Dark Harvest I

The first season of Dark Harvest ran from November 26, 2010 to August 30, 2011 and is comprised of the videos “Log Entry #1” through “Log #19.5”. The first few videos on this channel resemble a typical YouTube ghost documentary but after the true mystery unfolds, they will wish it had stayed that way. And in the early stages of this mystery, players needed solve codes just as much as they did.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. All videos are from the main channel unless specified as Kind von der Ritter, and any unbolded videos are optional.

November 2010

  • The cameraman of this video witnesses a door suddenly slamming and locking on its own behind him. He runs downstairs and flees outside.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 26, 2010. This is all in New Jersey, by the way. The description reads:

After a few weeks of weird stuff happening I decided to find my camera and record what's going on in the house.

  • The cameraman, here identified as Chris, asks his friend Alex this question and receives a vague non-answer. The camera dies as he explains why he is documenting everything. Back at Chris’ house, they watch and discuss the last video.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 28, 2010. Chris apparently lives with his parents. The description reads:

I ask Alex what he thinks about the disturbance from the other day.

  • Log Entry #3 (11/29/2010 6:51 PM): “I didn’t want to call the police because I didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing, ’cause it could just be… I was thinking it could just be one of my friends playing a prank or something. They know I’m pretty freaked out since all this shit started happening.”
  • Chris’ power is out and he has made an unsettling discovery of an e-mail sent to himself from his own address when he was at work. Three images within the message are entitled “Mortem Obire” and were taken from some part of his house, including an open window to his room. It was sent at 4:00 PM, the same time as when his door slammed a few days ago.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 29, 2010. As Chris discovers, “Mortem Obire” translates from Latin as “going to meet with death”. The description reads:

I guess I should start locking my windows.

  • Log Entry #4 (11/30/2010 7:12 PM): “Well, maybe they might come again and creep you out, so you might as well leave that camera over there, right on your clock. And just like, point it out the window or yourself just to be sure, okay? Stop being so paranoid.”
  • Alex visits Chris’ house to get his shirt back and they discuss the e-mail. Chris verifies that he left his laptop on and window unlocked at the time, so someone with a ladder could have broken in. Alex suggests that Chris film himself and stays to play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 30, 2010. Alex thinks that the thermostat must be off, but Chris finds it set to 75° F. Chris now sleeps with a flashlight on. The description reads:

Alex comes to get his shirt.

Chris tweets:

I don't know what the hell just happened. I'm so scared right now, I can't sleep.

  • Log Entry #5 (11/30/2010 11:01 PM): “So I did what Alex told me. I set up a camera in my room to record me while I sleep. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. It felt like someone was choking me. I immediately checked the camera. This is what I found.”
  • Chris’ footage shows his television spontaneously turning on, emitting static and a loud, droning noise. Chris wakes up with a start and finds no sign of anyone choking him.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 30, 2010. The above quote comes from onscreen text.

December 2010

Chris tweets:

Alex is coming over tomorrow. I haven't seen him since the 30th and I'm not sure if he knows what happened.

  • Log Entry #6 (12/12/2010 7:28 PM): “Marc McComber, missing from his home… just disappeared one day, and police had no leads to where he was. Isn’t… isn’t this your house? Look… look at the address.”
  • Chris tells Alex how his paranoia has caused him to keep the camera around most of the time and Alex offers to let Chris stay over for winter break. They both run after loud footsteps coming from upstairs and find the ladder leading into Chris’ attic. All they find are newspapers recounting the 2001 disappearance of one Marc McComber from the same address where Chris now lives, and Chris has to re-convince Alex to let him stay over.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 12, 2010. Audio and visual distortion occurs in this video, first when Chris and Alex head upstairs and then when they read the newspapers. A few months and names have been redacted from them. The description reads:

I didn't notice the visual and audio problems when I was recording it initially. I'm guessing my camera must be malfunctioning. That aside, I'm moving into Alex's house until this whole thing blows over.

Chris tweets:

Just finished unpacking at Alex's house. I feel a bit safer, but the questions lingering in my head are frustrating.

Alex isn't back yet. His phone is dead. I'm a little concerned. Despite my better judgment, I'm going to investigate the house alone.

