The start of Formspring’s technical difficulties coincidentally fell on a crucial divide in Tribe Twelve updates, so became the replacement account for answers. The main pages will link to each burst of relevant answers as it occurs. #1

Hey Noah what's up man it's been a while we don't hear a thing about you

Sorry about that, there's just been a lot on my mind lately. I almost can't tell anymore if odd things happening around me because I've come to block them out. I'm still doing my research, but I'm not sure what to do next besides pester Karl and Kevin.

How're you doing at the moment, Noah?

A resounding meh.

How come there have been no videos recently?

I've been coping with the fact that I am somehow a time warping being that defies all logic.

How's your sleep schedule been?

What sleep schedule?

At least on this account, that symbol isn't your picture, right?

Yeah, let's not say that so soon. I'm prepared for it to change at any time considering the history of my past accounts.

Are you going to make a update video?

Yes, when the time is right.

How is your relationship with karl?

Lets just say I haven't heard from him since 2011.

What is it like seeing him?

Unreal. Like what you're looking at shouldn't exist. It's a fucking terrifying thing that is hard to comprehend at all.

Have you ever wondered how you came to be Firebrand? Or atleast a version of you?

Every day. I'm hoping there's a good reason for all this bullshit.

Have you secured a good job yet?

No, but goddammit I'm still trying.

Have you found anything new? The videos scared the shit out of me so I came to see if you were okay.

Not yet, but I'm still looking. It seems like I'm fine for the time being.

If you somehow got the journal from Karl, what would you do with it? I'd like to know what it says in there.

If I am able to obtain it from Karl, I'll read it and post my findings on the internet for everyone to see. They must want that shit for a reason and I want everyone to know why.

Do you trust Firebrand?

The real question is, do I trust myself?
I don't even know.

Has Kevin still been acting weird?

Whenever I see him in class, he generally keeps to himself. I do see him looking at funny looking note cards every so often. I think they might have some drawings on them or something. I'll bring myself to ask him about them one day.

how does it feel to finally have control over your avatar?

Awkward, tbh.

Do you plan on getting the journal Karl has?

Yes. It's the most solid lead I have right now, even though it's equally the weakest.

Have strange things been happening lately, or are things coming back to normal?

Save for some fucked up dreams, things have been pretty normal so far. But we both know that the calm spells are always short lived.

Do you think the tall guy you, the Dark Harvest guys and Everyman Hybrid guys have encountered are one and the same or separate entities?

I think it's safe to assume they're the same being. At least, I damn hope so.

Oh crap! Noah your profile picture has a distortion at the left!

Shit. It wasn't like that when I took it.

How does it feel to be stalked by a paranormal entity?

I could say that you get used to it since it's been nearly three years since this all began, but no, you never do.

Why am I doing this?

Because you're curious. Just like I was.

At least you are still alive.

Define "alive".

What would your reaction be if the Observer made another video/hacked into Twitter or this and said crap like "youwinnoah" and, unlike in INTERCEPTION, is actually telling the truth and you have actually won?

Judging from his record, I don't think I've even begun to play their game yet.

Do you think you will ever find out what happened to Milo?

I'm not sure but I will tell you one thing, I won't stop will I do.

How do you have money for food and such if you don't have a job?

My parents send me an allowance for food and basic supplies. I'm still trying to get a job.

What's your opinion of your future self?

I respect that he saved me, but it'd be nice if I was given more information. However, considering how much effort it took for him to intercept the Observer's broadcast, I figure it's the best I'll get for now.

f you go look at the frames in "November 11th" Right before observer or whoever says "If you Intend to kill me" There is a frame of a blade being kicked around. Do you think that the blade could be conducive to Karl's journal in any way?

I'm not sure, but I'll keep that in mind.

I call bullshit on the entire notion that these events simply "passed" from milo to you. The HAPPYBIRTHDAY video confirms the observer has been watching you from a very young age, your isolation was his endgame. This was always about controlling you, regardless of the lies he spews on your twitter.

If you're implying that this is a lineage thing, I've recently been seriously considering this as a possibility. But why? Genes? Come on, there needs to be a logical reason for all this nonsense happening to us, and I intend to figure it all out.

