The first significant chunk of Everyman HYBRID ran from March 21, 2010 to November 24, 2010, and is comprised of the videos “EverymanHYBRID # 1 - Introduction” through “Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT”. What starts as an innocent joke between a group of friends spirals into a dangerous, elaborate mystery involving them, a stranger with connected experiences, and everyone watching. This page accordingly preserves the most relevant correspondence provided by players on UnFiction, including their own accounts of why the events surrounding EverymanHYBRID are more than a game.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. Main channel videos are denoted in bold and side channel videos are not; watching the livestreams and player-created videos is optional. This page links to sections of the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS and Corenthal Letters side pages whenever they are meant to be read.

March 2010

  • EverymanHYBRID is a budget health and fitness video series on YouTube. It is created by Vincent (“Your EverymanHYBRID”), Evan (“EverymanHYBRID Nutritional Correspondent”), and Jeff (“Camera & Editing”). They are introduced through a montage of upbeat techno music played over clips of various locales that will feature in the next few videos.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 21, 2010. The first scene has a wooden drawing mannequin in the background. The video ends with a brief clip of a forest with white noise, annotated: “sorry about this clip. it somehow slipped passed our editor.” The description reads:

Hey guys,
This is just a little program we've decided to finally get off the ground. We'd love any and all viewer feedback. You can contact us at moc.liamg|DIRBYHnamyreve#moc.liamg|DIRBYHnamyreve or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/everymanhybrid.
-The EverymanHYBRID Team

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We've finally launched the intro video! Tell us what you think. We're still getting the hang of the editing tools so bare with us #nowplaying

  • Vince tells the audience about jogging at night and then stretching. Evan also shows up to give advice about yoga.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 26, 2010. A notebook behind Vince in the beginning says “NEXT WEEK: DREAMS”. The above quote comes from an annotation added to the video later. While Vince talks in the car, there is brief white noise and an unacknowledged appearance by the Slender Man (an underground urban legend monster created by the internet) on the side of the road. The description reads:

Join Vinny for a relaxing night-time jog to finish off a long day!


EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Just uploaded our second video! We want your feedback, HYBRIDS! #FF #Health #Fitness

April 2010

  • Episode #3: Dreams & Eating: “Just last week I had midterms and I was stressing out so much that I had dreams that I was running through the woods in my old elementary school and it felt like something was following me. You know, that could have been a manifestation of the stress levels I was feeling at school. It could've been a lot of things.”
  • Evan talks about healthy alternatives to junk food at the supermarket. Later, he and Vince talk about how health choices affect dreams. Vince briefly asks Evan offhand if he has had recurring dreams.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 5, 2010. At the beginning, the cameraman (Jeff) holds a toy mouse that says “I like you!” White noise can be heard at the very end and when the opening montage inexplicably cuts out. The description reads:

Join Evan on his quick trip to the organic section of our supermarket and for our small chat about late-night snacking and dreaming.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Dreams & Eating: How does it affect you, HYBRIDS? Check it out, tell us what you think! #Health #Fitness #Dreams

Sorry for the delay this week, HYBRIDS - our guy Evan seemed to be getting over a small ailment. No worries now, you saw him, he's okay! :D

New episode: upper body, a light outage, and a bad Arnold impersonation? Heck yes, HYBRIDS!

  • The boys demonstrate alternative forms of cardiovascular exercise: fireman carrying at a park, exercise machines inside, and car pushing in a wooded parking lot. At the end, Evan shows off a “souvenir”: a white cloth doll he claims that a little girl just gave to him.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 11, 2010. The video contains three more Slender Man easter eggs: behind a tree while Vince's talking is cut off by audio distortion, in the window of the exercise room, and among the trees while they are pushing the car. The description reads:

The HYBRID Team fools around with some of the more peculiar ways to get some cardio activity into your life.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Some minor technical difficulties but fun nonetheless! Enjoy, HYBRIDS! #Health #Fitness #Free

Whats up Hybrids, its your friendly neighborhood Everyman! this week we'll be coming at you from Dorm rooms to give tips on fit college life

  • Vince demonstrates weight training exercises in Evan’s basement and the power goes out. After he and Evan have fixed it, they talk about the exercise machines. When Evan attempts to play Motörhead, the stereo instead plays a sound of evil laughter and he dismisses it as a glitch.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 26, 2010. The exercise machines have purple duct tape on them. There is another Slender Man appearance behind Vince right before the power goes out. More subtle than this is a silhouette that appears for a minute before moving offscreen, at which point Evan looks off in its direction. The description reads:

Sorry guys for the confusion - we had to re-upload this video, so this took our last video's place, number-wise! Keep up with us, HYBRIDS!

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Ah, the technical minutia has been worked out - now let's work on those arms! #Cheap #Free #Health #Fitness #Exercise

May 2010

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

New this week: Evan's Special - We'll deliver you from the evils of college diets! #NowPlaying #Health #Fitness #Free

  • . . .: “Alright, so Evan, there is kind of a plus side to all this Slender Man-breaking-into-your-house business.”
  • This video is a disjointed series of clips that cut in and out of each other. A conversation between Vince, Evan, and Jeff on the stairs reveals that their friend Nick apparently broke into Evan’s home dressed as the Slender Man; they intend to call him out on it but use the footage to further the running joke of Slender Man appearances in their exercise series. At a different time, Vince and Jeff talk about this while Evan gets caught up in sharpening knives in the kitchen behind them. Clips in the video with a song playing over them mostly come from the opening montage, but two new ones show the boys running up the stairs and a door slamming with the Slender Man behind it.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 14, 2010. The title is Morse code for “S”. The song is “Who Could Win A Rabbit” by Animal Collective, which will play again in other “Morse code videos”. Evan coughs a few times in this video and doesn't stop sharpening the knives until Jeff notices. The conversation between Vince and Jeff here reveals that Nick must have somehow escaped through a second story window.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Something really, really… odd… is happening. Stick with us, HYBRIDS.

Hey HYBRIDS! Now that you guy have gotten the chance to know us a bit, we're going to just sign off on messages with our first initials. [J]

  • Evan and Jeff talk about healthy food choices at the supermarket again. The boys go to Evan's house at night, where the Slender Man appears to be looking out the window. Once inside, their friend Daniel asks if they are ready to “Slender-shoot”. He is wearing a suit but says that he left the mask and tie in the car. The Slender Man they saw earlier slams a door shut in the hallway, and they are unable to find out who it was when they enter the empty room.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 17, 2010. The video contains a very important annotation: “The cabbage is a spy.” Also, the above quote is written under “EverymanHYBRID” in the opening. Visual distortion occurs in the car, and more subtly when the Slender Man appears in the hallway. The Slender Man doll from “Cardio & Outdoor Activities” appears at the very end. Vince and Evan’s shirts inexplicably change within the set span of time. The description reads:

Today Evan and Jeff try to steal the thunder of our regular (ruggedly handsome) host. We follow them to our local food mart and they gather ingredients for our Santa Fe Chicken salad.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

It's been a rough week, HYBRIDS. We just checked in on Evan and his family - they're terrified, to say the least. This is just weird. [J]

Trying to get the guys together, you'll hear from us. Soon enough, hopefully. [J]

Pretty weird week, sorry for keeping you all in the dark about this. everyman is assembling today to explain. Stay tuned [V]

  • Public Service Announcement: “Someone broke into Evan's house pretending to be, you know, our Slender Man character. And we're not gonna go into details with where our Slender Man and his end- you know, ours ends and his begins, but let's just say that not all of them are ours.”
  • The boys announce a break between uploads while they try to find out who took their Slender Man joke too far. Evan says that whoever is responsible ought to come forward if they do not want to face harsher consequences.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 20, 2010. YouTuber spartanoffaith commented “Wait a minute, who's on camera?”, to which EverymanHYBRID responded “Our friend, Paul. Surely you are aware that there are more people on our planet then the HYBRID Crew. [J]” The description reads:

No worries HYBRIDs, we'll be back.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

On a lighter note, Evan just referred to Twitter as "that bird - on the computer!" [J]

Alright HYBRIDS - we're going to get Evan out of the house this weekend with a little hiking on the trails! Check back soon. [J]

Whats shakin' interweb? We just got back from a hike and everything is seeming normal, keep an eye out for our next vid soon. [V]

Waiting for all these files to convert! Should be up by… dawn? Here's a shot from today. [EJV]


June 2010

  • A Day in the Life: “Well, I guess we had a good day anyway. You guys ready? Let's hit it.”
  • The HYBRID boys go to a nature trail on a sunny day with their friend Ryan, Jeff's girlfriend Jessa, and Jeff's younger brother Alex. No catch. Yet.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 1, 2010. Later videos confirm that the area is Baldpate Mountain, New Jersey; notable sights around there include one abandoned house in particular and a big tree in the center of a grassy trail. The description reads:

We're back, HYBRIDS. Sorry for the delay - things got a little messy getting all of these clips together, etc. etc. It was a beautiful day in Central Jersey!

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Sorry for the delay, HYBRIDS… but we're BACK! [J]

  • The boys announce a sleep experiment where Vince and Jeff will deprive themselves of sleep and Evan will keep a dream log based on how long he slept and what he ate beforehand.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 1, 2010. The description reads:

Coming next week - we subject ourselves to odd sleeping conditions and act as guinea pigs, for your entertainment and health knowledge! Stay tuned.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts Genesis, Gilgamesh, June 1, June 2, Australia, and Mexico: this blog initially went unnoticed as it made troubling references to water, floods, and an ark.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We want to start stocking up for our HYBRID-Slumberless Party. What kind of supplies? Ah, decisions, decisions. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts I believe, Does anyone else know, June 4, Genesis 6:15: more flood references and some vague questions.