  • Chris returns to his house in search of Alex and finds the power out. There are papers strewn across his floor with crossed-out circles and vague words written on them, and Alex’s shirt is there again. He sees someone’s hand closing one of the doors and quickly escapes.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 13, 2010. Audio distortion continues in this video. The description reads:

When I arrived the power was out. I didn't see any sign of Alex although there was definitely someone there.

  • 218: “Marco”
  • Video uploaded by an account called “KindVonDerRitter” as a video response to “Log Entry #6”. It shows a hooded figure with a black cloak and blank white mask walking into Chris’ room.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 13, 2010. “Kind von der Ritter” translates from German as “Child of the Knight”. The title is the number of Chris’ address shown in “Log #7”. The footage experiences distortion similar to that in Chris’ footage.

Chris tweets:

I found Alex. Asleep on his front lawn. I asked him what happened but he claims he can't remember.

Can't sleep. My nerves are completely shot.

102 fever. Might be due to my lack of sleep lately. On the bright side I feel safe here at Alex's.

Alex is at the hospital. He's in stable condition. I just spoke with the police. They're going to look for any evidence. Log #8 later.

  • Log 8: “My camera stopped recording shortly after this. I immediately called 9-1-1. Alex was taken to the E.R. I stayed home to talk to the police. I showed the police the video. They seem to be taking us seriously now. However, they could not ID the suspect with the given video. Also, they searched the premises. They found no one. Alex is still at the hospital. He is in stable condition. The doctor said he suffered no major injuries. Whoever has been stalking me is now targeting Alex as well. I'm beginning to fear for our lives.”
  • Chris tries to get Alex to explain on-camera how he disappeared for a day and woke up on his front lawn but Alex insists that he can’t remember and angrily leaves. Chris follows after him in the dark and is knocked down by the masked, cloaked figure (“Kind von der Ritter”) before finding Alex unconscious. Alex vomits blood into the sink and falls down again once taken inside. The above quote is Chris’ text commentary at the end.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 21, 2010. Distortion accompanies the appearance of Kind von der Ritter yet again.

Chris tweets:

@MHpersonalTweet I explain everything in Log #8.

@awakeasaurusrex My apologies for the late responses. I'm new to twitter. Log 7 was recorded in my house, and yes I saw the video response.

@awakeasaurusrex Theyre taking care of my grandma in FL She just got out of the hospital I called but they dont believe me Think its a prank

@awakeasaurusrex However, after what happened last night, the police are now investigating.

@MHpersonalTweet and no I didn't get that pic. What are you referring to/ where'd you send it? Sorry, I'm new to twitter.

  • Kind von der Ritter shows his attack of Chris from his camera’s perspective.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 22, 2010. “Freundliche Fremde” translates from German as “friendly foreigner/stranger” and “Veritas” translates from Latin as “truth”. The numbers accompanying the latter decode to “Michelangelo 1516”. Gabriel is the Angel of Revelation. The word “Marco” returns and changes to “Marc”.

Chris tweets:

Log #8 – [Log #8 link] and a video response from him [218 link] Strange

@MHpersonalTweet wow. Very strange. I hope I get out of this OK too. And I hope that Alex isn't too shaken up by this.

@LanzAlentzia yes, that is me in the video. He must have been filming me when I saw him in the woods. But it didn't look like he was…

@LanzAlentzia He seems to be wearing a hood and I saw his face but there was no face. He must have been wearing a mask. Hard to make it out.

Alex was released from the hospital. He seems to be doing better. However I think I'll stop filming around him until he feels better.

@LanzAlentzia When I showed the cops earlier on they thought it was a prank but now they're looking into it more seriously.

@mocknathol Thanks for showing me that. Im guessing 1516 is a date and that the numbers translate to "Michelangelo". Idk what it means yet

Blizzard's hitting us hard. Probably be stuck in the house for awhile, but we'll try to get you guys updated on what's been going on soon.

  • Update #1 (3:32 PM 12/29/2010): “As you can tell, we’re concerned about what’s been going on lately with whoever’s been stalking us and leaving us all these weird cryptic messages on our YouTube account.”
  • Chris and Alex update viewers on what each of Kind von der Ritter’s codes mean following Alex’s recovery. They have been unable to find any information on Marc McComber but suspect a connection.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 29, 2010. The doctors could not pinpoint the exact cause of Alex’s bleeding. Chris and Alex interpret the “GABRIEL” message as some kind of warning. The description reads:

An update on what's been going on lately. Thanks to everyone for the help.