What if taking the journal makes your grandfather a target, if it does provide some sort of protection.

That's a risk I'll have to take.

What about the Broadwalk? Will you ever go there again?

I may have to.

why again can't the observer get the fucking journal himself

That's one of the biggest questions on my mind. For some reason, that journal is very special, special enough that a time demon or whatever cannot touch it. It's my goal to find that journal and figure out why it's so damn important.

How close were you with Kevin before this unpleasantness began?

He was just a guy I knew in school as more of an acquaintance, a very loose friend if anything. He used to be friends with Milo, but that's all I got on him right now.

What was the weirdest thing that happened when you were a child?

Well, I remember almost drowning one time when I was a kid. I was with my grandparents and my mom in their boat and it capsized, my grandma drowned. I was originally told that Karl had saved me, but my mom told me a few years back that it was some anonymous person. Karl actually swam around trying to find a "book" he had lost. This could possibly be the journal? I'm not sure, but considering he saved that book instead of his wife is a good indication. It was that important to him. After that event, we stopped hearing from him and he became a recluse.

So what's next: The journal or boardwalk?

The Journal is more of a lead, but the boardwalk is closer. I'm not sure at all.

When you get the journal will kevin translate it for you again?

If he's willing, sure. But I might have to get a second opinion, trusting a prime suspect isn't wise.

Does the darkharvest00 gang still hate you

No, we've settled the issue long ago. We're just not likely to meet up again. #2

Would you rather have a normal life or have milo back?

Milo back, because a normal life without him feels empty. We would fight this together.

It's kind of weird that they've decided to leave you alone, isn't it? I mean, surely if Observer wanted to turn you into a member of the Collective, he could have done it in one of the many months since November 11th, right? Or is he just so neurotic he can only do it on your birthday?

Something tells me that they could have, but didn't. Something has either been stopping them somehow, or that they need me to get the journal first because "they can't touch it" for some reason.

Let's say you are able get yourself out of this nightmare you are currently living in. With as much as the events of these past couple years have effected you, do you think you'll ever really be able to return to living a normal life?

I don't know what normal is anymore and I doubt I ever will, especially after these past few years.

You were saved from drowning by "an anonymous person"? An anonymous person with glasses and a wicked grin?

I don't remember who he was, considering I was dazed from nearly drowning. No one got a good look at him or knew where he went.

Do you ever think that Milo isnt dead

No, but I dream about it.

What other items do you think are in Karl's old ammunition box?

Hopefully items that can help me or provide me with some answers.

was it the observer that sent you that letter with the purple X?

After talking with the EMH boys, I'm not so sure. It didn't seem like the Observer's doing, we think it was someone, or something, else.

who the hell is this HABIT I keep hearing about

Some thing that has been tormenting the EMH boys, and it's starting to look like whatever it is has possessed Evan.

Dude, you can be such a dick sometimes. For example, the phonecall with Mary: you never once thought about her situation. It was always "Me! Me!". Or how you completely botched the meeting with the cult. Don't you think those could have gone better if you didn't fly off the handle after 10 seconds?

That bitch had been eluding me for months and months on purpose. You bet I went off the handle once I got to her. See, you just witness snippets of my life, some videos and tweets. I have to live it, 24/7, 365. You don't know what it's like to try to find someone for that long, who happens to be a suspected murderer mind you, and then finally get a hold of them. Shit's nerve wracking and you don't think too clearly. I wanted answers, I didn't care for small talk at that point.

When Karl dies, who do you think would inherit the journal?( that is if you don't have it yet)

I would, hopefully. I wouldn't want it falling into the hands of anyone else.

Do you think Firebrand might be able to travel back in time and prevent all this from happening?

I have a feeling he may have already been doing that.

Your grandmother who drowned, what was her name?


What beach did you end up getting transported too?

Asbury Park I think.

do you still love your grandfather?

After all this bullshit, not really.

did they ever find the cause of the boat capsizing all those years ago? the more i think about it, the more i think that it was no accident.


Noah, I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

have any interesting dreams lately?

I don't remember most, but most make me wake up in a cold sweat.

do you still have that pistol?

No, it's still missing.

do you ever worry that interacting with other people will make them a target?

