First Appearance

You guys are missing the first appearance of the tall man.

A friend of mine was talking to me about some of the weird shit he was seeing in caves, and he brought up a strange painting he saw.

“It was of a slender man, in what appeared to be a black suit. It lacked a face, and around it were what appeared to be children.”

This was dated back to about 5,000 B.C. and even though he couldn’t say were it was he hinted it was near a major hub, and some other caves near by it. he also said he heard some weird scratching sounds, but that would be BS, ‘cause it appears that he was the first human there for over 7,000 years, and nothing could live that long. Right?




hey guys, you reckon this might be the first human record of the slender man?

his proportions seem different from the other men in the painting?

was found in a cave in brazil estimated to be dated at around 9,000 BC

Brazil? OH SHIT! My cave friend said he found one of the slender man in Iceland, meaning he can go from Brazil to Iceland, and he wasn't seen anywhere else. Maybe he can change shape to look human.


This next image was found in Egypt, believed to be a depiction of the Slender Man. Referred to as in the text “Thief of the Gods” or “Thief of Kuk” (Kuk is the Egyptian Deity of Darkness, depicted as female, perhaps why the Slender Mans victims are mostly women). The carving dates back to roughly 3100 BCE in lower Egypt. It is most commonly mentioned around Pharaoh Wazner, and it is theorized that he had some sort of encounter with the Slender Man, but it has never been determined.


Some recently discovered hieroglyphs. Scientists say they are of no real significance.

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