Diamond Lake

All this talk about a slender man from the forest rang a bell with something that happened to me when I was six or so. One fine summer day my dad said we should go camping. We had never gone camping before. At that moment my mom got this funny look on her face and said no, we were never going camping, ever. She shook her head and mumbled to my dad “you know why, that skinny thing” That was the end of that. Mind you, this all happened like fifteen years ago when I was just a little girl, I really haven’t put much thought into it since, but this recent thread reminded me to ask mom about when I saw her yesterday at church.

I asked her in the parking lot after Mass and she got real quiet, just like when my dad mentioned we should go camping all those years ago. Then she spoke.

“Well, it was over thirty years ago now and you’re an adult, so I suppose it’s okay if you knew. I was just a teenager, and Mike was just barely older than I. Him, your aunts Laurie and Kim,-”

“Who?” I asked, never having heard of either people, but she didn’t explain and kept talking.

“-we went camping up by Diamond Lake. Those days it wasn’t so built up and it was a nice place to camp. The second night we were there Laurie said she has to pee so she got up to do her business a few paces away from the campfire. But she didn’t return after a few minutes and we got worried and we went after her. We found her just a few yards from us, staring into the dark tree branches. Kimberley was closest to Laurie and she sorta nudged her, and when she nudged her she didn’t reply. And she didn’t reply when she pushed her and yelled at her, but Laurie didn’t move. I was just about to ask her what she was doing when I heard this… noise calling my name. It wasn’t a voice, it was like the sound of nails on a chalkboard. I don’t know if it was real or if it was in my own head, but it called me and I was too terrified to move or run or even call out to Mike or my sisters.

Then, out of the woods this tall thing in a business suit came at us. It wasn’t walking on its legs though, it bobbed along on these huge tentacles, like an octopus, if an octopus could walk. I don’t remember exactly how many it had though, it was just lit by our campfire. I was paralyzed but Mike wasn’t, he started after it and told us to run back to the tent. Suddenly I snapped back to myself and I did, I ran back to the tent and I hid there under all four of our sleeping bags, crying and trying not to listen the horrible sounds I could hear. No screaming, there was never any human voices. Sound of crunching and tearing and popping.

Two days later people came looking for us. I was still hiding under the sleeping bags but they found Mike first, then what was left of our sisters, high up in the trees, skewered like sis kabobs. Whatever it was it wasn’t just content to kill our sisters, instead it left Mike alive, with the eyes of both of our sisters in his mouth. They blamed him and he’s been in prison ever since but I don’t think he knows or even cares where he is, that skinny thing took his mind. They listened to my story and said we were on LSD. But my family, they knew Mike could never do anything like that and they believe me. Weird things happen. Weird things.”

It’s all a bit out there, but it has a lot in common with some of the other slender man stories so I thought I’d post it. This happened in Eastern Washington in 1977 and my uncle is in prison but I thought, up until yesterday at least, that he killed a guy in a fight. I’d never heard of my aunts before though and I’m not getting any Google results for Laurie or Kimberly Ward, but that may be because no one’s bothered to put that stuff on the internet yet.

Edit- I’m just paraphrasing here, these aren’t direct quotes from her. I’d try to get more info but I don’t think she really wants to talk about it anymore.

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