Yeah, that's why I'm a fucking recluse.

What was your wierdest dream you ever had?

I'm still not convinced that this isn't all one long fucked up super nightmare yet.

What's something you always wanted when you were a kid but never got?

A proper grandfather.

If Karl is so senile, why hasn't your family put him in a care home or something?

He's sane enough to pay his mortgage.

Why can't Firebrand go back in time to save Milo?

Something tells me that omnipotence and omnipresence aren't exactly without limits when it comes to them.

Since you're Firebrand, have you noticed any abilities starting to manifest?

I don't think I'm Firebrand, I'm starting to think that Firebrand is me.

Have you considered changing your twitter avatar now that it is under your control?

I still can't change it, whatever I put in, it reverts back to that symbol. I'm lucky this site lets me do it successfully.

Do you think Karl's journal can help solve not only your current situation but also of those relating to the EMH crew and the DarkHarvest00 guys? It seems it could benefit everyone.

If it does provide some sort of multilateral help, I'll be happy to share it with everyone. No one deserves this. #3

If you could say anything to Sarah and Kat, what would that be?

It should have been me.

do you have any clues to why HABIT decided to contact you, and then just left you alone. seems a bit strange.

No idea. Possibly to lead the boys astray.

if the observer see's you as a loose end, and has all the means of killing you, then why doesn't he?

He obviously cant for some reason, be it Firebrand or something else. Something tells me that they're only keeping me alive so I can get that journal for them.

If Karl dies, and leaves the journal to someone else, or even doesn't leave it to anyone, how will you manage to get it?

I'm going to get this thing no matter whose hands it falls into.

Do you think your pistol has gone the way of the ball? That you're going to go back through time and do something that will allow you to get the gun in the first place, also, where did the ball come from if it came from the future and was brought back into the past and started there?

Probably not, considering I was the one who bought the gun. I think the ball first came to me in the letter before the Livestream Incident, then was teleported into my closet where I dropped it and found it in the past. It's 100% fucked.

How do you think you'll get that journal?

I'll probably have to travel up north again and get it myself.

Why don't you directly ask Karl to tell you what is in this goddamn journal? I mean, as long as he keeps it, the Collective won't be able to reach it, right? You don't need it, you just need to know what is inside!

I have. Many, many times. I've sent voice mails, letters, emails, everything. The only reason I know he hasn't died is because my mom checks up on him every month to see if he's alive.

so if firebrand is you then that means that you are going to go back in time eventually right?

I guess I'll have to keep that in mind.

If the journal is so important for the collective, why the fuck didn't they destroyed it?

Maybe they can't. Maybe it's the only reason I'm still alive. I'm their tool to obtain it, but tools can jam - hence Firebrand. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but the most I can do is hope for the best.

I know you hate Mary, but Firebrand said that she is important in all this shit, will you try to contact her in the future?

I've been trying to contact her and Karl nonstop.

Do you already know who Mr. Scars is?

I honestly have no idea.

What would you do if you saw Milo again?

Hug the shit outta him.

What does "TribeTwelve" mean?

Death and pain.

Any thoughts on this calm period?

I don't know whether to cherish it while it lasts, or to brace myself for something I can't see coming.

If you were the one that was in the doorway at the hotel, then why did you remember seeing Firebrand instead of yourself? Do you think he was taking over your appearance and you just didn't realize it because he's you?

I distinctly remember seeing Firebrand's silhouette, not myself, just as was pictured on the camera. I can't explain it.

What if I told you that you ARE NOT REAL?

I'd tell you that you're wrong because these words exist due to the fact that I have typed them.

do you think milo may still be alive since Firebrand said he would send you Milo's Journal

Milo is long dead. That's that.

What do you think the Collective's relation is to this "Slender Man" thing that's been after you?

He seems to be the source of their power. That's all I know.

Who's Robert? Firebrand said to send the journal to him in interception.

The only Robert I know of is Milo's dad, but he's long dead and buried. Milo is buried next to him.

How do you feel when you see Mr. Slim?

Like I'm looking at Satan himself, except he's more threatening than all the stereotypical depictions.

Whats the most strangest thing that has happened ever since your last video?

That's the strangest thing.

Have you tried contacting the EMH crew recently?