My sleeping habits have been improving. Doctor Weiss says I can lay off the pills in a few weeks.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Alright HYBRIDS - before we release our next special, we want to hear what YOU want to see from us! Email us at moc.liamg|DIRBYHnamyreve#moc.liamg|DIRBYHnamyreve [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 6, He'll never find me here: reference to an unspecified “he”.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

This week - Evan starts his dream log. Wish him the sweetest dreams, HYBRIDS! (Or something else, more masculine.) [J]


I decided to flush the rest of this month's pills. That weight's lifted but I still don't feel free. Maybe I never will. We'll see

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 7: song lyrics.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Just went through the latest batch of emails - I loved hearing your input HYBRIDS! [J] You WILL receive a response! moc.liamg|DIRBYHnamyrevE#moc.liamg|DIRBYHnamyrevE

Tomorrow is Jeff and my self's last night of sleep before we go sleepless for two days (in the name of science, and youtube of course) [V]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 8, H.P. Lovecraft, Johnny Truant, Job 13:14: more literature quotes.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I lied Hybrids! tonight is our last full night of sleep, a man can wish right? we've got a Hybrid first coming REAL soon.

Catch the start of our sleep test LIVE tonight at 10 p.m est, come armed with questions [V]

Sorry for the delay, my friends. We'll be right on! You see, this is why we DON'T do live shows every day, haha. [J]

EverymanHYBRID is going LIVE: Come armed with questions and comments HYBRIDS! #nowplaying [J]

Sorry HYBRIDS we fudged up. We couldn't get stickam and Ustream to play nice together so we only had a ustream chat, we will fix [V]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 10: more music, and an answer in the form of a question.

  • Day II of the Sleep Special: Vince and Jeff make a livestream to talk about their sleep deprivation and answer a few questions. Vince has experienced minor auditory hallucinations whereas Jeff has experienced some blurred vision; they opt to create sketches out of what they experience.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 11, 2010. About 19 minutes into the video, something seems to be moving on the floor in the doorway. The description reads:

We fielded some more questions, did a quick catch up, showed off some of Jeff's bling on his desk, and fought off a usomadtroll.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 11, Mr. Parker, At Least Twelve Dead: the blogger claims to be utterly alone.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We lied. Again. Expect the first part of the Sleep & Dreams Special in a few hours. Mere hours! My body hates this whole no-sleep-thing. [J]

The reason, among other things, for the delay. Hold on, HYBRIDS. [J]


  • Sleep Lab Part 1 - Sleep Deprivation: “Um, so between the loss of concentration, the terribly slowed reaction time, and the hungriness, that’s enough for us to say that sleep is a very important part of your daily plan. So Hybrids, sleep as much as you can.”
  • Vince and Jeff discuss their plan to create sketches out of their sleep-deprived experience. They edit all of their shenanigans into timelapse footage until they uncover a bizarre scene in the basement. Burnt and scribbled-out photographs of their Baldpate Mountain trip hang on the walls with purple duct tape, and the mouse doll from “Dreams and Eating” is now burnt and says “I like you” in reverse. They suspect that Alex is pranking them and mess with Evan some more before concluding the video.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 13, 2010. The song during the timelapse scenes is “The Hampsterdance Song” by Hampton the Hamster. Purple tape in the basement scene reads “CANYOUSEE” and one of the photographs says “The Words”. When Jeff and Vince find Evan, he is on his computer and looking at a blog called CANYOUSEETHEWORDS. Players discover a blog and Twitter with the following profile image:


These early summer storms are truly beautiful, you know. All that water and the rolling bouts of thunder, wonderful.

Magus00 (UF) writes:

Just a quick followup…Evan seemed to be looking at some wesite in the latest episode.
It said "CANYOUSEETHEWORDS". Was that some kinda vision test for us viewers?

EverymanHYBRID responds:

Hey man,
I'll have to wait until the next time we get to talk with Evan. I'm curious now, too. -Jeff

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 15: the blogger is asked if they are Evan, and claims not to know anyone with the name.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Miscellaneously, our dreams.


CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 16, June 17: the blogger provides more non-answers to anonymous questions and posts a video revealing herself to be an art student at Princeton, several odd paintings in the background. She says that she isn't comfortable sharing her name yet and reiterates that she doesn't know an Evan.

Players on UnFiction started referring to her as “Damsel”, and it caught on as her official nickname.

  • Sleep Lab Part 2 - Evan's Dream Log: “But I think a big reason that I'm awake right now is because of this… messed-up dream that I just had. Um… children. It was the creepiest thing, these kids. And I was in, uh… I was in the middle of a town, and they were, they were everywhere, having fun, doing stuff. And they just started disappearing. I would look around and there were less around me and, um, until there was like none and, um, I just heard them all screaming and screaming. It was like all of them just screaming at once and, uh, the next time that I turned around, looking, I was in the middle of the woods, and I could hear them so much louder. Everywhere. And it sounded like they were coming from the trees. And these… bags… I'm gonna try to go back to sleep.”1
  • Evan starts his dream log for four nights. Most of his results are mediocre regardless of the conditions, but he starts filming himself after waking up on the fourth night to describe the nightmare he had. Evan apparently forgets about this dream later, and he concludes that eating healthy creates better dreams.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 16, 2010. When Evan mentions a viewer's experiment to prove that eating chocolate before bed causes nightmares, an annotation onscreen says “Thank you, Tara aka stormoftara, for contacting us! –Jeff”. After Evan describes the nightmare, the "Day Four" caption starts to wave around. The description reads:

The conclusion to our sleeping and dreams special. See you soon, HYBRIDS.

@ohhhwell Well, although our boy Evan is one of the biggest RL-Trolls in the world, he rarely uses the computer. Honestly, he goes online maybe once every two months. He's been influenced by memes by people he hangs out. (/shamedmyself). - Vin and Jeff


I'm actually really enjoying all these art courses. I'd thought they'd be a bit too hipster for me.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts Who Are All You People?, June 20: Damsel is confused by the attention her blog is suddenly receiving.

  • - - -: “It just sounds like we’re just running around doing the same thing over and over again.”
  • Another video in the same vein as “…”. Some of the clips are unseen footage from the trip to Baldpate Mountain, whereas others show an argument between Vince and Jeff. Jeff thinks that they should quit the videos in order to avoid more incidents, whereas Vince argues that they should continue because it is too late to stop whoever is after them. Evan seems ready to suggest that the Slender Man is real.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 20, 2010. The title is Morse code for “O”. Jeff confirms that Alex wasn't home, and thus couldn't have created the “shrine” of burnt pictures. It ends with a clip of Jeff and Evan kicking a door open at Baldpate.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 21: The doctor's visit Damsel mentioned in her last video is for “past trauma”, and she implies that there is a pattern behind her flood references. Someone directs her to the EverymanHYBRID channel, and she considers watching them.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Eleven videos and they want us to join their "revenue sharing." We say NAY, HYBRIDS. Never shall you find ads smothering our videos. [J]


Anyone have any ideas for sprucing up a studio apartment? I'm all out.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

So, guys. Really - what is this "- - -" video everyone keeps messaging us about? Is this another channel or something? [J]

Just logged in to check what this is all about. The last video we posted was at June 16, 2010. Evan's Dream Log. Ha, you guys trolling? [J]

EverymanHYBRID responds to stormoftara (SA) asking about the “- - -” video, having sent them a screencap:

Searched. And searched. Haha, are our friends trolling us en masse? -Jeff

EverymanHYBRID responds to bilo (UF) asking how many videos they see listed on their channel:

Haha, yeah, we get it. Everyone messing with the ominous "13!" I really give you guys credit for this prank. :P [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 22, June 23, Victoria M. Noxon, Robert Frost, June 25: Damsel claims that “it” is responsible for her migration north, and that she previously attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts but couldn't live at home anymore without her family. She shares more of her art, which includes imagery of rabbits. In her next video, Damsel says that she doesn't care that she hasn't made friends yet, and that she has seen the first few EverymanHYBRID videos. She says that the boys seem nice but are getting involved in something they don't understand. She answers more questions by saying that other people shouldn't get involved in her situation before finally revealing that her parents are dead.


Walking home from work earlier this evening, I saw that they were hosting a free yoga seminar in the Square. Disappointed I missed it.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We're giving away EverymanHYBRID wristbands to the first 100 HYBRIDS to email their shipping address to moc.liamg|somorpHME#moc.liamg|somorpHME!

Our HYBRIDS outside of the US, we'll do our best to get the bands to you eventually; domestically, we're looking at a few weeks to ship! [J]



Well, apparently, I've got some strange neighbors.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts June 29: Damsel posts an image of a set of coordinates on a paper she found outside her door.

  • While the boys are getting popsicles, they find a “birthday card” left for Vince: an envelope with a hand-drawn EverymanHYBRID logo containing a paper with a set of coordinates.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 29, 2010. The above quote comes from a black screen at the end with the sound of heavy breathing. The description reads:

While throwing around Ideas Vin had a good idea to get food, that's when we found the strangest birthday card for him uploaded for the lolz and to give a sneak peak at future videos with meditation. -Evan

EDIT: I'm amazed that Evan took the time to use a computer, let alone edit our video info. -Jeff

July 2010

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

HYBRIDS, we appreciate every and all of your comments, but PrincetonCaper, we calling you out Attempted Troll! <3 [J]

Tonight, we're going to host another uStream around 10 pm eastern. Hope you to see you out there, HYBRIDS. [J]

Alright HYBRIDS, you know the cue. Ten minutes - another EverymanHYBRID livestream!