  • Chris and Alex take a walk through the snow near the site of Kind von der Ritter’s attack and find a series of tracks. These lead into a part of the woods where a white garbage bag full of viscera hangs from a tree and a crossed-out circle was drawn in blood on the snow.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 30, 2010. Kind von der Ritter vaguely appears at the distorted end of the video. Garbage bags full of guts are familiar. The description reads:

By the time the police arrived, which took a little longer than usual due to the snow, nothing was there. No bags. No blood. Nothing. We both feel okay, no one got hurt, but this is extremely unnerving. We have no idea who made those footprints or what happened to them. Another curious thing: the audio and visual defects seem to be very prominent towards the end of the video, and the last few minutes were actually cut off. We don't know what is causing that.

  • Nearer Still: “he watches/he observes/there is always one who’s next”
  • Kind von der Ritter displays these words over the distorted end of the last video.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 31, 2010.

January 2011

  • Log #10: “After what’s been going on, I don’t want you getting hurt. This is getting really serious. One of us could die.”
  • In an outdoor conversation with Alex that Chris cannot remember after finding it on his camera, he says that he will go back home so that Alex will not be involved in Kind von der Ritter’s plan. Chris’ ending text also specifies that although he told Alex that his parents finally return from their Florida trip the next day (which would keep him safer), they actually won’t be back for another week.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 8, 2011. A man wearing a suit, tie, and blank white mask can be seen standing behind them.

Chris tweets:

Moving back into my house tomorrow. Alex will help me bring my stuff back. At least I won't be alone in my house anymore.

  • Immediately following Chris’ return home, Alex chases after the suited man seen in the last video after spotting (and being pushed down by) him in the driveway. Chris finds the man’s crumpled mask in his ensuing search for Alex and spots what appears to be another suited figure with a featureless face, only unusually tall –let’s call it the Tall Man for now. One of Chris’ friends drives him to Alex, who lost sight of the man after his tracks apparently passed over a frozen lake that the group does not want to cross.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 15, 2011. At the end of the video, both the Tall Man and the car it was looming above have vanished. The description reads:

There's more than one. Things seem to be escalating fast.

Chris tweets:

My apologies for updating my twitter late

UStream is Live

  • Log #12: “I think I know who this is, like… is he still out there? I just think it’s this guy who’s been following me, too.”
  • Chris and Alex hang out with their friend Greg. The two see Kind von der Ritter once outside and approach him, but he takes out a knife and they run back to Greg’s house. All of their phones are dead and Greg says that Kind von der Ritter has stalked him, too. They hide in the basement and rush upstairs when they think he has entered, but they ultimately escape unharmed.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 22, 2011. Greg says that he would have expected Kind von der Ritter to have done something violent already if those were his intentions. The description reads:

An hour later or so, the police reluctantly showed up and I showed them the video. Again, they disregarded it as a prank because there was no proof of any actual crime being committed. The fact that the police are of little to no help is very disturbing to me. It appears we're on our own.

  • Kind von der Ritter displays these words over the image of a cuckoo clock.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 22, 2011. “Trauer mein Verlust” translates from German as “mourning my loss”.
  • Update #2 (4:20 PM 1/27/2011): “I assumed it was the same guy because he looks kind of similar but, like, I mean… he was definitely, like, taller? And it looked like he was wearing, like, a suit, almost.”
  • Chris and Alex ask Greg about Kind von der Ritter. He has apparently stalked Greg since “June, July-ish”, and only when he was home alone. Greg claims that he once tried to speak to the man but to no avail, and has never been violently threatened by him until now. Chris says that Alex is filming himself and recommends that Greg do the same, as the police have been entirely unhelpful.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 27, 2011. Greg has also seen the Tall Man but, like Chris and Alex, assumes that it is another person in league with Kind von der Ritter. The description reads:

Talking to Greg about what he's experienced, hoping it will help us figure things out.

February 2011

Alex tweets:

I've started to film myself recently, I'll post anything interesting to Darkharvest00.

Chris tweets:

Alex informed me that he has a Twitter now. I posted a link to it on our Youtube Channel (we've decided to share the account).

  • log13: “Who’s there?”
  • Alex leaves to take a walk and senses someone following him. Night passes, and he encounters the Tall Man on the street.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 5, 2011. The last shot of the video shows the Tall Man up close behind a window frame.