I've gotten nothing back in months. I'm not surprised, and I think it's for the best.

Do you think the Rake is real?

Judging from the video evidence, probably, yeah.

Do you know whether or not Mary kept any diaries?

I have no knowledge of this, but I wouldn't rule it out since Firebrand said that I needed to find Mary Asher's safe. Who knows what's in there.

I thought Milo's body was never found. How was he buried next to him?

According to Mary, the ashes that were sprinkled into the grave were from his dead cat and that his body was really never discovered.

Are you dead noah?

Inside? Yeah.

What's the worst pain you've ever felt?

Losing someone I never really knew.

What's worse, things happening, or nothing happening?

Just… happening.

What was your best memory with Milo?

Just laughing and having fun with him in general, being ourselves. I've never had anyone else like that in my life.

You know, Noah, all this about Milo being dead, may not be true. I mean, just think about all the fucked up things that happend to you. At this point, would you really be suprised if Milo wasn't dead?

I wouldn't be able to accept it, because even though all this crazy shit has happened, there is no fucking way that you can bring someone back from the dead. Resurrection just can't possible, there's no explaining how it'd work. We all saw his dead body in the Observer leaked pic that the investigators took.

So if Firebrand ticked off Observer do you think he could be in huge trouble with the rest of The Collective?

Yeah, sure, but it doesn't look like they have the power to stop him right now. This is very interesting to me.

how do you feel knowing that this whole mess you're in has been going on for three straight years?

Clinically and circumstantially depressed.

Since you can't get the Journal, why not ask you Parents for them to get it for you? Maybe they have a better relationship to Karl than you do.

They really don't know much about him either. He's as much a mystery to them as he is to me.

whats your budget like right now?

Spare change until I get my allowance. If I need to buy things, I just don't eat for a day or so. I'll probably be living this way until I get employed.

In interception, why do you think Firebrands text is clear and neat, while the Observers always seems shaky and sloppy like its hard for him to write it?

I guess it's similar to handwriting?

If you could say anything to your followers and subscribers etc. what would you say and why?

You keep me alive. #4

Did you see the new video on your channel that Firebrand added?

More perplexed than ever.


I've looked through and through my shoes, found absolutely nothing.

I guess you develop a taste for Observer-type cryptic bullshit at some point I'm the future. Kinda ironic

I'm not sure that'll be of my choosing, it seems to come with the package. I don't like that prospect.

What was your reaction when you saw Firebrand point a middle finger at Slender Man?

Not gonna lie, it made me smile.

In DEUS EX MACHINA, the man sitting in the chair looks an awful lot like Mr Scars in your dream, what do you think? Maybe Mr Scars is Milo? It would make a bit of sense, seeing as his body disappeared and the collective says you know him.

It was remarkably like my dreams. It sure is a possibility, but anything is a potential possibility at this point.

How many numbers go in the combination for the briefcase

It looks like the briefcase has 2 combination locks with 3 numbers each, making it a 6 digit total combination.

Why did the observer choose you out of all people? And if they're so hellbent on getting that journal, and Karl is the only think in the way, how is he still alive?

Well, since the journal has some sort of protection powers or something against the Collective, that means that they cannot touch him. Since he won't hand it over to them, I'm thinking they want me to get it from him and hand it over to them. But, I have no money to travel up there and Karl will probably never hand it over. Plus, I'm sure he owns several guns and that frightens me. #5

Why didn't firebrand take the time to explain what the fuck is going on?

Maybe he can't or is unable to?

What's the significance of your shoes? Everyone keeps mentioning them and I have no idea what anyone would hope to find there.

There was a hidden message at the end of the DEUS EX MACHINA video that hinted that I have to look into my shoes for some reason. I've looked thoroughly and found that there's nothing in them.

Did you live a happy life as a child?

Not particularly.

What does it feel like knowing the future you calls yourself an ungrateful fuck?

It's sobering.

I was watching "HAPPYBIRTHDAY", and I looked at the description. It said something about a guy named Sebastian. Any idea who that is?

I don't know, but there have been theories relating him to that Nazi journal. He could be the author.

What do you think would happen if you destroyed the journal?

Why would I destroy protection?

Why haven't you been answering questions lately?

