The third significant chunk of Everyman HYBRID ran from March 20, 2012 to January 1, 2019, and is comprised of the videos “Dead end with a Pulse” through “Introductions”. His true nature revealed as a possessive entity that has orchestrated every part of the game, HABIT’s plans finally tear the group asunder in preparation for “another, greater cycle. You, too, are on the same. Sinking. Vessel.”

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. Main channel videos are denoted in bold and side channel videos are not. This page links to sections of the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS, Corenthal Letters, and Princeton Tapes side pages whenever they are meant to be read.

March 2012

  • Vince and Jeff go through old notebooks from their time as a fitness channel and discuss their current stalemate at finding new information. Jeff plays with Corenthal’s rocking horse and recalls that Maryann Corenthal is still alive, then learns over the phone with her gated community that she moved out. She listed a fraudulent new address but reportedly planned to return to New Jersey and restore historic homes with her husband, which they decide points to the house at Baldpate. Vince stays to prepare for the trip and Jeff leaves to tell Evan, after which point the rest of the video is hidden from the boys. Jeff receives a text from Evan instructing him to enter around the back, only to find the place empty and with few lights on. As he keeps searching, music comes on and someone cuts him with a knife in between his discoveries of taunting notes about how he “WON’T BLEED OUT :)”; the footage of blood on his hand matches HABIT’s earlier montage from “Twenty-four Months”. Jeff tries to escape the figure and encounters Nick, somehow alive again as he speaks the above quote. Evan blocks Jeff’s escape, grinning maniacally.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 31, 2012. The song playing in Jeff’s car is “Brendan’s Death Song” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the one in Evan’s house is “I Can’t Decide” by the Scissor Sisters; the latter skips when Jeff is attacked. The footage cuts to greyscale when Nick appears, just as it did in Corenthal’s time loop appearance. Vince’s notebook has a strip of purple duct tape on the front and Jeff finds a roll of it along with the first note.

April 2012

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I held out as long as I could. Haven't heard from the boys. I'm done sitting around. Going to Evan's soon.


VastLexicon on Twitter writes:

have you not seen the video. Jeff went to evan's and well……….

EverymanHYBRID responds:

What are you on about, man? I'm worried too but we can't assume they're dead. I'll be fine -hopefully- and send you updates [V]

Dedlok on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHybrid Let's just say Evan might just be the reason you haven't heard from Jeff in a while…

EverymanHYBRID responds:

@Dedlok You guys are the cryptic oracle to my tired adventurer. I need to find out what happened after Jeff left my place. [V]

VastLexicon on Twitter writes:

@everymanHYBRID Vinnie, atleast, at VERY least, keep us updated via twitter, we may have lost evan, we most likely have lost jeff.

EverymanHYBRID responds:

@VastLexicon I know I can be aggravatingly stubborn. Thanks for the tip, I'll have something to even the odds if I need to. [V]

  • Not dead yet: “A couple of you guys warned me about – or tried to warn me about something. Told me to bring a weapon or something just in case. I tried, and… I don’t know, I just don’t feel right carrying a weapon. As weird as it sounds, I mean… I almost feel safer behind a camera.”
  • Vince, unaware of HABIT’s addition to the last video, goes to Evan’s house at night in search of Jeff. He finds the door wide open and enters the basement, where some lights remain on. There he finds a bloodstained tarp with chains and one of Jeff’s shoes, and he escapes to his car after spotting the Slender Man in a doorway.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 10, 2012. Prior to this discovery, Vince notices a small table with knives, bloodstained napkins, a Reese’s Eggs wrapper, and a roll of purple duct tape.

May 2012

EverymanHYBRID tweets:



EverymanHYBRID retweets TheGreenFeathers:

I recieved an e-mail containing coordinates earlier this week. I found something I think may be important.

  • Box Six: TheGreenFeathers follows coordinates e-mailed to him by HABIT to an unspecified location in the woods. He retrieves a sheathed knife from a purple duct-taped ladder on one of the trees and encounters Evan, whose torn and bloodstained jacket confirms that he is possessed by HABIT. HABIT congratulates him for being “resourceful” and points him to a paper inside the knife sheath and an ink ribbon scattered around the ladder. He instructs him to share it online to the others and flippantly reminds the unsettled player to keep the knife for the next time they meet.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 11, 2012. The description reads:

Received an e-mail containing coordinates. I followed them, and found something of interest.

TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

This may have something to do with the recent tweet.

nyc_jester (UF) responds:

Well look who's back!

While I'm happy to see you back in the fold, GF, I'm worried you're breaking all kinds of UF rules posting this here.

TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

Didn't know it was against the rules to not be dead. I was planning on uploading the contents of the letter, and ink-ribbon here later tonight, but if you don't want them…

TheGreenFeathers tweets:

Having some family over; I'll upload the contents of what I've found ASAP, today.

I'll type up the transcript of the ink-ribbon tonight. I think it may lead to something new.

Finished. The ink-ribbon transcript is now viewable in the comments section of its photobucket image.

TheGreenFeathers posts the contents of the sixth hidden box to Photobucket. The ink ribbon, a physical record of each letter that has been entered into a typewriter, is dated 1980. Corenthal reports a loss of faith after watching Stephanie suddenly fall ill –severely enough that Jeffrey thought she was dead.
Corenthal’s letter from 1990 documents his continuing night terrors about his dead children and the adult Linnie. His dream about her in this iteration is consistent with what happens to her in her next: she heads east in Pennsylvania, from the Jim Thorpe home of Corenthal’s relatives William and Rose to the historic Logan Inn. He witnesses her death by the Rake at Lambertville High School and, upon waking up, contacts the inn and confirms that she was never there. Here he wants to believe it was only a dream, but Noah Release 1 shows that he learns of her departure and the reason behind it a month later.

Rebus (UF) writes:

So, back in February when we were wondering what the hell had happened to Alex, I decided to email him asking if he was still alive. Don't ask me why, but I emailed him in binary because hey, it's Slendy, and who bothers with plain English any more and I thought it would be a more noticeable email that might get a response. Well, since Alex was confirmed dead I didn't think any more of it, until this morning when I got a reply…

I swear on whatever you hold dear that this is not fake, I just thought I should obviously share it as it seems very strange. My first thought is that his account has been hacked by someone else. Has anyone else received an email from his account?

In my initial email I asked "If you are alive, please respond." This reply reads "I will always be here, but not really here"

If you still don't believe me, you can give me your email address, and I will forward the email to you, then you can confirm with everyone else that it's not fake.



June 2012

noobhunter118 aka IRuleHyRule118 (UF) writes:

Got an email from Habit today. "I NEED A PHONE NUMBER." I'm expecting a call in the future.

Throughout June 2012, each of the rabbits specified as the “+7” from HABIT’s Twitter image receives the “Extra Innings” prizes he promised: a scrap of cloth and card with their rabbit number and a piece of the same 1980 ink ribbon that TheGreenFeathers discovered.
The young Stephanie’s emergency was apparently caused by an overdose, and she grew distant from her family after her recovery. Evan, presumably HABIT, implies that it was not an accident when responding to Corenthal about it.

