Dark Harvest III

The third season of Dark Harvest has run from September 6, 2013 to the present and is comprised of the videos “Log Entry #29” and onwards. Chris and Alex’s investigation of the Order has at this point become a struggle for survival as the cult makes good on its promises. As such, the information they reveal about it to viewers is carefully restricted for their own safety.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. All videos are from the main channel unless specified otherwise, and any unbolded videos are optional.

June 2013

In response to Noah Maxwell receiving a briefcase with a number code, Daniel tweets:

@TribeTwelve My first guesses would be dates (mm/dd/yy -> mmd-dyy) And if its in relation to the first video, then maybe the day he died.

@TribeTwelve So (May 28, 2010 -> 052-810) Though other dates you could try are his birthday, and the date he came to visit you last.

@TribeTwelve These are just my first impressions Noah, I'll let you know if I can think of anything else.

@ShinWitty @TribeTwelve June 4th 2010, or in number format 06/04/2010? That is another potential date that could work yes.

@TribeTwelve Also, the code's format could be different if that's the date. Your best bet is to take relevant numbers and try every format.

September 2013

  • Log Entry #29: “Basically, what the Second Movement means is that we’ve entered the part of the Days of Passage which the Order calls the Harvest. The Order is going to start kidnapping and murdering people, and the whole purpose of it is to gather, sort of… life energy to open up a Rift to the Fourth World. Some of it will be harvesting organs; I know some of them are gonna start sacrificing people alive at the Atlantic Test Site, and every active chapter of the Order all around the world is gonna start doing this. I’m really scared that they’re just going to start murdering people for what they believe to be their way at eternal life, and I can’t… I don’t believe that! All I think is that there’s something paranormal going on; that it’s just a monster trying to kill them.”
  • Chris and Alex meet Heather in a gazebo by a train station after she called them both. She admits to being a part of the Order because her father made her join at sixteen, but needs to confide in Chris and Alex because she cannot condone the cult’s plans of mass murder. Heather shows them a copy of the Collective Knowledge that she obtained with difficulty from her Archvassal, saying that her grandfather wrote the part about Cycles. Jacob Rainwood also claims to have received direct messages from Gorr’Rylaehotep confirming the Second Movement of the Second Cycle. Heather believes that Chris and Alex could use their videos to confirm that Gorr’Rylaehotep is just a monster, even though these might have previously contributed to the Order’s growth. Both decline the offer due to the danger to their families, Alex doing so more angrily than Chris; on the way back, Chris notices the hooded figure that had been watching them in the background the entire time.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 6, 2013. Heather traces the Order’s existence back to the 1930s and names Russia, Japan, France, Norway, and Germany as sites of chapters worldwide. Chris’ ending commentary identifies the hooded figure as an Order member and refers to the videos as “all we have left. I will explain what I mean later. Keep your eyes open.”

Daniel tweets:

Dark Harvest: Log Entry # 29: I honestly can't say that I am surprised.

There will be an update from me sometime in the next few days. I mean it this time, no excuses.

Chris tweets:

here's the update if you missed it

sorry for sounding so cryptic on the last update, I just want you to see for yourself what happened. A picture's worth a thousand words.

and for the record, the events of Log #29 occurred on August 17th

Daniel tweets:

There'll be an update from me within the next 24 hours as promised.

Project Egypt posts September 11, 2013 - 9 Months: Daniel suspects that the Order would have found whatever was hidden at Brandt-Crater Cemetery at this point. He does not understand why Kind von der Ritter would help him while the Order still refers to the Oracle as though he were on their side. Daniel refers to a business of “information brokering” that he has started in order to sustain himself while on the run.

  • September 11, 2013 Update - Nine Months.: “Let me put it this way: I’m not even one of these ‘Harbingers’ that can’t be touched… or killed, rather. I’m a huge fat liability to this entire Order, so of course I’m not going to be stupid about it. I was smart about it, and basically stayed as safe as I possibly could.”
  • Daniel updates viewers on his abandonment of the Brandt-Crater investigation and new business of buying and selling information. He suspects that he may have already sown discord within the Order’s ranks by investigating the Lawrence Rainwood conspiracy, considering the lengths to which Jacob Rainwood will apparently go in order to keep it under wraps.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 12, 2013. Daniel has kept in contact with Noah Maxwell and correctly guessed one of the combinations to his briefcase; this contained, among other things, almost $100,000 in cash. The description reads:

As promised, I bring you all an update summarizing everything that has been happening with me in the past nine months.