Because I have to go through this many questions on a regular basis. At times, I don't feel like it and I just neglect to. Sorry.


You know how your house burned down when you were 7? Do you think Firebrand could have done it ( hence the name) ?

There's no way to tell. The fire was ruled as an accident, but the investigators only went on hunches. Who knows.

Do you fully trust Firebrand? And do you think that maybe another will choose to resist?

I will never fully trust anybody. Not anymore.

What powers does Firebrand have? (that you know of)

Time/space travel, at least to an extent, and I think the journal has something to do with it. But if Firebrand has the journal, does that mean Karl still may have it? Or at least a previous version? Time travel nonsense, I guess.

Do you think that a copy of the journal will bring you the same protection as the original?

Not sure. Can't tell what could possibly give the journal it's power, especially since I can't examine it in person. It could be something written inside like a spell or some shit or even something to do with what it's made of? I can only speculate at this point.

Have you made contact with the Evan/Vincent yet?

I'm honestly kind of afraid to. They haven't responded yet anyway.

Have you ever met any of your viewers?

Yeah. They're dead now.

Noah, have you seen the Hybrid's new videos? Do you think they really should trust Evan?

No, because he isn't Evan. He's "Habit" now, and there's no way I'm getting anywhere near any of them because they're all going fucking loony.

You fucking coward. How dare you not help the same boys who helped you?

Because at this point, there's nothing I could do to help them. I'm just some random guy amidst all this hell, not a superhero. There's just no helping them when they're this deep in shit's creek.

Hey wait if you take the journal from Carl doesn't that mean he could die?

That's also been on my mind. Stealing it may kill him, but since I don't have it yet, why am I not dead? Is it because Firebrand is protecting me? Does he have it, or a copy of it? What happens when I get it, and would giving it away be hazardous for me? Thinking about all this has been giving me serious migraines.

What was Evan like when you met him?

Pretty normal I guess, all the boys were. But, those recent videos say otherwise. I ain't going anywhere near Jersey again.

Do you ever see the Tall Man watching you occasionally? Like, out of the corner of your eye for a split second or outside of your window at night?

I can't tell if it's my imagination playing tricks on me, but yeah, he's there.

I know you've said you're not going to Jersey due to EMH problems, but what if Vinny or the DarkHarvest guys ended up coming to you?

I highly doubt it, but considering the possibility, I'd deal with them accordingly. Well, whoever's left. #6

You okay man? From your last Tweet it sounds like you had a pretty intense nightmare.

Yeah, I was in a stupor. I had just woken up from a vivid dream and was pretty delirious when I made that tweet.

That was an odd tweet, want to expand on it anymore? Or do you feel the tweet itself is sufficient?

I mean, even though I worded it a bit strangely, it's all pretty much there. It was vivid at the time, but now it's gotten fuzzy. What I tweeted is all I can recall now.

Do you ever even ask yourself what the symbol Means? What it really means? And why do they use it?

I'm not sure if it has any sort of meaning other than being a calling card.

Why do you think that they haven't sent the briefcase yet? I mean, those guys are time travelers. Why do you think it's taking this long?

I haven't the slightest idea. Maybe they're waiting for me to do something or for something to happen? I guess I'll just have to wait until I get more direction.

Noah do you want help?

No, because I'm afraid that I'll be responsible for killing that help.

Dont you find it weird that there were Observer symbols in parts of Firebrand's Video?

Yeah, maybe it's just a calling card of the Collective, not only used by one of them. This is making me start to think of them less as "Observer" symbols and more as "Collective" symbols.

Noah, if Robert is dead, what do you think Firebrand meant by 'sent it to' him? Is it another Robert, or could he just have vanished like Mary?

It could be either. All I know that Milo's dad Robert died when he was young, I don't even know what he looks like.

Noah, how come your parents don't know about your "problem"?

Because the less they know, the safer they are.

So it seems like Evan might have eaten his own daughter. Thoughts?

One of the myriad of reasons why I want nothing to do with that loon. #7

November 11th is coming i know that you don't give a shit anymore, what i'm trying to say is, what would be your next move when that day comes?

