Detector Images

I work for a local College (UK) as a “resident technician” Basically this means i am an odd jobs man who will be farmed out to various courses whenever a technical issue arises. Recently I spent some time at our motor-engineering centre, located on a sister campus in a fairly small town in Michigan USA. We have a team of post-grads carrying out research into car safety mechanisms (think impact spreading seat-belts, crumple zones, collision detection etc.)

I was presented with this image as part of the collision detection research as they were having trouble with the sensor going off for no reason:


After pouring over the files for a few nights trying to find a reason for the fault I began to see something frankly rather strange in the image. Having read about the ‘slender man’ before i wondered if perhaps he had made an appearance and set off the detector? Have a look for yourself.


Just found some Radiometric images of The Slender Man.

You can see how its core is quite high on the scale where the tentacles give off less of a reading but again at the tips they spike white again. I think the tips some how fuse to surfaces letting it scale sheer surfaces, there must be evidence of that somewhere?

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