Chris tweets:

August 20th:

  • Log Entry #30: “A few days after Alex and I met with Heather I got a phone call from Alex. I couldn’t hear him very well because there was loud music playing in the background. He sounded very distraught over the phone, which made me nervous. He told me that when he had returned home from work, he had found his parents and his sister shot dead in their basement. I rushed home in a panic.”
  • Chris finds his father’s body shot and hanging from a noose. He hastily packs several items for the road, including a gun. According to his commentary in the present, “I had told Alex to meet me at Heather’s house.”
    • Minutiae: Posted September 14, 2013. The song playing at the beginning is “My Favorite Things” by John Coltrane. The description reads:

this is what happened

Daniel tweets:

Fuck. Me.

ShinWitty on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Soo…when did you last call your folks?

Daniel responds:

@ShinWitty My parents died when I was young. I lived with my grandfather for the longest time, until he passed away a few years ago.

Daniel tweets:

You know what? No. Fuck this. Fuck them. Fuck everything. I need a god damn drink, and I know someone who can more than help with that.

I just got here and started, fucking hell people. No I didn't go all the way to Florida. No, I'm not going to tell you names of my friends.

You know I have a lot to say right now. Most of it including Fuck you, fuck them, fuck this. Poetic? No?

No more vodka? fine, time for Jack then.


climaxstriker on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 I don't think it's a good idea to get wasted, dude. What if the Order tries to get you while you're drunk?

Daniel responds:

@climaxstriker Ther order can suck my dick.

Project Egypt posts Cheers. Here's to you. You sick fucks.: Daniel prefaces his next video.

  • Cheers: “First off: fuck you, ‘Jacob’. Second off: fuck you, ‘Jacob’. I say ‘Jacob’, if that’s who you really even fucking are… that’s beside the point. Do you understand… do you understand the gravity of what you’ve done? How dare you? How fucking… do you understand what that does to someone? You’ve left them with nothing. You’ve literally burned the hearts out of them. You’ve left them nothing but you and your stupid fucking little Order. They have nothing left else to live for.”
  • Daniel and his business associate Charlie spend this video drinking and discussing the deaths of Chris and Alex’s families. Daniel remains convinced that it is his fault despite what Charlie says about how their job of finding information gives them little accountability for the dirty work1.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 14, 2013. Daniel references Noah with “if I lived in Florida, I might at least be rich.” The description reads:

Here's to you, you sick fucks.

Chris tweets:

@DShipman90 it's not your fault, don't be a fucking idiot. Move forward. Nothing will bring our families back

Daniel tweets:

My head feels like its been run over by a truck.

May not have been my finest moment, but there's not point in taking the post down, so I am leaving it up.

I understand a lot is going on people, but lets see you and three others take on an ENTIRE group of people, and let me know how that goes.

ShinWitty on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 You think Heather's legit?

Daniel responds:

@ShinWitty She has no reason not to be at this point, she just signed a death warrant on herself.

Daniel tweets:

Im getting tired of the gung-ho people who have no idea what it's like to be in this situation. People like that are the first to die.

Not to be insulting of course, but there's taking action, and thinking you are Rambo and taking on everyone against all odds.

SherlockYao221B on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 So, does this means you, Alex, and Chris, are now at war? Are you guys really taking action against the Order and their god?

Daniel responds:

@SherlockYao221B I never said that, at all, what so ever. Please stop hearing what you want to hear.

SherlockYao221B on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 So what now?

Daniel responds:

@SherlockYao221B My immediate plan is to keep living. As I'm not really in a position to be doing anything besides what I have been doing.

Avalanche178 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 It's pretty much a suicide mission right off the bat. Try to go at them without a plan, and boom, you're five feet below.

Daniel tweets:

@Avalanche178 Not to mention I don't even have partial immunity from The Order outside of the 6th enclave.

Avalanche178 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 It's pretty much holding a "kill me" sign right there with The Order. And most people don't realize, THEIR FUCKING DANGEROUS.

Daniel responds:

@Avalanche178 Precisely.

