Congratulations. You have just discovered the secret wiki page. Only the “List of all Pages” system links to it. As your reward, have some classic creepypasta: the Slender Man Mythos’ spiritual kin.

Nowadays people apply the term “creepypasta” to nearly all amateur horror online, sometimes even to dismiss stories as low-quality. But the term used to have a much narrower definition: creepy “copypasta”, meaning short segments of (usually) anonymously-written text copied-and-pasted on forums and imageboards. Some even narrowed it to stories from 4chan’s /x/ alone, but it’s been used in relation to the Slender Man Mythos since the original thread (in a comment by the SCP-173 creator, no less). So the Slender Man itself is not a creepypasta, but its mythos can be said to include several creepypastas without being limited to them. The Rake, on the other hand, started as a creepypasta –but already has a page here, so it won’t be on the lists below.

The derogatory connotation of “creepypasta” is entirely unfair to stories that fit the term’s original definition, and even some that don’t, because they have a certain authenticity and charm that really can’t be found anywhere else. Like the Slender Man Mythos, they tell either original stories or old urban legends the way friends would around a campfire –just substitute the flashlight on their face for the glow of your computer screen. And enjoy.

Short Stories

Longform Stories



Creepypasta Adjacent

These should under no circumstances be called “creepypasta” as that would contribute to the vacuous broadening of the term, but it’d also be stupid to deny they essentially have more in common with good creepypastas than bad creepypastas do. They’re all authentic, immersive experiences, and many found footage series in particular qualify as the Slenderverse’s spiritual successors.

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