July 2012

  • The property: “Take a look around. This is my Eden. My little heaven in this hell. This hell that you call life, Vinny. Beautiful, isn’t it? I can’t even tell you how I created it. I carved away at it. It’s taken me years. I think it was more from the wanting it than from the working it, but it’s here. And God bless, so are you. It’s good to see you, but it’s dangerous. This place… this is like an inner sanctum to the monsters’ sanctuary. These monsters? These things? They can get in. They’ve gotten in before. I’ve kicked them out. It’s hard to go and it takes a lot, but I’ve kicked them out. This time I know they’ll be coming full force, cause they're after you, son. They want you, so you’re not going to be able to stay here very long. This is very, very temporary for you. So when you start feeling a little bit better, I’m going to have to get you out of here. And don’t worry… your sister, your brother, and me? We’ll hold down the fort. There’s one thing you gotta know, son. This is important; no matter where you go, remember this. I'm pretty s- I know in the deepest of my hearts, they cannot beat us. I’m still here. You're still here. We’re kicking and screaming, so just remember that when you go. I’ll tell you, when they come for me? They don’t have to make an appointment, cause the doctor? He’s in. Let’s go. Vinny, son, you listen to me. You meet these things? Do not trust them. Do not try to kill them. Better yet, duck your head and run the other way. You understand me, son?”
  • Vince returns to Baldpate Mountain and enters the overgrown abandoned house shown in “A Day in the Life”; it has sustained burns and his flashlight fails within it. Once his hand finds a light switch in the dark, he finds himself in an impossible amalgam of his bathroom and Jeff’s pantry. The other door from his bathroom leads him to Jeff’s living room, where he hears Alex calling his name upon picking up the air horn. He follows the sound upstairs, where doors to the outside are locked and one leads him to a different bathroom that becomes his own again after a heavy burst of distortion accompanied by sounds of children crying. Vince encounters the Slender Man in Evan’s upstairs and wakes up in his basement, where he finds one of Steph’s paintings. He enters a darkened room from her apartment where a computer screen plays the first EverymanHYBRID video, only intercut with drowning footage. Vince finds documents on the floor of Evan’s basement and sees his group of four, himself included, outside of time in greyscale. The Slender Man appears upstairs again, but Vince is saved by a man who slams the door on it: Corenthal. He sends Vince to a forested area he describes as a temporary safe haven within the other plane Vince had entered in the beginning of the video, advising him to fight the monsters’ influence by avoiding them. Corenthal shoots at the Slender Man in Evan’s basement and they finally escape the loop of the “monsters’ sanctuary” upon returning to Baldpate. Corenthal wishes Vince luck and leaves in a flash of light.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 29, 2012. Steph’s painting of a jester was previously shown in her first video with purple tape over the figure’s mouth. The distortion surrounding the Slender Man is red but the distortion surrounding Corenthal is purple. His statement about Vince’s “brother and sister” implies that others are in the “inner sanctum” with him. The description reads:

I went to follow up on the lead that Jeff found hoping to find something. Now I almost wish I hadn't.

All I have is this letter to show for it: [Lady of the Light.pdf]


Lady of the Light.pdf, the document Vince recovered from the other plane, is a letter from Maryann Corenthal to her husband. Not believing him responsible for the massacre at the Lambertville eatery in 2005, she examined the items police returned from his car after his frantic call to her during his arrest. She has decided to follow unspecified instructions he left for her in the event of his disappearance and placed the letter in the abandoned house in case it could reach him on the other plane.

October 2012

  • MOVING IN: “Keep that camera on us. Don’t look at the corners, don’t look at the door like you’re doing now, don’t look at the –fucking pay attention! …you things give me the fucking creeps, I hate you so much…”
  • HABIT walks through an unknown house with Evan as a vessel, trailed by a silent and unseen camera operator. He instructs them not to touch or look at the weapons he has laid out on a table and to install a floodlight in the darkened basement. He says it is where he will “carve up” the captive Jeff once he has gotten rid of the “squatters” currently inside.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 9, 2012. The table holds knives, an axe, handcuffs, and a roll of purple duct tape. The description reads:



  • :D: “And in that moment, I’ll be there. To piss in your wounds, and to burn you alive. You think you’re untouchable? Not even God can hide from me.”
  • HABIT enters the basement as he orchestrated, with Jeff tied to a chair and the camera operator focused on HABIT’s every move. He mockingly praises Jeff’s resourceful nature, claiming that it is why Jeff needs to die. Like Steph and Corenthal, his innate resistance to the Slender Man (or “Stick-In-The-Mud”, as HABIT calls it) prevents it from entirely controlling him. Jeff asks why HABIT waited for this, to which he responds that the deaths of Jeff’s friends were the monsters’ attempts to break his resolve; HABIT continues that it is his turn to break Jeff even further. HABIT taunts Jeff with the hat from Alex that he has made Jeff wear and reminds him that his response of “fuck you” means nothing to him after torturing countless people throughout history who have said the same thing. Clips interspersed throughout the video show him torturing Jeff by mutilation in the same room.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 9, 2012. The video opens with greyscale footage of Jeff and Evan from 2010, which never appeared in any of the videos. Jeff asks who the camera operator is before HABIT describes it as a “what” he does not entirely understand, which implies that it is human at least in appearance. The music in the torture scenes is a distorted version of the EverymanHYBRID opening theme from the first videos. The description reads:



EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Jeff's gone, Evan's beyond help, and I don't know where Steph is. Probably my last Halloween. [V]

December 2012

  • Next: “[BEGIN FINAL ACT]”
  • Knowing that he is “next”, Vince reluctantly shares a video sent to him by “Evan” –really HABIT, who has edited this spectacle of violence with laugh tracks. He invites Daniel to his new house, which is surrounded by several unknown people; he kills some of them and tells the recently arrived Daniel that they are after him. Once Daniel sees the bodies, HABIT calls them the Slender Man’s “dogs”: they are humans in a sort of fugue state from the Slender Man’s influence, the “cameraman” included. HABIT continues his sarcastic imitation of Evan long enough to strangle Daniel to death, and other scenes of the video reveal what he has done to the other friends. One shows Steph lying in the foreground of the room and HABIT holding her and Evan’s child in the back; he is presumably looking into a mirror and referring to Evan when he tells someone in the second person that he will not let them die until “she” breaks. In another, he pours gasoline onto the crawling Jeff in the woods with the stated intention of burning him alive and tells the Slender Man “he’s all yours”.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 25, 2012. The song in the beginning and end of HABIT’s video is “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra. Purple distortion accompanies him throughout the video. In the beginning, he attacks someone on the stairs of his house who appears to be Alex. The words quoted above appear above more previously-unseen greyscale footage of the boys from 2010. The description reads:

They're all gone. Everyone except for you guys. I'm not going to stop. And if I go next, just don't forget us. [V]

February 2013

  • WAKE UP1: “All the life is gone. No more light. No more – no more thinking. No more remembering.”
  • Evan, no longer possessed by HABIT, wakes up with the camera left for him. He finds doors to the outside locked and does not recognize the town outside; upon exploring further, he eventually starts to remember what HABIT made him do in each room and experiences an intense mental breakdown. After the worst of it passes, he has his bloodstained jacket wrapped around him and recalls what happened. He confirms the deaths of Jeff, Steph, his baby daughter, and the house’s former residents –having witnessed each firsthand. Evan intends to kill himself the following day by seeking out the Rake, possibly killing it in the process.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 23, 2013. Evan’s descriptions of his memories imply that HABIT killed Jeff by fire, Steph by mutilation, and the baby by cannibalism. Scenes of HABIT wandering through different parts of the house with a knife play onscreen as Evan reaches them. The description reads:


  • Isolation: “Is that you, you skittering little fuck? Huh? Here I am. Ready as ever.”
  • Vince wanders around his house in fear of a noise he heard, encountering the Slender Man out the window as the lights flicker off. He finds a hard drive with one video file on it once they return. In the video, Evan finally finds the doors unlocked for him and drives off. The car stereo keeps turning on against his will while driving to the woods. One of HABIT’s “cameramen” follows Evan there as he prepares his knives to fight the Rake, whose growl can be heard from off-camera.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 26, 2013. The song on the car stereo is “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra. The description reads:

They're all gone. [V]

March 2013

  • l'esprit de l'escalier: “He’s been standing there… two hours now. He’s got a fucking hat on his head. And… I dunno, he keeps ringing and he keeps knocking, and I’ve ignored him. I even called the cops, but, I got a… ‘Your call cannot be completed as dialed’. How the fuck does 911 not go through as dialed; are you serious? Alright, so… I took matters into my own hands and… I don’t know if you can see this at all, but I’ve got a wrench. And… I’m just gonna do what I have to do, I guess. I’m gonna open the door.”
  • Evan shows up at Vince’s door wearing his bloodstained jacket, HABIT’s Hawaiian shirt, and a hat of the Pokémon Haunter. Vince confronts him about the video from “Next” and he starts laughing bitterly and ranting about the pain of what he has done. He says that HABIT dressed him in those clothes and reveals that he decapitated the Rake but its body kept moving long enough to eviscerate him; somehow, he immediately recovered without scars. Evan is distressed with the knowledge that the monsters will not let him die and Vince, realizing that Evan is himself again, reminds him that the monsters will not give up on any of them.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 6, 2013. The title is French for “spirit of the staircase” or “staircase wit”, an expression for thinking of the right response too late.2 HABIT has also worn a shirt of Haunter in previous videos. Evan apparently underwent the same impossible resurrection from death as Vince had in “Consensus”; he also mutters that the Rake “kept talking” after decapitation.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Three years.

  • March 21st: “I’ve had a pretty crazy idea last couple of days, and I kind of want your feedback on it. Um… I mean, we're not really getting anywhere, we’re not learning anything, and we feel we’re just sitting ducks at this point. I know it sounds crazy, but I think we should try to summon the thing that… takes over Evan. I mean, he at least talks; it’s better than nothing, right? I don’t know; what do you guys think? Am I nuts?”
  • Vince makes this announcement in his basement a week after Evan’s arrival.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 20, 2013. The beginning of the video, presumably an addition by HABIT, contains a rapid series of clips from the channel’s videos in chronological order; it is in greyscale except for the color blue, which has been present in other greyscale scenes of earlier videos. The description reads:

It's been three years, tonight. I just need someone to tell me I'm doing the right thing. [V]

June 2013

  • DEUS EX MACHINA: This Tribe Twelve video comes from Firebrand3, a future version of Noah Maxwell who has become a “rogue god” after joining and defecting from the Collective and has been guiding Noah in the present. Firebrand attributes his escape from servitude to the assistance of “a loathsome entity with mutual interests”: HABIT.

July 2013

  • A proposal: “I think I may have found exactly what I was looking for when I went to the bookstore. I found a book which, first of all, I thought was weird; the only reason I picked it up was because some jackass employee sent me down to the wrong aisle. And then, in the middle of the aisle, I find an old book in a new bookstore. So I thought that was weird. I picked it up and I’m leafing through pages, and right here on page 188, I see something called ‘Specific Entity Summoning’. Which basically tells me how to summon a specific entity; how to take it out of just wherever it is and bring it to you. Which I thought was crazy. But there’s also some other things in here that are crossed out and someone has written in different instructions, which… I don't even know what to make of that. But we have something. We have something! …we have something.”
  • Vince makes another update from his basement.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 26, 2013.
  • A summoning: “You came and knocked on my door, Vinny. You called me. I don’t understand how you didn’t see death as the only solution, or the only outcome.”
  • In Vince’s basement again, he has Evan to stand in a pose for an hour and seven minutes with makeshift “traditional garb” as per the book’s instructions. Vince suddenly wakes up to distant music inside HABIT’s ill-gotten house and follows it through the dark to a room where HABIT, in control of Evan again, is waiting for him. He mocks Vince for following the instructions he planted and expecting him to provide answers, but ceases his nonchalant threats of violence when he sees that Vince is not showing any fear. Instead, he vaguely promises to keep Vince alive and “show [him] some things” and leaves Vince in the house as he goes outside to enact more chaos. He also says that they “might have guests”.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 27, 2013. The song HABIT plays is “Baby Götterdämmerung” by Monster Magnet. During the summoning ritual, Evan gives Vince a knife he still has so that HABIT cannot use it; at the end, HABIT recommends that Vince keep it. At some points, HABIT’s voice has a low reverberating undertone and his presence is accompanied by intense purple distortion and skipping audio. He briefly notes a strip of photos of Lexi when saying that Vince has otherwise “suffered the least” out of the group.

August 2013

  • Obituary: Noah spends the first minute of this Tribe Twelve video discussing Firebrand’s last message to him, having seen the EverymanHYBRID videos of Evan killing Jeff and, he presumes, torturing Vince. He has some awareness that it is actually HABIT possessing Evan and is appalled that Firebrand would cooperate with him for any reason. Three hidden frames of HABIT appear while Noah talks about this, the last of which shows him at the end of a bridge.

October 2013

  • Lexi: “Told him to leave me alone, he never answers. He followed me through the entire park. Always wearing a black suit, nobody notices. Saw him again today, watching me in cafe. Found a camera.”
  • HABIT leads Vince to Lexi’s apartment and has him dig through her pillowcase for notes revealing that she had been stalked by the Slender Man prior to her death and found a surveillance camera (which HABIT will neither confirm nor deny that he left). HABIT tells Vince that her death was not Vince’s fault because his inadvertent role in leading the monster to her was less important than his attempts to protect her from it. Instead, HABIT’s lesson to Vince is that “people on the outside” like her and Jessa are disposable while “people on the inside” like him must accept that because they have a larger role to play. More specifically, he claims that Vince is “the Guardian” mentioned in the fifth hidden box.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 31, 2013. The video contains new and old footage of events and conversations concerning Lexi, presumably added by Vince because it never disrupts the video as HABIT’s additions do. HABIT mocks Vince’s “Freudian slip” of saying “you” instead of “Evan”. The description reads:

Working backwards.

