Deep Sea Excursion

Radio and video transmission from the bathyscaphe Nyx, following a deep-sea excursion on April 6th, [REDACTED].

Transmission Resumes

(Following a burst of static, video and radio return. Outside Nyx is a wall of blackness lit only by powerful lights attached to the hull.)

Jonas [REDACTED]: “…ack online. Can you hear me? Over.”

Patricia [REDACTED]: “Some interference, but clear enough to hear. Over.”

J.: “Thought I was lost there for a minute. Any idea what’s causing interference? Over.”

P.: “No clue. Usually you come in nice and… wait. Port camera. What’s that?”

J.: “Hn?”

(In the lights on the port side are long, irregular streaks through the plant life on the sea floor. The plants near the path are sickly and dying.)

P.: “Looks like something gouged into there.”

J.: “Wait… there’s scoring on the rock below. Damn. Whatever did that had some serious kick.”

(The port camera zooms in.)

P.: “There’s a lot of them… seem to be going off in either direction. Did you notice any of these earlier?”

J.: “No. Rock face is clear behind me. Maybe whatever-it-was didn’t start feeding until now.”

P.: “You're… going to follow it. Follow the trail of something that cut through rock.”

J.: “As long as it doesn’t try to nip me, I’ll be fine.”

(The bathyscaphe follows the scorches through the plants. They continue on for several dozen yards.)

J.: “Hey… I see something.”

(There is nothing visible in the wall of darkness.)

P.: “What do you see? The cameras aren’t picking it up.”

J.: “Hang on. Scooting in…”

(The bathyscaphe gradually crawls forward. For a moment, a tall, vaguely humanoid shape leans out of the dark. The cameras all go dead.)

J.: “…No way.”

P.: “Jonas, the cameras went dark! What do you see?”

J.: “…sorta like a guy in a suit. And now you think I’m c… wait. What in the hell are… shit, he saw–mother of fuck, what are…”

P.: “Jonas?! What's—”

(Screaming, hard metallic crunching, terrible wet popping sounds.)

Transmission Ends.

* * *

The above video was confiscated shortly after the Pole Star returned to port, minus the Nyx. Patricia [REDACTED] remains in our custody.

We’re not safe anywhere. These pictures were found on a camera in an old cave. Despite there being several people in many of the shots leading up to this final one, the only body recovered was of an adult male. In one hand was clutched the camera, the other was a knife. Judging by the positioning of the divers arm, he had stabbed himself to death. Despite being in a full wetsuit, all body tissue minus a few traces of skin were eaten by the local wildlife. Divers in the area from a local college found only a skeleton encased in neoprene, still biting hard on its regulator. The tank still had 1200 psi at the time of the diver’s death.


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