Alex tweets:

Log 13 is up. I'm still freaked out.

Chris tweets:

I saw log 13 and I called Alex to make sure he's okay. He seems pretty shaken by it. I'm trying to calm him down, but I'm scared myself.

Hopefully UStreaming tomorrow with Alex to try to sort things out.

Ustream, as you may have noticed, has been postponed. Should be sometime this week. Speaking for myself, nothing unusual has been happening

  • Colligari: “Prepare yourselves for the coming of the Fourth Dawn/The First Dusk is nigh”
  • Kind von der Ritter superimposes these faint words over an expanding image of the Engraved Hourglass Nebula.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 26, 2011. “Colligari” translates from Latin as “to be gathered/tied/harvested together”. This nebula has been called an “eye of God” due to its shape. The description reads:


The Children of the Knight blog linked above is active between February 23, 2011 and March 1, 2011:

and the First Cycle shall be complete
until the First Cycle is complete
until the First Cycle is complete.
until the First Cycle is complete. Preparations for the Rite have begun.
until the First Cycle is complete
until the First Cycle is complete.
Two Weeks
The clock has been set.

March 2011

Chris tweets:

It seems like everything's returning to normal. Nothing unusual has happened in weeks and I'm very grateful.

  • Log #14-1: “I’ll be right back, I swear. I’m just gonna find Greg; I’ll be right out.”
  • Chris and Alex go to Greg’s house one night with a few other friends, including two named Jesse and Matt. Greg is not answering his locked door or his phone, so Alex and Jesse help Chris through a window with a flashlight. The window shuts on him and will not open; neither will the door when he finds it and talks to his friends again. The lights inside don’t work, either. Chris finds Greg’s body in the basement, eviscerated, and the Tall Man stands at the top of the stairs.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 15, 2011. Alex and Jesse say that neither of them closed the window and note that it appears to be cracked. The description reads:

There's too much to explain. I'm going to have to have to withhold details at the moment. This is the footage from Chris's camera. I will upload the second part within the hour. I'm just glad I can upload this before (if/when) it gets confiscated. – Alex

  • Log #14-2: “Basically, these past couple months there’s been weird stuff going on with Chris. It’s, like, paranormal shit. And we’ve been posting… this is why we have our cameras on us. We’re trying to, like, film it and, like, give proof to people. What happened is, like, there’s this guy following us, okay? And he’s, like, batshit crazy.”
  • This video shows events from Alex’s perspective as he explains the above to Jesse and, following Chris’ disappearance, enters through the window himself and successfully opens the front door for his friends. They find Greg’s body and Chris lying unconscious.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 15, 2011. Alex urges his friends to call an ambulance and Jesse throws up after seeing the body. The description reads:

I'll explain what I know in the future. At the moment I'm too shaken and I should be getting back to the hospital. – Alex

Alex tweets:

Once Chris is back from the hospital, we'll explain what's happened. There's far too much to tell on twitter, and some topics are sensitive

  • Update #3 (3:04 PM 3/24/2011): “From what I remember the detective telling me, the ‘Tall Man’ was… he’s been committing murders for many years –decades, even. They’re not entirely sure how old he is. The only thing that they do know is that his MO is always the same –he steals organs, and they’ve never actually caught the guy. People… witnesses always see him at the scene or around it either before or after the crime, usually before anyone knows that a crime has been committed. But they do see him there, and he’s always a very tall man… some people say even, like, eight feet tall; some people even speculate it even taller.”
  • Chris and Alex inform the audience that although Chris fully recovered, Greg was dead on arrival with vital organs missing. Both were separately approached by one Detective Amsel who told them that Greg must have been targeted by a serial killer called the “Tall Man” who has committed similar murders across the country. They are dedicated to identifying Greg’s murderer and their stalker, considering Kind von der Ritter their best lead.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 24, 2011. Chris says that Amsel reminded him more of FBI than local police but refused to identify himself when asked; instead, he kept questioning Chris, who felt obligated to answer due to how imposing he was. The description reads:

- Our deepest condolences to the family of Greg, who was one of our dearest friends. You will always be missed, buddy. -
We're trying to explain everything to the best of our ability. After seeing Log 14, I had no idea that Alex even saw Greg's body. I don't remember much at all after seeing him. What I do remember is waking up at the hospital. This whole situation is so out of hand that I feel we can no longer run from it. We're going to have to deal with it, and deal with it ourselves considering both our trust in the police has really been waning recently.
Some information we gathered about Kind von der Ritter, who seems to be our best lead at the moment, may be useful. Any help you could give us in determining what this all means would be appreciated. We're going to be keeping a close eye on his activity.
Here is his Youtube Account: [Kind von der Ritter]
and this is a blog that we assume was created by him: [Children of the Knight]
One strange thing that I noticed about this blog is its title: Children of the Knight, and also its address - Kinder von der Ritter (which translates the same). Children is plural, which makes me wonder if there are more people than just KindVonDerRitter that know what is happening to us.
- Chris

Update to Children of the Knight:


We are His children and the arms of a god. Our Master prepares us for His bidding. He calls on us to find more children. Only His children shall be saved from the coming of the Fourth Dawn.

Join us.

Begleiten sie uns.1


et liberabuntur2

With the coming of the First Dusk, we prepare for the coming of the Second Dawn. This moment shall be recalled for all time, and signals the fulfillment of the second great prophecy, passed down by the Oracle himself. The Second Cycle shall begin and all our god's servants shall be that much closer to the great Trek.

Chris tweets:

It looks like KindVonDerRitter added something to his blog. I don't entirely understand what it's trying to say.

April 2011

  • Legacy: “theKey/you have yet to begin to understand, thecollectiveknowledge/Find the Key./at the site of the Rite where Kinder gather/or suffer”
  • This Kind von der Ritter video depicts the “First Dusk” countdown, a black book with cursive writing in it, a key, a split-second image of Greg’s body, and a screaming mouth.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 2, 2011. The audio is cultic chanting prior to the distortion.

Chris tweets:

We found what he wanted us to look for.

  • the black book.wmv: “I don’t know if it’s the best idea to be wandering around, around here. Because like I said before, he could be here. He could be watching us right now.”
  • Chris, Alex, and Jesse explore an abandoned day camp (“the site of the Rite where Kinder gather”) in search of clues left by Kind von der Ritter. Some graffiti appears to have been left by him, and in one hastily closed-off room they find a black book called “the Collective Knowledge”.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 5, 2011. The graffiti includes two crossed-out circles, a new symbol resembling one of them contained inside a diamond, an eye with four tentacles, “COLLIGARI”, and three of the sun and moon with Roman numerals I, II, and III between them. The description reads:

The Black Book
the download link contains photos of the book's pages.
winrar is needed to open it, but it can be downloaded for free if you google it in the off chance you don't already have it

The Black Book establishes Gorr’Rylaehotep as the Tall Man’s name according to a cult called the Order.

Alex tweets:

My mind has been fucked. I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

Chris tweets:

Nothing can explain what happened.

  • The Atlantic Test Site: “My dad told me that it used to be some research facility for Sputnik, trying to find it… and I think the government just shut it down, but I don’t know. That’s why there were all those radio antennas on the internet, those images.”
  • Chris, Alex, and Jesse drive to the Atlantic Test Site mentioned in the Collective Knowledge in case Kind von der Ritter has left other clues around. It is a stretch of radio towers and poorly maintained buildings, and the footage experiences unique distortion within it. They explore the surrounding woods at night and run from Kind von der Ritter. On the drive home, Alex and Jesse are ready to quit but Chris is not. It instantaneously becomes daylight once inside Alex’s house, and his mother’s question of “did you forget something?” indicates that they experienced a time warp.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 11, 2011. Chris compares the Collective Knowledge’s bizarre drawings to those of the Vaticinia Nostradami (dubbed the Lost Book of Nostradamus by the History Channel). Alex says that according to his father, the faceless White Rabbit decal on one of the buildings will sometimes change in details.

