Dark Harvest II

The second season of Dark Harvest ran from September 30, 2011 to May 30, 2013 and is comprised of the videos “Trauen” through “Log Entry #28”. Chris and Alex’s investigation of Greg’s death leads them to many integral truths about the Order that the hostile cult’s members will stop at nothing to keep concealed, thus putting the two in danger even when they try to stop. Eventually, the viewership of their video records seems like the only leverage they have.

Descriptions on this wiki contain spoilers. All videos are from the main channel unless specified as Kind von der Ritter or Daniel, and any unbolded videos are optional.

September 2011

Chris tweets:

I'm taking Alex's advice. Maybe if I just try to forget about things and stop filming, it'll go away. I'm going to let Amsel handle things.

We've stopped filming for a few days now and things are looking good. Nothing weird has happened. Let's hope it stays that way.

Weird, Jesses car broke down. I wish I had a camera on me. Luckily some guys stopped to help.

  • Noah: it turns out that the guys who helped Chris, Alex, and Jesse with their car troubles are coincidentally from some channel called Everyman HYBRID and were on their way to meet with some guy named Noah Maxwell from a channel called Tribe Twelve. The car restarts on its own and neither group notices a certain slender presence at the scene nor is aware that it is the one thread tying them together.

Chris tweets:

so uh, I found this today. Needless to say I'm confused and freaking out at the same time. what the fuck is going on


  • Trauen: “THIS ISN’T THE END”
  • Kind von der Ritter video where he apparently walks to Chris’ house in reversed time (based on the cars’ backwards movement) and inside it in frozen time (based on the lack of movement from Chris and his father). This is when he leaves the paper in Chris’ room.
    • Minutiae: Posted September 30, 2011. Again, “Trauen” translates from German as “to trust”.

October 2011

Chris tweets:

i decided to upload this video. hopefully I'll be able to record when I interview this girl. somehow

  • Chris finds a chest with the Order’s symbol at a yard sale, and the woman there says that it is not for sale because it is “a McComber family heirloom”. She identifies Marc McComber as her grandfather when Chris mentions his disappearance, and agrees to Chris’ offer of an interview.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 28, 2011. Chris asks for the interview under the guise of a history project on local cultural artifacts1. The description reads:

About last week, I decided to carry my camera with me again, just in case anything happened. Today I found this bizarre chest at a yard sale near my neighborhood. The really strange thing about the whole thing is that the girl who was running the yard sale is the grand daughter of Marc McComber - the man who went missing from my house in 2001.

  • Interview with Heather McComber: “Most of my memories kind of come from bedtime stories… I would always ask him to tell me about this big, tall, dark man who used to scare children away.”
  • Chris and Alex interview Heather from the yard sale at a Starbucks with the camera hidden. She says that she was never allowed to open the chest and her father “freaked out” the one time she tried. Heather also says that her grandfather told her the bedtime stories detailed above, appeared to be in his 40s when he disappeared at 82 with dementia, and was an assistant researcher at the Atlantic Test Site. She agrees to a second, (openly) filmed interview with them later.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 29, 2011. Heather suggests a “secret club” like the Masons as the source of the Order symbol. Marc McComber declined an offer from Ripley’s Believe It or Not to do a story on his slowed aging, which would have called him “the Dorian Gray Man”. One ringtone in the video is a sound effect from Legend of Zelda.
  • Rainwood: “What happened? Where am I? Who are you? What do you need me for? Not true! Leave me alone!”
  • Kind von der Ritter video whose audio is a scared little girl speaking these words through tears and screaming. The low, incomprehensible voice of Gorr’Rylaehotep responds to each of her questions. Onscreen is the one surviving image of the Rainwood Incident.

November 2011

Chris tweets:

I tried to film at Heather's house last night but we had to reschedule. She said she was sick. I'll update once I'm able to record.

Project Egypt posts November 13th, 2011 - I'm Still Alive: Daniel reports nightmares and insomnia over the past few months and his return to helping Chris and Alex now that they have picked up the investigation again.

Chris tweets:

Daniel updated Project Egypt. Apparently he got my e-mail (I never got a reply mail from him)

Alex tweets:

Mission Accomplished.

Chris tweets:

we were finally able to do the interview at Heather's house

  • Chris and Alex plan to unlock the chest with a skeleton key while interviewing Heather, which Chris ultimately does as Alex and Jesse distract her outside. It contains a packet of Department of Defense documents from 1956, which Chris takes as he re-locks the chest before Heather comes back. Chris and Alex meet Jesse at the train station to discuss them. Chris says that he plans to show Daniel.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 19, 2011. A file select screen from Legend of Zelda (either Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask) is displayed on the television screen in Heather’s room. Alex and Jesse’s distraction is pretending that Jesse is a stranger whose car broke down, which prompts Alex to repeat the “cars work on magic and magic doesn’t work in open spaces” line that Evan used on them in the Everyman HYBRID video. The description reads:

everything went better than expected

  • Update #5 (5:02 PM 11/25/2011): “The actual experiment itself was about building something called ‘the Construct’. Now apparently this was some sort of experiment done during the Space Race with the Soviet Union, regarding timespace. Something with like… I don’t know, I guess like… like, portals, wormholes, something like that. It had to do with, like, travelling quickly… I guess via wormholes or some shit like that.”
  • Chris cannot release the documents as they are still classified, but details that they are correspondence between Marc McComber, the Princeton Experiment program director, a lieutenant colonel, and the professor to whom McComber was an assistant. The Princeton Experiment was conducted at the behest of the overzealous program director and reluctant lieutenant colonel, using information derived from the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom discovered by Heinrich Kaufmann II. Its first trial resulted in equipment failure while the second trial, whatever its results, caused the government to silence Marc McComber through a pension and nondisclosure agreement. Chris is unsure of how McComber obtained the documents.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 25, 2011. The correspondence comes from the Department of Defense Main Office and the Office of Special Sciences. The Department of Intelligence document left with the Black Book was written by the lieutenant colonel, also relaying his reluctance to continue, the mechanical failure, and the usage of the term “essential materials” in describing the death-row inmate subjects. People can be seen watching Chris from outside his window. The description reads:

Just an update on the papers we found. Sorry, guys, I can't release them.