Since Firebrand seems to be protecting me, I'm much more at ease. I'm still pretty anxious, so I'm likely going to do the same thing that I did for Halloween: hunker down in my room for the day.

Does it feel better or worse knowing that Milo is still alive in one form or another?

It's more unsettling than anything.

How long is the tape?

Many hours, I'm sure, but I'm only able to get a few clips salvaged so far. I'm beginning to think the majority of it is either blank or damaged beyond recovery.

have you seen darkharvests latest videos? turn out their parents were murdered

Considering that saying their names to the Order more than likely contributed to their parents deaths, I'm feeling extremely awful.

From looking at EverymanHYBRID's newest video, it seems HABIT might be trying to help Vinny now, rather than torture him. I think he's on your side now.

I think you're forgetting that HE ATE A BABY.
Not trusting a psychotic cannibal, thank you very much.

How has your mom reacted to the news about Mary? Was she very upset?

She wasn't as upset as I thought she'd be, she never thought highly of her. #8

What has been happening since the last video?

Uneasiness. Strange bouts of clairvoyance. Being unable to differentiate dreams from 'future' visions.

With everything that's been happening with you how on earth do you manage to keep your sanity? I know I'm on the verge of a breakdown nearly every day….

Sanity? I left that bus a long time ago.

You said on your Twitter about what could possibly be premonitions or a direct contact from Firebrand. Does it have a pattern of when they are happening, or are all or some of them are based on a specific topic?

It seems to range from knowing what people are going to say seconds ahead in news reports to entire scenarios that don't make sense yet, Milo sitting in the chair with a gun was one. It all happens at random and is completely unpredictable.

Were you more horrified or relieved to realize the man in HABIT's bathroom wasn't Vinnie?

Death is horrifying. Always.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Probably turning into a horribly unspeakable God-demon, methinks. So much for trying to live a normal life.

Do you think HABIT might have actually been trying to help?

Probably, if only for his own benefit. I know he's using me, but if Firebrand is working with him, how bad could it be to receive such helpful knowledge? #9

what's HABIT again?

Some entity that has possessed the body of Evan and apparently countless others over the years.

Thoughts on HABIT?

An evil selfish carapace leech.

If you could wish for one thing and one thing only, what would it be?

To stop whatever started all this. #10

It's been 4 months, Noah. Where are you?

i almost forgot about this account
ive been laying low
doing nothing
absolutely nothing
its the safest thing I can do
and also the most torturous
the boredom is eating me alive
you lie to yourself
try to forget the past
but the voices never stop
and the dreams always recur
and you know the journal must be opened
and you fear that any day
theyll come for you again
but its weird you know
i kind of miss them
i think they've broken me
tt085.jpg #11

Have you considered uploading a video just to keep yourself sane? just to do something to get your mind off things?

yeah. found something i thought was lost forever. gonna make an update vid soon.

noah, are you alive?

what does death feel like?

What is the thing that you found? Is it important to you?

its something i thought i had lost, something people wanted to see again. #12

When's the update video? You said soon, it's been a month.

really. its felt like a year.

did you see Everymanhybrid's new video?

theyre all lost now.

I'm so sorry.

so am i. doesnt change jack shit.

Noah, in your "The Manifest" video, you said you'd ask Edward about his dad and if he might be connected to the Order. Are you still thinking about that? Or do you think it's just a wacky coincidence?

still need to call him. its been a long while since weve talked. ive been too apprehensive. i dont think that fucking cult would ever help me with any info anyway. fuck them.

would you rather be killed by THEM, or turned into one of THEM?

would you rather drown or burn.

do you think firebrand created the vine account and the 2 videos? if yes, why the fuck he want scare you like that?

something tells me hes not entirely my best buddy

Did you know that you were born on Veteran's day,Noah?

im a veteran in my own right.

How does surviving 2 years longer than you expected feel?

only parts survived. a lot of me has been decaying since then

Have you opened the fortune cookies that you've been finding? If so what do the fortunes say?

yes. they range from being generically hopeful and giving good advice to ambiguously sinister and obviously meant to freak me out.

Time is short. The final way ahead is straight. Will you turn?

time is eternal. our lives are short. i take a few steps forward and want to turn back but theres always a brick wall at my back.