Chris tweets:

Since our visit to the Atlantic Test Site there haven't been any disturbances. We haven't seen anyone suspicious in some time, but (cont.)

even so, we know this problem isn't going away. We're staying vigilant and we're looking into the Black Book more, especially the (cont.)

stuff regarding the Rift. We think it may have something to do with what happened to us at the test site. [end]

Nice way to wake up on Easter morning

  • Log Entry #15: “We’re at Jesse’s house at the moment. We just got a text message from him earlier today, explaining that whoever was following us at the Atlantic Test Site –we’re assuming it’s Kind von der Ritter– has just started following him. And we’re really concerned, so we just decided to sleep over at his house; make sure nothing happens.”
  • During this meeting, Chris and Alex say that Jesse might just be paranoid as usual; however, Kind von der Ritter enters the room while they sleep. They see that he has left behind his knife and a message reading “TRAUEN”, which translates from German as “trust”.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 24, 2011. The group leaves Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask playing and its audio gets louder at Kind von der Ritter’s approach. The description reads:

I kept the timestamps on this video for ease of reference.
Police were called once again. They took the knife. We hid the book as well as this video for fear of them confiscating the book. I know it has to be our key to understanding what's going on. I'm not going to let them take that from us.

May 2011

Project Egypt posts May 1st - 2011 : The Mystery of Heinrich Kaufmann II: this blog is run by one Daniel Shipman, a community college student studying Ancient Cultures. He recently found, and has since lost, an old article on an archaeologist and fringe theorist named Heinrich Kaufmann II who went to Egypt in search of a legendary Tablet of Ancient Wisdom; with little other information, Daniel has made this blog to research the outcome of this expedition.

Chris tweets:

We return to the day camp where we found the black book

  • The Day Camp, Revisited: “Do you know the fucking point of a code? It’s to keep things secret! This is obviously something bigger than all that and if you don’t see that, you’re fucking stupid!”
  • Chris, Alex, and Jesse explore one of the abandoned day camp’s buildings with surgical masks to shield from asbestos. The walls have familiar symbols painted over them and the group collects some of the mysterious pills scattered by the sinks. Alex argues that they should not be there and startles at the sight of a Gorr’Rylaehotep mural, so all three fight until a noise inside causes them to flee. Only Chris wants to find out what it was, so he films through the window and catches sight of a cloaked figure –not Kind von der Ritter, as this one wears a Guy Fawkes mask painted white.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 13, 2011. In addition to the crossed-out circle and the Order symbol shown in the Collective Knowledge, other graffiti includes an eye, Roman numerals I, II, III, and IV, and the many arms of the Gorr’Rylaehotep mural extending across the room. Chris takes a picture of a chalkboard that he intends to examine later. The description reads:

We returned to the day camp where we found the black book.
I know that couldn't have been him.
I still haven't looked at the photo I took yet. I'll upload it to Twitter at a later time I think. I'm still shaking.

Chris tweets:

The photo from last night


Project Egypt posts May 17th 2011 - Heinrich Kaufmann's Fall from Grace: Daniel has found an image of an unknown newspaper recounting how Heinrich Kaufmann II produced an ancient Tablet from his expedition that was deemed a hoax for its inclusion of knowledge inaccessible to ancient Egyptians.

June 2011

Project Egypt posts June 7th 2011 - Mr. Clampett: Gorr'Rylaehotep: Daniel learned from his former Ancient Civilizations professor, Mr. Clampett, that all information on Heinrich Kaufmann has been removed from textbooks since the 1990s for unspecified reasons. According to Clampett, Egyptians warned Kaufmann not to take the Tablet for fear of Gorr’Rylaehotep, the god that had cursed it.

  • Update #4 (6/8/2011 8:40 PM): “Ever since the day we went back to the day care, Alex hasn’t wanted to speak to me. He claims that the guy stalking us this whole time is crazy and wants to kill us. He thinks this whole thing is just this elaborate game he’s playing with us to fuck with our minds, but I see what’s really going on here. This is something much bigger than what we’re all seeing. There’s more people involved than what we think. I’m convinced that the book that we found back at the day care, the first time that we went, is the writings of a cult.”
  • Chris updates the audience on Alex’s reluctance to continue and Chris’ discovery of Daniel’s blog upon searching “Gorr’Rylaehotep”.
    • Minutiae: Posted June 8, 2011. Chris’ other tabs include the Wikipedia article for biological dispersal and the /x/ paranormal board. The description reads:

Project Egypt
Sorry for the piss poor quality. I'm trying to get my webcam fixed now anyway.

Project Egypt posts June 18th 2011 – Chris: Daniel has received an e-mail from Chris and seen the Dark Harvest videos, so he plans to research the day camp and Atlantic Test Site in order to find the connection between Kaufmann, the Tablet, and the Order.