  • Log Entry #31: “Heather, Alex, and I have been staying with a friend since August 21st. Names have been removed to protect the identities of those involved.”
  • Chris confronts Heather with the gun, eventually ceasing his shouting after she is able to convince him that she knew nothing about his parents’ deaths. She starts crying because they are unsafe there, and a group of Order members appear outside. One shoots Heather in the leg right before she and Chris make it to the car. Chris performs first aid on the wound in a parking lot because taking her to a hospital would be unsafe. He calls Alex about it and once he arrives, they debate on where to go and ultimately decide on a friend –not Daniel, as Chris denies that he would be a viable option.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 20, 2013. The Order member that shoots Heather is the same red-masked executioner that killed Jesse. According to Chris, they can only use what little money they have on hand because their credit cards could be traced. The description reads:

This video shows the rest of the events of August 20th

Daniel tweets:

@PokmTrainerGold @TribeTwelve If they aren't going to travel to Canada, then they aren't going to go all the way to Florida.

LiquidSnake13 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 There's no way they're with the @EverymanHYBRID crew (what's left of it anyway), is there?

Daniel responds:

@LiquidSnake13 @EverymanHYBRID Highly unlikely.

October 2013

Daniel tweets:

Ignorance really is an ugly disillusioned bliss. I sometimes wish I wasn't always right about my hunches.

Project Egypt posts September, 2013 - Realizations.: Daniel again prefaces a video, stating his intent to release some risky information.

  • Update #3: Realizations: “There are one of two things that Jacob and the rest of the Order would do if they figured out who is in this Sixth Enclave. One is that they’ll silently just take them out of the picture, remove them, get rid of the issue. Or two, and the more likely option, is that Jacob will make a spectacle out of it. He’ll use this Enclave as an example to the rest of the Order, to kind of put things back in place… he’ll probably even use some religious scare tactics.”
  • Daniel walks through the woods and voices his suspicions that, based on trends among his clientele, Order members are using him to root out the identities of Sixth Enclave members. Daniel figures that because the Sixth Enclave are the ones trying to kill Chris and Alex, he might as well continue. He also reasons that the Sixth Enclave will not go after him unless they are willing to give themselves away in the process.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 1, 2013. Daniel now has a gun. He takes a phone call at the end to verify that he has arrived at a “drop point” –on a tower, apparently. The description reads:

I'm a businessman. If you're going to come to me for business, then start treating me like one.

Dread98446345 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Who Are You Meeting At The Rendezvous?

Daniel responds:

@Dread98446345 That is none of your concern.

Daniel tweets:

A few people seem to be confused about the 6th Enclave. The Order doesn't actually know who's in it, if they did they wouldn't be using me.

Also, since they don't know who's in it, then they certainly aren't having them do specific tasks, especially if they want them eliminated.

November 2013

  • Case Findings: One minute into this Tribe Twelve video, Noah says that Chris called him to request $1,000 from the briefcase. Despite his distrust of the money, Noah has sent them $2,000 after Chris posted the last few videos as proof that they needed it. “You might think it’s crazy… but I still consider them friends, even after what happened. We can relate to each other.”

Daniel tweets:

@TribeTwelve Happy would seem a bit out of place here, so I wish that you have a safe birthday Noah. My thoughts continue to go out to you.

@RolandHooton I have a gun, Chris has a gun, Jeff has a gun, Noah has a gun, who are you referring to?

December 2013

Chris tweets:

I just noticed I haven't really been keeping up with Twitter lately. I'll try to be a little more on top of it.

Aug 21 - Sept. 8:

  • the last three months - part one: “After calling Noah Maxwell I compiled the footage from August 20th together. It was incredibly difficult. I had a few panic attacks as I edited the videos. When I closed my eyes I could still see my father’s body. Even now, as I type this, I have a knot in my stomach.”
  • Chris and Alex take Heather to Matt’s apartment. Without any doctors available, Matt’s med student friend agrees to operate on her under the condition that they pay him their remaining $526 and keep him anonymous. Matt lets them stay for as long as they need and provides them with fake birth certificates. However, his lack of money to pay rent is what prompts Chris to call Noah.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 7, 2013. Matt got the birth certificates from a friend that he says used to sell them on the Silk Road, another reference to the darknet. The description reads:

August 21st to September 8th
we're still playing catch up with you guys. We have a large backlog of archived videos. A lot has been happening very fast. Expect another video soon.

Chris tweets:

@charskiii in a few days, hopefully

The_Loonytick on Twitter writes:

@DarkHarvest00 Did the order already know your name before you posted your last vid?

Chris responds:

@The_Loonytic our aliases? At this point it doesn't matter if they know. However, we still might have uses for those documents.

triforcespower on Twitter writes:

@DarkHarvest00 have you heard from Daniel Shipman lately?

Chris responds:

@triforcespower not really. We haven't kept in touch that much since his last visit. We both have our own problems to worry about.