Chris tweets:

I know this is old news, but apparently someone made a transcript for the Black Book, and I just found it! Thanks! Transcript Link

December 2011

Project Egypt posts December 22nd 2011 - Holiday Update: Daniel has arranged Chris and Alex a meeting with an employee of the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School due to its connection with the Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center.

Chris tweets:

our trip to the RMES

  • Rainwood Memorial Elementary School: “Six months or so ago, we had a student who mysteriously vanished. No one could explain what happened, not even the police. I think, actually, the head of the case was someone named Detective Amsel, too. He said there was no real explanation for what happened and after that, parents just stopped sending their kids to school.”
  • Chris and Alex have difficulty navigating the school and pass Gorr’Rylaehotep outside the elevator without being aware of it. The director of activities they meet turns out to be their friend Matt Sharky, who was with them at their discovery of Greg’s death. Because he is their friend, they admit that they are investigating it and he tells him about the elementary school’s own “incident” that caused its recent decline in budget and attendance. Matt, apparently unaware of the day camp incident, tells them that it is scheduled for demolition and gives them a box of floppy disks that the Rainwoods had him retrieve from it in case it contains any leads about Greg.
    • Minutiae: Posted December 22, 2011. At one point while Chris and Alex are exploring through the dark, a basketball rolls out in their direction. Matt says that he has worked for the Rainwood family for several years and that the school remains open because some people are renting out the dining hall. The description reads:

Daniel of the Project Egypt blog arranged us a meeting with a representative from the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School in hopes of there being a connection between the school and the former day camp. I did NOT notice that fucking thing when we were there. There's something very, VERY wrong with that school.

January 2012

Chris tweets:

log #22 is uploaded finally

  • Log Entry #22 (1/20/2012 7:24 PM): “Shortly after recording this video we did make an interesting discovery in the text file named ‘1998-1999Record_Index.txt’/Apparently the Rainwood Day Camp was in possession of a documentary called ‘Unsolved Conspiracies’. We found the fact that a day camp had such a video to be very strange. We’ve decided to look into that more as it has at least piqued our interest.”
  • Greg’s brother, Jeff, has burned the floppy disks’ contents to a CD for Chris and Alex. Their attempt to open it on Alex’s computer brings up multiple windows that ultimately crash it and restarting it yields them a seemingly irrelevant “1998-1999 Record Index”. However, Chris’ onscreen text notes the bizarre detail they found in the file.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 20, 2012. The description reads:

not what we expected, but interesting nonetheless

February 2012

Chris tweets:

finally stumbled on something that could be of interest. I'll upload the video shortly


here's the video:

  • Unsolved Conspiracies Se1 Ep00 (Pilot): “If this show is ever aired, you won’t be seeing me around for long. I know two groups that will want me gone for exposing this information. Most people watching this program won’t even believe what I’m saying. But this is all true. There is a monster slowly destroying this world and unless this information is heard, nothing will stop it. You were wondering about the Princeton Experiment? That’s the Princeton Experiment.”
  • According to this documentary, the program director for the Princeton Experiment was a former Nazi named Hans Freuhauf who was acquisitioned by the United States government and devised the experiment to summon Gorr’Rylaehotep as per the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom. His previous experiments during World War II had attempted to emulate Gorr’Rylaehotep’s appearance in concentration camp detainees through unethical methods of elongation. The documentary’s anonymous witness from the Princeton Experiment, presumably Marc McComber, describes how the monster appeared in a flash of light, made noises telepathically, pulled him towards the light, and killed everyone at the site but him.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 2, 2012. McComber confirms Gallagher as the name of the professor to whom he was an assistant. His reference to “the aftereffects of that encounter” presumably means his abnormal aging, which the Black Book confirms is an effect of entering the Fourth World. The Tablet of Ancient Wisdom, however, is apparently the source of the Order’s belief that a human passing over would achieve godhood and become “a Gorr’Rylaehotep”. The description reads:

Alright, so after a few weeks of digging through pages of Google searches, we finally stumbled on something interesting.
On some random history forum we found a post mentioning a canceled History Channel show from 1998 called "Unsolved Conspiracies".
I took a screencap of that post here: [link]
We then downloaded the video, which is what we have just posted here. My mind is totally blown. I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but this makes fucking sense. And I have this feeling that the "Anonymous Witness" in this video is Marc McComber.
This explains a lot, but still what this has to do with me and Alex personally, I have no fucking clue. To say I'm on edge right now would be an understatement.

  • Chris is alerted to an Order member’s presence outside his door, so he grabs a knife and calls 911. He finds one already upstairs and six more ambush him at the door, allowing the one upstairs to stab him in the chest. Chris locks himself in the bathroom and texts Alex, who arrives once the cultists flee and finds Chris unconscious.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 24, 2012. At the beginning, Chris’ laptop plays an oddly appropriate line from the game Bastion: “it was the most beautiful place in the world. We all knew that. But on the other hand… some folks just yearn to see the things they’re told they can’t.” The description reads:

I got there as fast as I could.
They took the Black Book and the documents.
Chris is in stable condition. Await further updates.