Let's do this. [J]

  • EverymanHYBRID LIVE! 07/02/10 07:32PM: Vince, Evan, Jeff, and Alex livestream to answer some questions. They are in the process of getting the wristbands made, and they acknowledge that the coordinates from their video and CANYOUSEETHEWORDS lead to outside Princeton. They talk about their excellent taste in books and video games for a while, and consider making a self defense video.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 2, 2010. The boys still cannot perceive evidence of the Morse code videos' existence. The description reads:



EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Going to see if it is possible to get some more work done tonight. Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Defense — what more could you want? :) [J]


I really must resist. But I don't think I can deny Hoagie Haven another visit. Lunch time much?

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

More random love notes? "Inform your friend that he has missed something." on an otherwise blank sheet, tucked in the morning paper. [V]

gordon_ramsay (UF) writes:

I know someone who lives not 11 minutes away from the EMH guys. Used to frequent this forum, thegreenfeathers? He might, if I can talk him into doing it.


TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

Yeah I'd be willing to go, I live less then 20 minutes from the filming locations, where does everyone want me to go exactly? The park or the intersection? I could always try both, I suppose.

himhere (UF) writes:

it seems to be by princeton. we have the coordinates and the google map of it.

TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

Okay, just post me the coordinates and I'll head over as soon as possible with a camera, take pictures/videos, and let you guys know what's up.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

@kevincomic No worries, dude! The least we can do for you guys joining us is to add to your tally! Thanks for connecting with us. [J]

@jonnyxbrainless Bleh. Apparently, my friend. Apparently. Whatever floats your goat, I say! [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts July 9, July 10: Damsel claims that her parents died because their house caught fire while she was at school. She advises people with experiences of “it” to avoid thinking about it, and multiple people tell her about the EverymanHYBRID coordinates. The next day, she posts a video apologizing for a lack of updates, saying that things are looking up for her and she has made a friend or two at school.

On July 11, 2010, TheGreenFeathers on UnFiction follows the coordinates from EverymanHYBRID and CANYOUSEETHEWORDS to Princeton, New Jersey, finding the first hidden box of seven. It is a wooden box with several ominous phrases carved into it, containing some of the defaced photographs and a page that reads “Consider this a place of refuge, not from the waters, but from damnation.”

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

If you emailed us for a wristband, we probably got it no problem. I just haven't responded to those, simply due to the quantity! [J]

  • EverymanHYBRID #7: Self Defense (Plus a message to all HYBRIDS): “We'll review the best ones and you guys will win a personalized message from us, even though that's not that big of a deal, and some sort of yoga prize package we'll throw together, whether it be a professional DVD series, materials, something like that. Have fun with it, guys.”
  • In the last proper health and fitness video, Evan and Vince discuss unarmed self defense and why it is best to avoid knife fights. At the end, Jeff announces a contest for viewers to promote the EverymanHYBRID channel to win a personal “Thank You” message.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 12, 2010. Some believe that the Slender Man can be seen out the window and behind Evan one minute into the video. The introduction skips and there is a brief shot of Evan sitting at a desk in the dark. The description reads:

Evan and Vin discuss some very basic concepts of general / unarmed self defense.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Alright HYBRIDS. We'll run the Yoga-Promo-Contest until the end of next week, Sunday the 25th! [J]


Spent some money at the Princeton Record Exchange today. Gotta love used media.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts July 15, July 16: Damsel is still convinced that she doesn't need to join the EverymanHYBRID boys in order to survive.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Just watched Nick Brady's entry for the Promo-Contest. Well done, to you and all the other HYBRIDS who entered! [J]


Turns out people aren't so terrible, after all.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts July 20, July 22: Damsel has heard of a flood warning around Princeton. When asked if she is a fan of Animal Collective, she responds, “Rabbit or habit?”

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We are far from done, HYBRIDS. We've just been waiting for a sunny day that none of us work for our next topic. Sorry for the wait! [J]

HYBRIDs, guess what? wild card ustream at 8:15 P.M. est

  • EverymanHYBRID LIVE! 07/24/10 06:03PM: This livestream features Vince, Evan, Jeff, Jessalyn, and Alex. Jeff announces that the promotion winners are Jay (Magus00) and Tara (stormoftara), and they are still working on the wristband giveaway. They express some concern over the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS blog, but have decided not to get involved with the blog or the box. Vince is asked to show the paper with coordinates, and he comes back with Damsel's paper instead of their own. They consider making a video with hiking tips.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 24, 2010. Their friend Jessie had appeared in the chat under the name “MitzieStar”. Evan starts walking around in circles about 8 minutes into the video, and he has purple duct tape over his mouth at 14 minutes in. The necklace Jeff gives to Jessa is a hamsa, a hand symbol often used in jewelry as a ward against evil, most commonly in Middle Eastern Judaism.

Magus00 (UF) and stormoftara (SA) receive the following message from EverymanHYBRID:

Tara and Jay (The Champion HYBRIDS),

Nice work on the Promotion Contest! I know I really enjoyed the ideas and laughed at the ending of your video, Jay. (No wifin' anymore though, seriously.) We just need your mailing addresses to send the prizes and our personal message to. We'll probably burn a DVD or send a cheap USB to you two, regarding the message. Thanks for helping to promote us and we're all thrilled that we have (albeit a few) dedicated people who have connected with us. Until next time, HYBRIDS.


EverymanHYBRID tweets:

@RavanJedi … I have no idea. If we find out that the woods, are, in fact, made of legos, we are all doomed. [J]

@LanzAlentzia Well, it seems that we have found our first paparazzi. We can't help midnight-sandwich-Princeton-adventure urges! [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts July 31 and August 1



August 2010

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 6: Damsel acknowledges her nickname.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Jessa and I took a nice stroll just outside of Lambertville, NJ last night. Such a beautiful area. [J]


Another shot from River Drive. (Also nearby Washington's Crossing State Park.) Haha, hiking video anyone? [J]


Top marker says "Aug 20, 1955 28.60 FEET" Good lord, can you imagine flood waters that high? Better call Noah!


CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 9, August 10: Damsel posts a short video of herself and Jessa in which Evan can be seen running in the background.


Everything's fine. Just not feeling well recently.

  • Joke's Over: “What’s going on, Hybrids? The other day, we tried to -like we told you- film the hiking video with the tips and stuff. And something…weird, to say the least, happened. And at the time, I didn’t think anything of it, but the night before, someone spammed me with videos of… basically animals dead, mangled in bags, and… we’re just gonna show you guys, just -we’re gonna show you what we got and see if you guys can think anything of it.”
  • On the earlier video Vince introduces at the beginning, the boys give hiking tips in the woods as promised until they spot the Slender Man behind them and Evan runs at it with a knife. Vince and Jeff find him crouching in a clearing full of garbage bags hanging from the trees. Blood pours out of one when Vince punctures it and Evan laughs hysterically. In the present, Vince continues that Jeff has suddenly left them to search for something, and Jessa has not answered their calls. The channel’s new purpose is to document the strange occurrences they face.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 12, 2010. The Slender Man’s appearance causes a sound of emergency sirens, and bars of static flickering onscreen are believed to be clips from other videos.


I'm loving this secret admirer.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 15: Damsel has found another “gift” at her door: a box covered in purple duct tape, containing a pendant and another set of coordinates. She doesn’t want to follow them, and says that telling her story got the last group she was with killed while travelling north. She expects to see Jessa again the next day.

On August 15, Quiddler on Something Awful follows the coordinates from CANYOUSEETHEWORDS to Mercer County Park, New Jersey and finds the second hidden box of seven. The wooden sliding box contains an EverymanHYBRID business card that has been scribbled over, a pendant with a bird on one side and “HABIT” on another, and a note reading “Time and space flee every which way, disregarding your beloved logic.”

  • Jeff: “Alright, this is our first non-health related video. This is more or less the documentation of what’s happening. More or less for proof, but really it’s just for us to have someone to talk to.”
  • Vince and Evan visit Alex to ask if they can look in Jeff's room. Alex is convinced that Jessa stopped contacting Jeff because she broke up with him. In Jeff's room, they find a notebook with purple duct tape on it and a stick figure drawing of a person and the Slender Man. There is also a USB drive they take for clues and a copy of House of Leaves where Jeff has circled a passage on page 45 and left a torn empty envelope and an EverymanHYBRID business card whose back reads “I’m onto something.”
    • Minutiae: Posted August 19, 2010. The song on Jeff's alarm clock is “The Poet and the Muse” by Poets of the Fall Old Gods of Asgard. House of Leaves was also referenced in all of the previous livestreams and one of Damsel's posts. When the door opens the first time, Alex stands in the doorway with purple tape over his mouth while someone else stands in the hall; the footage distorts and cuts to black. The footage skips a few times when Alex is shown opening the door again. The description reads:

Sorry we didn't get this out sooner.

  • The House of Leaves passage:

Why did god create a dual universe?
So he might say,
“Be not like me. I am alone.”
And it might be heard.2

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We'll get him home. He's not stupid - he'll come back with something. We need your help, HYBRIDS. Let's find him. [V]


CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 19: Damsel learns that Jessa and Jeff are missing after previously noticing that Jessa was absent from class.


Daddy always said don't jump into water if you can't see the bottom. Then he died.

