Abandoned Journal

Well, we’re all talking about creepy encounters and stuff. I went on Halloween with a few friends to some supposedly “haunted” locations around town. One of them is some abandoned facility out the outskirts of Indianapolis, allegedly it was once a mental institution. Really weird place, it’s even got a bunch of man-made tunnels underneath it, connecting it to presumably other parts of the property. While in one of the rooms, I was rooting through what was presumably a warden’s stash of crazy people’s journals. I snatched up a few for creepy reading and finally just got into reading one of them. And…it’s kind of unsettling. Here’s where it starts, I’ll transcribe some more if you want. It’s a mix of almost illegible hand-written stuff and then cut-outs of articles or clips of typed-up papers.

“As an avid researcher of the occult and paranormal, the reports of a tall, thin man had once intrigued me. Once enthralled me. My lust, my craving for knowledge has now been my undoing. I will share with you what I know so that maybe my family will see.

They will see!

If you are not strong of mind, if you are not prepared to deal with the gaze of the unknown then stop. Stop! And if you go on, I hope you have a god to beg. I don’t. Not anymore.

Where is he!

These are my notes, my findings. I have drudged them up from the the abyss, and I have brought onto myself a monster. Please, this is your last chance to stop. To stop before it… he… finds you. What will you bring to yourself?

What will you bring to me!

18 JULY 1997

Small town – Middlefork, Kentucky. Several months ago, two young children, Leslie Green and her brother Alan, disappeared while playing in the river. The mother, Annie, said she suddenly did not hear the children anymore. The father, Terence, rose immediately with a shotgun and headed off to find his children. This was mid-afternoon. Annie would never see her family alive again.

JM: “Now, uh, Annie-”

AG: “Missus G-G-Green. You… it… he… y’all so high…”

JM: “High? Mrs Green, do you mean tall?”

AG: “Tall. He were so.”

JM: “Now, Mrs. Green, the police gave up on your claim. Or rather, just said Terence had planned this all out. Had the children leave to meet him for a game then killed them both and himself?”

AG: “Oh God, no no. No, God… no. Terence was such a kind boy. Only kept that gun to ward off the pill poppers. He loved them children.”

JM: “I believe you, Annie. I want you, I need you to tell me what happened.”

AG: “After… after Terence left, it was hours. Much after dark. I hears a clawing at the door. I don’t think too much of it, we gets the coons around here sometimes. They smell a stew or food, try to get inside. But it jest kept goin’.”

JM: “Then?”

AG: “It stops. For a minute then I hears it at the window. Now I’m afraid, I reckon it’s not the coons. All… I see in the streetlight is a man. He were so tall…”

JM: “Was it your husband?”

AG: “No, no… Terence not so tall. This man… he were so slender, so thin. I see him try to push the window, to break it. All a sudden, there’s the sound of a shotgun. I hear the buckshot spray against the side of the house and the man in the light lopes away. I hear the shotgun fire again. A pause, then two more times. Don’t hear it no more.”

JM: “Now, here’s why I’m on your side, Annie. Your husband and the kids, they were… grotesquely mutilated.”

AG: (in tears) “I jest dun know what kinda man could do that to his fellow. The kids, they was all cut up and strung in the trees. Terence, he were cut open. You could see inside his body! His guts, his organs, they were all there. But they had all been cut off, like someone had took them out then jammed ’em back in!”

The transcript stops there, Annie gets hysterical, and the ward’s security has to sedate her.

The story of the Greens interested me fiercely but nobody in the town was willing to talk. That night, I called my children and wife. I told them how very much I loved them.

And I told them to lock the doors.”

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