Alex tweets:

hey this is Alex. Chris is going to be released from the hospital in a few days. His wounds weren't as bad as we initially thought. (cont)

He gave me access to this account. He hasn't been himself lately. On another note, I forgot the black book was uploaded to Megaupload (cont)

I'll put it up on Mediafire as soon as I can get a hold of the files.

New DL link for the black book (The Black Book)

March 2012

Alex tweets:

new update, we talk with heather again

  • Log #23: “Before my grandfather went missing, he was admitted into a mental hospital. My father and him got into this big argument about… what I ended up finding out was about… they were both members of a secret society. My grandfather was actually trying to reason with him to leave along with him, but…”
  • Chris barely speaks following his recovery, but it stopped Heather from pressing charges when Alex admitted that they stole from her. She tells them about how her father admitted her grandfather to a mental institution in 2001, and her grandfather disappeared from it shortly after telling her his plan to “make it all better”. In 1998, Marc McComber sent information about the “secret society” to the History Channel, never to air –presumably, “Unsolved Conspiracies”. As Alex tells Heather about where they have seen the symbol on the chest, Chris goes to change his bandages.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 4, 2012. Heather claims that her mother and father also got into a fight about this “secret society” at this same time, ultimately causing her father to leave them. The description reads:

This footage is actually from a few days ago. Me and Chris went over to talk with Heather McComber again. Given the situation and Chris's injury she isn't going to press charges.
You may have noticed Chris's behavior. He wasn't like that in the hospital, although he did seem quiet. But he's barely said anything since the police interviewed him about the incident on February 24th

Chris tweets:

log #24 is up. this was recorded just an hour ago

  • Log Entry #24 (3/15/2012 7:20 PM): “After Greg had seen, like, these weird things outside of his house, he was complaining about them to us and we told him that he should start filming himself because weird things have been happening to us, too, and we decided to film ourselves. And we recommended the same thing to him, so these actually could be what he was filming the time between when we told him about it and his death.”
  • Jeff calls Chris and Alex over to show them a box of DV tapes he found in Greg’s closet, which they agree to watch together by hooking up Chris’ camcorder to Jeff’s laptop.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 15, 2012. Chris is able to speak again. The description reads:

Greg's brother Jeff came down from Hoboken and wanted to talk with me and Alex.
Today is the one year anniversary of Greg's death.

Chris tweets:

the footage we've compiled so far from Greg's tapes

  • Greg’s Log #1: “Hello everyone, this is Greg. It’s February 12th, 2011 right now, and I have recently decided to start taping myself because of Chris and Alex’s suggestion to do so for security reasons.”
  • Greg hears the Order’s chanting coming from the abandoned Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center from across the street one night, but is unable to enter.
    • Minutiae: Posted March 21, 2012. Greg listens to the congregation’s leader give a sermon about Gorr’Rylaehotep for some time before fleeing. The description reads:

This is a compilation of the only interesting footage we've seen so far. We haven't looked through all the tapes yet because Alex and I have been busy with school.
Jeff is trying his best to watch them without us, taking notes as he goes along, but the footage takes a long time to compile. He estimates there is over 120 hours of footage on the tapes he found (since uploading the last log he has found two similar boxes of tapes in Greg's basement crawl space).
Hopefully there will be more footage to come.

April 2012

Project Egypt posts April 4th 2012 - Road Trip: Daniel has found out that Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, where Marc McComber was indeed admitted in 2001, was to be shut down in 2003 due to its high rate of patient suicide and abuse by staff; the records claim that he was transferred rather than escaped. Daniel, who lives in Rhode Island, will visit Chris and Alex on his way to meet friends in Florida.

Alex tweets:

this is Alex. Just posting because I noticed Daniel updated his blog



Chris tweets:

So I see Alex posted on my twitter without asking me. Thanks a lot. You know, I only gave you access so you could post when I couldn't.

I see he also gave me a profile picture. Foggy woods? Looks pleasant. #sarcasm

I think I'll be changing my password.

huh… that's really weird. I asked Alex about changing my profile picture and he swears he didn't touch it.

Daniel's visit

  • Daniel: “I was looking at government documents and, well, it comes to be that there is no Detective Amsel, agent or otherwise… in the government, at least. So I went searching a little bit more, and what I end up finding is the Amsel family tree. In the 1800s, Augustus Amsel was the grand minister of a group called the Novus Ordo Europa, otherwise known as the New Order of Europe. They were stationed in Hamburg, Germany but they aren’t around today, so I went around searching into this society itself. And I found that the Amsel family is in the registry for their society all the way up to the 1930s. Now it just stops right there, their family line, there’s just… nothing. No records of them at all. But the organization didn’t disband ’til around the 1950s. 1958, to be precise.”
  • Daniel meets Chris, Alex, and Jeff to tell them about the Amsel and Rainwood families’ involvement in a secret society called the Novus Ordo Europa. The disappearance of both family names from its records corresponds to when the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom was stolen from the British Museum, and the organization itself disbanded at the time of the Princeton Experiment.
    • Minutiae: Posted April 6, 2012. Daniel got this information from the darknet, which Jeff explains to Chris and Alex. The description reads:

edit: Daniel's blog – Project Egypt

May 2012

Chris tweets:

New update, more of Greg's footage.