We don't know each other - just find her. Please. She's the only friend I have up here and I know you're all good people. Go. #wheresjeff

  • I'm okay.: “This probably isn't the best of ideas to be here by myself. But dreams are a good guide. I never really told you guys about a story about when I got stuck in my old elementary school when I was younger. There was a fire that broke out in the science room, somewhere that way, and it just escalated. Every student was accounted for but they completely overlooked me. I was in a burning building by myself. I don't like thinking about it. I was in there for a solid hour hiding. I don't remember where; I'd love to find where, you know, give me some 'Nam flashbacks, why don't you… and they left me there. They just left me there to die. I was a kid. I mean, obviously they eventually found me because I'm talking to myself right now…”
  • Jeff records this monologue inside the burnt-out shell of his old elementary school until the footage spontaneously cuts out. When it returns, he informs the audience that he has found medical records inside and knows where to go next; he cannot say where but will keep us updated.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 19, 2010. The audio distortion when the footage cuts out contains screaming and high-pitched laughter… echoes of the past? Jeff states that he spent an hour talking to the camera, but only the school part was recorded. The description reads:

And thus the roadtrip continues.
Maybe I'd think of something poetic, but I have to keep moving.
I have to do this alone. And now.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Good to see the support. I really do appreciate it, but don't follow me too far. I'm heading south. For now. [J]

You'd be amazed how far I-95 south, a student credit card, and an old Maxima can take you. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 20, August 21: Damsel says that she hasn't seen Jessa in a week.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Last night. Miles away from there at this point. No reason to abandon your help though. …Thank you, HYBRIDS. [J]


I-59 south. I'm not playing someone's game. Let's break the rules and follow a loop-hole. Something he didn't intend for me to find. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 24: One comment suggests that Jeff is trying to “provoke Him”, to which Damsel responds “At least someone’s trying.”

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

The weather is almost as pleasant as some of the people. Whoever left me this, knows where Jessa is. I'm coming for you. [J]

  • . -: “Has he ever referenced a patient he may have nicknamed HABIT or talked about somebody named HABIT?”
  • Jeff visits an old woman's apartment to ask her about how his friends may have been patients of one “Doctor Corenthal”, to which she responds that he has been out of practice for years. When Jeff asks the above question, Mrs. Corenthal says that the doctor died years ago and urges Jeff to leave. “Who Could Win a Rabbit” plays over footage of someone searching a dark room with a flashlight.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 25, 2010. The title is Morse code for “A”. Other clips of the video include the Slender Man walking through a forest, a hand being dragged on the floor with a sound of loud distortion, and Evan looking through drawings in the notebook.

The page was created by a user named “UnbreakableHabit”.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

There's no use in breaking. Not yet. I WILL find her. And everything will work out. Just fine. No use in hysterics. Not yet. [J]

  • 78of76.avi: “Evan, man, get away from the water. I don't- where are we?”
  • The USB drive footage comes from the trip to Baldpate, starting with Jeff and Evan kicking a door open. The group enter a dark basement where the sound of waves crashing on a shore can be heard. Further investigation reveals that they are on a beach, and it has somehow become nighttime.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 26, 2010. The group’s clothing has changed after their sudden shift in surroundings. None of them remember this event, as the video description reads:

Sorry for the delay guys, but me and Evan have been trying to make heads of tails of this video we found on the flash drive that we assumed Jeff left behind as some sort of clue. We're not sure what it is but its creepy to say the least, the whole thing is one clip, and it says it was taken at the time of the Day in the Life video… We're getting more questions than answers it seems but we're not giving up on Jeff

  • No hysterics. Not yet.: “I came down here looking for a name that keeps coming up on these papers I got. Really don’t know what to make out of it. I just know whoever ends up the trail for me, they messed up… they didn’t think I’d have these records.”
  • Jeff updates viewers on his road trip, convinced that whoever is responsible for Jessa’s disappearance left him all of the clues except for the documents. He will return home soon.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 26, 2010. Jeff had been to a county prison for fighting off a security guard at an apartment complex where he had questioned Mrs. Corenthal. The description reads:

Heading back up north, soon.
I'll share the postcard with you soon. Maybe you guys will be able to make sense of it.
You know "clues" aren't actually trying to be helpful when they're written in such a cryptic way, huh. It's just someone enjoying messing with you. And nothing more.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts August 26, August 28

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I'm physically okay. No reason to worry - just a terrible inconvenience. Never trust a car as old as your brother to make it. Ha. [J]


So why the hell do they take more than 10% of my paycheck every week if they won't go and look for my friend?! #wheresjeff (Please. Hurry.)

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Back in town. I have to find some place to charge all my stuff. (Haven't talked to the guys, yet.) [J]

The gang's back together. At least that's one thing we can be thankful for. (Continued—)

Apparently, the investigation regarding Jessa began sometime during my… adventures. I just want you to come home. (Continued—)

We are all together now and at least we can maybe piece together some answers. I love you all and just want everyone to be okay. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts Prior to Canto Three: a poem from Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov.

September 2010

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

The guys want to see exactly where I found those papers. Back to the school, tally-ho. Thank you for sticking with us, HYBRIDS. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts September 2, I Haven't Seen Jessa in a While: a policeman had attempted to question Damsel about Jessa's disappearance, which she tried to avoid by saying she was on her way to work. Damsel expresses regret over getting rid of her medicine now that she feels sick again, and also regrets making friends.

  • Reunion.: “Clearly, this is not just some man in a suit. This is something so much worse, and those two idiots can’t see it but I sure as hell can. I just think the sooner we nut up, the sooner we can take this fucker down. No more running. No more waiting. I want to kill it.”
  • In the opening, Jeff is with Vince and Evan again and relays how they returned to the school for more medical documents. Vince says that they only found a strange note, and Evan is annoyed with him for saying that they aren’t jumping to conclusions. In the video from the school, Jeff reads aloud the lined-paper note they find in a locker. The Slender Man appears behind him throughout, but they only seem to notice it at the end; Evan concludes the video acknowledging its existence and intending to hunt it down.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 4, 2010. The note reads:

Who are you, my dear friend, to reach someone like me? I look forward to our reunion in Hell.

Otherwise, I fear my warnings have fallen on deaf ears. The sight of its black eyes, those markings; this blight is not human, and now has claimed another one of us.

I’m sorry I was too late.

– Linnie.

so very sorry [ad infinitum]

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Of course I want to do anything to find her. There are just some legal issues in asking my internet family to do an investigation. [J]

Alex and I took a walk in the park today. Leave it to a little brother to cheer you up. Almost. [J]


  • My First Video Chaps!: Jeff’s brother, Alex, introduces himself on a channel called WickedStickyAlex.3 He intends to use the channel to show how his brother is being ridiculous by saying that a fictional monster is following him. The only thing convincing Alex that Jeff isn’t insane is that Jeff’s friends also believe it.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 6, 2010. Alex claims that Jeff often takes the phone from him to try and call Jessa, and that their parents have kept him from going out so that he doesn’t also disappear. He states concern that because of Jeff, his parents will ground him and his friends won't trust him. The description reads:

Me telling you what you will see in the future. Yes, this video will be boring, but don't let that fool you. The sights you will behold, the scenes you will witness… PREPARE YOURSELVES! Enjoy ;)

Didz (UF) writes:

So I messaged Alex and asked if he is Jeff's brother. He is indeedy Alex.

Didz proceeded to have several conversations with Alex, sharing relevant messages on UnFiction.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts Pakistan Flood, August 7, August 9: Damsel posts a photo of herself and Jessa reflected in a mirror. Her professor and the police keep asking her questions; she suspects that the police are accusatory because of her “history” moving up north, although she was never charged with anything.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We're preparing a huge catch-up video, HYBRIDS. Just trying to make sure we include EVERYTHING that's happened to us thus far. [J]

  • Troll Catch: Another Alex video where he plays with their dog, Sparky, as Jeff is on the guitar. Alex eventually shows Jeff a fake Slender Man he made, and Jeff gets upset.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 9, 2010. Jeff brings up Jessa and refuses to believe Alex's claim that she broke up with him. The description reads:

He's still a little sensitive. Just trying to lighten things up. And by the way, I apologized afterwards

Alex to responds to Didz (UF):

From what I hear, birth gets easier and easier each child. Plus living so close to a really good hospital, you have nothing to worry about :) And I haven't heard about that yet, that sorta pisses me off though. All that could do is hurt him more. And help him think she is coming back. I mean, yeah not every breakup is this hard, or spontaneous, but no one is making this easier for him. I wish she would stop acting like an ass and just call him. Tell him it didn't workout, or something…

yeah, i dont know how to help him at this point. Cheering him up wont work, that just got him angry.

Well i have a pretty good idea of what he looks like, from overheard conversations of the guys and him. Tall, wearing a suit and no face. The first time i heard them talking i thought they were being followed by some sexual predator. A complete mistake, and when i asked my brother, he flipped out on me. He thought i was mocking him. I rather talk to him about real life problems than this stupid story.

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts September 13, September 15, September 16: Damsel has considered hanging up hamsa charms out of concern for Jessa.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We're not rushing this. Trying to make sure we cover everything, like Jeff said. [V]

Hang in there, HYBRIDS. We're almost done recording all the commentary we need for the catch-up. It's odd to watch your own videos…(cont.)

…to say the least. (All 19 of them.) Hey, at least it's something to distract from missing someone, right? [J]

Also, after looking through the recent tweets on the homepage, I remember how much we love you guys. Haha, thank you HYBRIDS. [J]


Oh, wow. That's right. I have a Twitter account. Thank God that this isn't a pony, for he'd be LOOONG dead.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Walked in the park today. Relaxed my mind. Saw the path where all those pallets were in Episode #4. [J]


Alex responds to Didz (UF):

hahahha hopefully not. I've been getting no sleep lately. This damn head cold doesnt let me

that chick? haven't heard anything, saw a pic once, shes pretty cute ;D

eh just sounds like she could be friends with jessa and just playing along. If she wasnt, she wouldnt be afraid to talk to them, ya know? and isnt it like 1 am for you?!

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts September 21, September 23: Damsel has taken a picture of Jeff at the park, having considered approaching him.


But the monster was happy when we made him a maze.