TacChandler on Twitter writes:

@DarkHarvest00 The southern chapter of the order… Do you know where they are located? It's a weird question to ask I know…

Chris responds:

@TacChandler no, but I can guess they at least have a presence in Florida seeing as Mary Asher was a member of that chapter.

  • the last three months - part two: “Alex made a fairly quick recovery and felt fine a few days later. However, he never mentioned seeing what the camera picked up. At the time I had no idea that thing was ever in the apartment. When I reviewed the footage, I was both frightened and confused. Why didn’t it kill us like it killed Greg? It feels like it’s just toying with us at this point.”
  • The group has a drunken conversation on Halloween where they discuss their families. As the distortion worsens and Alex heads to the bathroom, Gorr’Rylaehotep’s appearance causes him to vomit blood. He panics and the chaotic noise picked up by the camera ceases. On November 3, Noah calls Chris back about the money and on November 26, Alex suggests that they take action again through an idea of his that they won’t like.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 11, 2013. Chris has learned that his mother’s body was found by the highway, and Heather admits that her father was physically abusive.

February 2014

  • Log Entry #32: “This guy came asking questions… and we met him in the woods. I think his name was Noah… I think his name was Noah! He came asking questions about his aunt. And then he was leaving… I saw it. I saw it. I saw it. It killed people… the thing. It’s not a god, it’s a monster! And it started killing people. So I ran! I tried to leave, but you can’t just leave the Order. When I finally found a way, right when I was gonna leave… I was gonna leave… they fucking killed Jesse! They cut his fucking head off! I couldn’t get out! They would have killed me.”
  • Chris, Alex, and Heather go to the Atlantic Test Site with masks and forged papers, but Alex ends up strangling the guard to prevent them from getting caught. They infiltrate a ceremony where five Order members are gathered. As soon as one recognizes their voices, Chris and Alex draw guns and force them to get on the ground; at Chris’ prompting, both fire. They find out that the only one still dying on the ground is Matt, and they are furious. He tearfully insists that he wanted to leave the Order but never could and claims that he never would have sold them out. But because Matt knew the plans to kill Chris and Alex’s families, Alex shoots him dead at Chris’ allowance.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 27, 2014. Like Heather, Matt was inducted into the Order because of his family and never believed in any of it. Both Chris and Alex have a moment in this video where they are overcome with emotion and crouch to the ground. The description reads:

We went back to the Atlantic Test Site. Admittedly, this plan was formulated more out of emotions than sound logic. We felt we had to try something. Life is starting to feel like a ticking time bomb.

March 2014

  • To Forget: “I told Alex and Heather that I wanted to spend a day alone. I needed to decompress and there were some things I still needed to do.”
  • Chris tries to memorialize his parents and bursts into tears looking at the family photograph. He expresses guilt that he could not save them and that he killed people, and then asks viewers not to forget him.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 8, 2014.

April 2014

  • Log Entry #33: “I always felt like I was trying to prove to my father that I could get his love. Like I could be just as good as, you know, just… any other one of the guys. He, like… everything he was, was the Order. Marc McComber is the fucking Oracle –my grandfather. So we had this position in the Order that was respected, like… we were a part of everything. And I liked that. I liked that strength, and he did, too. Oh my God, he fucking relished in it. And that drove him even crazier.”
  • As Chris and Heather drive to where they will meet with Alex, Chris suggests that Heather could run away without the Order targeting her. She responds that she cannot return to her family after fleeing from her father at eighteen –besides, Chris and Alex are the only family she has left and vice versa. The car breaks down, prompting Chris to call Alex again. Heather tells Chris more about her father and how her mother, although good to her, always obeyed him out of fear. Alex complains of a headache after he returns and drives them around, ultimately stopping the car and getting out. Gorr’Rylaehotep appears outside as the distortion worsens, causing Alex to bleed from the mouth and ears. He pulls out his gun and seems to restrain Heather before she takes it and fires at Gorr’Rylaehotep.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 12, 2014. Heather also asks Chris if he had ever considered suicide; he had not, claiming that this was likely out of either fear or a sense of responsibility to her, Alex, and his parents’ memory. The description reads:

this footage is a bit old - it's harder to upload things now. We'll try to keep you updated. no promises