  • Greg’s Log #2: “Jesse… we know what you did, we know that you didn’t tell us the whole truth and didn’t tell me the truth at the night of the party as well. I feel like that’s pretty fucking low, and this could have all been prevented and we could have been able to help Greg by knowing that he was experiencing the same exact stuff before he talked to us and we were almost assaulted by that maniac outside.”
  • Greg tells Jeff about the chanting, encounters Gorr’Rylaehotep by the woods one night, and calls Jesse to tell him about the encounter.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 20, 2012. In the present, Alex and Jeff end the video telling Jesse that they hold him accountable for not telling them about Greg’s situation. The description reads:

48/120 hours of footage has been compiled. This is what we have found so far.

Chris tweets:

Jesse is a dead man.

  • Greg’s Log #3: “Welcome, brothers and sisters! One of our youngest brothers, Jesse, has brought us a new candidate for our Order. His name is Gregory Benson. In accordance with the sacred traditions, I will remove my mask in respect of our new brother. He has been graced with Gorr’Rylaehotep’s presence. He is a Chosen One. To our knowledge, no man has seen our lord since the Oracle first laid eyes on him in 1957, and lived to tell the tale.”
  • Jesse tells Greg that the Order would understand his Gorr’Rylaehotep encounter and drives him to the Atlantic Test Site, where he is allowed to film the candlelit ceremony under the condition that the Order receive the footage. The chapter leader that Greg overheard in the day camp, known as the Overseer, initiates Greg into the cult by having him answer questions that the members ask in unison.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 26, 2016. According to this Overseer, the Chief Overseer of the Order as a whole is named Jacob Rainwood; the Oracle he mentions is, of course, Marc McComber. The description reads:

The second portion of this video is taken from a separate tape than the first half. The second half's tape is one of the only ones that is labeled: "March 5th": ten days before Greg's death. We're not going to try to contact Jesse until we have finished going through the tapes. We still have a lot left. Maybe they have more answers.

July 2012

Chris tweets:

We just finished looking through Greg's tapes. Nothing else of interest was found. Our only lead is gone now.

August 2012

Project Egypt posts August 20th 2012 - Going to the Source: Daniel plans to explore the Atlantic Test Site and drive down to Florida with a friend named Noah who will return there after visiting family in New York.

Chris tweets:

Daniel has updated the Project Egypt blog

Daniel is going to be in the area again and said he might have some more information for us. We're pretty excited to hear what it is.

  • The Manifest: Noah Maxwell of the channel Tribe Twelve has sought out independent investigators to seek out Mary Asher, his aunt who is on the run and suspected of murder. One named Sam has found her name on a 1985 “East Coast Assembly Manifest” for the Order, so he directs Noah to Daniel. Daniel meets him at the Atlantic Test Site with a copy of House of Leaves and advises him to see Chris and Alex. Noah’s channel makes it apparent that he has been stalked by the same monster.

Project Egypt posts August 24th 2012 - Daniel Shipman's Text Adventure: Daniel visited the Atlantic Test Site, where he experienced occasional interference on his camera and heard voices inside some of the buildings. Most of the military memorial plaques there are from 1957, and Daniel has found the base of the radio tower where the Order inducted Greg. Daniel was shooed out of a restricted area by an unusually large group of people there and waited on a bench until Noah arrived.

Chris tweets:

Daniel arranged a meeting for us with Noah Maxwell. We've met and are planning some things.

Also, Daniel mentioned to us that he updated his blog and checked out the Atlantic Test Site for himself

Noah's manifest:


Listed are the names Amsel, McComber and Rainwood. Suspicions are now confirmed.

Tonight Noah is planning to meet with a representative from the Order. Let's hope this won't end terribly.

Involving Noah in this was a bad idea. Of course it didn't end well. Right now I'm having a hard time believing this actually happened.

We do have the video to prove it though. Once I'm done compiling it together, I'll post it right away. Should be today or tonight.

New log entry is up:

  • Log Entry #25: Meeting with Noah Maxwell: “Okay, three conditions, all right? One. You do not fucking mention us the entire time. I don’t care what they say to you, at all. They would find us and kill us, okay? They know where I live, they know where Alex lives. We’d be dead. They wouldn’t follow you. Second, if anything happens, if we see the slightest sign of anything, we're fucking out of there, alright? This is on you. But third: don't die. We’ve had enough shit happen to us, we don’t want your death on our conscience, all right? Or the fucking police asking questions, because we haven’t exactly been lucky with the police.”
  • Chris and Alex meet Noah and agree to give him Jesse’s contact information to meet with the Order, but only under these conditions. They drive him to the Atlantic Test Site at night and wait long enough that eventually Alex must go after him. Noah runs back and urges him to drive them away from Order members now behind him, but the car stalls. Noah says that the cultists ambushed him and the appearance of “you-know-who” forced him to run. Gorr’Rylaehotep appears in front of the car twice: first before a cultist’s body crashes onto the windshield, and then before they warp to a beach in sudden daylight. Noah admits to have said their names under pressure during the meeting, so Chris and Alex drive off without him.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 29, 2012. Noah has his camera with him throughout the video as per Alex’s suggestion to Chris that having him film the meeting with the Order could give them a new perspective on the cult. The description reads:

We got into contact with this guy Noah Maxwell via Daniel. As you can see in the video, involving others who claim to have the same problem as us is a bad idea. We can only trust ourselves.
If you wanna see this guy's videos, they're here: Tribe Twelve
We understand that he's been through a lot but this whole situation could have been avoided. I understand we're equally to blame, but we warned him.