December 2013

Tribe Twelve tweets:

you will soon be gifted valuable information from our mutual acquaintance as per our agreement. be wary, he's a dangerous one. ~ F

Just got a strange unmarked envelope in the mail, but it's obvious who it's from. I don't want to open it, but I have to.

im back. not sure what just happened to me or where ive been. the footage will explain. theres a lot. posting some tonight. passing out now.

Slept most of the day. Woke up thinking what happened was just a nightmare, but the footage was there. Uploading the first part of it now.

Severance: Noah Maxwell receives a blank envelope in the mail, sealed with purple tape and a Haunter sprite. The mocking letter from HABIT promises help against “Stick-In-The-Mud” and a face-to-face meeting, which Noah promptly receives as he is warped from his house in Florida to HABIT’s in New Jersey. HABIT, again accompanied by heavy purple distortion and occasional reverberation in his voice, has the wary and indignant Noah sit at his table. He claims that Noah can gain immunity to the Slender Man by obtaining a Nazi journal that the Collective want from him, and that he can somehow “sever ties” with the Slender Man using an eye symbol associated with the Collective. Noah is clearly shaken at the end of this talk and watches HABIT open the bathroom door where an unidentified man (apparently Michael Andersen) is bleeding from the hip and coughing. HABIT kicks Noah out, leaving him in the darkened streets with no idea of where he is –of course, Noah’s tweets in the present confirm his return that same night.

February 2014

  • Bridge to Nowhere: Noah uploads the rest of his footage from December –although in the video, he soon learns from his phone that he has been displaced into September. After learning that he is in New Jersey, Noah experiences intense spatial distortion in the streets around him and resounding ambient noise as Firebrand instructs him via text message to find a bridge. HABIT appears for split seconds every step of the way and, once at the bridge, Noah encounters Jeff. He cannot explain how he is “alive”, but tells Noah that suicide is the only escape from the monsters and echoes Corenthal’s advice not to trust them. He runs off and Noah encounters HABIT at the end of the bridge, as was shown in the hidden frames from Obituary. He refers to the warped landscape as “his own house” and expresses some genuine anger when denouncing Jeff’s suggestion that Noah kill himself to escape; he says that he will go back to hunting Jeff “and a couple of others” later. He also says that Noah will eventually heed HABIT’s advice of his own volition and, with a kick, sends him back home and into the present.

March 2014

  • Amuse-Bouche: “How do I know your name? How did you end up in this house? What’s your favorite color? Mark, does it really matter? Get out from underneath those covers; it doesn’t protect you from monsters. Well, you’d like it to… wouldn’t that make this a whole lot easier? Wouldn’t you be a lot safer?”
  • Vince meets a player named Mark, who is afraid to have suddenly arrived in a bedroom of HABIT’s house without warning and feels betrayed by Vince. Vince says he is filming on HABIT’s request but can help Mark escape. HABIT enters and has Vince empty his pockets of the playing cards from the fifth hidden box, which Mark was apparently the one to discover. HABIT mocks his belief that finding and analyzing the box’s contents would have helped Vince and then starts to choke him. He bids a distraught Vince to “keep filming and shut the fuck up”, calling this attack the conclusion to how Mark “walked into the maw of a monster”.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 13, 2014. The title is French for “mouth amuser”, meaning hors d'oeuvre. Coincidentally(?), Lookbehindyou (UF) documented his discovery of the box with several asides about how he and his friend started the trip with suspicions that they might not be alone once there. The description reads:


  • Vince, unfamiliar with where he has woken up, finds Evan sitting in the hallway and repeatedly counting to five. He realizes that Evan is himself again and they hug. Evan gives Vince a letter HABIT left on him: apparently, HABIT knocked Vince unconscious before this video and now wants him to read some writing he left on Evan’s back. It asks Vince to recall his grandfather’s nickname, and he cannot do it. He and Evan soon realize that neither of them can remember their families’ names or faces, only remembering that they should have existed. While Evan panics with the idea that HABIT has taken this away from them, Vince has an epiphany and asks Evan to describe both of their houses. He mixes up whose house is whose with certainty in his perception, and Vince tells him that the amalgam from “The Property” was really one house all along; their individual houses have always been part of the same one. He reasons that they are fiction, living manipulated and predetermined lives in a reality whose limits and internal contradictions have now been made clear.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 13, 2014. The French title refers to the “prime course” of a meal. The video opens with a chronologically unplaced conversation between Jeff and Evan at Baldpate where Jeff has to ask when police stations are open because one he visited was somehow closed; when the scene returns at the end of the video, he has to ask about the color of Jessa’s hair. Videos uploaded after this one will precede it in chronological order up to a point.

April 2014

  • BROTHERLY LOVE: This video from the Andersen Journals continues Michael and Shaun Andersen’s search for the hands of a grandfather clock that is directly tied to the Slender Man’s presence in their lives. While the content of this video is unrelated to EverymanHYBRID, the title and description indicate that it was uploaded by HABIT.


  • Three's company: “Just follow me into this… there are things in this world; they fit in, they blend in, they look like ordinary objects, but they’re not from here. For example, the clock and the hands. They put up some sort of fence around him, like protection; you know, when you get for… but if the object isn’t whole, like the hands and the clock… it leaves him vulnerable.”
  • Sometime between “Amuse-Bouche” and “Le premier cours”, Vince crushes a bottle of pills and boils them in a teapot in HABIT’s house. He is filmed from the stairs by one of HABIT’s “cameramen”, whose presence disgusts him. Shaun Andersen arrives at the door with his camera, having found a note in his locked car promising to end his plight. Vince only refers to HABIT as a “partner” of his as he shares the drugged tea with Shaun in a discussion about how they might fight the Slender Man. Before they fall unconscious, Vince swears he is not a bad person.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 6, 2014. The “cameraman” makes choking sounds when Vince asks if it can talk. The description reads:

We might have guests.

  • HELLO: Footage of the previous video’s event as recorded by Shaun’s camera. The description reads:


May 2014

  • GOODBYE: Another HABIT-uploaded video on the Andersen Journals channel. HABIT has Shaun handcuffed on the floor of his attic while Vince reluctantly stands in the doorway, purporting that they only mean to ask questions. As HABIT tries to break Shaun with incriminating claims about his brother, the angle switches to footage from Vince’s camera. HABIT gives Shaun information he needs about the clock hands, but starts killing him once he sends Vince out of the room. Incidentally, he also reveals that after the Slender Man killed Shaun’s girlfriend Stormy, her body turning up in his car was HABIT’s doing. The description reads:

Come. Get. Him.

