Emergency Call

So, it looks like The Slender Man phenomenon is more widespread than we thought. It’s amazing what you can find on the web- these were leaked. Not going to tell you WHERE I found them though. Seems Slender Man has been sighted in England, at any rate, if these reports and photos are to be believed.

55 Emergency call transcript, Jul 20th 2003

Operator: Hello, caller, what is your location?

Caller: Help… please help…

OP: What is your location, please, caller?

Caller: [inaudible] know! We’re in some old house

OP: Where is the house located?

Caller: Somewhere on [inaudible]. Something’s here.

OP: What is the emergency?

Caller: Something’s here! Something bad. It’s hurt my boyfriend, it just [inaudible.]

OP: You and your boyfriend have been attacked?

Caller: Yes! Please send help. Anything!

OP: Sending officers to your location now. Please stay on the line, caller.

Caller: I can’t! It’ll hear me! Oh, god… [inaudible.]

OP: Caller?

Caller: [Heavy breathing]

OP: Caller, officers will be there soon; please remain calm.

Caller: [Unidentifiable sound] [Caller disconnect]

According to the reports the emergency service traced the call to a mobile phone just outside city limits. When officers and paramedics arrived on scene they found an abandoned building, with no-one around. The door was wide open, broken into. On checking the interior they found nothing- except a camera.

When the pictures were published, they found these. Creepy, huh?

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. Canvassing the few houses out there garnered reports that the place was ‘haunted’ they’d seen strange things around there, wouldn’t let their kids play there, standard stuff like that. Some kid had died several years ago, pretty nasty. On a whim, I wanted to see if I could track down the statements from that time- I found one, from the brother. Pretty interesting reading… I’ve excerpted the best bits, got rid of all the distraction. The kid seems pretty upset when you read through it- understandable, really.

Extracts of witness statement, 16 May 1963 … I don’t know why we went to the house. Just seemed like a fun thing to do. I don’t know why the old owners left. It’s been empty for a long long time. We got there at about ten I think and we went to look around. James did some silly stuff. Like throw a brick at a window. He’s always trying to get me in trouble….[six sentences cut] it took us ages to break into the house but when we got in it was strange, really odd. All the old stuff there, all the old stuff from the old family. Even plates on the table, everything. It was really dusty, nothing has been in for long time… upstairs there was loads of writing on the wall that didn’t make any sense. Pictures of a man. A tall man with long arms. The writing was scary. I didn’t like it….[paragraph cut] when we went into a bedroom my brother said it was a girls bedroom. he got on the bad and started making moaning noises. My brother’s thirteen. He was laughing, I told him he shouldn’t. Because the girl might be watching…[two sentence cut] I don’t know why I thought someone might be watching but it felt like it was. I really wanted to get out of the bedroom. The window was open and it was really cold…[paragraph cut] I looked out of the window. I saw someone. Someone really tall and pale, wearing black. He was really thin. I thought he might be the house owner and I was scared. I shouted at my brother. My brother came to the window. He got all pale and started looking funny. The tall pale man was coming closer. My brother told me to get out of the room and hide. I hid for ages and I heard steps on the stairs and then I didn’t hear anything any more. I waited for hours but when I got out of the cupboard my brother was gone. I’ve seen the thin man twice since outside my house. I’m scared…

Oddly enough, on the 26th of the month Simon Doyle, brother of James Doyle was reported missing. Three months later two bodies were found at an abandoned train station badly mutilated. They were tentatively identified as Simon and James.

As for what happened to the family that owned the house before? I think we can guess. The words we know for sure were painted on the wall read as follows:

He is coming, the slender man is coming

He knows.

He knows where you sleep and where you live

Only he knows what he wants

He watches

He wants

Who knows what else has happened? Where else he’s been? By the way the investigation has officially been taken off the hands of [REDACTED] police and handed off to a more 'experienced’ squad, apparently. What are they keeping from us this time? Just what is going on?

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