Project Egypt posts August 31st 2012 - My Perspective: Daniel prefaces his next video about what he did during the three days that Chris, Alex, and Noah went missing –between their movement from the Atlantic Test Site to the beach, that is.

  • The Missing Days; Formal Apology: “Noah… I just want to say that I’m beyond sorry for what happened. When it boils down to it, if I had never let you get in touch with them, this never would have happened. This rests on my shoulders. As much as you say it was your fault or you let yourself get into this situation, if I’d stopped you, none of this would have happened. Alex, Chris… I hope you can understand that I was only trying to help out a friend who has been through as much stuff as anyone else, including you guys. I mean, not to say that he’s gone through any more or less than you guys have, but I just… I wanted to help, and I’m really sorry and I hope you can forgive me.”
  • On the second night after the group’s disappearance, Daniel searches the Atlantic Test Site to no avail. He sleeps in his car and on the next day receives a call from Noah asking for a ride back from the beach, so he tells Noah that it has been three days and films his apology some time afterwards.
    • Minutiae: Posted August 31, 2012. The description reads:

The first clips were recorded on August 26th-28th. The last clip was recorded last night, on August 30th.

Chris tweets:

Daniel updated his blog with a video: [link]

Apology accepted, and we'd like to apologize too for getting you involved.

I'd like to apologize to @TribeTwelve for leaving you at the beach. Also, apology accepted. We've both been screwed, let's leave it at that

September 2012

Project Egypt posts September 6th 2012 – Daniel Shipman, PI for hire: Daniel was again contacted by one Ryan Coleman from the channel WeepingThorns, and a brief meeting ensued.

  • Our Meet-up: This is the same video of Chris and Alex’s meet-up with Noah, but from his perspective. He meets Jesse under a bus shelter at night, and Jesse immediately leaves after telling him to give the Overseer the note that reads “Tomorrow night, 9:00 pm, Atlantic Test Site”/“No funny business”.

Chris tweets:

Wow, after actually seeing what happened to Noah back in August, I don't know what to think. This is very unsettling.

  • The Order: During Noah’s meeting with the Order, the Overseer would not speak until Noah handed over the note. He only gives three pieces of information and interrogates Noah about his intentions, also asking about Gorr’Rylaehotep’s godhood after Noah gives away that he has seen it. The ambushing cultists react to its appearance with a mixture of fear and ecstacy, and one of them that asks to be taken to the Fourth World leaves behind only his mask and cloak as he vanishes. One calls it a miracle, and another calls it anarchy. Noah also witnesses the monster dangling another cultist by the feet.

Chris tweets:

New Project Egypt post from Daniel:

Project Egypt posts September 30th 2012 – New Projects: Daniel explains his current priorities.

October 2012

Daniel tweets:

I broke down and got myself a twitter, am I cool yet guys?

Unspaceman on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Could you do us all a favour and try not to die? Please?

Daniel responds:

@Unspaceman fortunately for you good sir, I did not plan on doing as such any time soon, let's see if I can't keep it that way eh?

HnojTheDemon on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Like the other side of the pillow.

Daniel responds:

@HnojTheDemon i'm not sure if I am ready to live up to such high standards as the other side if the pillow, that's high praise.

Daniel tweets:

I have "acquired" an actual decent video editing software. Hooray internet, I mean…what? Anyways, step one down.

Janders2012 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Just be careful man, things seem to go bad once people start carrying a camera when "he" is around

Daniel responds:

@Janders2012 I don't think I'm going to be putting myself into much danger doing a video compilation project heh, but thanks for the concern

Slender_seer on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 how do you know the darkharvest guys.

Daniel responds:

@Slender_seer I'm Daniel, the one that's been helping them find out information about everything that has been going on.

Slender_seer on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 I ment how you met them… But thanks.

Daniel responds:

@Slender_seer Ah okay, if you saw in Update #4 Chris had contacted me after finding my blog through the connection to Gorr'rylaehotep.

JoshLJaegar on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Sony Vegas Pro?

Daniel responds:

@JoshLJaeger Yes actually, 11 to be exact.

Daniel tweets:

New DH update: [Log Entry #26] …no amount of me apologizing would ever make me not feel guilty about all of this, damn it.

  • Log Entry #26: “Brothers, the time has come. These fools have tried to infiltrate our Order. Now, they shall pay the ultimate price. Normally, we do not like to take the life of another, but these are dire circumstances. We would like to thank today Brother Jesse for delivering them to us. So, Jesse, you shall have the honors. Should you be successful in this task, you shall have earned the title of Archvassal.”
  • Chris and Alex debate on whether abandoning Noah was right and decide that they ought to confront Jesse before the Order can come to them, which starts under the guise of inviting him to a party. Jeff brings supplies to Alex’s car, but Jesse insists that Chris and Alex take his. Chris calls Jeff along the way in case Jesse tries anything –and indeed he does, selling them out to surrounding Order members who pinion them for execution by the axe. Jesse refuses to kill Chris himself, and Jeff arrives to hold the Order at gunpoint and have them free Chris and Alex.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 5, 2012. Alex speculates that more cops than Detective Amsel may be part of the Order and cover up its operations. Jeff’s supplies for capturing Jesse include a bucket, a bat, rope, chloroform, and a folding chair.