  • Breaking the Lease: “Well, there’s a reason to kill each of them. One was bait, one was a lesson for you; as I said before, there’s gonna be a lot of bodies and you’re gonna have to get used to it.”
  • Vince keeps his camera running around the house to keep himself sane and HABIT starts filming this “weird” behavior with Shaun’s camera. At the front door, Vince says he would rather die than assist in any more of HABIT’s murders. The doors are locked when he attempts to leave; HABIT psychically unlocks them but then knocks Vince unconscious. One of the “cameramen” drags Vince’s body out for him and HABIT again expresses genuine anger at the notion of death as an escape.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 14, 2014. The events of “Le Premier cours” proceed from this video.

October 2014

  • Blue room: “If anybody ever sees this… never mind. Just keep… just keep surviving. You know? No matter what happens, you just gotta keep going. Sometimes you gotta do stuff that you don’t agree with. But that’s the price you pay. But you gotta remember, sometimes the price is too deep. And you just can't live with yourself. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry to everyone that I’ve hurt. To everyone that has died around me or because of me. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in four hours, thirteen minutes and fifty-five seconds, but I hope it kills me.”
  • Vince wakes up with his camera in Jeff’s locked bedroom, where there is a screen counting down from 24 hours and a note from HABIT telling him to throw out trash from the snacks he has left. As the hours pass, Vince reflects on whether it all could have been avoided. In the trash, he finds another note from HABIT (“FIND MY FRIEND AND WE CAN HELP YOU”) around the ammo clip of a handgun; Vince’s subsequent rummaging leads him to a flash drive and some kind of rusted blue box with a red button. He finds the rest of the gun in a drawer and spends the remaining hours waiting with it and thanking the viewers for their help. At the end of the countdown, the door opens.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 19, 2014. Black-and-white clips of the boys’ introductions from the early videos play over the above monologue. Vince questions whether his memory of .22 caliber shooting with his uncle and cousin even happened, which places this video and each one following after “Le Premier cours”.

January 2015

  • christmas.: “You have to stop. You have to stop watching. I don’t know much, but the order is two, one, three. Okay. And, um… I don’t know all the keywords, but I know of at least dark, home, and Vin. Tell them to stop. And for your own sakes, stop watching.”
  • Sometime after the unspecified outcome of the last video’s countdown, Vince is in an apartment with Evan and apparently safe. Vince, who again has a working laptop, questions why he continues. Evan questions just how separate he is from HABIT but Vince reassures him, also feeling like he has become a monster. They notice that the room has power and go to play video games, wishing each other a Merry Christmas. After a minute of nothing onscreen, Vince addresses viewers in a visually distorted clip with syllables omitted from his speech. We have to stop.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 6, 2015. A QR code shown at the end of Vince’s message leads to canyouseethewords.info, a mirror of Steph’s blog whose only change is a new title: “Stop Watching”. The description reads:

I am still sorting through all the footage but wanted to let you know I am alright and with Evan for the time being. Good news is I think I have control of the channel again. I'll share what I have soon.


CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts View Source Queue Blog: a post apparently written by Stephanie prior to her death. Here she expresses hope for the future in spite of surrounding darkness, referring to her “de facto family” of the boys and the child then unborn to Evan and herself. Italicized letters scattered throughout spell “phonemic restoration”: an auditory phenomenon in which the brain hallucinates correct syllables in speech where they have been omitted.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:


Through phonemic restoration, syncing this audio file of white noise bursts to Vince’s last message reveals the missing syllables, as shown here.

July 2015

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts July 2: HABIT creates a “list” mostly composed of authors’ names and numbers, purportedly to help Vince find “entertainment” left in the apartment he has been in for seven months.

RandomGuy26 (UF) writes:

Talking to Vinny

It's been a while since I've visited these threads, but this is kind of important.

With the latest "list" HABIT told us to give Vinny, he told us to find a way to contact him and included "CallH1m" in the post's tags. This told us that we were looking for a phone number.

You can still find the number, though I'm not sure if I should give it away since it might bother him if a bunch of people start calling. Please use discretion if you do decide to call.

Anyway, I called the number to see if it was real and sure enough Vinny picked up on the other end, sounding tired and distressed. He said he's still been locked up for the last 7 months, and that HABIT left the cell phone in the room and he found it when he woke up. He said he hasn't seen Evan and also asked if I heard HABIT's voice. He asked if there was a way out, and I said I didn't know but HABIT really wanted him to see the list. He said he'd take a look around the apartment and call me if he needed more help.

He also wanted me to tell you all that he really appreciates everyone for trying to help him. That was important to him.

If he calls back or something, is there anything you think I should tell him or ask him about?

August 2015

  • Apt 3130: “I’ve been in this apartment since that night at Jeff’s house. I must have passed out or something at some point. And woke up in a field, with snow everywhere, near an apartment complex—this apartment complex, actually. I had a set of keys in my hands—with what looked like an apartment number on it, and it turned out to be this apartment… and then was immediately chased inside by three people in hoods. Evan shows up at the back door a few minutes later. He crashes for a couple weeks, and then disappears for months. I can’t leave. I can’t get out; no one can hear me. Can’t make phone calls. Internet use is limited. Can’t open the doors and windows. Same stuff.”
  • The video starts with Vince entering the apartment, three hooded figures outside. Vince has reported the date on-camera in the span of seven months prior to HABIT’s list; Evan disappeared in January, and in June he has had to worry about the Slender Man’s appearance outside. In clips from a few different days, he provides the above explanation of what happened to him since the countdown without elaborating on how it started.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 23, 2015. The description reads:

I am finally able to reach out. The internet in the apartment seems to be unblocked. Still unable to edit the footage from that night at Jeff's but working on it tonight.

  • Part II: “Sounds like a similar situation, huh. Can’t help but feel like we’re to blame.”
  • Vince notes that someone must be going in and out of the apartment, since the food has been restocked and he has a new haircut and nose piercing. He is unable to upload the video from the “Blue room” flash drive and instead films it: it is Alex recording two videos for his channel from back when he doubted Jeff. In the last one, he describes the same issues in uploading new videos as Vince now experiences.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 24, 2015. There is a hidden frame of Jeff’s jacket and a bottle of pills spilled on the floor and intrusive footage of Vince watching the Slender Man outside the apartment. In the very last scene, it is inside. The description reads:

as promised.

  • Part 3: “I figured out what he wanted me to find. Doesn’t matter. Not bringing anybody else into this.”
  • In August, Vince’s apartment has started to malfunction: food and furniture disappear and the air conditioning and plumbing fail. Overlaid footage shows Vince sifting through a pile of books as HABIT’s message instructed and holding an envelope with mirrored writing on it: the decoded message from HABIT’s puzzle. Vince says he wants to stop this game from progressing any further.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 29, 2015. The envelope reads “Rabbits 82 and 41 can you sacrifice yourself to The Words?” House of Leaves’ spine can be seen among the pile of books.