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

oh i diffenately know what you mean, i myself, have been sick for about a week now. Not bad, just a head cold. But fortunately i've been going to bed early, unfortunately not staying asleep.

ahahah aw, my dog is old. Although still VERY hyper. Being a Jack Russel she will be hyper till the day she goes. She sleeps in my bed, and when i wake up in the night, shes still running around in my room, growling at the window, and licking my cheek. She's a nut! Sometimes i move in my sleep, and scratches me thinking im playing. Last night i had a cut on my forearm that drew blood hahahha on my legs, usually where she sleeps on, are filled with scratches and cuts. Since ive been sick recently shes been real sweet. Like she can sense something, and instead of wrestling and being rough she just sits on my stomach or licks me

hahaha well i really want to get a Great Dane, amazing dogs. I also like border collies, blue healers (Australian Shepard) and Huskies. Sparky is my first dog, shes probably about 12. Pure breads, like mine, live about 12-14 years, so yeah shes an old lady. And she growls just around, and no not because twig man is being a pedo. Ive gotton up and checked many times . One time it looked like a big white possum or something got into the house. But it was gone in seconds. I looked around and nothing. that was most likely a dream lol

  • The above quote comes from the postcard Jeff received prior to his road trip, which the boys and their friend Jessie now follow to the abandoned Lambertville High School. They tell her about the person harassing them, Jessa's disappearance, CANYOUSEETHEWORDS, and the lead about Doctor Corenthal; Jessie says that James Corenthal was her uncle, a half-brother of her mother’s whom she barely knew. Vince and Jeff investigate the burnt-out school, eventually coming across a woman's body. She has three cuts on her wrist and holds a note; as Jeff takes it, Vince spots something gray crawling through the bushes and they run.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 26, 2010. The songs playing in the car are “Alone Down There” by Modest Mouse, “The Rake's Song” by The Decemberists, “My Boy Builds Coffins” by Florence + The Machine, and “Chloroform Girl” by Polkadot Cadaver. Lambertville High School burnt down in 1992 and is subject to typical urban legends about violent deaths such as that of a ghost called “Buckeye” or “Billy”. Vince says that they now believe Damsel responsible for the burnt pictures; Jeff calls her psychotic but Evan says she seems alright. The description reads:

We have been working on a full-out "catch up" video. However, as we began wrapping it up, we realized just how… unnecessary and boring a ten minute video of us sitting at a desk could be for some people.

I'll see what we can do and perhaps we'll save a final version of a straight-forward recap. If we do, we'll post a download link here and you can do with it what you will. (Rapidshare, etc.) Sorry if this information was a let down. Other, more important, things have happened. Take from it what you will. I don't think this was where the postcard was supposed to be sending us. (You're all welcome to troll Twitter's #HYBRID to try to help us out.)

We love you, HYBRIDs. I know we'll find her. Soon.
Outside links:
[EverymanHYBRID Twitter]

And I think someone sent us a link to a wiki that someone had apparently started about us. I'll look for it later. [J]

Jessie responds to comments on her “MitzieStar” channel:

plaidmonkeypie: I hope all of you are holding up well. This is going to sound odd coming from a complete stranger, but have you had a chance to find out any more information about your uncle? I think Jeff might find it helpful.
MitzieStar: Thank you.. I really don't know much about my uncle, and my mother doesn't really like to talk about him… It's an uncomfortable topic for her. I have been trying, though to find out more about him since everyone reacted so weirdly when I told them he was my uncle. The search hasn't gotten me anywhere, though..
REVAN2338: hey you talk to alex recently? I haven't talked to him in a bit.
Mitziestar: I haven't talked to him in a while either..
plaidmonkeypie: My thoughts are with you. Were the two of you close?
MitzieStar: We weren't particularly close, but I did get to know her pretty well through Jeff.
BreakYourNecks: you know Jessa?
Senokai: @breakyournecks She IS Jessa. Or was.
MitzieStar: I am not Jessa, but I hope she comes home soon..

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Here's that postcard I got a few weeks ago. Any ideas, HYBRIDS? [J] If you want to become a God, use #HYBRID


Yeah. Forget using #HYBRID. All it brings up are people who should be finishing their novels in Starbucks. No offense. Help us: #EMH [J]

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

Nah im good, probably just zoned out, my dog would NOT let my sleep AT ALL last night. Crying all night

Aw well good luck, and i did, i grabbed my camera last night because it was the strangest thing. She was acting worse than ever

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I'm not sure what we all (you too, HYBRIDs) saw, but we obviously didn't find Jessa. And that's why our search continues. #EMH [J]

I'm getting fed up with waiting (uselessly). Something is going to have to change — I'm going to speak with the detectives again, soon. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts September 28, September 30, A Very Public Message, September 30 (cont.): Damsel mentions more instances of police at her door and explains that she has been impatient with joke messages because this is a serious situation. Someone tells her about how the EverymanHYBRID boys mentioned her in their last video, but she declines to contact them.

October 2010


  • Does anyone elses dog do this?: Alex films Sparky scratching at the closet door and whining. There is nothing inside, but a whispering voice can be heard throughout the video.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 1, 2010. It is believed that the voice says “your brother” or “little brother”; some say that there are other voices saying “help me” or “I can't breathe”.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Honestly — what in the HELL was that. (Thank you, HYBRIDS, for all the speculation so far. It's… informative.) [J] #EMH

("Helpful" doesn't sound fitting — and I think we can all understand why.) [J]

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

Its a built in closet. And at the time my room was dead silent. I don't really know how to explain what the audio is doing

it's probably the audio just screwing up, the flashlight that i keep on me could have fucked up the frequency or however that stuff works. And i don't know much about the fire. I was a baby at the time, maybe ill talk to him later."

On October 2, 2010, Alex's YouTube background briefly changes from the image on the left to the image on the right:


It changes back after a few hours. Players identify the man as Larry Langford, mayor of Birmingham, Alabama –home of the Alabama School of Fine Arts that Damsel once attended.

Alex responds to Didz (UF) about how the fire had affected Jeff (“shit, that must have been harsh on him”):

must be those cloned cattle and steroid they drink :) and yeah, about that time. it was harsh, he even had to talked with a doctor for a while."

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

"LAND OF ASHEN WASTE" — where. is. it. What the hell is happening. And to think that some people claim to withhold answers. [J] #EMH


It's raining today.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I really appreciate the amount of ideas you guys have thrown around. I'll make a list and run it by the guys. [J] #EMH

You HYBRIDs never cease to amaze me. [J] #EMH

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts October 4, Change of Scenery: Damsel says that she is ignoring police calls after she swears one of them laughed on the other end; if they visit her door again, she will tell the truth.

  • The video is a series of pictures of Jeff and Jessa and one brief clip, all set to “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie.4
    • Minutiae: Posted October 5, 2010. Many of the pictures are set in the woods. There is a hidden frame of a Slender Man drawing that reads “GUILTYGUILTYGUILTY”. The line “you will die” experiences a pitch change, and there is distortion on the word "spark". At the very end, the music cuts so that “dark” becomes “ark”. The description reads:

The sentiment still applies. I don't know.
If my brother's right… then please, just call me to let me know you're okay. Otherwise, I'm not going to stop looking.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

#LiesYouShouldntFallFor — that artists from Princeton are anything to be trusted. Enough said. [J]



EverymanHYBRID tweets:



I'm through with you, beloved #EMH SEE YOU LATER, HYBRIDS.

(Yeah, let me force a nickname for my viewers. Real cute.)

The nerve of some people.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

I know, right? I thought the nickname was ADORABLE. Here ya go, take your mind off of things. #EMH [J]

Some things just have to be done — it's in the law's hands now. [J]

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts October 6: Some of Damsel’s followers don't consider her guilty.

  • Injustice: “Apparently, my dear friend Jeffrey seems to be jumping to conclusions and blaming an innocent woman for the disappearance of his girlfriend. That girl from the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS website, who clearly is not guilty of anything except for desperately trying to survive in this… messed up world and against… messed up happenings.”
  • Evan makes a brief rant-style video about Jeff’s decision to report Damsel to the police, who are only now listening to them. He wishes again that the others would acknowledge what they’re really up against.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 7, 2010. The description reads:


She's innocent. Jeff's too frustrated to figure it out.

Alex responds to Didz (UF) about moving the back panel of his closet to see if Sparky had been there:

i already did. Looks like sparky got back there when i was a school or some time. They're are claw marks all over behind it

eh she acts up worse around 12-3am. Last night i kicked her out of my room and made her sleep on the porch

well, they don't fit perfectly. But after being scratched more than onces, marks will tend lengthen i suppose, Oh and uploading a new video now. It sucks but i had to get something out

  • Good things to come: Alex says that he will be setting up a camera to capture what Sparky has been doing, such as scratching his closet door at night.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 7, 2010. Alex wears an orange, fur-lined hat. The description reads:

Eh not really action packed, just wanted to post a video, and tell you briefly whats in stored for you

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts October 7, October 8, North or South: Damsel has been put through mandatory psychological evaluation and will be detained rather than arrested because of what they have found. She hopes that Jessa will be okay, and mentions that she has left a post to be published at a later date in her post queue.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

You would understand why it was necessary if you were me. It all points to that girl. #EMH


Now that that's done with — I still don't feel any better. Nothing changed. We'll push on with this damned postcard, I guess. For her. [J]

EverymanHYBRID responds to YouTube comments claiming they have lost their current direction:

You two really believe the world works that way, huh? Tell us that we don't know where we're going — lives aren't manifested simply to entertain the few.
Stop telling yourself that life makes sense and that there are just some things that you can't understand.
I don't know where she is… but I have an idea what we can do to get her back. Do you know where YOU are going? [JEFF]

WOULDYOUKINDLY — a man chooses; a slave obeys.
We're finding Jessalyn, first and foremost. We can. And will. [JEFF]

EverymanHYBRID tweets in response to players’ “Land of Ashen Waste” theories:

(Uniontown, Alabama: site of a landfill where coal ash was dumped after a spill in 2008)

@dixie_wolf This is very interesting… but honestly, it just leaves me grasping at more questions. [J] #EMH

(Greenpoint Terminal Market in Brooklyn, New York: historical site referred to as an "ashen wasteland" after a mysterious arson case in 2006)

@DocJowles Hm, apparently they caught the immigrant who did this, but are still suspicious. It's close, too. [J] #EMH

(Centralia, Pennsylvania: town almost completely abandoned after an underground mine fire broke out in 1962)

@asmith1243 I'll get straight to Google for this one… but what's in Centralia, Andy? Sounds very, very familiar. [J] #EMH

On October 10, 2010, Alex’s channel description reads:

The Chicago Fire Department has ruled the cause of the fire undetermined. The amount and type of flammables within the structure make it difficult to determine what did or did not contribute to the start and spread of the fire. If new information becomes available, the department will review its findings its back up.