Chris tweets:

new log

For those who may be concerned: Alex and I are staying at an undisclosed location with our families for awhile.

log entry 27 -

  • Log Entry #27: “This is a message to every member of this fucking cult… the Order. You thought you could kill us, and get away with that shit? We’re not gonna take that.”
  • Chris and Alex have Jesse chloroformed and tied to a chair at night sometime after finding another DV tape in his house. Once he comes to, Chris interrogates him about the Order’s motivations but he refuses to speak until Chris has splashed gasoline in his face and is about to lay down the match. Jesse says the Oracle prophesied that Chris and Alex would be the Harbingers to threaten the Order's existence, and so “they will kill you” for looking deeper. Chris and Alex free Jesse to avoid whoever they hear coming, and he escapes. Chris spends the car ride paranoid while Alex tries to convince him that uploading the video could give them leverage against the cultists in the police force by exposing the cult to cops outside of it.
    • Minutiae: Posted October 19, 2012. Chris’ frustration at Jesse’s silence causes him punch to him to the ground, kick him, and spit on him; he briefly falls unconscious again from this, allowing Chris and Alex to re-tie him. In saying “I'm involved” as Chris and Alex are, Jesse implies the Order might kill him. The description reads:

This video is actually a few days old. Alex and I had debated whether or not uploading this would be a good idea. I'm still against it, but things have been pretty quiet recently and this seemed to be our only option. Now the point of this "message" is not to threaten, but show that we are in control and will command our own destinies. We are not pushovers and will not just be pawns in a game. I hope the Order thinks twice before trying to pull some shit now. Not to mention that their "spy" is as good as useless to them now.
Regardless of what will come next, I am satisfied that retribution was delivered.
edit: Also, the tape that we found in Jesse's room is definitely Greg's. This may be the last piece of the puzzle regarding what actually happened to him.

Daniel tweets:

"You've seen what they'll do to you, and anyone else involved." Well isn't that just swell.

@Historian4Habit I do believe that was my attempt at sarcasm sir.

For the record I am still going to be doing the videos. I just need to find the time to work on them for more than a few minutes.

Chris tweets:

information regarding the tape we found: [Pastebin link]

November 2012

Daniel tweets:

Once more into the fray,
Into the last good fight I'll ever know,
Live and die on this day,
Live and die on this day,
#tribetwelve #thegrey

auntlooneytoons on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 what are you doing? check out Noah! He is going to die tonite!! get the hell over there and help him! STICK TOGETHER! HELP NOAH!

Daniel responds:

@auntlooneytoons …Really? I'm half a country away, what do you really expect for one human being to be able to do in my position?

auntlooneytoons on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 try! if nothing else let him know you are watching tonite or that you are pulling for him.

Daniel responds:

@auntlooneytoons I already let him know a while back, I said that on my formspring also.

Daniel tweets:

Well…this has been a night. To say the least.

  • The Livestream Incident: Noah Maxwell’s November 11 livestream, referenced above by Daniel, was on the day he expected to either die or become part of the Collective –an otherworldly group of transformed humans in league with the monster. Seven minutes into the video, Alex joins the video chat to say “I mean, I’m kinda concerned, man.”

Chris tweets:

the footage on Greg's tape:

  • Greg’s Final Log: “After confronting Jesse a few weeks ago, Alex and I have managed to get hold of a tape that we found in Jesse’s possession labeled ‘March 15th 2011’. The tape was from a mini DV camcorder, and was the same brand that Greg bought when he had been filming himself back in March of 2011. The entire tape seems to be corrupted, and has extraordinary amounts of audio and video distortion, to the point where capturing all the footage is almost impossible. I tried my best though, and what you are about to see is the video we managed to retrieve from the tape.”
  • Jeff has found a mask, knife, and black book in Greg’s closet and expresses concern that Greg is obsessed. Greg invites Jesse over to state his intention of leaving the Order, and they argue over it; Jesse ultimately claims that Greg will die if he leaves. Gorr’Rylaehotep lurches after Greg from up the stairs and outside, so he and Jesse run to the basement. Jesse locks him in and retrieves the camera and book after Gorr’Rylaehotep eviscerates Greg.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 11, 2012. Jeff is four years older than Greg. Jesse uses Greg’s status as the Second Chosen One as a reason for him not to leave, but changes it to Third when Greg reminds him that the Second one is a sacrifice.

Chris tweets:

a quick update and speculation on what's ahead:

  • Chris and Alex agree that the closure on Greg’s death necessitates that they only update if anything happens. Alex has learned from Jesse’s parents that he is missing.
    • Minutiae: Posted November 26, 2012. Chris and Alex walk the same path as they had in “Log Entry #2”, and Alex speaks the above quote in response to Chris asking, “Now do you believe in ghosts?” The description reads:

It's been two years since this all began. A lot has changed, and not for the better. Things have been quiet lately though, and I'm hoping that everyone involved in this will be able to somehow return to their lives if this is all coming to a close. But we shouldn't act like this is the end: we've thought the same way before. Back in August of 2011 we tried to do the same thing, and we just got sucked back into this shit. But now that we know what happened to Greg and that we are powerless to bring the one responsible in to custody, it just doesn't seem worth it any more. Our thoughts will always be with the family of Gregory Benson, Jeff and his father, who have endured through all this and have been hit hardest. Here's looking to the future.

December 2012

Daniel retweets Mark Z. Danielewski:

"Again that faint growl returns, rolling through the darkness like thunder." #houseofleaves

Daniel tweets:

Someone wanted me to have this, end of the world gift?


@WhisperedFaith why in the hell is there so much weird crap in New Jersey? Seriously.