December 2015

kirokokori (UF) writes:

*dusts off unforum account*

Hi, I'm rabbit 41. What's this about me?

RandomGuy26 (UF) responds:

Hey! Nice to see you again.

The thing is, we're not entirely sure. All we have right now if a message from Habit in the latest video that says "Rabbits 82 and 41 can you sacrifice yourself to The Words?" We don't know what that means or if there's even anything we can do right now.

If anything, you could try emailing the old seventrialsofhabit account or even the EMH main account and see if you get anything back.

kirokokori (UF) writes:

Sure, I can try emailing HABIT. I'll catch up to EMH today and then do that.


Sent HABIT an email. I'll post again if he replies, aha.

October 2016

  • two thousand three hundred ninety-five: “Any creature could walk into the throne of a god, because they don’t exist. Your people leave that meaning up to such interpretation. Any faceless thing could take the form of a god. Look, the dog, the HABIT, and the faceless one, we all run in our circles, alright? We come to our impasses, just as humans do.”
  • Much of this video’s audio is a conversation between Vince and HABIT played over scenes from the woods –after Vince somehow escaped his two-year imprisonment in the apartment, HABIT tailed him in the woods with a gun and tied him down. Vince rants that he is done with HABIT’s games and does not fear him, so HABIT brings up the possibility of stopping the Slender Man –saying that Vince is the key, as is the North Star for some reason (“your people, for centuries, what did they look towards for guidance?”) HABIT finally gets to Vince by proposing his next punishment: “show them”. The screen in Vince’s basement shows the outcome of “Blue room”: he finds his basement on the other side of the door and, after ranting about how unbearable his life has become, shoots himself in the head with a gun HABIT has left on the table (“NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SCREAM AND SHOUT/THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE WAY OUT”).
    • Minutiae: Posted October 10, 2016. Objects HABIT has placed in the woods include two chairs, a clock, and a mirror; neither it nor the forest footage show Vince’s face or HABIT. Another scene from the same day (based on Vince’s clothes) shows him forcibly warped to his basement where the lights flicker out and crude twine dolls hang from the ceiling (“HABIT didn’t do this”) –a shot of Jeff’s face corresponds with him touching one. Surveillance footage and Slender Man appearances play into this sequence, which ends with Vince exiting a door with a knife. Yet another scene shows Vince’s body in the snow with a puddle of blood by his head, after which point his resurrection and apartment stay presumably occur. The description references the number of days since EverymanHYBRID began:


December 2016

  • Tradition.: “HABIT keeps stopping by and, uh, told me to be ready. He keeps running around, saying ‘new year, new me’… so that’s his mantra, I guess. He also keeps giving and taking away access to the internet but from what I’ve seen… something’s happening out there, too. I know some of you are getting things in the mail. I would advise against you helping, but if you’re gonna absolutely help, please, please be safe.”
  • Vince updates on Christmas Eve at HABIT’s insistence. He says that he cannot explain his survival of suicide nor readily remember it, and that HABIT has hinted at new developments. Vince says that he can now see the Morse code videos for the first time.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 25, 2016. Clips from “A Vinny / HYBRID Christmas” and “christmas.” play when Vince calls the Christmas updates “tradition”.

April 2017

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts April 16: “82 and 41, contact here.”

On April 20, 2017, shutupshea on Tumblr (Rabbit #41) receives the DRKWND Disk in the mail. The floppy disk has “DRKWND” written on the front and “davidsonlawnj.info” on the back. It contains a password-protected zip file, “DRKWND.7z”.

June 2017

On June 4, 2017, Alexgweeneyo (Reddit) unzips the DRKWND Disk file with the password “home213” (based on “christmas.”). Once converted to “.txt”, its files reveal microfilm transcripts between 1998 and 2005 about how a psychic, Elizabeth (last name redacted), solved missing persons cases. One states that Dr. Corenthal was implicated in arson on her business as well as “at least three dozen open cases spanning 25 states” –and that, as his legal representative, William Davidson requested that local media call for Corenthal’s cooperation due to his being on the run.

November 2017

On October 11, 2017, TheSharpOne (Reddit/Discord) receives a letter after contacting the P.O. Box; on November 13, 2017, the William Davidson Package. Davidson writes that Corenthal is nowhere to be found in 2017, and calls Vine “a medium that's here to stay” (Vine shut down in 2016). The package contains materials tied to various locations: Dunraven (Margaretville, NY), a rose garden (Princeton, NJ), “Finger Lakes Land” (NY), and Schuylkill County (PA). Enclosed notes read “AR- Watch the news tonight. Listen for the name "Elizabeth"… she is going to help us. JC”, “Al, DO NOT MAIL”, and “VISITOR”. An undated letter has Corenthal telling Adam Roberts to receive “financial reimbursement” for helping him and to destroy the letter; laying low, Corenthal feels “like a caged rat, Adam. Everyone is suspicious of me. […] We are only working to save these children, damn it. Why won’t they see that?” In a printed e-mail, Davidson asks Corenthal about his criminal charges, lack of contact, and involvement of Elizabeth.

February 2018

On February 21, 2018, TheSharpOne (Reddit/Discord) receives the Princeton Tapes unprompted; the package contained unraveled cassette tapes, moss, a paper (“[transcribed by your voyeur]”), a USB drive with text and audio files of the Princeton Tapes.
The Princeton Tapes come from an adult iteration of Vince in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has substance dependence and mental health issues related to long-term Slender Man influence, but enjoys life in Princeton with Evan and Jeff (although they lose contact rather soon). After Vince’s first encounter with the Rake, it reveals that it does not kill him due to “an agreement” with the Slender Man. Vince investigates his Fairmount iteration but apparently dies on tape, with Slender Man-related symptoms; Jeff’s opening text file states a need “for us to help Vinny now”, however.

March 2018

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I had forgotten the damn thing. A notification set eight years ago, asking if we were famous yet. Almost mocking me. I fucking miss them. What good are answers if I'm the only one left.