July 2015

  • 2014 - boiler room: “Alex hasn’t spoken to me in months. He hasn’t said a word since that night. That was one of the last times I saw Heather, too. I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. I don’t see a point. I’m surviving, but is it worth it? What the fuck is the point if it’s never going to get any better? I can’t fucking deal with this… I just can’t.”
  • According to the onscreen text: Alex went catatonic after his encounter with Gorr’Rylaehotep. Heather’s leg wound reopened and got infected; after Chris took her to the hospital, she disappeared along with any records of her stay. Chris had to sell both his and Alex’s cars for scrap and told the dealer they were homeless, so he let them live in the boiler room and Chris worked there cleaning cars.
    • Minutiae: Posted July 14, 2015. “I never slept well.” The description reads:

1 of 3

August 2015

  • Alex spontaneously recovers from his catatonia with no memory of the past few months. Chris explains everything to him and finds an anonymous note directing him to a park. There he finds an envelope containing another note and approximately $5,000, so he and Alex discuss how to use it. They are unable to contact Daniel but do manage to contact Charlie McDowell, his business associate. He tells them that Daniel disappeared because of Order members –but not “the ones he was expecting”. Charlie was cornered by police during this incident and, six weeks later, received a note from Daniel’s boyfriend telling him about other information that Daniel had hidden in his apartment. Charlie has left it for Chris and Alex to find at a drop point in Massachusetts.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 20, 2015. Chris tells Alex that they have stayed with the car dealer because “he’s not asking questions”, but Alex expresses concern that “we can’t let him know I’m awake. He’s gonna put me to work and we’re never gonna get out of here.” The description reads:

2 of 3

November 2016

  • Chris and Alex go to the drop point in some Massachusetts woods with bulletproof vests. An Order member shoots Chris just as he finds the bag, but he is unharmed. Alex then shoots the cultist whose unusual mask, white on the upper half and black on the lower one, disturbs Chris. Alex takes the bag and urges him to leave.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 20, 2016. The description reads:

It's unclear what happened to Alex and Chris in the months between late 2014
(which is when I'm assuming the conversation with Charlie McDowell takes place) and the date
of this footage. Chris uploaded 2 videos in the summer of 2015. What's strange is that while I was with him through the spring of 2014, he told me we shouldn't upload videos anymore. That was around May, I think. He said it wasn't accomplishing anything. But he still carried that camera around all the time - I guess it was a force of habit? And yet he STILL uploaded those videos in 2015, and curiously marked them (x of 3) without completing the series. I'm still trying to piece everything together, and this was the first excerpt of footage I was able to compile that made sense.
They were using at least 3 cheap cameras to record, and looking at everything together it's pretty hard to understand the big picture. And there's still so much of it. This footage was the easiest to fit into the timeline given the context of what's already posted. I'll continue sorting through everything.
It's also worth noting that this seems to be around the time that the 6th Enclave completed its schism. - Heather

April 2018

  • VID_20180419: “Heather, this is a message for you. I’m alive. Alex is still alive. I have to keep moving.”
  • His face and jacket drenched in blood, Chris records this message to Heather while walking through unfamiliar snowy woods. He explains that he survived a car crash as the Order transported him from what was likely upstate New York. The Order still have Alex, having held the two hostage for over a year, and Chris tries to escape through the woods as the sun sets. He tells Heather not to give up, planning to find her again.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 19, 2018. Chris plans to ditch the phone, which came from the driver, because the Order would track it. Order members run through the woods (with what appear to be bags) at the end of this video.
  • Update #8: “But immediately after I posted that video, I noticed that the Order was back on me. I don’t know what they’ve been doing, or I think that their methods of tracking have become more sophisticated, they got my IP… I have no idea. But they would… I would notice cars passing by my house, or somebody following me in the food store, and it would just… I had to disappear for everyone’s sake again. I couldn’t look for Chris and Alex and fight off the Order at the same time. And I had to move again, I had to disappear, and I… kept looking for you and Alex. I never stopped, Chris. I looked for you for so long.”
  • Heather updates viewers on the past three years. After her hospital stay, she reluctantly cut everyone off to have a normal life again. Chris and Alex’s trip to Charlie’s drop point led them to Daniel’s inaccessible laptop, “Marc McComber’s brown book” detailing the Sixth Enclave, and other Sixth Enclave documents –which Heather currently has because she lived with Chris and Alex from December 2015 to November 2016 after Daniel somehow found her contact information. They disappeared afterward and the Order’s surveillance prompted her move, but Chris posting the last video gave her hope.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 21, 2018. Heather says that living as a family with Chris and Alex “was probably the best time of [her] life”. She tells viewers to send any information on them to a new e-mail account. The description reads:


To Be Continued


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