January 2013

  • Memoir: “this may seem crazy, but I swear I am only human/or at least I once was/humanity is a concept I have long forgotten/I am not living in the world you live in/I see things differently/I see the future/I hear the past/and all I can feel is death/on my hands”
  • Kind von der Ritter video with unusually lucid communication in text over scenes of a cuckoo clock, abruptly cutting into scenes of corpses, a cemetery, and a forest. Kind von der Ritter claims to have seen a future that he seeks to change and references a “key” that can vanquish the “ROT”.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 3, 2013. Capital letters spelling out “DANIEL” and “NJ” are present in other words.

Daniel tweets:

Looks like my theories of KVDR's identity were correct after all. This certainly brings light to a few things as well.

I have some explaining of my own that needs to be done. I'll have a post up soon, in the next day or so. I just, need to collect myself.

Here is the post that I promised, it should explain everything that has been going on.

Project Egypt posts January 4th, 2013 - My New Venture: Daniel believes that Kind von der Ritter, most likely Marc McComber and the Order’s Oracle, sent him the key because he is meant to find something in New Jersey. He has received a threatening letter from the Order but intends to meet with Chris anyway.

  • Daniel Shipman, Jan. 4th Update: “To start off, soon after the last incident in Jersey… at a café I often go to, I noticed the symbol of the Order, and that’s when I started noticing it more around town. At a library, at a police station, and even a courtroom. I’m assuming this is the New England chapter that are on the manifest, and from that I decided to kind of keep low, keep to myself, because I didn’t want to draw any unwanted attention to myself.”
  • Daniel recounts how a woman outside a local church holding a late-night sermon gave him the letter that was addressed to him on the inside and contained the key. He defied the Order’s “cease and desist” letter by digging up more information on the Rainwood family. Jacob Rainwood lacks any public records, and other records claim that the whole family moved to Europe in 1985 in spite of their presence in New Jersey.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 4, 2013. Jacob Rainwood, the current Chief Overseer, is supposedly the son of Lawrence Rainwood, founder of the Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center and former Chief Overseer. The description reads:

I'll make a post regarding this later tonight on the Project Egypt blog.

Chris tweets:

Daniel Shipman called me tonight and told me he's going to be in the area tomorrow. I'd like to catch up with him and see how hes been doing

new video documenting Daniel's visit. More to come in coming weeks. Too much shit has happened, it might be awhile.

  • Daniel Shipman's Visit: First Day: “They did have me go back a second time. I searched the whole building, top to bottom… there was nothing else in there. The only place I didn’t get to check was this locked room… probably because of the asbestos in it, but I think it was just a boiler room?”
  • Daniel tells Chris about his recent insights into the Order in spite of Chris and Alex’s attempts to avoid them, and Alex is more reluctant than Chris. But they find the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School closed and interview Matt, who verifies his former boss’ existence and mentions a locked area in the day camp that Daniel believes could correspond to the key. Chris convinces Alex that they should go.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 8, 2013. Chris and Alex reference Noah when talking about the kind of danger they ought to avoid. Matt calls Jacob Rainwood “a good guy” for paying his rent four months after he lost his job, and Daniel suggests to Chris and Alex that it could be an alias. The description reads:

So much has happened in the past few days, it's going to take some time to compile all the footage together. This is the first video in a series of about three we will be releasing in the coming days. Once everything is out in the open, and you can come to your own conclusions about what is going on and what may happen, I'll post a more in-depth view of how we're doing now that this is over and what we plan on doing next.

Chris tweets:

oh, also a new PE post, for those who care

part 2 of Daniel Shipman's visit:

  • Chris, Alex, and Daniel find that the key indeed works on the locked room at the Rainwood Day Camp and Learning Center. The locked crate they find inside opens with the combination “0304”, revealing two papers. A group of Order members arrive in search of them, so Daniel lets Chris and Alex escape by leading the cultists after him. He meets Chris and Alex again to show them a series of codes on one paper, two of which involve the ROT-13 cipher referenced by Kind von der Ritter and another where Daniel needs their help.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 18, 2013. “A Lord in Woe” on the other paper is an anagram for “L. E. Rainwood”. The description reads:

There is another video regarding Daniel's visit that I still need to upload, however it may take me a little longer than expected. Sifting through the footage and compiling what is interesting/relevant to the situation is very time-consuming. Expect it fairly soon, though. Like I said previously, once this whole thing is posted, Alex and I will most likely make a video about how we are doing now. Keep in mind that the events depicted in this video took place on January 6th, as Daniel arrived on the 5th. I hope I won't have to keep you guys waiting too long on the next video. We do want to keep all of our viewers informed regarding our current situation, but we feel these videos are far more substantial than just writing up a text post.

Chris retweets Daniel:









The ROT-13 portion of the message:

New Harbor Library

“At midnight,
God wills it,
At midnight”

The first emperor's words bring clarity, though his enemies silenced him. This truth is the key. The numbers are the path to the key.

  • Daniel tells Chris and Alex that the quote of the message comes from Dr. Ox’s Experiment by Jules Verne; the “first emperor” line confirms the last message as keyed Caesar cipher, and the numbers correspond to a page number, line, and word of the Jules Verne book. They go to the New Harbor Library where the first book leads them to a few others until they finally produce the two phrases above. At the Brandt-Crater Cemetery, they find a flagstone marked with the Order symbol at the base of a secluded mausoleum labeled “RITTER”. Daniel overturns it with a crowbar, revealing a map of the cemetery that he does not want Chris to film because it alludes to something hidden there. He photographs it, then shatters the flagstone and disposes of the pieces so that the Order does not find it; however, three Order members with guns force the group to flee.
    • Minutiae: Posted January 28, 2013. The other books are Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Homer’s Odyssey, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, and Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience –themes of betrayal in these are consistent with the other codes, so the group speculates that Lawrence Rainwood was betrayed by conspirators within the Order, possibly causing his death. The description, a reference to Daniel’s final words of “I’ll let you know if I find anything [at the cemetery]”, reads:

He didn't.