July 2011

  • Log Entry #16 (4:41 PM 7/13/2011): “This morning, Alex messaged me on Skype saying that he got some e-mail from ‘himself’ that he didn’t e-mail to himself, much like what happened in November with my e-mail account. And he said it was a video, he watched it, he was freaking out over it… I haven’t seen it yet, personally, but he said ‘just upload it to Dark Harvest immediately.’”
  • Chris delivers this message to the viewers.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 13, 2011. The description reads:

Video from Alex will be uploaded very soon. It's titled my_final_betrayal

Chris tweets:

The file is corrupted and won't download for some reason. I'm going to have to ask Alex what's wrong with the file. This may take some time.

  • The cameraman of this video, presumably Kind von der Ritter, attends a candlelit Order meeting in the room of the day camp with the Gorr’Rylaehotep mural. The masked cultists chant and sacrifice one of their own with a rod.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 13, 2011. The sacrificed cultist looked into the camera before being taken off. Heavy distortion in parts of the video suggest Gorr’Rylaehotep’s presence.
  • Log Entry #17 (4:25 PM 7/18/2011): “Here’s the thing about that… when I turned on the side light and then I walked outside, I saw like three figures bolting, and they went to the woods across the street. There were like, two or three of them… it wasn’t just one guy, though. That’s the thing.”
  • Alex discusses this encounter with Chris while driving to the day camp. The Order has boarded up every window and door to the main building since their last meeting there, so Chris and Alex give up.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 18, 2011. Chris and Alex again discuss the police’s apparent apathy to help. The description reads:

back to square one

Alex tweets:

I saw what looked like the same figures as the night before. The police came. Clearly a waste of time.

Project Egypt posts July 31st 2011 - The Rainwood Incident: Daniel has learned that the Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center that Chris and Alex have explored was a subject to a 1958 mass disappearance of all 72 children in attendance. It coincided with the first “Tall Man” killings only miles away, and its media attention ceased when a mysterious fire in the camp destroyed all documents but one photograph of Gorr’Rylaehotep standing on the roof. The camp was in use again between 1965 and 1998 and closed again for unspecified reasons.

Chris tweets:

Daniel updated his blog: [link] … This was pretty enlightening.

August 2011

  • Log #18: “Three guys… three bags, Chris! We don’t know what we’re dealing with!”
  • Alex pursues the three cultists outside his house with an axe one night and calls Chris once he loses sight of them. Once he arrives, Alex says that he also saw “the guy that was at Greg’s house” and saw that he was nine feet tall; Chris is undeterred and goes into the woods after it despite Alex’s warnings. They find three bags of viscera hanging from the trees and Alex forces Chris to leave by reminding him of the danger to their lives.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 11, 2011. Gorr’Rylaehotep’s presence is again indicated by the footage’s distortion while Alex is running.

Chris tweets:

We're going to be investigating the woods near Alex's home again today, but this time in the daylight (hopefully).

  • Log #19: “Did you see how fast he was? He was right behind us every fucking time!”
  • Chris and Alex return to the woods and find the three cultists’ masks on the trees. The suited cultist from Logs 10 and 11 chases them until Kind von der Ritter tackles him. Gorr’Rylaehotep pursues them, apparently by teleportation, so they hide out in Alex’s basement. Their phone screens are corrupted, so they return upstairs with the axe only to find it standing in the doorway.
    • Posted August 13, 2011. Chris’ reference to Gorr’Rylaehotep as “that thing” marks his realization that it is not human. The description reads:

this footage is from yesterday. details later

  • Log #19.5 (Update): “It seems that the deeper… the more we investigate, the more people get hurt. That pool of blood could have been us. I mean, remember the last time we really butted into stuff and… Greg died?”
  • Chris and Alex retrace their steps from the last video, explaining what happened. They called the police, who were put off from investigating by Hurricane Sandy but reported a pool of blood in the same spot where Kind von der Ritter fought with the suited cultist. Alex tells Chris that they should leave the investigation to Detective Amsel. He records one final message thanking the viewers for their help and looks over his shoulder as the footage distorts.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 30, 2011. Chris and Alex find a cloth that appears to have been the suited cultist’s mask. The description reads:

I didn't know Alex recorded that last clip. He didn't tell me he did.


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