Any news on the DarkHarvest crew? They seemed to have dropped off the radar.

theyre best off the radar.

what would happen if you haven't watched those 2008 tapes ?

i would have lost my mind sooner. they were going to come for me eventually. like a dormant virus. #13

Are you running yet?

in my mind i run miles every day. trying to escape this life. but when i wake up i realize i havent moved at all.

Burn the book

how can i burn my only friend.

What's keeping you from killing yourself?

im afraid i wont die. im afraid ill wake up in a dark place. i cannot see in the dark.

What gives you the strength to get up and continue with this?

it is not strength. it is cowardice. that coward creature in the mirror that was once myself. i am but a witness to his destruction. his slow decay.

If life is a dream, do you want to wake up?

i wake up from the dream every day. but i am still in the nightmare. can one ever truly wake up. perhaps ill find out the day i wake in a different body.

Oh Noah… You will be back to normal i just know you will

you cannot reassemble burnt paper.

Do you regret being alive?

i regret not being able to die. #14

Noah, are you still alive?

what is that supposed to feel like

Noah, how are you coping with all of the madness around you? Do you plan on dropping the drink and moving on?

hope is a mistake

Open the damned book already.

its trying to open me

Have you thought about trying to pick the lock on the journal? It doesn't look like a complicated lock.

it hurts

Living of over alcohol I see…well that disspoints me. Noah I have a question why don't you burn the book?

i cant burn him again

How do you feel knowing so many people watch you without doing anything to try to help?

living dead

Watching your Valentine's Day livestream, what did Mary try to do to your father? Any idea why? What'd your mom say she tried to do to you when you were younger?

i think she tried to hurt him
thought he was trying to get her or some shit

Have you been in touch with Edward lately?

i dont want him to die

Thoughts on the content of Firebrand's three vines?

i dont care

I know this is a stupid question, but can you actually talk to the journal? like communicate with it without the journal being such a complete douche?

not sure
its motives are ambiguous
it drives me to drink

Observer still hacking your accounts?

hacked my life

They may have you backed into a corner. but they cant break you unless you let them. fight.

no fight left in me
only apathy and emptiness

would you rather stay broken, or be fixed again.

i was always broken

This may sound dumb at first, but do you honestly know what your goal is anymore?

misery #15

When are you gona upload more videos?


Listen Noah, all of us don't like seeing you suffer. Trust me when I say we want to help you in any way we can, whether it be donations, or moral support, or anything at all. You haven't been giving us many opportunities to do so. So just tell us, what can we do to help you, Noah?


are you still there


Can you tell us anything you've learned from the journal?

a lot

Noah, did you meet Firebrand where you went?

i met me

are you still alive? are you still Noah?


where is your happiness?

what happiness

What lesson did you learn in the crawl space?

how its used

The journal continued talking after you opened ?

quiet now

You Can't Die? Why So?

i have seen what i turn into

Why haven't you talked to us?

havent done anything

How did it feel to open milo's journal?

he died again

Don't give up Noah. I believe in you.


They are watching.

so am i

where have you been?


What did the fortunes mean?


After god knows how much inactivity, why the fuck are you answering questions now? Just to fill in the time?


So what's in the journal?


hows life

this isnt a life

so what are you going to do next ?

release information

Do you think you could end this?

i know i get far #16

can you help me

i cannot help anyone anymore

when are you going to update your youtube channel?

when is it going to update me

If you could scot-free send a message to the version of you who was about to upload the first Tribe Twelve video, what would you say?

nothing that would have prevented my fate

How did the journal react when you were opening it?

i dont want to talk about it

What has happened?

i've learned

Do you think you know the creature you're facing? Their true nature still hasn't been revealed, the more you do the more they slip. Go fearless and see.

i tried
it hurt

Do You Fear The pain anymore? Do you fear the thought of dead?

ive become the pain. death and fear are my friends now.

Is everything alright Noah? We haven't heard from you in a while

rereading and rereading and rereading this tomb. in a deep state of thought. will post findings when ive found all there is to find.

What was it like?

it wasnt like hell. it was hell. thats where they live.

I think FireBrand just made your move for you

glad he did honestly. snapped me out of it. i learned what i was too blind to see initially and i made some progress.

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