Daniel tweets:

I'm sure you can understand why I have been so inactive as of late. I will have an update covering everything soon.

JubeiHero on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Your alive i see

Daniel responds:

@JubeiHero For now.

Daniel tweets:

Why do people assume I own an armory of guns? Or better yet, have the money to purchase a gun and ammunition for one?

SimonPotrebka on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 If something were to happend to you do you think it might be a good idea to send Chris or Alex the map so they could have it to?

Daniel responds:

@SimonPotrebka Sure, and put them both in even more of an immediate risk? The file is safe, and I already have a contingency plan.

JoshLJaegar on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 @SimonPotrebka Being?

Daniel responds:

@JoshLJaeger @SimonPotrebka Telling you would sort of defeat the purpose of having that plan in the first place, now wouldn't it?

HnojTheDemon on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Are you a part of the cult?

Daniel responds:

@HnojTheDemon First of all, if I was in The Order, why on earth would I tell you? Second of all, why the fuck would I be in The Order?

HnojTheDemon on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Technically, you didn't exactly deny that you weren't in the Order.

Daniel responds:

@HnojTheDemon I am not in The Order. Hi my name is Daniel Shipman and I approve this message. #Shipman2016.

KingDev122 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 Any possible idea when we can expect the new blog post to be up?

Daniel responds:

@KingDev122 Not any later than a few days from now, I should have it up before the end of the weekend. I apologize for the wait.

February 2013

Daniel tweets:

I am having some technical difficulties, I apologize for the delay everyone.

Chris tweets:

here's the update video, as promised:

  • Update #7 (2:33 PM 2/24/2013): “The whole reason that we went along with Daniel’s plan was because we thought that this was gonna be the end of everything -thought we could figure out a way to finally stop the Order and stop all this craziness from happening to us. But instead, pretty much the opposite has happened, and we’re back in kind of that state of nervousness where every day, you know, we’re waiting and something could happen at any point.”
  • Chris updates the viewers on Daniel’s return to Brandt-Crater as it became a site of police activity, Chris and Alex’s renewed paranoia, Kind von der Ritter’s likely identity as Marc McComber, and their suspicions that the cemetery map led to the names of the Order members that conspired against Lawrence Rainwood.
    • Minutiae: Posted February 24, 2013. Chris believes that exposing the conspirators’ names would have spelled the end of the Order, but considers Jesse to be his only remaining lead as it would not be safe to return to the cemetery. The description reads:

I'm not giving up yet. Here's the update video, as promised.

March 2013

Daniel tweets:

@TEA13TIME1 Ruu, I'm glad i'm not the only one who enjoys a good amount of sugar in their tea.

This update video summarizes everything fairly well, so is there anything else that you guys would like explained?

Corey02915253 on Twitter writes:

@DShipman90 are you still gonna try and solve this?

Daniel responds:

@Corey02915253 Well I am not quitting if that's what you mean.

April 2013

Daniel tweets:

I'm still alive, just, keeping it safe. As much as possible that is.

Do you guys still want me to do a Proj. Egypt update at least? Also on what? Can't say too much about what I've been up to recently though.

May 2013

Chris tweets:

Sorry for the lack of updates. Expect a video up tonight.

forgot to tweet it. Here's the newest update:

  • Log Entry #28: “Although the words of the Oracle may protect you from death by our hand, Gorr’Rylaehotep will destroy you one day. Why he hasn’t yet is a mystery but rest assured, your time will come. What we can do, though, if you ever try to uncover the secrets of our Order again, is give you a fate far worse than death. We will kill everyone you love. Your entire family will be destroyed, and your world will crumble. Although we cannot kill you, we will find you. We will take you into our care and make your every waking moment an unending hell! You will be begging for the release of death, but we will not give it to you. We will only bring you more suffering. Think about that before you attempt to contact anyone in our Order again! I hope you heed our words and stay out of our business, or you’ll be regretting it until the day you die!”
  • On March 17, Alex finds a news story about how Jesse was found “murdered in an execution-style beheading” a day prior and shows it to Chris. On May 29, Chris finds an envelope at his door containing a tape of the event –on March 15, a red-masked Order member walks Jesse through the woods by a noose. One of two cultists hands him an axe as one chants and drums off-camera and the Overseer gives a prepared speech about how Jesse has betrayed the Order by revealing its actions to “the Harbingers”. Chris has removed the image of the execution but left the audio intact; after it happens, the Overseer addresses his final warning to Chris and Alex.
    • Minutiae: Posted May 30, 2013. Jesse was inducted into the Order on November 8, 2009, and they ultimately left his body in a shallow grave. The Overseer refers to a “newly installed Fifth Enclave of the New Jersey chapter of our Order” that Jesse could have led and a “heretical Sixth Enclave [… that] has attempted to kill the Harbingers on three separate occasions”, Jesse having cooperated with the latter. The Overseer references two prophecies from the Oracle: first being that one of their own members would betray them, second being that Gorr’Rylaehotep would kill Chris and Alex.

Daniel tweets:

Well, fuck.

I know I haven't been active, ill try to get something up for an update when I can actually feel safe for more than ten minutes at a time.


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