Players attribute the quote to a different Larry Langford: the spokesman of the Chicago Fire Department. It disappears later that day.

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

1. House isn't built on a burial ground…..yeah…I went there.
2. Sparky is getting worse but the footage he's got is pretty much exactly the same as his first video of her so he's not going to up load it yet. He's getting her a basket to sleep outside his room so he can sleep…….

Oh man sounds like a nuisance. And Spark's nails are becoming too short, one is already raw and bleeding. Last night i had to give her a small smack on the ass when i noticed some of her blood on the door. Now whenever i hear the scratching i have to get up and yell at her. She starts back up within the hour and thats when i kick her out

Didz (UF) writes about her daughter:

She is an odd child. Has no fear whatsoever. As for the other creepy stuff, when we finally get round to swapping rooms with her I'll be sleeping with a camera on just in case I catch whatever it was that was upsetting her. Weirdest/creepiest thing that's happened is hearing a male voice say "it's ok" to her when she whined in her sleep.

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

hahahaha yeah, but some think i want to hear their nonsense. How "I could be in danger" because my dog has been looking at my closet at night. How "The stick dude will get pissed because im not taking him seriously" Since slendy doesn't have nuts, he won't even think of coming near me, if he existed ;)

Im in no danger but thanks. and no. Another kid messaged me about it. I changed my password again so who ever keeps getting a hold of my account wont be able to. Or you guys are succeeding in trolling me

This is not for you. Players find the following two “leaked videos” in the “Related Videos” section on YouTube.5

  • Vince, Evan, and Jeff go to a convenience store. When they return, Vince takes a large knife from Evan and asks why he is carrying it. The next scene has Evan saying that the Slender Man makes him want to do terrible things, addressing an empty chair as though someone were there. A scene of Evan and Vince playing video games goes awry as Evan is shown bleeding from the ears and goes after Vince with the knife. There is a sound of sirens and children’s laughter as Vince runs off with the camera, and the Slender Man’s appearance is accompanied by a sound of drowning.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 8, 2010.
  • Welcome to the ARK: “None of our clocks work, or phones, watches, this place is something else.”
  • The boys are in a darkened basement, Jeff watching the Introduction video until his computer dies. Their conversation reveals that they are somewhere with no one outside, technology failing, and the sun disappearing for three days. Apparently, they used to be with “the doctor” and “the girls”. The Slender Man and the Rake appear, and they have to find light in order to escape. Jeff is dragged away by the Rake.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 8, 2010. All three have purple duct tape over bandages in different places: Jeff’s wrist, Evan’s neck, and Vince’s knee. Other clips in the video include drowning footage, a lightning storm, and Evan from “Slender man”.

EverymanHYBRID responds to Karuvitomsk (UF):

Re: The White Crawling Entity
Thanks for doing the research for us, you saved us a lot of google time that's for sure. We looked up this "Rake" story and are definitely looking into the parallels in our situation. Its unsettling to say the least.
I'm starting to find it very peculiar that two made up "paranormal" entities from the internet would show up at our door step and be terrorizing us. With that being said I'm still looking for some ONE person who would try and set all this up and keep at it for this long.
As for Jeff's dog, they took her to the vet and were told that something must of freaked Sparky out because shes developed nervous issues over night. Seems like shes not the only one…

  • EMH video.wmv: In response to the EverymanHYBRID promotion contest, Magus00 (UF) had put up flyers to promote the channel.
  • Congratulations Magus!.avi: This video was the “prize” sent to Magus, AKA Jay. It starts with Vince, Evan, and Jeff giving the expected congratulations, but it cuts to different footage when Evan is about to explain why the rest of the prize is being delayed. The Slender Man is shown walking through woods in the light, and then Vince and Jeff are shown outside in the dark. Jeff laughs bitterly as he refers to Jessa as dead, but then they spot her silhouette through the window. Vince tries to stop Jeff from running towards her and the Slender Man appears on the roof.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Where did that video come from, Magus. What kind of sick joke. [J]

Let me rephrase that: what the hell is going on. Magus, I know it wasn't your fault. You can understand my… anger. [J]

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

Yeah jeffs fine, ill give vinny a call, why did you ask?

Alex responds to WestRoadSal (UF) about the location of the Magus video:

Yeah, somebody linked it to me earlier, that was in my backyard. not sure when it was…

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

Been better, kept waking up last night. Tired as bawlz today, how about yourself?

damn that sucks. Dog got my arm real good this time, Last night I had to actually get up and wrap it. The lil shit was too scared she scampered off. Today after i got home from school i showed her what she did and as-if saying "sorry" she started licking it

Well not really, ever since i tried opening the cabinet and closet, that stopped her from scratching at it. Now she sits at the edge of my bed staring and growing into it. I find it a little better than barking and scratching, easier to sleep through. But then again the night i did this, the little shit scratched me bad. I think i already told you about that

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

@SuperManHams Although I don't personally know you, I appreciate it and I think we'll all pull through, just fine.Thank you. [J]

Alright — piecing together an itinerary. Such a delightful "road trip" if I do say so myself. We're going to Brooklyn. [J] #EMH

On this brisk autumn day, I feel… excited. Things seem brighter. I know we'll find her and everything will be fine. This will work. [J]

  • Ashen Waste: “So today, I wanted to kinda fill you guys in on the note that we found on our friend, the disappearing body. We tried to submit it to the cops as some sort of evidence, or a clue at least, to kinda prove to them that we actually did see this body; that we did see this person. Needless to say, they said this was our final warning and they would not be putting up with us anymore because they think we're crying wolf, and if we go to them again, they more or less said we'd be spending the night in jail.”
  • The letter, whose recipient’s name is smeared out in blood, is addressed from Linnie and includes a set of coordinates at the bottom. Before showing this, the boys follow players’ “Land of Ashen Waste” lead to Brooklyn, New York. As they explore the burnt-out Greenpoint Terminal Market building, Evan spots the Slender Man and runs after it with a bat. He ends up disoriented and coughing up blood, so Vince and Jeff get him into the car. They attempt to run over the Slender Man on the way to the hospital, only to somehow wake up in one of their basements.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 23, 2010. The song playing in the car is “Hotel California” by The Eagles. The note reads:

I'm heading east. You wouldn't believe it. Someone else knows about the doctor. Bless his soul, it'll be such a relief to finally figure out what happened to him those few years ago.

Spent last night in the Logan Inn. Tomorrow I'm heading into New Jersey to finally contact this group. They show a lot of promise. I'll find you and the others, if they can finally help us. Stay safe. We'll make it out.

- Linnie.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Thank you all for the concern about us, particularly Evan. The strangest part of our recent trip, though… we're fine. (continued) #EMH

Evan's fine. We took him to the hospital (easily this time) and was clean of any external blood to begin with, after we woke. (Cont.) #EMH

We don't know what happened. The Maxima's fine (well, as "fine" as a 1995 could be) and there wasn't any sign of damage. (Cont.) #EMH

But I know we hit Him. I felt the collision. I heard bone shatter. Maybe it was our own. But again: we're confused, but okay. (Cont.) #EMH

We were toyed with. These sites, He wants us there, but they're not leading us to find her. I'm done playing. [J] #EMH Stay safe, HYBRIDS.

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

i may do that this weekend if i get a chance, i have a busy weekend. It's actually pretty deep. I may need stitches if it keeps re-opening. As soon as it scabs over, rips back open, hurts like a bitch!

Yeah, i used my dog as a healer too. Works but in this case, my cut, once it semi-closes up, any movement "her licking it" tears it instantly and starts gushing again

Alex responds to Derektherobot (UF) about how they both have Jack Russell terriers:

Yeah, i hate the stubbornness when they're barking, they won't quit

lol it's the opposite with me. Occasionally during the day, she'll sit on the couch looking out the window, and bark at passer-byers. But at night, shes much worse. It's becoming a problem

yeah! a couple of nights ago my dog scratched my arm real bad, worse than usual. I never knew a dog can get that deep in an arm. I keep it wrapped but it keeps ripping back open. I don't know whether i should go and get stitches or let my dog continue to lick it lol

On October 25, 2010, FlyingWarhorse on UnFiction and his wife follow the coordinates from “Ashen Waste” to Lambertville, New Jersey and discover the third hidden box of seven. The box is a hollow book containing three of the defaced photographs, a page of coded writing, a letter from Doctor Corenthal, and a note reading “There is no veiling your perception as anything more than an illusion.”
The Corenthal letter is dated 1971 from the Fairmount Children's Home. It describes a young patient named Evan who would only answer to the name “Habit” and displayed homicidal tendencies, killing a nurse with a fork and crucifying a warren of rabbits. Corenthal himself was haunted by a repeating verse: “Rabbit or Habit”.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:


This tweet was deleted shortly after its discovery by the players. Later deleted tweets will now be referred to as “phantom tweets”.

