. I almost feel that me reading his blog aided in his death, my very existence a prime factor in his demise. Edward isn't answering my calls anymore, and Kevin continues to tell me of similar shit happening to him. I am a fucking cancer. Even if people come to me asking for help with a similar situation, I refuse to help because I do not want to contribute to anyone else's suffering or be the catalyst of it. This is a situation in which I must remain selfish until the end, because in the end, it's the most selfless thing I can do for others; completely avoid them.

How would you describe the relationship between Milo and his mother? Loving? Distant? Meh? No fucking clue?

From what he told me, it was very strained. But otherwise, I have no clue.

Didn't the Observer suggest that he has brought Milo back to life? And that he would let see him somehow? Sorry, my memory isn't that fresh on the subject. If you were to meet Milo again, what would you say to him or ask him?

How did you survive as long as you did?

I almost pity the observer. He feels nothing. Happiness, joy, fear, and pain are all alien to him. He is no longer human. He has not been enlightened, he's been blinded from what makes him whole. Just know that by being human, Noah, you are greater.

Shit like this is what keeps me going.

Evan Everyman has gone off the deep end and may be possesed by HABIT, Vinny Everyman hasn't been heard from in a while, Jeff Everyman is missing, presumed dead.

I've seen their updates, and after all that, something still tells me that I only distracted them. If I hadn't had wasted their time, they might have had a little more of a chance with their problem.

HAve you heard from Edward at all?

Yes, I've actually gotten back in contact with him. He's alright, thank goodness.

When you met with Edward, did he say anything relating to what's been happening to you?

Yeah. I talked to him over the phone and he said something about doing some research. I told him not to, but he did anyway. I hope nothing happens to him, he's a good friend. One of the only ones that I have left.

Have you heard from Kevin reciently? When was the last time you've had any contact with him?

I message him from time to time, he seems alright.

does the video you're about to post show how you lost your gun? also, you said you message Kevin from time to time, but isn't his body a vessel for the observer?

Kind of. At one point I had my gun and was attacked, the next bit shows me without the gun. I'm assuming I dropped it in the heat of the moment as I tried to get the fuck out of my house.

Formspring #13

Do you think Mary really killed John, and maybe even Robert? Or do you think her delusions might be haunting her and she's making crazytalk?

No, I think she's behind a lot of this.

Do you think Mary was telling the truth about Milo's father AND stepfather being Collective minions?

That, I'm not sure about. Maybe she's crazy, maybe she's telling the truth. I don't even know if I'll ever find out.

So, Noah, do you finally accept that Milo could still be alive?

Mary said that Milo's body was gone, and John's body did disappear too. That might actually hold some credence.

Mary said something about trying to save you once. Any recollection of anything like that?

Not at all, she's never been in my life to my knowledge.

Have you kept in contact with the the HYBRIDS?

Not as much as I should, but I think it's safer this way.

What is Kevin's personality like?

He's a laid back guy. Nothing particularly too worrying about him other than what he said he's been experiencing.

What are your dreams about?

Some I can't remember, some I don't want to remember. They're all terrible, filled with eyes and vague shapes, well, that's at least what I can remember when I wake up from them. I always wake up sweating. It's fucking awful.

What will the recap video cover? Have there been any new developments as of late?

The recap will cover what has happened since November 11th, mainly what has not been on the YouTube channel. And yes, there have been new developments.

Formspring #14

Have you been keeping up with EverymanHYBRID?

Yeah, but not much communication has come back. The only guy I've been able to get in contact with is Vinny, and he's just really apprehensive and terse about his whole situation. I hope he can figure out what's going on with his friends. I'm really worried for them.

"It seems that a friend of mine, Noah, is going to be up in the area visiting his family in New York, and has agreed to travel back down with me." Explain bro?

…That's my friend Daniel Shipman, he's one of the investigators that I've been talking with recently. I'm going to meet up with him and then drive back down to Florida with him.

Formspring #15

Now that you can have an opinion without any emotions influencing them, what are your opinions on Chris and Alex, respectively?

Those guys are selfish nuts, just leaving me on the beach like that. I'm sorry for saying their names, but I was surrounded and scared. Leaving me at that beach for their 'safety' was a dick move and I guess we just cut ties from there. I'm sure they're chill guys out of this situation, but what they did just really left a bad taste in my mouth.

In the DarkHarvest video when you get back in the car I hear a guy sound like he is charging the car then something hits the windshield and you guys freak out… what was on the windshield a person or something?

It was one of those cult guys. He just sort of slammed on the roof and slid onto the windshield all bloody. His face was messed up.

how did you leave the beach after they left you there?

I called Daniel and he picked me up.

in alot of videos people are telling you to keep their involvment a secret and then you post the videos on youtube. whats up with that?

I have this habit of documenting. All too often something happens, and I wish I could have recorded it for my records. There are clues everywhere, and going back on videos has tended to reveal things that people alert me to. What I'm saying is, if I don't document, I could overlook it completely. You guys help me out too, you know.

Formspring #16

Jeff is dead, Noah.

You're lying to me. No way.

Noah, if you want to know the answers, you can't give up. If you give up, you'll be letting down Milo, Evan, Jeff, Vince, Kat, Sarah, Alex and Chris. Do you really want to do that?

Half of them are dead, two of which are my fault. The ones who aren't dead are better off without me.

Formspring #17

The truth lies within the river's flow. Is where it begins. When the dawn breaks; the soul awakens.

This phrase has haunted my memories ever since I first read it. Not only because it was on that old notecard, but because I'm beginning to realize that I've known that phrase since childhood… somehow. If only I knew what it fucking meant.

In regards to your last tweet, sorry for what?

For causing all this innocent death.

are you still with us? You haven't posted to twitter in a couple of days and I'm worried about you. You tell the observer that if he wants to mess with someone then come find me……. I'm game.

I'm still here. I'm just coming to terms with what happened on the 11th, where I was taken at midnight. Everything's beginning to make some sense.

If you could start this from the beginning what would you have done differently?

Talked to Milo more.

Did you see who Firebrand was?

You could say that.

Do you think all of this could've been avoided in any way?

The longer it goes on and the more I find out, the more I think all of this was inevitable.

do you think kevin is the observer?

Yes, but I don't think he's aware of it. He's being controlled by them.

Do you know who Firebrand Is?


How do you feel about Firebrand trying to help you? Better or worse?

Both equally.

Are you going to try and follow Firebrand's advice?

I have to. There's literally no other option.

Do you think milo is alive?

At this point, I have no idea what to think anymore.

Have you ever looked into the backwards songs that the Observer chooses to use, such as their titles/lyrics, for hints? One of them implies that the Collective is 'where you belong'.

I'm already in The Collective, at least at some point in the future. It's set in stone.

Is Firebrand a friend of yours?

You could say that.

Why can't you just tell us who Firebrand is?

Because it wont really make sense until you see it as I did.

What do you think of Firebrand helping you?

It hurts my brain to think about it.

Fight me.

I bet you don't even lift.

what are you going to do when the video comes out?

After I release the video, I'm going to think about confronting Kevin about all this.

Formspring #18

So… you're…. Firebrand?

I guess. I don't know what it means or anything, I'm still trying to understand everything. I just know that Firebrand is helping me, possibly from the future.

Hey Noah was the rubber ball still in your pocket after the whole "meet up" with firebrand on the live stream?

It must have fell out of my pocket when I was in the closet, because I looked again and found it in the back of my closet in a place I hadn't looked.

Did you know kevin really well? Were you two friends?

I knew that he and milo were pretty good friend. Before all this, he and i were more acquaintances than friends.

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