I almost hate sharing it, its content is giving me a migraine, but I think it's important. The closest I've come in years to anything concrete. [V] [link to the Princeton Tapes]

Don't forget us. [V] #eightyearsofEMH [link to the EverymanHYBRID YouTube channel]

April 2018

  • Sleeping dogs lie.: “When you fail, when you die, I want them to see it, crystal clear. Remember, Vinny! No protection! No direction!”
  • Vince plays the Princeton Tapes video on his computer and remarks that the tapes promise answers about the Fairmount iterations. He tries to leave HABIT behind, but finds the doors locked. Vince tells HABIT that he reneges on their “deal” in order to find answers for them both, but HABIT momentarily pins him to the wall in anger and reminds him that HABIT only intends to use him. Saying “if you’re not gonna be useful to me, then you’re at least gonna be entertaining”, HABIT lets Vince leave with the black box device, another camera, and a key.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 13, 2018. This video alternates between the two cameras. The 1995 criminal trial of O. J. Simpson plays on HABIT’s TV. Vince and HABIT have not seen the Slender Man “in months” because their apartment guards against it; based on how he smells the grass, Vince has not been outside in months either.
  • The drive west.: “I should have never come to this place… oh God… oh God… somebody! Somebody, somebody now! Somebody, God, please! God help me! Bye, everybody. Why can nobody forgive me… they never returned. There’s no return. I should not have ever come.”
  • In his car, Vince tells players that we should not have gotten anyone new involved (via the Princeton Tapes video) although he appreciates the lead. He now drives to Ohio in search of Fairmount. On one rural road, Vince notes activity from the black box device and encounters Jeff, who asks Vince to hike with him and Alex as if nothing had changed since 2010. Panicked, Vince drives off and tries to repress this (“someone’s trying to throw me off-course”); he tries to rest after reaching Ohio, but the device sounds again and he warps to a grassy field. Jeff appears in surrounding woods, saying that Alex has been hurt and needs their help; when Vince refuses him again, Jeff shouts “you could have fucking saved us!” Vince runs past a double of himself (as unused “Day in the Life” clips cut into the heavily distorted video) and warps to the beach at night. He avoids Jeff again, flees from the Slender Man sirens forewarned by the device, warps back to Ohio, and returns to his car (“Hey, HABIT? Looks like we made it”). The above-quoted audio then plays, heavily distorted, over a scene of HABIT’s room.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 24, 2018. The songs in this video are “Back Against the Wall” by Cage the Elephant and “Jailbreak” by AWOLNATION. Vince drives past Hoagie Haven, saying “I haven’t thought of that place in years”. He acknowledges the immense guilt he represses, apologizing to Shaun and everyone the HYBRIDs have involved. Vince’s backpack has purple duct tape on it. In addition to the Slender Man sirens, the high-quality camera displays distortion similar to that of the earlier cameras. The description reads:

Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!

June 2018

  • Finding Fairmount.: “I’m sorry I’m shaking… this is, uh… this is one of those things where you feel like, you know, when your favorite shopping mall closes down and you look at the abandoned building, and all the memories are there but it’s not the same? That’s… I’ve never been here, but it feels like home.”
  • Vince explores abandoned Fairmount, playing the “Finding Fairmount” Princeton Tape. The tape diverges from Vince’s death, baffling Vince’s current iteration; the recorder goes off on its own throughout his exploration with alternate Princeton Tapes about Dr. Peters menacing Vince demonically. These coincide with Vince’s encounters with the twine dolls, Jeff and Evan, and the Slender Man; while evading the Slender Man, he finds a Fairmount map in a lockbox the recording mentions. By a wall reading “JUST LIKE ALL THOSE TIMES BEFORE”, Vince sees Jeff, Evan, and himself. The map’s symbols lead Vince to a basement with a new four-arrow symbol he calls “the North Star”. The final alternate Princeton Tape (heard in the last video) plays; this and three drawings (Peters, Slender Man, North Star) let Vince know his past iteration died there. He takes the papers and vows not to die.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 5, 2018. The video opens with disparate EverymanHYBRID clips about abandoned buildings, the black box device, Corenthal, and the Fairmount Children’s Home. Later intrusive clips have someone following Vince. The Slender Man drawing reads “I know he’s here I know he’s watching/I keep thinking of the North Star” and the Peters drawing reads “How can he see me? He has no eyes. Sometimes I can hear him coming for me/Can’t live after losing that much blood/He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t stop. This can’t be real. None of this can be real. I find myself going over prayers in my head. I don’t want to die.” The description reads:

Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!

October 2018

  • Half-acre of ash: “Are you for me? He sent you for me? Yeah? Sent you to look through the eyes? You know, he thinks those are eyes. All that power, and no context. Eyes. For witnesses. For unwitting conspirators. Unknowing accomplices. Do they matter? Just sitting there, they’re watching; they’re witnessing, but they’ll be dust. And I’ll be here, in this place. More of them growing, evolving, changing, living. Just more of them. And then I get to hunt them, and eat them, cut them, and burn them. But it’s the same, you know? It’s the same. It’s the same. But they’re not. I’ve watched civilizations rise and fall. I’ve watched technology advance. I’ve watched a lot. Wood chippers, airplanes, and bicycles. This body was, and has changed; it has grown difficult. It has grown… unstoppable. Unstoppable. I’ve left them alone. In the dark. In nothing. And they found a father. They found something. They changed, adapted, evolved. Unstoppable. I think it’s my turn to change, don’t you? You wouldn’t know, would you? You’re empty. Empty. Unstoppable. I’ll get what I want. And it’ll change. It’ll change. Maybe… maybe it’ll change. Maybe it’ll change.”
  • Vince leaves Fairmount. In lower-quality intrusive clips, Evan and Jeff run to Fairmount’s electrical tower and record an instruction for us to stop watching. In a following sequence with audio of shoveling, a cameraman follows HABIT through woods hung with broken garbage bags to Jeff’s backyard, where HABIT digs up the shotgun shell with his hands (imitating Sparky). By the shed, he gives them the above speech. In yet another sequence, Corenthal leads Evan and Jeff to Fairmount’s tower, where he says the two have five minutes to “make that connection” (“otherwise we’re handing off a nuclear weapon to that fucking bastard. And all hell breaks loose; the world as we know it is over”). Vince shows us his “last paid-for meal” in the present, saying he found the apartment empty of HABIT. The symbol papers seemingly protect him from the Slender Man (“I don’t know if it makes me invisible to him, or if he’s afraid of it and he’s keeping his distance”). Vince receives a text from an unknown number –coordinates and the words “IF YOU’RE ALIVE, COME HERE”.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 30, 2018. The song in this video is “Past Lives” by BØRNS. In Fairmount, Vince’s phone places him in Alabama. Corenthal calls his cameraman “151” (an eliminated Rabbit). Jeff and Evan know Corenthal as their father. As they escape the tower, Jeff says “this place has been crawling with ’em”. An ending sequence shows a flooded park where the cameraman follows Vince. The description reads:

Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!