EverymanHYBRID responds to ravanjedi (UF) asking if they had seen the videos of the third box’s discovery:

Thanks for telling us, Faron. I saw the video though — I'm not entirely sure what to think. Those are our pictures. -Jeff

Fissioninferno (UF) tweets the following observations:

@EverymanHYBRID You are at the apex of a series of events. The girl whose body you found was part of only one slice of this ordeal. #emh

@EverymanHYBRID As is the Damsel. She can see The Words. You can't, and she has suffered for it. #emh

@EverymanHYBRID At the center is Habit. At the center is the mysterious patient, Evan. At the center is your Evan. #emh

@EverymanHYBRID You are being stalked by the tall man, the Slender Man, but is he benevolent or malevolent? Or neutral? Emh

@EverymanHYBRID It is very much likely that Slender Man himself is but one spoke of this wheel, as the Rake is. #emh

@EverymanHYBRID I give my regards, and I give hope that this will soon come to fruition. Stay strong. #emh

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

@Fissioninferno Is this accurate to your breakdown? I'm surprised how satisfying it was to put into words. [J]


EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:


Players tweeted to EverymanHYBRID with #savethedamsel:

BeyondAbraxas: Nice is an irrelevance. The laws of necessitation dictate you must #savethedamsel. #EMH

cyrustheyounger: @Fissioninferno @BeyondAbraxas She is not being held by Him. He did not put her in the institution. She can be freed. #emh #savethedamsel

BeyondAbraxas: @Fissioninferno If she is where 'he' wants her, that is all the more reason to #Savethedamsel.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

@Cosmic122783 I don't know who you are. But you cannot intimidate us. Any imprisonment you can bestow upon us — we'll burn our way out. [J]

I thought isolating a stressor would bring comfort; since the whole dispute, nothing's improved. I feel terrible. [J] #SAVETHEDAMSEL #EMH

impy1973 on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID You should probably go visit her. I'm sure she'd appreciate a hoagie, too. The Fat Lady's her favorite. #savethedamsel

EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:


impy1973 on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID Who are you and why are you stalking them? #EMH

EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:


EverymanHYBRID tweets:

The papers are gone. All of them. All that's left are a few shreds. [J]

There are worse things that could have been taken or ruined. Damn rodents and their paper-induced tendencies. [J] #EMH

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

what did it say? and today i found something pretty weird

wtf? and i found scraps of papers everywhere in my brothers room. They trailed to my closet where i found a piece of paper with letters and numbers on it

It's upstairs in my room. I forget what it said exactly, maybe ill make a video about it since a few people are concerned about it and i havent uploaded a video in a while

  • Business Cards on a Plane: Alex shows an EverymanHYBRID business card with coordinates and “[Continue?]” on the back, having found it in his closet at the end of the paper trail.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 28, 2010. Jeff is there and says that they are calling an exterminator. The description reads:

followed the yellow brick road to my craw space. Maybe some evidence of rodent activity. Wound finally closed up, gonna let it breath over night. Annihilation is in the future!

impy1973 on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID I assume nothing, you son of a bitch. I just want to know who you think you are. #EMH

EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:


EverymanHYBRID tweets:


[J] #EMH

Happy Halloween, HYBRIDS. Our preferred method of escapism at its finest. [V] (Alan Wake & Mr. Stucky)


My name is Alan Wake. I've lost everything, my flashlight, my wife." But not Barry. [J] (Alan Wake and Barry)


On October 30, ladymatsuyah on UnFiction follows the coordinates from “Business Cards on a Plane” to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania and finds a bag. The bag contains a Powerade bottle, a note to Linnie from William, and another Corenthal Letter.
The letter from 1971 describes another young patient named Vincent who was from the same mining town as Evan. He had been visiting a Reverend who had promised him that they would play pirate games and discover a “hidden cove”. When the Reverend was eviscerated, Vincent said that it happened because “Man doesn't share”.

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

wtf is someone threatning my brother? ill fucking rip their faces off

November 2010

CANYOUSEETHEWORDS posts November 1: Damsel's queued post is published, meaning that she is still gone. In this post, she expresses forgiveness towards Jeff despite not being responsible for Jessa's disappearance. She reveals that the one thing she lied about on her blog was that she returned home one day to find it burnt to the ground. In reality, she found her family's remains in plastic bags and burnt the house down herself because she felt that the Slender Man, which she had seen in her dreams since childhood, had wanted her to leave. Damsel apologizes to everyone, echoing the lines “guiltyGUILTYGUILTYGUILTY” and “Be not like me. I am alone.”

EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:

Take solace in the rain, my children. It only means I'm near.


Oh, how pleasant it is to be torn.


Oh, a classic power struggle is it?


They are already mine. Good Luck.

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

oh i thought the US was the fattest… a small victory… hahahha that makes sense to change the name though, and he met evan in high school and vinnie in elementary school

yeah i got it [the phantom tweets], is jeff and that girl fighting again?

Wtf?and no there isn't [anyone inside posting them]. Sounds like bible verses or something.

I don't know, i don't even have an account. I don't know how that shit works

yeah. Thats fucked up

Dixie_Wolf (UF) writes:

I did have a dream yesterday… that I was hanging with the EMH boys, and Vince handed me a hand-written note. It seemed normal enough… except that "VII" was written ALL OVER THE DAMN THING — in the margins, after sentences, between words, over words…

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

Just got home. Three hours in the car with the crew. No words. I'm so sorry, Jessalyn. [J] #EMH

  • Centralia: “Someone sent us down here for another fucking puzzle! We’re getting this girl, and we're stopping this.”
  • The HYBRID boys visit Centralia, Pennsylvania: a mining town notoriously abandoned by all but a few of its residents after a fire broke out underground in 1962. They walk down the “graffiti highway” until Jeff runs ahead and unseen clips from the Baldpate trip start appearing. He finds Jessa's hamsa necklace as clips of Jeff and Jessa cut into the video and insists that they have to rescue Damsel, much to Vince's bemusement. Evan says again that they have to kill the Slender Man. Clips towards the end include Jeff puncturing a trash bag full of guts on a tree with purple tape, and a flashlight pointed at one of boys in the dark.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 4, 2010. The EverymanHYBRID logo can be seen scrawled into the dirt. Some other interesting graffiti they find includes “This is where she appears in the dark of the Night”, “My eyes are open. Is this what we became?”, “This town will eventually take me… This town will win.” The description reads:

I guess this is the "land of ashen waste" — hooray, HYBRIDS, we solved the damned postcard-puzzle.

She's gone. I've failed her. [J]

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

"Jessa's kind of weird and I love her for it. I think I'm going to give her this…" 7.24.2010


On November 5, 2010, Alex's YouTube background changes back to the black-eyed version of the mayor Larry Langford.

  • VID00006.MP4: Alex washes three deep cuts on his arm with no additional context.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 5, 2010.
  • I'm Okay: Alex explains what happened the night he was attacked. The exterminator had left that day without his tools or the truck, so they called the company to retrieve them. Alex locked Sparky outside of his room to stop her from acting up, and he woke up to a terrible stench and a disfigured creature with black eyes at the foot of his bed: the Rake. He panicked and took the video of cleaning his cuts. Alex has since barricaded the closet door and intends to keep a baseball bat with him as he sleeps.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 6, 2010. Alex says that he can only tell the audience what happened because his parents would put Sparky to sleep, and he doesn't know what Jeff would do. The description reads:

still a little shaken. It's not sparky. It was gone before i even looked back up

Alex's YouTube background changes back to normal before briefly becoming this image:


Alex responds to msheadwound (UF):

it's not about jeff not believing me but how he would re-act. He's not in the right mind at the moment and this will NOT help him

Alex responds to Didz (UF):

yeah im fine. and i was most certainly freaked the fuck out. And telling jeff won't help anything, just break the thin line of sanity he has left. And that thing at the end of his video, thats what is in my room.

I don't know yet. I dont want him doing anything stupid for BOTH our sakes

Telling Evan won't work… he would do something to piss it off, then it's just me and it together at night. Not a good idea. I'll wait until Jeff finds out on his own, hopefully by then he will be better. I don't know why this thing is after me but it WILL go away. When i woke up all i got was a split glance of it. For those mil-seconds it looked like it was having a seizure or convulsing or something. It still maintained eye contact somehow… i don't know. And im armed with spArky, my bat, and the know how to fuck its shit up if i catch it.

i don't know how it got there, and any "fake" hallucinations are MUCH better then whats going on when i sleep. if i ever wake up to see that again i don't know what i would fucking do BUT if i catch it when im awake… it's fucking dead

I dont know. And keeping sparky in the room only makes its action less severe. I don't know how, but i don't care. Shes staying with me.

I just don't want anything to happen to her. If that fucking thing hurts her in anyway ill rip its head off with my bear hands… and it reeked like sewage. Like road kill. Fucking repulsive. The scent was so strong. But the smell wasn't there when i returned.

orange juice. Pretty much finished two bottles since then. I'm feeling less light headed. But i'm still paranoid as shit, and constantly ready to kill something. Not a real healthy way to feel. But i'll be back to myself after this all blows over

On November 9, 2010, evilcactus on UnFiction receives the VII Letter. It is from 1981 and covered in “VII” as a reference to DixieWolf's dream, and the envelope reads “YOU LET US IN.” and “RK. A DAY IN TH”. Corenthal expresses regret over the fates of the children now called the “Mining Town Four”: Evan, Vincent, Jeffrey, and █████████, whom he had come to see as his own children. He is concerned about Linnie, a surviving child who is victim to a feral “personal demon”.

EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:


  • . . . .: “sing along rabbits./3. 2. 1./wait for it/[Begin.]/His loss blinds him.”
  • The above text is dispersed throughout the video, starting with “Who Could Win a Rabbit” playing over the countdown. There are scenes of the hamsa necklace and Alex cleaning his wounds. There is more drowning footage. Jeff’s “loss blinds him”, presumably to Alex’s predicament.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 12, 2010. The title is Morse code for “H”. Other clips include a rabbit hopping, Baldpate footage, and Sparky. There is one shot of Evan looking down in a room with flickering lights, and then a similar one with Damsel.

EverymanHYBRID phantom tweets:


old_familiar_way (UF) writes:

Sorry, this is probably old news but has anyone ever noticed the hidden message on CYSTW? On the background image? It says "this is no longer their game… consider yourself marked." I did a search here and nothing came up.
by the way… i had to TILT the screen to see it. Hmmm. Though who knows how long that's actually been there.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

You guys are incredible. No need to save #EMH — we're fine. I feel like I've been asleep for the past week. Thank God for friends. [J]

  • Alex: “Hey there Hybrids, Evan here. I got a very strange thing in the mail today; it was one of those memory card… memory sticks… I don't know what you call ‘em. But my sister showed me, just plug it into her computer and it had some files on it. And uh, one of the files was footage from inside of Jeff's house. It was like security camera style, you know what I mean? And I don't know who could have done that, because I don't think they have security footage in their house, like security cameras, but whatever. Either way, it showed some disturbing shit. And yeah, look at it for yourselves. I'm going to investigate, see the hell this is about. But… yeah, just take a look.”
  • The footage shows Alex with a bandaged arm. When Evan goes to their house to investigate, Alex describes the Rake to him. It reminds Evan of what Vince and Jeff saw at Lambertville, so he convinces Alex that they should tell Jeff. Once Evan has told Jeff, they head back to Alex's room to find it ransacked. Growling comes from inside the closet, and it immediately cuts to Evan chaining the doors shut. Alex will be sharing Jeff's room while his is locked down.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 18, 2010. The song playing in Jeff’s room is “Shankill Butchers” by The Decemberists. Background chatter can be heard after Alex answers the door; he has Evan go up to his room to have the conversation, saying that he doesn't want his parents to overhear it. The description reads:

I'm so sorry for missing these signs, Alex. I know she wouldn't want me to ignore your troubles and I would never want to as your brother.

I'm not going to let anything take you. I'm sorry I was so fucking stupid.

Thank you, HYBRIDS. -Jeff

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

It's great to get out of that damned room. Alex and I are playing some 360 and eating hot wings. BRILLIANT! [J] #EMH

yugiohtas on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID What're you guys playing?

EverymanHYBRID responds:

@yugiohtas He's been playing Black Ops and now it's onto Dead Rising. I would totally rock the moose-head. [J]

Skeletor1991 on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID Sounds like a good night to me. You guys at your house?

EverymanHYBRID responds:

@Skeletor1991 In the basement! Historians will look back (when we live in our own places) and see the inspiration for our Man Caves. [J]

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

We took Evan to Baldpate Mountain for a day to relax way back when. Now, we share the day with you, HYBRIDS. [J]


Good morning, HYBRIDS. (Or evening? to our folks across the pond!) … If you are interested on Sunday's adventure, please email us! [J]

TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

Mfw the new tweet :D One of the few situations where I am glad to live in New Jersey.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

TheGreenFeathers was the first HYBRID at the park. Jealous yet? [J]

Took the gang to Princeton. [J]

It's official: Zeus' Grundle is now the HYBRID name for buffalo chicken cheesesteak.

I'm sorry we missed so many of you today, HYBRIDS. We love you all and hope to see you next time. [J]

TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

And not a single fuck was given that day.


Well, to make a long, hilarious, memetic, exploitable, epic day short:

We hung out in the Marina parking lot for an hour in anticipation of others (none), walked down/back trail, drove to Princeton for lunch, walked around for a bit, headed back. They were all hysterical and we had a blast; I'm sort of at a loss for words from the exposure to so much awesome. I have to mentally collect my thoughts so I can sum up this legendary occasion. Oh, and I took video

  • A Day With EverymanHYBRID: TheGreenFeathers records his meet-up with Vince, Evan, Jeff, and Jessie on a trail and downtown.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 21, 2010. Songs included in the video are “The Mariner's Revenge Song” by The Decemberists, “Run To the Hills” by Iron Maiden, and “Oh No You Didn't” by the Wojahn Bros. The video description reads:

I had the oppritunity to spend an afternoon in Princeton with the members of EverymanHYBRID. We had a great time and I'm looking forward to hanging out with them again.

TheGreenFeathers (UF) writes:

Yes, that was Jessie. Evan mentioned his negative feelings & confusion towards viewers who think of this as just "a game". We happened to pass the location of Box #1 on the way to Princeton, and when I pointed it out to them Jeff sped past it. Evan turned around the back window and glanced out nervously for a good 30 seconds or so. While in the parking lot, I was questioned regarding the contents of the box, they thanked me for not bringing it. Very vaguely was anything plot-related mention, and if it was, it was subtle/mysterious.

Also, Jessie was wearing the same necklace as Jessa, if that's worth mentioning.

  • Vince, Evan, Jeff, and Jessie wait around for TheGreenFeathers and potentially Ryan. They all walk around through a park and hang out until it is time for him to leave. On the drive home, Vince receives a call from Ryan. It seems that he has gotten into a car accident mid-call because there are strange noises on the other end.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 22, 2010. Evan wears a shotgun shell necklace. The video's annotations: “Little Alex took two girlies to the movies on this day. And you thought we left HIM out.” and “Introducing TheGreenFeathers, aka Nick!” The description reads:

The first HYBRID meet up, on November 21st, 2010. Only one dude showed up, but we thank you so much, TheGreenFeathers.
The day went incredibly great, until we got a call.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

On behalf of EMH, I would like to apologize for Evan's slang. We are products of the public school system; Evan, just a little more. [J]

LanzAlentzia on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID I may regret this but… why "Grundle"? :P

EverymanHYBRID responds:

@LanzAlentzia No regrets. We didn't choose "Grundle" — Grundle chose us. [J]

ravanjedi on Twitter writes:

@EverymanHYBRID Where do you keep y'alls Pokemon? srs question.

EverymanHYBRID responds:

@ravanjedi My DS with SoulSilver in it is tucked away in my personal desk. I've been neglecting it (and my Swampert, named MUDKIP X). [J]

quitthecarnival (UF) writes:

Like a bajillion pages ago GreenFeathers mentioned they questioned him about the box. And now I wanna know what they said.
Edit: I know he said nothing super plot related happened during his time with them, but he said Jeff sped by it and Evan was nervous. And they took the time to question him. Something's up with that.

TheGreenFeathers (UF) responds:

While we were in the parking lot after walking down and back the trail, Evan, Vince, Jessie, and myself (Jeff had walked away from the car for a few minutes, not sure what he was up to, but him and Vince exchanged looks of 'awarement' before he left). Evan went on to say how Jeff has been more chipper than usual lately, etc. and proceeded by asking me about the box. I mentioned the cryptic writing, slash marks, photographs. He asked me what the scratches looked like, I replied by saying they could've been made by a knife or claws. Evan stared blankly for a few seconds and said "claws…how deep were the slashes?" I said "about a half an inch deep, or so." He had a mysterious look on his face and looked at Vince, I didn't know what to say so I just said "Maybe I should've brought it along". They both thanked me in unison for not bringing it, as it was the last thing they wanted to be thinking about.
Also, when we passed the spot for a second time, Evan asked me what was around the area when I had found the box. I mentioned the purple tape and he had the same blank stare on his face again, turned around and glared out the back window for 30 seconds or so. He wanted me to notice his nervousness about the topic- atleast, that's what I've inferred.

EverymanHYBRID tweets:

In all seriousness, though, we've been trying to contact Ryan's family. He didn't deserve that and I know he never drove carelessly. [J]

We're all just waiting for details. Send some thoughts and vibrations to Ryan and his family, HYBRIDS. [J]

  • Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT: “You really think that you’re the boss? You really think that you can just… tell all of us what to do, and we'll do it? They might, maybe. But me, not so much. I know, oh, I know you're powerful. I know you're a big strong man, but you gotta remember who brought you these little fish. You gotta remember that whatever I want, I get. Whatever I want! If I want their fucking blood, then I will take it! There ain't a GOD damn thing you can do about it. You may scare Evan, but he's just a bitch. Not me. I will fuck you up the next chance I get. Now… let's talk about these little fishes.”
  • Vince, Jeff, Evan, and Alex head to the site of Ryan’s car accident. Once there, Jeff explains that they went with Ryan’s mother to confirm the body: he had cuts and a broken neck, and the windshield glass was inside the car. Evan says that they think he was attacked. Vince reads aloud an e-mail Ryan had sent them: he had been contacted by one “SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT”, who had asked him for personal information and a pint of his blood. They refused to disclose their identity and told him not to “seek outside help”. Ryan had promised to share more information with them on the same day that he was killed, so the HYBRID boys have decided to share the e-mail account in case the “trials” could be a potential lead.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 24, 2010. On the way to the site, the boys spot a dead deer with its chest cut open. The above monologue comes from a scene cutting into the video where Evan, decidedly not himself since he mentions “Evan” in the third person, threatens an unseen figure with his knife. Confused, Jeff films this from the shadows and eventually shows himself to Evan, who pretends to act normal while approaching him with the knife. The description reads:

Here's a link to that screen-cap: (Tournament Email link)

We're all registered now. (Apparently, RABBITS#002-004). I didn't want my brother to register, not until we know exactly what it is. (MOC.LIAMG|TIBAHFOSLAIRTNEVES#MOC.LIAMG|TIBAHFOSLAIRTNEVES)

Daniel visited the memorial site with us and was kind enough to lend us his camera, hence the night-vision.

Thank you, HYBRIDS. [J]



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