  • The day the world ended: “When you put that symbol into that fire, I need you to remember everything. Everything that you’ve ever endured. Everything that’s ever happened to you. All the people that we have taken from you. All the bodies I made you step over. The years of your confinement. All the horrors and atrocities you’ve witnessed. All the loved ones that you’ve lost, and all the loved ones that you never had a chance to meet. What was your grandfather’s name, Vinny? Did you ever have one? Even memories stolen from you. No one has suffered the way you’ve suffered, and you’ve sat, and you’ve watched it all. Use it here. Now, it is your ammo. It is your strength. It is your ordinance. And when it’s done, it’ll make a weapon.”
  • Vince meets HABIT at the coordinates –“the Corenthals’ cabin”. HABIT says he will kill Vince for not finding the North Star, but then Vince shows him the papers. HABIT then tells Vince that they will commence this story’s conclusion on-camera. Corenthal calls and urges him not to try HABIT’s plan (“it will wipe out everything”), but Vince says it’s their only chance at freedom. HABIT finds a knife to match the gun he now wields –mundane weapons yet to gain god-killing properties. HABIT explains that evidence of nonexistent events in Vince’s life stem it being an autonomous lie that is “still going, producing as much drivel and trash as it can”. The cabin’s spatial “flux” takes them to Vince’s basement for firing practice. HABIT gives Vince a metal North Star brand from Vince’s past iterations, taking him outside to empower the symbol with fire and suffering before branding the knife handle. The ancient symbol means “pain and lethality” to any being –one cut would cause HABIT severe pain and kill Vince immediately. Their god-killing plans will commence the following day.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 31, 2018. The EverymanHYBRID opening theme plays during the firing practice. HABIT initially doubts Vince found the North Star because “you can’t just find it. It’s gone. It’s in the ether.” Vince contemplates his reflection and shaves his head upon arrival, after which point HABIT’s cameraman takes over. HABIT can be seen reading House of Leaves, another copy in the bookshelf behind him. Vince hears a fax machine upon opening his basement door. The fire sequence shows an intrusive clip of Vince and Evan from “christmas.”; HABIT stops Vince from looking behind him, having told him to avoid the outside until he could “ignore the ghosts. I want you to ignore the voices. Everything that’s happening, and will happen, is going to be trying to take you away from me”, the weapons, and the symbol. “This universe” opposes the weapons’ branding. HABIT finds a monster grabby hand that he uses to pass Vince ketchup over 2 minutes; he ultimately calls it “trash” and asks Vince “why’d you bring it?” The description reads:

Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!

November 2018

  • All good things: “Here in this place, which I have prepped for you, you will kill Evan. And I know what you’re thinking! ‘But HABIT, he can’t die!’ I know, I know. That’s the problem. And that’s why we need you to kill him, and that’s why the god-killer… yeah, I threw that one… but that one, the god-killer is gonna be super helpful in this scenario. Okay? So you put Evan’s body down, because the god-killer can pretty much fuck anything up, and then we’re good to go! And after Evan is bleeding, and dying, you will slip into beautiful, glorious darkness. And it’ll all end for you. And then the real fun starts! Vinny, this was never about killing a god. It was about change. Bringing about a new beginning.”
  • HABIT takes Vince outside, throwing the knife into the bushes. He says Corenthal (“a little suicidal, but not an idiot”) built the cabin in these “old”, “sick” woods because the Slender Man “lives here”. But HABIT explains that the plan is actually to kill Evan; Vince points the gun at HABIT, refusing to die in the process as described. Evan resumes control and attacks Vince. He says HABIT showed him that Vince hid the surveillance cameras and “started this. All of it”; Vince has not disclosed the full truth about Alex’s fate or protected his friends when he could have. In their ensuing fight to the death, Vince objects to being called a monster for this and counters with everything HABIT made Evan do. Vince manages to stab Evan and later shoots him, but ultimately Evan throws the knife at Vince and grazes his throat; both are shocked to feel themselves dying. Vince collapses beside Evan’s body, admitting, “I don’t know if we’re monsters or just a couple of unlucky bastards. I’m sorry.”
    • Minutiae: Posted November 2, 2018. HABIT gives Vince’s glasses to his cameraman (“that’s the joke –you have a gun, but you can’t see”). Intrusive clips during the fight include Vince looking into a surveillance camera, unseen footage of Vince telling Jeff “you blacked out. You could be making this up. This could be what your brain’s telling you”, “Day in the Life”, Vince first urging the group to keep filming, unseen footage of “Consensus” (their “emergency cam” shows the conversation’s end: the Rake had told Alex to distrust Vince and Evan for bad things they’ve done or will do, “and said something about ‘the good one dying’”, and Vince told him to disregard the warnings), surveillance footage of Vince from “HALLOWEEN HANGOVER” (overlaid with the “take solace in the rain” quote), Vince and Evan teaching self-defense, Evan laughing at the garbage bags of guts, unseen footage of “:D”, and the boys in the car. Between HABIT saying in the “:D” clip that Jeff “guards” his friends, Evan calling Vince “voyeuristic”, and Vince considering Evan indistinguishable from HABIT, this video defines the boys’ respective roles as Guardian, Voyeur, and Firebrand. The description reads:

Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!

December 2018

EverymanHYBRID tweets:



On December 30, 2018, Dixie_Wolf on Tumblr finds the seventh hidden box of seven in her closet. The briefcase contains a lockbox, tape recorder, spool of purple thread, pocket knife, rabbit plushie, and padded envelope. The rabbit contains a key to the lockbox, yielding two tapes (“House Phone 2005” and “Tape 3”), a USB drive, Alex’s shotgun shell, and a stopped pocket watch. The envelope’s memorabilia includes “The Land of Ashen Waste”, a cryptozoology zine’s retrospective on the Mining Town Four.
House Phone 2005” is a tape of the Corenthals’ answering machine chronicling the Lambertville eatery massacre. Calling Maryann amid sirens at Baldpate, Corenthal says that everyone in the diner was possessed to attack him after he received a call from a possessed Elizabeth, who was to meet him and Adam Roberts there according to previous calls. Corenthal shot the assailants as they hurt him, each other, passersby, and themselves; a fire started that Roberts, outside and aware of the protocol, escaped. Reflecting on earlier in the day, where an adult Evan told him “this will all be over soon” and disappeared, Corenthal knows the monsters watch as he heads to the tree at Baldpate. He tells Maryann he is sorry, she must follow the protocol, and he loves her; he hopes history will “erase the monster the authorities paint me as”.
“Tape 3” is a Princeton Tapes permutation in which Vince meets Roger, head editor of the cryptozoology zine. They investigate Vince’s sightings of mysterious lights and the Rake, but Slender Man-induced sleepwalking leads Vince to steal Roger’s story “The Land of Ashen Waste”, which showed Vince his past iteration and the Slender Man’s potential to spread through awareness. Patrick of the Andersen Journals calls –explaining that he is part of the iteration cycle and remembers every time, and that Corenthal (“who was also you in another timeline”) may end the cycle for good because “you win a little bit more every time”. This Vince agrees to overdose on pills left for him afterward in order to protect everyone from his knowledge.

January 2019

  • In the other plane, Corenthal, Evan, and Jeff awaken Vince under the tree at Baldpate and receive him with open arms. He expresses remorse over his most recent iteration. Corenthal takes the cameraman’s camera and Vince says “we don’t need it”, leaving it behind the tree. They walk out into the undergrowth beyond the camera’s gaze.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 1, 2019. The song in this video is “We’ll Meet Again” by Johnny Cash. Earlier clips of Baldpate Mountain’s tree play at the beginning. Vince feels his neck and head, registering that the wound is gone and his hair has returned. The description reads:

Your go-to source for the happy & healthy lifestyle on a budget!




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